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How To Organize A Filing Cabinet: 6 Simple Steps To Follow




How To Organize A Filing Cabinet

Whether at work or in your home office, there’s no better way to keep your important documents organized than a filing cabinet. With these simple tips and tricks, your cabinet will be the best it can be, making your work faster and more efficient.

Follow these 6 simple tips you’ll find yourself with a flawless organizational system, whatever space or the file!

1. Create a coherent system 

You need to choose a system that makes sense to you. The filing method that you choose will have to be comprehensive, simple and effective so that you can find what you need immediately – no more wasting time scrambling for the right piece of paper! The system you opt for is entirely up to you and how you like to work.

Organize by numbers, alphabetically, names, client, company or date – as long as it makes sense. Another important pointer is to remember that once you’ve picked your method, you’re going to have to stick to it, so be deliberate in tailoring it to how you like to function. 

2. Have a list handy 

As you sort through your documents it’s a very good idea to compile a list. By keeping a note of exactly what you’re placing into your filing cabinet, you’ll be able to keep track of your files. You can keep this note stashed on your computer or taped to the side of your cabinet for help with any missing files in the future. Write your list alphabetically for extra organizational points.  

3. Avoid catch-all folders

It’s very tempting to have that one file tucked away in your cabinet named Miscellaneous. As easy as it seems to place your random documents, invites and notes into one catch-all folder, it’s guaranteed to become dreaded as time goes by. Instead, think carefully about whether these need to be kept in your cabinet if so, slot them away in the same organized fashion as you would your other documents.     

4. Get personal 

When you think of a filing cabinet, it’s bound to look flat and a little boring. This doesn’t have to be the case, you can get creative with the look of your filing system! Bring some aesthetic appeal with colour coordination, different file shapes and exciting patterns – these can introduce an immediately recognizable method of visual organisation to your cabinet.

If colours aren’t your thing, try exploring stylish and understated filing cabinets that will coordinate well with your workspace. If you really hate the idea of a filing cabinet in your home office or workplace, why not try getting more creative? There’s a whole world of furniture that you can use as a filing cabinet and storage system. Display cabinets are a fantastic option!

They look vintage and homely whilst also being stocked full of drawers and compartments – perfect for tucking away clutter. The glass system means that you’ll be able to see what’s where without even opening a drawer! If you have a color-coded filing system, a display cabinet is a perfect way to show it off. 

5. Keep it clean and clear 

Start with a blank canvas. By removing all of your files you can have a proper clear out before you start to build your new filing system. If you do this once every few months you can catch stray documents and any unwanted dust that’s hiding away. 

6. Make it easy to file your documents away 

Of course, you can’t expect your office or workspace to be perfectly organized 24/7. For those days when sorting takes a backseat, have a tray or basket that lives next to your filing cabinet available to store your documents short term. This should never pile up too high, otherwise, your filing system becomes redundant and you have to start from the beginning. Pay it some attention every three or four days to stay on top of your organization.

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6 Most Useful Wall Décor Ideas for Your Bedroom





6 Most Useful Wall Décor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Everyone works to bring the perfect bedding set up for their dream bedroom. But what about the walls? The empty walls in the bedroom reflect so much emptiness in your bedroom. It’s not so difficult to decorate around your bed. The area nearby the bed is sometimes narrow or could be a large area. No matter what design you are going to choose on, but the important part is that your bedroom should be designed that could reflect your personality and describe the overall space around your bedroom. It is the place where your quality time with your loved ones and even the relaxing place where you came to relax after a long day of work.

Here we represent some easy and useful ideas which can help you in decorating your bedroom walls to the next level.

1. Get Creative With Wallpaper Designs

Get Creative With Wallpaper Designs

 We get a glamorous look from a preferable plain looking bedroom by using some vibrant-colorful and bold color bedroom wallpapers. You can also choose a specific theme or style as you like for your bedroom. Light or dark, wallpapers are going to help in lift up your bedroom decor and styling every effectively.

If you’re worried about choosing a printed wallpaper, so you can go with a neutral color. Your walls will stand out, but your bedroom will feel much lighter and relaxing.

