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Heart Wrenching Story Of An Australian Girl, Who Travelled To Pakistan To Meet The Man Of Her Dreams Who Turned Out To Be A Devil



Australian lawyer raped in Pakistan

An Australian woman travelled miles to meet the man of her dreams, her Prince Charming in Pakistan. The man proved himself to be a devil and the promises of lavish life that he made turned out to be false and were nothing more than a trap. 

Lara Hall, 30, became the victim of the online groomer who raped her, abused her, starved her and made her nothing more than a sex slave in a foreign land for several months.

However, when she managed to contact the Australian commission in Pakistan she claimed that she met with ‘lackluster’ response and there was only limited advice offered to her.

Lara Hall

via: Facebook

She was living a dreaded life in Australia and was the life would give nightmares to anyone. The man from Pakistan named Sajjad promised her a lavish life in a Spanish style villa in Lahore.

She met the man in 2013. She has a law degree from the University of Notre Dame and was working in a prestigious position. While traveling in train she met a Pakistani girl called Rhianna in 2013.

Ms. Hall started to teach her English and over the time she became a part of their family. The whole family adored her and got her little gifts. Ms. Hall comes from a broken family so with her new honorary family she was delighted and had achieved all that she wanted.

Lara Hall

via: Facebook

On a Skye call, she introduced to this relative of Rhianna. They got connected over Facebook and the two started to talk over the phone for months. Sajjad claimed to be a lawyer and was interested in her life and wanted to make her happy.

Despite the strong career her troubles increased and she suffered a breakdown and at this time when she was in the most vulnerable situation, he came into her life. He made false promises and she fell for him.  

“He said he had five houses and showed a purchase contract for a Spanish house he said we could live in and that I could decorate however I wanted he even sent me pictures of the house.” – Lara Hall

“I remember asking him if he would ever lie to me and he said “no”. – He was very attractive and seductive. Her life in Sydney at that point was awful so she got attracted all the more and as she knew the family she got inclined more towards the relationship.

Lara Hall

via: Facebook

Also, Sajjad was in contact with her family and on Facebook he was in contact with her twin Amy. He offered her security and comfort and made the same promises to her family also. He sent these emails of fake promises to her grandmother.

Lara Hall

via: Facebook

Her Amy twin was also very happy for her sister but little did they knew what was to happen. He invited her for his brother’s marriage and she felt that her dreams were to come true and she travelled to Pakistan.

Initially, he was nice but was nothing near the lavish life that he promised. Soon the abuse started and she said that

Sajjad raped me and his brother attempted to rape me on multiple occasions. I was a kept woman, I was denied feminine hygiene products and had to bleed freely, I was starved over long periods of time – on one occasion up to 14 hours.” – Lara Hall

She had no help and thus planned her own rescue, with the help of a Pakistani diplomat Dr. Rafiq.

I am settled as a housewife, found writing to be my calling. Enriching, empowering and evolving through my writings I desire a better place for all. In my journey as a writer on this website I have become a more informed and compassionate person and have made new relationships in the digital world.

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The Most Expensive Man Made Island Goes On Sale In UAE For $462 Million



The Most Expensive Island Goes On Sale In UAE

A private 6660-acre island in the United Arab Emirates is up for sale for $462 million, it has private beaches, five star hotels, clubs, beachside resorts and the spectacular view to the Arabian Gulf. Al Marjan Island that has gone for sale is a collection of four nan- made expanses of island in the northernmost area of the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah.

The four islands are namely Dream Island, Breeze Island, Treasure Island, and View Island.

All the four islands are an epitome of luxury and beauty crafted by man.

Island goes on sale in UAE

The price tag is humongous and is totally worth the penny, for the ‘breathtaking views’ and the ‘naturally luxurious environment’, as per the property’s online listing.

Island goes on sale in UAE

The island is up for sale for the foreign buyers and comes with the offer of no income tax or foreign exchange controls, plus there is already much of infrastructure already made there.

Island goes on sale in UAE

A collection of four pristine man-made islands, each island features luxurious hospitality and residential living throughout”.

Island goes on sale in UAE

The island is the best place for your holidays. Adults, kids, residents, and tourist have a gala time on the island as it has all the leisure and entertainment opportunities.

Island goes on sale in UAE

It has the beautiful waterfront homes, amazing hotels and resorts, private beaches for the residents, marinas, retail and recreational facilities and everything that one could think for a vacation.

Island goes on sale in UAE

It’s definitely an asset and investment worth making as the return on investment will be high.

