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Good Reasons To Do an MBA Degree



Good Reason to do MBA

There are just so many career options to choose from now and this no doubt a great thing but on the other hand, it’s quite confusing too because people just can’t decide on what to do and what not to do. You see, this is the reason why we always suggest students go for career counseling because that’s actually helpful for the identification of your strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes even we don’t know what we want to do and we just can’t figure out our professional life and the skills we have which can actually put a lot of stress especially on a student who has to decide on a post-graduate educational program. But unfortunately, there yet are a lot of people who think that career counseling is just a waste of time and money and they can actually think of a better future themselves. Due to this negligence, we thought to come in a handy to such people and guide them not about all, but about the good reasons to do an MBA degree because that’s what’s trending at the moment.

Remember one thing that there is always a huge demand of an MBA graduate in the market because it’s all about business at the end and when business grow the demand grows too. Now, if you are someone with the right skills and the business mind then stick with us a little longer because today we will be telling you the benefits of opting for an MBA as your post graduate educational program.

1. Chances of promotions

Chances of promotions

An MBA graduate is likely to get promoted sooner than the other graduates. You can see different brands and huge business tycoons as an example, almost all of them will have an MBA graduate on the post of manager, supervisor, and CEO etc. It’s a fact that when it comes to business, your degree matters a lot and if you an MBA degree holder then you’d definitely get promotions and increments, it’s just what comes with the package.

2. Networking


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At the end of the day, that’s what MBA brings you, a lot and lot of networking. There are chances that if a company hires you, the major part of your job will be to connect with other people and expand the network of the company in which you are working. So, if you have the right skills and if you aren’t an introvert then yes, this can be a fun job for you to meet people. Moreover, meeting new people and connecting with them can open up a lot more opportunities in front of you which is another great thing.

3. Be your own boss

If you don’t like the concept of working under someone then you can even be your own boss with an MBA degree. You can become an entrepreneur even when you are studying. For example, you can opt for part time MBA in Singapore and you can even continue to build a business of your own. So, the biggest benefit of a business degree is that you can choose anything for yourself. You can easily get employed with a good salary and if you don’t like that then you can start a business of your own and make some big fat cash.

These are some of the main reasons why you should go for an MBA degree especially if your financial condition is strong because MBA sometimes can be costly for some people depending upon the institute you are going for. So, now without wasting any more time, get yourself enrolled in an MBA program and make a great future.

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Last Minute Tips to Ace ANTHE (Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam)





There’s no denying the fact that exam time is stressful for each one of you. Scholarship exams offer a golden opportunity to reach a step closer to your career goal. ANTHE (Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam) is an annual scholarship exam organised by Aakash Institute that offers up to 100% scholarship. The examination offers a chance to fulfill your medical or engineering dream whether you’re studying in 8th, 9th or 10th standard.

You can benefit majorly through ANTHE and can end up successfully clearing various major entrance exams. It is a one-of-a-kind platform providing up to 100% scholarship for class 10. There are certain things you should swear by to do well in this exam. Let us look at some of the last-minute tips that will help you to do that:

Revise Briefly

One day before the ANTHE exam, read each topic briefly to brush up all the important pointers. If you have made notes during preparation, just go through them once. You can also quickly scan through the tricky concepts you think can be asked in the question paper.

However, do not study anything extensively during this time as heavy revision can make it difficult to retain information.

Don’t Start Anything New

Don’t worry if you missed a particular topic – skip it, as studying at the last minute is a bad idea. Cramming leads to confusion, resulting in poor performance. Therefore, in the last few days, only revise what you have previously studied.

Get Everything Ready

Arrange essential documents and stationery one night before so that you have more time in hand on the day of your exam. Read all the instructions mentioned on the admit card and also check the address of your examination center. Lastly, you also need to decide how you’re going to travel so that you reach the examination center well in time.

Avoid Stress

Excessive stress has a negative impact on the brain’s ability to recall things, so it is best not to overthink. Eliminate any negative thoughts from invading your mind by practicing yoga or meditation. Worrying about the exam can hamper your performance. Therefore, stay relaxed and hope for the best.

Stay Away from Technology

Stay away from any kind of distraction a night before your ANTHE exam. Try not to use your cell phone, laptop, and any other type of technology during this time. Instead, focus on handwritten notes and revise them briefly.

