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Great Bajaj Finserv Sale Offers for October 2018



October brings in not only the festive season but is also the best shopping period of the year. As fun and festivities proceed from Navratri to Dussehra, so do the deals and discounts. The best part is that it does not stop here. Navratri special offers and Dussehra shopping offers to go beyond the festival dates too. You can unleash the shopaholic in you, all month and stock up on the best offers and discounts, by shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

This special season is not only a pocket-friendly time but is also auspicious to buy new products. You can look for the best Navratri special offers or Dussehra offers on a wide range of electronics and home appliances like smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines and more.

When you use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network for shopping, you get the opportunity to avail festival offers and make your purchases on No Cost EMIs and easy EMIs. Moreover, there several other benefits involved too.

Shop within your budget with No Cost EMIs

Use the Navratri offers on electronics to buy the pricey Apple MacBook Air at an affordable EMI starting at Rs. 6,433. A big advantage of doing so is that you get to shop at discounted MRPs and can pay for on No Cost EMIs. So, even if you choose a tenor of 3 to 24 months to repay the EMI, you don’t end up repaying more than the actual cost of the product, thus, sticking to your budget.

Shop from your favourite brands and stores

When you shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, you’re not limited to a particular store or brand. You have the liberty to select gadgets from top Indian and International brands. So, if you’re looking for a phone you could consider flagships like Apple and Samsung or medium and budget ranges like the ones offered but Vivo, Oppo, LG, Panasonic, etc.

Similarly, you can pick from a wide variety of Navratri offers on LED TVs or Dussehra laptop offers across brands too. You can purchase products from over 60,000 online and offline stores that are partnered with Bajaj Finserv.

Whether you have a preferred choice of the store or simply want to shop at a store closest to you, Bajaj Finserv has a widespread network of online and offline stores for you to pick.

Shop with a pre-approved loan amount

When you shop using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you get a pre-approved limit of up to Rs. 4 lakhs to buy multiple electronics and gadgets from festival offers. You also get the advantage to bring home your purchase with minimal or no down payment at all.

It gives you the opportunity to avail 100% financing with minimal or no processing fees too. Thus, you end up paying almost the actual product price through EMIs.

As you know Flipkart Big Billion Sale has started now you can avail no cost EMI on Flipkart with Bajaj Finserv EMI network card.

Shopping with multiple benefits on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network can brighten your festive season further.

How to shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

Bajaj Finserv EMI Network is an instant financing payment system.

Shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network with an EMI Network Card online

  • For online shopping, add the product to your cart.
  • Proceed to the checkout page and pick the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card as your payment method.
  • Add your card details to the required field and enter your mobile number. You can also choose the repayment tenor convenient for you.
  • You will be sent an OTP on your phone that can be used to authenticate and complete your purchase.

Shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network with an EMI Network Card offline

  • Visit any Bajaj Finserv partner store and select the product you want to buy.
  • Use your EMI Network Card to pay for your purchase.
  • Bring home your all your favourite products on EMI.

Shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network without an EMI Network Card

  • You can also apply for instant approval of EMI finance by filling up a form online or at a partner store.
  • After filling the form, you will receive an SMS confirming your loan and the amount.
  • Show the SMS to the payment counter at the store or enter the details when shopping online to complete the payment.

Apart from EMI finance for electronics and gadgets, Bajaj Finserv also provides pre-approved personal loans, home loans, business loans, and other financial products. This makes it easy to apply and avail such finances.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since he world mainly revolves around digital media, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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5 Indian Special Forces That Are Among The Best Forces In The World




5 Indian Special Forces

The worlds of Special Forces are interesting and often attract our attention. We think of these forces to be full of courage and of an excellent level of intelligence and swiftness. There are Special Forces from all the countries, however, when we think of the Special Forces the American Marines, Navy Seal, or some other American Special Forces quickly absorbs our attention.

However, to do us proud these are Indian Special Forces who are among the best in the world:

1. Para Commandos

Highly Trained Special Forces of The Indian Army- only the ones who are physically the fittest, mentally strong, intelligent, and highly motivated soldiers are a part of this fleet.

They are highly trained in terrain and environment warfare and deep sea diving. They are given the toughest training in the world, like running daily with weights of 60kgs for a distance of 20kms.

2. Ghatak Forces

Specialize in Raids on Enemy Artillery positions, Airfields, Supply Dumps, and Tactical Headquarters-  they face the foes face to face and thus only the most physically and mentally strong soldiers can be a part of the Ghatak Force.

They lead man to man assault ahead of the battalion and are experts in directing artillery and air attacks on targets deep in the zones on enemies.

3. National Security Guard or Black Cats

Lead By ‘Director General’ From The Indian Police Service- they do not belong to Central Armed Police Forces or the Paramilitary Forces of India. It is rather a combination of commandos from both the Indian Army and Central Armed Police Forces that is lead by a Director General from the Indian Police Service.

It has two units, one is Special Action Group (SAG) that consists of the Indian Army personnel and the other is Special Ranger Group (SRG) for the counter of terrorist activities. The selection process is highly difficult thus the drop out rate is 70 to 80 percent.

