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Going to Church Unleashes our Better Version




There is something vibrant about being inside a Church and connecting with God. We get to be out there physically and try to perceive the magnanimity of God existing. When an individual enters an abode of worship, he/she is immediately uplifted to a position, where they do not hesitate to open and express themselves to God and tries to comprehend the ideas and lessons of God.

Now let us observe at some ideas on why we should visit God physically in a place of worship.

Church teaches us gratitude and enables us to reflect on ourselves

By regular practicing of thankfulness and gratitude, we can reassess and reevaluate difficult and perilous times into an opportunity of enlightenment. It is because of this sense of appreciation; we truly learn to value the simple things we have in our lives and determine how blessed we are.

A visit to a Church will inevitably help us to change our outlook on these trivial matters, and gives us lessons to stop dwelling on the past and benefits of enjoying the present.

Church arranges a communal gathering which makes us social

An outstanding benefit of visiting is that we get to become socially vibrant and communicate our hearts out with people of similar condition, interests and religious habits. A family, which has just moved into a new city or neighborhood, can easily avail the chance to get social by attending regularly a Church nearby.

Not only the people there are immensely friendly, but also are active enough to arrange social events, workshops, dinners and clubs each week so that people do not struggle to make friends.

A Church strengthens our intimate relationship with our spouse

Practically, not every couple would be on the same term when it comes to faith. There always sustain some little battles within the marriage. Yet, it is observed that couples who attend church together have a better understanding of each other and have satisfactory levels of happiness within their marriage.

Whether couples commune to God in a Church in Chapeltown or in a Church in Harehills on Sundays, the couples are reminded of the vows and pledges they took in time of their marriage ultimately reinforcing their holy bond. As a result, couples have a sense of shared belief which entitles them to re-evaluate their pledges of love and support for each other sustaining the strong foundations of their marriage in a safe place connecting with God.

The church allows us to meditate and give us a plenty of opportunities to give back

In the midst of everyday chaos and hustles, a church surprisingly gives us a space to meditate in peace and allow us to feel reverence. Attending a Church will inculcate a sense of peaceful feelings after a days’ busy work and give respite from the bustle and hustle of our working life.

Besides, Churches offer multiple sorts of aid and charity to people of dire needs. These churches will give you the chance to express gratitude and humility by donating your valuable time and money for the cause you believe in.

People living in poverty and pain can realize God’s Grace because of the donation and comfort you have provided to them through Churches in Moortown.

Siddharth is an avid Trending Story, News and lifestyle blogger. He makes sure that the information she provides is not only reliable but also beneficial for the readers.

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10 Humorous Memes That Show Differences Between Men & Women



Differences Between Men & Women

Male and female differences have always been a moot point. There have been many debaters who debate endlessly about it. So what it is really? Who is really complex in nature? Where men are a few libertine women are more disciplined. It is true that men and women are very contradictory to each other and this is pretty hilarious, too.

 Well, check these funny facts out and find out if they are true or exaggerated.

1. What happens when men don’t check Facebook for a week and when women don’t check it for a week? Well, the comparison is hilarious.

Men vs women facebook

via: wildammo

2. When men and women have to use public toilets. This seems true, though.

men vs women in public toilet

via: wildammo

3. See what happens when a guy breaks up with his girlfriend and see what happens when a girl breaks up with her boyfriend.

break up

via: wildammo

4. Have a look at how different their rooms look. A guy’s room is always messy whereas a girl’s room is so tidy.

girls room vs boys room

via: wildammo

5. How a woman expresses, and how a man express.

women's english vs men's english

via: wildammo

6. Look when women get ready for work vs when men ready for work.

men vs women ready for work

via: wildammo

7. When women choose shampoo vs. when men choose shampoo. True it is.

while buying shampoo

via: wildammo

8. When women choose colours vs. when men choose colours.


via: wildammo

9. How women pack their bags for holidays vs. how men pack their bags for the holidays.

Bag packing

via: wildammo

10. When women see herself in the mirror vs. when men himself in the mirror.

to see in the mirror

via: wildammo

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How to Get Back to Work Like Kareena Kapoor Khan, After You Have Become A mom?




