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Google Doodle Comes Forward to Pay Tribute to Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, the Spanish Artist on His 400th Birthday Anniversary




Google Doodle tries to come forward and makes a tribute to the phenomenon artist of Spain, Bartolome Esteban Murillo on the occasion of his 400th birthday anniversary. A lot of people get together to commemorate the talented and a beautiful should of a person who left us with amazing works of art and so much more.

He has shown some ultimate work of the art and culture of Spain with one of its most iconic painting being the ‘Two women at a window’

The representation of this painting of the artist shows tow women who are looking out a window which is open towards the outside in the street. The painting represents his oeuvre. There are clearly two women who are beautiful and young as we. The one who is older than the other one is probably hiding her face or may be trying to hide her face.

She is trying to hide her face but she is still not able to control her temptation of looking out of the window. She wants to catch up on what is going out on the street but is unable to do so because she also does not want to show her face.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo was born in the year 1617, in the month of December in Seville. He was baptized in the year 1618 on the eve of New Year and his exact date of birth is still not known.

His work has been pretty impressive for all the people out there and the unorthodox outlook depicted in his paintings is what him out of the box and unique and also different from others. The colors and the theme he uses in his paintings are beyond beautiful and are par from the imagination of the human mentality.

He also devoted some of his paintings to the local fairs and served as an excellent apprentice for other artists. This was noted by J Paul Getty Museum. The early paintings of this artist represent a very realistic style and he has encompassed a lot of religious subjects and his first painting gained recognition for the first time in 1645.

Another of his painting which has gone quite viral and famous is the ‘Immaculate Conception’. This painting of his depict Virgin Mary.

He depicts in his painting that he has given free from all of his sins from Mother Mary and also depicts the merits of her son Jesus. The teachings of the Catholic church are also shown and is depicted by the painting.

Apart from a lot of religious scenes and cultural depictions, his paintings portray still life paintings in oil paints which are the golden era of the art of Spain. He had studied in the Sevillian School. He died in the year 1682 in the month of April on the third of the month. His 400th anniversary is a golden day.

A writer can take you back to the old, build new and take you places with this motto and passion I started a journey of Gudstory. I tried to communicate my thoughts and happenings around the world to you. Being business owner by profession and writer by passion.

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Thailand’s King Marries Suthida Who Worked as Flight Attendant at Thai Airways





Thailand’s King Marries Suthida

It’s hard to believe that 66-year-old Thailand’s king Maha Vajiralongkorn has married the deputy commander of his personal bodyguard unit, Suthida who is 40-years old. Yes! It’s shocking but it’s true. Not only marrying her, but he also gave her the very royal title ‘Queen Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhaya’.

Suthida is expected to participate in some of the coronation events. She was born on June 3, 1978, as Suthida Tidjai. She has graduated from Assumption University which is a private university in Bangkok with a bachelor’s degree in arts and communication in the year 2000, as per the media sources.

Earlier, before marrying the Thai King, she used to work as a flight attendant at Thai Airways before joining the protection unit of King Maha Prince Vajiralongkorn.

In addition, she also held the rank of general in the Royal Thai Army before tying the knot with the king. After that, she got promoted to some higher position in December 2016 by King Vajiralongkorn by royal decree shortly after he took the throne following his father’s death, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Thailand’s King Marries Suthida

via: Twitter

Suthida was also once deputy commander of the King’s Own Bodyguard Regiment of which king himself is the commander of the whole unit.

It was he who designated queen Suthida to the special officer unit of Crown Prince’s Bodyguard Regiment in the year 2013.

The royal queen of Thailand Suthida has also been awarded by 20 royal decrees for her honesty, loyalty and responsibility shown in her service to Prince Vajiralongkorn.

She received the award from King Bhumibol who is the father of the king. After getting the royal decree she was named as Lieutenant Colonel Suthida Vajiralongkorn.

Surely, this wedding is a big surprise to all of Thai’s because they never expected this kind of sweet relationship before in their life previously despite the fact that King has been married and got divorced three times earlier before getting married to Suthida.

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Success Story of Popular Arabic Singer Hamdan Al Balushi




Hamdan Al Balush

This feeling of self-manual realization and aim of executing something at Uae music had been his strength.” There are very few people under the age of 25 to do great things and achieve great milestones that many people older than they haven’t achieved yet. Hamdan Al Balushi is a permanent resident of Dubai UAE and is 25 years old.

He is a popular Arabic singer in his area as well as in many places of the gulf. As he is also a music composer and creates his own new things on the music. He is not only a singer but also a Rapper, Music Composer and social worker.

He always looks forward to opening new horizons with his songs.

Hamdan Al Balush

He’s already a well-known singer and songwriter in his homeland of Dubai Uae. Nawi ala Alforga the latest song he’s promoting got some type of EDM influence, keeping up with the same level as the current hits on his new Dance-Pop charts.

Hamdan spent his entire childhood in UAE and Iran in his complete introversion.