The ones who are selected are sent for the training of 9 months and it is then that they become Phantom NSG Commandos.

4. MARCOS Or Marine Commandos

India’s Most Lethal Special Force- it is really very difficult to join MARCOS. They are experts of the maritime warfare and the level of difficulty can be assessed from the fact that almost 80% of the applicants abort the training within the first two-three days on the long, rigorous fitness and aptitude test.

Its only after the successful completion of the test that they are sent for five week-long processes that are termed as ‘hell’s week’. The training here is as the name, suggests they are kept sleep deprived and made to do rigorous physical activities.

5. Garud Commando Force

Specialize in Airborne Operations, Air Assault, Specialize Operations Combat Search and Rescue- it is unit of the Indian Air Force that are specialist in Air assault, Special Reconnaissance, Airborne Operations, Airfield Seizure, counterinsurgency, Special Operation Combat Search and Rescue.

To qualify as a Guard it takes rigorous training of 3 years. They are skilled at anti-hijack and counterinsurgency, jungle and snow training, specialized weapon handling and advanced driving skills.

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Pulwama Terror Attack: CRPF Says We Will Not Forget, We Will Not Forgive



On Thursday in one of the deadliest terror attacks in Kashmir, the Pakistan based terrorist group Jaish- E- Mohammed targeted A CRPF convoy of vehicles. A suicide bomber from the terrorist group targeted the bomb resulting in the death of 44 jawans. the injured have been moved to army base hospital in Srinagar, 20 km from the site of the attack. Jaish suicide bomber has been identified Adil Ahmad Dar and rammed an SUV laden with explosives into the bus in which the CRPF  jawans were travelling.

The head of government from the various countries have sent their condolences over the martyred Jawans.

India condemns Pakistan for the terror attack. In a very strong worded statement they have urged Pakistan to “Pakistan stopped supporting terrorists and terror groups operating from their territory.”

The center also appealed to the “international community to support the proposal to list terrorists, including Jaish-e-Mohammed Chief Masood Azhar, as a designated terrorist under the 1267 Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council.”

As per the statements from the Home Ministry it has been said that the terrorists triggered the attack while 78 vehicles with over 2500 CRPF men were on the Srinagar Jammu highway. The highway had been sanitized in the morning, and the authorities claim it to be an act of ‘serious breach’ of security.

The photographs from the site of attack are heart-wrenching the human body parts are littering around beyond recognition. The man who came as the suicide attackers Adil Ahmad Dar AKA “Waqas Commando” is the resident of Kakapora and had joined the terrorist group only last year.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted that the sacrifice of the men will not go wasted. In deep anger and strong words, he said, “The attack on CRPF personnel in Pulwama is despicable. I strongly condemn this dastardly attack.

The sacrifices of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain. The entire nation stands shoulder to shoulder with the families of the brave martyrs. May the injured recover quickly,”

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh will visit Srinagar today to review the situation and has assured to give a strong response to the attack. In  very tasteful words he said “We completely understand our responsibilities… will take whatever action is necessary,”

The National Investigation Agency will inspect in the matter along with the Jammu and Kashmir Police. It has been declared as the worst and the filthiest terror attack in the century. The attack is even bigger than the terrorist attack at the Uri, in September 2016.

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The Most Expensive Man Made Island Goes On Sale In UAE For $462 Million



The Most Expensive Island Goes On Sale In UAE

A private 6660-acre island in the United Arab Emirates is up for sale for $462 million, it has private beaches, five star hotels, clubs, beachside resorts and the spectacular view to the Arabian Gulf. Al Marjan Island that has gone for sale is a collection of four nan- made expanses of island in the northernmost area of the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah.

The four islands are namely Dream Island, Breeze Island, Treasure Island, and View Island.

All the four islands are an epitome of luxury and beauty crafted by man.

Island goes on sale in UAE

The price tag is humongous and is totally worth the penny, for the ‘breathtaking views’ and the ‘naturally luxurious environment’, as per the property’s online listing.

Island goes on sale in UAE

The island is up for sale for the foreign buyers and comes with the offer of no income tax or foreign exchange controls, plus there is already much of infrastructure already made there.

Island goes on sale in UAE

A collection of four pristine man-made islands, each island features luxurious hospitality and residential living throughout”.

Island goes on sale in UAE

The island is the best place for your holidays. Adults, kids, residents, and tourist have a gala time on the island as it has all the leisure and entertainment opportunities.

Island goes on sale in UAE

It has the beautiful waterfront homes, amazing hotels and resorts, private beaches for the residents, marinas, retail and recreational facilities and everything that one could think for a vacation.

Island goes on sale in UAE

It’s definitely an asset and investment worth making as the return on investment will be high.

Island goes on sale in UAE

It’s a place that will soon take the market by storm and be the most talked about destination.

Island goes on sale in UAE

To meet the needs of the residents there is the facility for world-class Education and Health facilities also near the island. Images Source: Daily Mail

Island goes on sale in UAE

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