Catch a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

If you do not get enough sleep the night before your ANTHE exam, chances are that you’ll feel sleepy and lethargic during the exam. You should get at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep to remain fresh and retain all the information during your exam the next day.

Workout in the Morning

A quick workout session can get your blood circulating. This stimulates the hippocampus, which is the area of the brain which controls learning and memory. A morning workout on the day of ANTHE or any other exam increases the size of the hippocampus and also keeps pre-exam stress and anxiety at bay.

Have a Nutritious Breakfast

The most important meal of the day helps you perform better in exams. A highly nutritious breakfast should consist of protein or whole grain carbohydrates. If you’re pressed for time, carry a jar of smoothie or shake to have it on the way to the examination center.

Follow the tips mentioned above religiously, and we are sure you will bag the scholarship for class 10. Acing the ANTHE exam is the ideal step towards a bright future without worrying about finances. You must remain focused, relaxed, and confident to do well in the exam. ANTHE is a brilliant opportunity to reach a step closer to your dream. So, try to give your best shot. All the best!

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How the Future of IT jobs in India has changed?




Future of IT jobs in India

Today, IT businesses have been much advanced and have adopted many latest technologies including artificial intelligence, cloud communication, programmatic pattern analysis, and IoT that have made the IT future fabulous. Although the last few years have been quite tough for professionals, the coming years will surely be bright. Even the Indian economy will see a sharp upsurge in this sector that will be due to increased off-shore demand of the professional and services.

The Indian IT sector has once again gained the momentum due to its advanced technologies and skilled in-demand professionals. IT graduates will get a plethora of jobs in manufacturing and service sector due to a massive growth of the IoT technology and devices.

Some Predictions for IT Sector Jobs

As per Global advisory firm McKinsey & Company, over the next 3-4 years, most of the IT firms and workforce will become irrelevant. Even Capgemini CEO also have predicted that 60-65 percent of the IT workforce will not be trainable in the near future. A Study by Horses for Sources also said that India will lose approx 640,000 jobs by 2021 due to IT automation.

Experts say that right now there are 4 million people being employed by the service industries and a large number of employees are engaged in such jobs that will not exist in near future. They say that manual coding will soon be replaced by automatic coding and cloud computing that will surely reduce the workforce size.

Robotics is a buzzword in the IT industry that present massive challenges to India’s service sector, therefore IT industries must not only hire the matched professionals but also must train their employees with new skills. The re-Skilling of the employees will make them eligible for the new emerging technologies. New technology adoption and revenue generation are the reasons due to which organizations are adopting automation platforms and cloud computing like technologies. The engineers are being replaced with skilled professionals.

Indian IT Job Scenario

As per the current trends of the Indian IT industry, the students are graduated from IT colleges and as soon as they are skilled they are assigned live coding projects. But due to no coding IT industry soon such jobs will be eliminated and replaced by automation.

Now the new in-demand skills will be nanotech, biotech, digital space, artificial intelligence, and smart technologies. Therefore Indian IT industries are being expected to re-skill their employees. Indian education systems are also advised to train their students with new in-demand skills.

The challenges are not only for Indian IT candidates, as per World Bank report nearly 69 percent of Indian work will get automated. Therefore new skills will become in-demand.

Accenture analytics has confirmed that robotic technology, social media and mobile technology including artificial intelligence will impact thousands of IT jobs. These technologies will make the manager’s job easier and less time-consuming in this way they will focus more on their task rather than such time-consuming tasks that require complex thinking, higher order reasoning, and interpretation.

So, on one hand, where the new technologies will ease the managerial level jobs, the middle-level professionals will have to upgrade their skills to become able for the future.

Most in-demand IT skills

New technologies like data analytics, IoT, machine learning, text analysis, and the image analysis keep on growing exponentially. Even in the upcoming years, the technologies will keep on growing for the next few years. Even sensors, phones and cameras are also being used by the people and day by day the use of such smart devices is increasing that will produce a massive amount of data in the near future.

Handling of such a large amount of data is a challenge for the professionals and therefore use of big data has become essential and organizations are using big data technologies to handle massive amounts of data. The data includes structured and unstructured data like texts, images, videos or detailed files, for this many new techniques like machine learning, data analytics are being used and it is supposed to be in use for the next few years.

