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Guitar VS Piano: Which Musical Instruments is Better for Beginners




Music is a form of art, a source of entertainment which is formed through a different combination of sounds as well melodious tunes.  Music is not only considered a source of entertainment but it’s also an art through which one can express her ideas, emotions, or feelings which can be defined significantly through words. Mostly peoples especially who loves to listen to music would like to learn to play musical instruments. Learning to play musical instruments is amazing and rewarding in different styles. As through music one can learn a lot of beneficial things such as discipline, think creatively, learn teamwork and learn to manage stress in different ways. That’s why every culture in this world have their own music and the role of music is vital for every culture.  But most of them scare by the prospect “How to choose a musical instrument” or “How to and where to start”. But it’s not the very hardest task to choose from them. You just need to do some research and then decided to choose from them. So, if you are a beginner and narrowed your search down to guitar vs. piano – Which one you should choose to play? This is not an easy question to answer. Let me began by guaranteed that I have seen a lot of adult beginners of guitar and child beginners of guitars as well as piano who are successful in their music career. So I cannot claim that the guitar is better than a piano or piano is better than guitar. Guitar VS Piano - Ease of Use Basically both instruments guitar and piano have their own attributes, so it only depends on a beginner’s skill as well as his interest. Guitar and piano both have their different traits as if you want to play guitar, it’s a quick learning curve. But if you if you want to learn the piano, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about music theory. However, both guitars vs. piano has their own pros and cons. I can only elaborate my opinions which I have found through different experiments. If you are a beginner and looking to find a best beginners guide that really helps you in choosing the instruments that are really beneficial for you as well also according to your abilities than is article will help you a lot. So let’s start a brief guide:

Guitar VS Piano – Learning Curves

Here is a brief comparison between the learning curves of Guitar and piano which will definitely a very helpful resource for all the beginner learners. As a beginner in case of the piano, it is easier to remember the notes as the repeat in the same manner as all across the keys. Moreover to make these easier mostly music teachers teach white keys to all adult beginners in the start. On the other hand in case of beginner’s kids there focus is to teach them black keys. Once they are mastered the basic notes, then whatever is left of the notes becomes easier to play. It becomes simpler for learners to understand the different notes as well as different patterns of the piano. Additionally, it also becomes simpler to identify the intervals, which are the measurable distance between different notes. In this way, a beginner can easily understand the playing pattern of songs in their first exercise. On the other hand in case of musical instrument guitar, the playing pattern of different notes is a little bit complex for the beginners as each note on a string is arranged in a different manner. For an apprentice, it is substantially harder to know which string to utilize when the pitch goes lower or higher. The main difference between guitar and piano is that before playing the piano there is no need to tune while in case of guitar the player must tune the guitar before playing. Therefore if you are a beginner guitarist the guitar should be tuned before you play. And this is considering another learning curve for all beginner learners.

Guitar VS Piano – Ease of Use

Before going to choose, the first thing that you must consider is – which instrument is easy for you. How do you want to play? Guitars are much easier to carry for you that means you can easily hold it while you are practicing guitar chords. Whenever you want you can bust out the guitar and can play your favorite songs. On the other hand, the piano is also portable but not nearly as the guitar. Moreover, every individual playing style is different or they may want to play in different styles. If you want to be a part of any organization or music band and want to practice piano any place where you want even in your living room then the piano is the best option for you. Moreover, musical instrument guitar is more portable than the piano. If you choose a guitar you can take it almost anywhere. While in case of piano you might be facing some portability issues such as by getting a keyboard. Therefore, portability issue is limited in piano.

Shape and size of your hand

The most fundamental thing that you must consider when deciding guitar vs. piano – is the shape and size of your hand. It is recommended choosing instruments according to your hand size and shape. To play guitar it requires pressure to the strings, so guitar requires your hand in a claw-like shape. And in starting which might be hard for you when you are practicing. In the case of piano hands which are bigger in size are not fundamental. Moreover, you don’t need to pressure to play the keys like in a guitar. Therefore, the piano is easier to play for the younger peoples or for the peoples who have small hands. In addition to its all based on your preference as well your interest. For younger beginner pianos are best to begin. Because they help them to understand the basis of music theory which is then beneficial to tackle the other musical instruments. However, if they have a keen interest in learning guitar they can also choose a guitar according to their abilities.

Siddharth is an avid Trending Story, News and lifestyle blogger. He makes sure that the information she provides is not only reliable but also beneficial for the readers.

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Queen of Bollywood in The Role of Queen of Jhansi: All About Manikarnika



Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

Another historical biography that is in making is based on the life of Maratha Rani Laxmi Bai. It is the directorial debut of Kangana Ranaut who plays the role of Rani Laxmi Bai and the other director is Krish. It has been produced by Zee Studios in association with Kamal Jain and Nishant Piti.

The movie will rule the silver screen from the 25th January 2019. The movie (Manikarnika) was specially screened for the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Cultural Centre on the 18th of January, where even the lead actress was present.