Island goes on sale in UAE

It’s a place that will soon take the market by storm and be the most talked about destination.

Island goes on sale in UAE

To meet the needs of the residents there is the facility for world-class Education and Health facilities also near the island. Images Source: Daily Mail

Island goes on sale in UAE

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8 Most Amazing Offices That Are Famous For Their Unique Environment




Most Amazing Offices

Waking up early and going to work is monotonous and not loved by many as there is nothing to look forward to. The same office that has those dull colors and boring interiors all more bring down your spirits. However, if the office is interesting it would never be like a typical workplace and you will look forward to reaching your office and work with full zeal and give optimum efforts so that you prove to be an asset for the company.

Here is the list of the companies that are nothing less than a dream and the people working there are pretty lucky so these are the companies:

1. YouTube

The place that has answers to most of our queries and helps the people to show their talent on the bigger platform of the Internet. The office is built as it is a playschool no wonder its still giving such amazing results.

2. Google


via: Newsapi

The top search engine and the reason for its being there is a beautiful office that it has. The office gives you a feeling of being home and thus you never get tired of working and give the best effort for any work assigned. The offices of Google around the world have designs that are simply refreshing and unique to the core.

3. Inventionland design factory

They bring life to any project and the company has interiors that look that you are in another dimension. The work environment of the office is unusual and way above the ordinary.

4. Pallotta Teamworks

The office is designed with stuff that you never see in any office it has tents and shipping containers where the employees do their jobs.

5. Facebook


via: Xlab

The most popular company that helps us to connect and communicate with people around the globe and the office that they have is simply the driving force for the employees.

6. Selgas Cano Architecture

The company designs some of the projects and their office has also been done with a great effort to make the workplace feel like organic and close to Mother Nature.

7. Dropbox

The American owned file hosting service has the ultra-sophisticated office that will drive you to work.

8. White Mountain Office

The company is a pioneer in providing design solutions to their customers and they have proved that their office design has to be an epitome of excellent work that they provide to their customers. The office is designed to look like it’s a mountain.

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A 35-Year- Old Google Employee With Stage 4 Cancer Has A Heart- Wrenching Message For Not Taking Life Way To Casually




Scott Riddle

A very important message with simple words but the strong meaning was imparted  by Scott Riddle a Google employee who was diagnosed with stage 4 of metastatic cancer, she said: “stop assuming you have a full lifetime to do whatever it is you dream of doing.” Just three weeks ago he had received life-changing news that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 of colon cancer and was trying to absorb the news that he will never be able to see his three kids aged 5, 3 and a few months old, growing up.

As the feeling of loss sank in he wrote a 1200- word piece on blogging platform Medium with the title “I’m 35 and I suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit.” 

“I don’t even know why I did that Medium post, I had that urge to just sit down and just write about it,” Riddle told Business Insider in an interview over Skype from his family’s home in Australia.

He wrote the post in haste after the discovery of his disease. He expected only a few people to see it, but more than 70,000 people have seen it and are totally supporting him. The simple message of assuming that you have all the time is so wrong.

He had a blissful life with three adorable kids and the newest one born on the Christmas eve. He was working in California for Google and was too happy and was returning with his family to his hometown. On July 19 he visited the doctor when noticed unusual bleeding and change in the bowel habit.

The doctor set him for a series of test and when confirmed of cancer he simply fainted. It was difficult for him and the family to digest the fact and the risks that are associated he said “And then you kinda find yourself tuning out as [the doctor] keeps talking because suddenly the other part of your mind is racing to think of the implications.

Google Office Australia

via: Google’s offices in Sydney, Australia. Long Zheng/Flickr (CC

The risks. What it means for your family, what it means for your job, and what it means for your life.” Just out of nothing his life changed and perhaps the life of his children and wife also changed. He is currently on the treatment of chemotherapy and radiations and may even undergo surgery.

He does not feel sick it’s just that he feels a little tired but his conditions will worsen in the coming months. He described his mindset in the words “I’ve noticed so many times in the last few weeks, I’m sitting on a train going back to the hospital and I overhear the kind of commuter conversations that you always overhear on a train,” Riddle told Business Insider.

“You know, people getting ready for a meeting or someone’s dialed into a teleconference early from the train or something and I just think, ‘my gosh’.”

He was planning for his life but alas life had other plans and there is nothing that he can do except for thinking that will he be able to help his parents as they grow old, or see his kids growing or simply grow old with his wife.

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