‘I was very shy and never showed up on stage until my 7th standard. Slowly, I pushed myself into social gatherings more and started to wander in narrow to wide lanes and pathways of Kohalpur.

Hamdan Al Balush

Hamdan feels he had nothing besides himself to rely upon, songwriting became his main thin dig at something of poems and then poems to Composition of songs and that to gain a piece of rap music and he has more plans for still doing more, giving more at Uae songs and hip-hop.

Hamdan Al Balush

Hamdan performs in Dubai Mall on Uae national day and Dalama mall  These days he has my entire focus only at Arabic songs even more.

He entered into the Arabic music industry with his first single “Alama which was not so successful but “Nawi ala Alforga” is his most ambitious project yet, which now has 33 million Youtube views!

Hamdan Al Balush

Hamdan Youtube channel has 370k subscriber and Instagram Account 920k Followers It’s helped him to gain recognition and success in the Arabic Emarati Music industry.

He has already released three albums, including 33 songs yet & has done featured with several famous Emarati singers like Sultan saif Adel Ebrahim He is quickly becoming one of the most successful & famed Singers in gulf and Uae).

iTunes link to find his songs.

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Meet Dyan deNapoli, The “Ultimate Penguin Lady” Who Saved The Life of 20,000 Penguins During Great Penguin Rescue

Satendra Kashyap



Dyan deNapoli, The Ultimate Penguin Lady

Every year on April 25, World Penguin Day is celebrated all over the globe. This day presents a good opportunity to provide awareness about the penguin species and the challenges that they face for their survival including retreating polar ice and depleting stocks of krill.

In honour of this great occasion, Dyan deNapoli who is popularly known as “The Penguin Lady” tells us about her hard work that she did in saving the lives of nearly 20,000 penguins during a rescue operation that took 20 years ago.

All the penguins were transported safely after a massive oil spill from the bulk carrier Treasure north of Cape Town, South Africa during 2 July 2000. Not only this, but she has also explained about her experience of saving so many birds during this rescue operation and what all did she faced during this phase.

Now, let me tell you about her ‘Penguin Rescue’ experience:

Sinking off a cargo ship creates an oil spill

Sinking off a cargo ship creates an oil spill

via: Thepenguinlady/ Twitter

It was during summers of 2000 when she has got an urgent call from South Africa from the manager of SANCCOB, a seabird rescue centre in South Africa, Cape Town. The manager told that the Penguins were in trouble due to the oil spill happened in the region due to the sinking off a cargo ship in the ocean off the coast in Cape Town.

Nearly 1300 tons of fuel oil flown into Robben Island which is the primary habit of penguins. The oil has covered 20,000 penguins.

It was after that SANCCOB has announced the launch to carry out a rescue operation to save the life of all the penguins that were badly oiled by the thick and toxic oil. Even, there were 1000s of volunteers who were up for help but they couldn’t d anything as they had no experience.

After 2 days, she boarded the plane to South Africa to take part in this biggest ever Penguin Rescue operation.

A deadly silence of penguin

A deadly silence of penguin

via: Thepenguinlady/ Twitter

A large warehouse had been converted into a rescue centre for the oiled penguins outside the Cape Town. The rescuers had also set up so many makeup shift pools which had the ability to hold 100 oiled birds at once.

She told when she stepped into the building, she couldn’t believe what she saw there. Nothing except the voices of people she could hear. The penguins were like dead silent. At that moment, she felt so much overwhelmed.

Her heart ached for those distressed birds and cleaning them looked like an almost neatly impossible task at that moment. But, all the volunteers including her were treating them like doctors in an emergency room.

How did she manage to clean oiled penguins?

How did she manage to clean oiled penguins?

via: Thepenguinlady/ Twitter

Cleaning them wasn’t easy. The birds were sprayed with a degreaser and scrubbed with warm, soapy water. Then they were rinsed under a hose. Almost it took around an hour to go through the whole process. Do you know it took a month to bathe all the 20,000 birds at the centre in spite of having 12,500 volunteers?

The oil spill began to spread which led to another crisis

Oil from the spill had started to spread north towards Dassen Island. It had become almost impossible to save a number of birds as they already have 20,000 penguins in their hand. This is because they do not have enough resource to save them.

she manage to clean oiled penguins

via: Twitter

To move out of the situation, one researcher suggested moving all the penguins from Dassen Island to Port Elizabeth. And you know what the plan worked and all the penguins swam home safely which also removed their oil and they were saved luckily.

It was one of the biggest ever penguin rescue operation in history

The entire penguin rescue operation took almost 3 months. It was hard for them to believe that they have managed to save such a huge number of birds from such a horrible incident. What was most inspiring for me was the hard work of volunteers.

She said, “As the Penguin Lady, I’m used to facing such hazards to care for the animals I love. What I didn’t realize was how many other people care for penguins too”.

News source: Guinness World Records

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