Regular coding jobs and platforms are being increased and some of the routine tasks become stronger and even help the programmers in increasing their productivity. The productivity of programmers is being increased due to new technologies and leading platforms. The cycle time has been reduced a lot and product delivery has been increased due to the presence of such innovative and leading platforms.

Due to new technologies and platforms, the developers and designers are getting better opportunities and they have gotten better job options as well. In future, such skills will remain in-demand and professionals and technical aspirants will get better platforms and jobs due to this.

As the technologies are evolving every day so they are also prone to cyber-attacks, security and privacy challenges. Due to this reason, the persons who have a great understanding of the computer system, networking, privacy, and information security will continuously be employed by big organizations.

Set of the in-demand skills will make the professionals quite suitable for IT jobs and the candidates having skills that are listed in above paragraph can take their career up to a great height. Machine learning, big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence and other IT skills that include many tools and programming languages will make the candidates suitable for today’s IT industry.

Even the IT professionals can become an expert and suitable candidates by grasping and learning the new technologies.

Some Other Value Added Skills

Apart from the above-listed and discussed technical skills many other skills are in demand for IT professionals. These skills include communication and coordination skills that are part of every organization and needs less human intervention. One may need to contact and coordinate with their team members and this is the reason due to which candidates may require additional soft skills too.

The employees are expected to be able to have such skills that may include interpersonal skills like team communication and coordination and ability to set up the working environment. They are expected to understand the client’s requirement and to communicate with them so that they can know the exact client requirement and complete the task.

Final Words:

In Flagship, it must become mandatory to possess some skills like big data, machine learning, and robotics essential so that candidates can know the need of these skills. There should be an

alternative educational model for the Indian IT aspirants and based on the same model, the candidates must be skilled so that they can explore various opportunities of the market.

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Math Tips That Helps in Your Math IB Exam




IB maths tutor

IB Global Academy: The student usually gets worried while facing IB Math’s exam. But no need to worry about it, simply go through the below 5 tips to achieve the best results in your test.

Create a learning environment:

The learning environment should be comfortable, you should have enough place in your room so that you can spread your notes. Set a schedule and follow it. Minimize your habit of distraction. Focus on the topics you do not think you are very confident in.

Note down the important concepts and formulas:

Make the list of all the formulas and write the concepts in your own words so that you can easily recall them. The formulas should be neatly organized and easy to read. Make the summary of all the key concepts and new terms and definition.

Keep on solving as many papers as you can this will help you to remember formulas as well as concepts. There are resources available to help you out in your maths IB exam and IB tutor online like IB maths tutor to help you out in your IB programs and IB tutors online have been a boon for the students.

Practice, Practice & Practice:

Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect. One cannot learn Maths by just reading, it needs practice. Try to solve sample papers if you are finding any difficulty in solving problems get help from your IB math’s tutor in Gurgaon.

When knowledge is put into practice, then through your experience of it, it becomes your insight.

Problem-solving steps:

These are some useful steps which are beneficial in solving paper.

  • Spend some time in reading the entire paper.
  • Try to solve the easier problem first. Understand the problem to correctly solve it.
  • Draw a picture, if needed, with all appropriate labels, to help you solve the problem.
  • Try not to leave any problem unattended provided you have spare time. In some of the descriptive questions in mathematics marks are given on the correct steps also never the less you could not conclude the final answer. So don’t worry you will definitely get the step marks.
  • Double-checks all the facts and figures.
  • Include relevant explanations/notes with your algebraic work.
  • If an exact answer is not too difficult or tedious to obtain then it is best to give the exact answer. Otherwise, give an appropriate answer to an accuracy of three significant figures.

Calm yourself down before exam:

  • The most important thing is to believe in oneself. Meditation for few minutes just before the exam may help you to concentrate your brain on the subject.
  • Keep in mind don’t start freaking out just one night before the exam. Take minimum 6 hours sleep and have light & healthy breakfast

Online mathematics tutors are available all across the country, for example, IB maths tutor in Gurgaon make available many dedicated teachers online who facilitate online learning in case you find something difficult to understand in your subject.

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