How to Get Back to Work Like Kareena Kapoor Khan

The beautiful and bold diva from Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan has always proved herself to be the strong lady and different from the league. She has always been about her relationships and has set goals. With the ramp walk with the baby bump or posing after the delivery with her baby in arms. She has always proved to be the style icon and a loving mother. From a bubbly carefree girl, she is now all grown mum to cute little boy Taimur and is now back to work.

The beautiful girl manages her role as mom and a working lady with utmost grace and still juggling between the two she looks good and is still ruling because of her dedication towards all the roles.

1. Work while pregnant

Well, when media wanted her to announce that she will be off and will take maternity break she broke the glass and said that she is pregnant and a corpse. She is normal and should be treated like that only. Pregnancy is a normal phase of life and that does not call quits from work.

2. When she went out and showed her baby bump

The glam quotient for pregnant ladies goes down. But this not affected this strong -headed glamorous lady. rather she was moving with ease flaunting her baby bump and looking way too glamorous with the bump.

She stepped out to work, made media appearances and was proud about her pregnancy and never hid it rather claimed that she is proud of her pregnancy and big size.

3. The negative comments did not dampen her spirits

She was trolled for going out to party with friends and was claimed as a bad mom for abandoning the newborn, but this did not affect her and did what she felt was right, she stayed in and connected with a newborn but also started to work.

She used her maternity break to get in shape and soon started to shoot for “Veere di wedding’. And stunned all by her looks.

4. Co-parenting as a great way of family

To bring up a child it takes a lot and she agreed to it and tried not to be a superwoman and then sulk about it. She and her husband are equal parents and he does not favor her by taking care of kids rather they are a team.

They make it a point that one parent is with child when the other is unable to, and this gives us co-parenting goals.

5. Be proud of your body

She is the same lady who had set the goals by getting zero size body and then she was the same lady who gave credit to ghee for a beautiful baby and we agree to her.

She gained weight and became big but was always in love with her body and never complained of her size rather reduced back in a healthy way.

Embrace the journey of your life and be proud for bringing a new life to world.

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6 Indian Superstition You were Following without Knowing Their Scientific Logic




Indian Superstition and Scientific Logic

Do you believe in superstitions? Yes to some extent however rational thinking we may have we still have some superstition like not going to temple at 12 O’clock or changing the path if a cat has crossed the way. There are so many such superstitions we try to change but these superstitions have somewhere been a part of our growing up so they are not easy to do away with.

However, there are so many superstitions that come with scientific logic and should be followed as there is rational logic associated with it.

Thus here is the list of common superstitions that you should follow:

1. Throwing coins in the fountains or rivers

Well, personally I’m fond of this one. The logic is that in earlier days the coins were of copper and copper is beneficial; for our bodies. In those days water was taken from wells or lakes to consume so by throwing the copper coins in it you were actually purifying the water.

Thus throwing coins in water will not make your wish come true but just clean the water if the coin is of copper or else there is no utility of throwing the coin.

2. Lizards falling on your body

If a lizard falls on your body you need to bathe so that you get good luck. The lizard emits poison so that you do not fall sick it was crucial to the bath to avoid any mishap. This was a way to protect the victim and thus the story was built.

3. No cutting nails after sunset

Well, this was a good one and logical also. Earlier days there was no electricity so after sunset one would have not been able to see thus if the nails were cut it could hurt.

So it was declared that after sunset nails should not be cut but now this myth holds no good as the switch on the light and chops off your nails.

4. Eating curd and sugar as a good omen

Having curd and sugar before going for any good work is considered a good omen as curd has cooling and antibiotic properties and sugar in it increase the glucose levels so that you do not get tired and can accomplish the work with zeal.

5. Breaking the mirror brings bad luck

Well, this is totally filmy and is pictured with immense drama. Earlier days mirror was expensive and fragile so breaking it was considered as bad luck. Thus it was told that you should handle it with immense care.

Nowadays it is not so but still is a piece of mirror stays back it can hurt you so you need to be careful while handling the mirror.

6. Not looking at the eclipse directly

Even during the normal days, we cannot look at Sun as the rays are strong and can harm your eye’s retina. During the eclipse when Sun hides behind the moon you can stare at it but then it suddenly comes out you are unprepared to look at it and this can cause damage to eyes so it was said to not look at the Sun during the eclipse.

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