The main plot of the film will be the fight for freedom between the Queen and the British Empire., during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The lyrics of the film is by Prasoon Joshi and the music is from Shankar- Ehsaan- Loy. The background score is by Sanchi Balhara and Aknit Balhara.

Atul Kulkarni will play the role of Tantia Tope, and Jishu Sengupta will be in the role of Gangadhar Rao. Richard Keep playing the role of General Hugh Rose and Suresh Oberoi as Peshwa Baji Rao II. They are in the key roles apart from them there are few more actors who have worked together for the epic movie of the year.

We are waiting for the film with bated breath for the following reasons:

1. The film was written by V. Vijyendra Prasad, who has also written ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and is the writer for most of the S.S. Rajamouli’s movies that have proved to be epic.

2. Prasoon Joshi who is choosy about his work, so if he has decided to be a part of the film it has to be worth our watch.

3. The trailers have stolen the show, we get Goosebumps with the vigor Kangana Ranaut does her scene of the battlefield we are smitten. Her body language, expressions, and eyes all are as per the character that she is portraying.

4. Overall we are till date in love with and completely honor the Queen, Rani Laxmi Bai and have grown up listening to her tales of bravery and patriotism. The movie is releasing just before Republic Day so there is already much-anticipated wait for the film.

5. Importantly the outfits for Queen Manikarnika or Manu will give you style goals so this makes it a must watch.

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Dhoni Slays It Again in 3rd ODI: Nobody can Beat Mahendra Singh Dhoni




Dhoni Slays It Again in 3rd ODI

India vs Australia: Melbourne, In the words of the aggressive captain, who is known for his clear cut words”No one is more committed to Indian cricket, than MS Dhoni and batting at number five is the ideal spot for him.” Virat Kohli came forward to support the former Captain cool.

Dhoni was criticized for his slow batting in the ODI series opener in Sydney before he made the contribution in winning the match in Adelaide and Melbourne ODIs. Virat is proud of his team and has attributed his success to the team and former captain.

He was all praises for the former Captain and stood beside him in the tough times. In the words of Virat”I think firstly as a team we are very happy for Dhoni that he is amongst the runs because it is very important to get runs under your belt to get that rhythm and confidence back.

Especially when you have not been playing so much international cricket,” said the India captain at the post-match press conference.

“Many things happen outside. People say a lot of things but as an individual, we know that there is no one more committed to Indian cricket than Dhoni and people should let him have his space because he has contributed so much for the nation.

“They should let him figure out things on his own and what he needs to do. He is one of the most intelligent cricketers and he is not someone who is not aware of what needs to be done. As a team, we are totally in sync with what he is doing and we are all very happy for him.

Dhoni’s contribution in winning the ODI cannot be denied and his unbeaten 87- run on Friday and at Adelaide, his half-century was all that was enough to shut the critics. Dhoni is best suited to bat at five as per the strategy of the team and he himself feels comfortable to bat at any position.

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How Indra Nooyi Inspired Me To Achieve My Goals




Indra Nooyi

She grew up in a small village in India and paved her way to becoming a graduate from IIM and Yale University. Married off at a very early age of 18 did not stop her from chasing her dreams. She is the lady who has never failed to inspire any lady from any corner of the world. The Donald Trump led US government has nominated the former Pepsico

CEO Indra Nooyi for the prestigious position of World Bank president. 63 years old had stepped down from the position of CEO of the Pepsico after she had led the company for more than a decade.


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She has never seized to inspire the ladies who have wanted to work even after marriage or after kids. She has beautifully managed her personal life and professional with a remarkable effort. Not only the ladies even men need to learn from her and manage their work and family life with best of skills.

Her interviews and quotes have inspired us and helped us during the times of distress. Her quotes that have inspired me are as follows:

1. “CEO’s and leaders have to be life-long students. Not just students in the sense of attending courses or reading a book. You’ve got to learn how to read widely, walk the market, look at the trends in the market place, make connections that don’t seem obvious. And start paint pictures of what the future could be. Then watch the consumer behaviors”

2. ‘The world is full of ideas today if we do not do it somebody else is going to do it.”


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3. “We’ve purpose into how we run the company. And how we make the money.. That is a sustainable model. That’s what performance with purpose is all about”.

4. “The only way that you run a company for the duration of the company and of the CEO is to invest in transformation when. The world demands a transformation..”

5. “If you don’t give people a chance to fail. You won’t innovate…if you want to be an innovative company allow people to make mistakes..”


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6. “I wouldn’t ask nobody to do something I would do myself.”

7. “The challenge of a leader is looking around the corner and making the change before it is too late to make the change.”

8. “I look at my job as a passion, as a calling not as a job..”


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9. “You can be very, very competent, but if you’re not willing to speak out have the confidence based on your knowledge what is the point?..”

10. If you really feel strongly about something you do not like people are doing, throw a temper tantrum, throw things around, people have got to know that you feel strongly about it.”


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She has made us believe that no dreams are big but it is hard work, passion, consistent effort and focus that help you achieve them.

Thus stay motivated and chase your dreams. Importantly once quoted by her, “Bring together what is good for business with what is good for the world.”

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