2. Fix a Mirror on your Wall

Fix a Mirror on your Wall

Fixing a full-length glass mirror in your bedroom adds extra energy to your bedroom space and also creates the fantasy of a bigger room. It’s very beneficial when your bedroom is small. It is an excellent trick to fix a large mirror vertically in one corner where natural light can reflect and make your room brighter.

3. Flashy Wall Handing

Flashy Wall Handing

Installing a plain headboard over your bed is very common now, You can make your bedroom more stylish by getting wall hangings or rugs as a headboard alternative. It will not only add a sober touch to your room, but you can also have many color options to go through.

Find a flashy wall hanging, or better is to make something by yourself a beautiful mess and add some good color scheme and texture on your wall hanging to fill the empty headboard of your bedroom.

4. Go for an Art Piece

Go for an Art Piece

One more innovative way to make your bedroom space look elegant and yet to keep your decor minimal is to add one or two large art pieces that will bring your bedroom together. It will make your bedroom look classy and sophisticated without spending too much money.

A large painting or a black-and-white photo in a minimal space and you can add color with a vibrant abstract piece.

5. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a Gallery Wall for Bedroom

Making a gallery wall is one of the best and easy way to decorate your bedroom wall. For Gallery wall, you can use a collection of art, personal photographs, or and other exotic. It will make your bedroom looks simple, classy, and sophisticated.

If you desire for a gallery wall but don’t have the budget for a bunch of art pieces, you need to consider a more creative option. A grid of clipboards does this for you without expensive frames or matting necessary.

6. Find the Perfect Bed Frame for Your Room

Find the Perfect Bed Frame for Your Room

Believe me; bed frames were never going out of fashion. It just depends on your selection of frame and style which you choose. From four-poster beds, platforms to bold bed frame the no. of frames are countless to choose. If you genuinely want a change, bed frames are a good option for you to experiment around!


Have you been bored seeing your old wall every day? If your walls are looking a little ordinary, and you may be persuaded to grasp some prints or photos and hang them up. I think you can do more better than this. A wooden wall, mural? Or a ladder? Try to complete listening to those heart touching ideas for your bedroom to decorating these bedroom walls to your liking.

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6 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories That will Breathe Some Life into Your Household

Satendra Kashyap



Kitchen Accessories

Your kitchen is all about creativity, cooking and warmth, and by adding a few accessories, you’re only enhancing its welcoming atmosphere! All homes need an extra hint of personality, so read on for a few favourite must-have kitchen accessories that will breathe some life into your household: 

1. Reusable straw set 

Reusable straws are a bit of a modern staple these days. They’re positive for all kinds of reasons, the most important one being that they reduce the consumption of single-use plastic! Keeping a set of reusable straws in your kitchen will mean that you’re never tempted to opt for the plastic straw option when you’re out and about, whilst also giving you all the convenience of straws at home as well! Place these in a small dish or in a very delicate display vase for a fun little accessory in your kitchen. 

2. Shopping lists and planners 

A shopping list, meal planner, or diary always looks great in the kitchen! No matter the size of your household, the kitchen is always the most communal and comforting space, so making it the organisational centre of the home is only going to increase the functionality of your room. Plaster the pinboard, wall or fridge with decorative shopping lists and planning charts to add a homely yet efficient feel to the kitchen. 

3. Recipe Box 

A recipe box is a wonderfully sentimental and handy item to have in the kitchen. These look completely adorable when stacked up on shelves or popped into the cupboards, find a few in contrasting styles for a really kitsch look in the kitchen! 

4. Tea Set

Obviously, you can happily make your tea with a simple mug and kettle, but a tea set gives you all the function with some added style! You can find tea sets in all kinds of colours and looks, so be sure to choose one that suits the overall tone of your home and kitchen. You can keep your tea set on display on your countertop or in your cabinets to show it off a little! If you’re a contemporary household, look for a glass set, if you love classic looks timeless white china will do you perfectly – its all about enhancing the feel of your home! 

5. Coasters 

Coasters are most commonly found in the living or dining rooms, but they make just as much sense in the kitchen too! Coasters are a great opportunity to add a fun pop of design or colour, if they look too much you can always tuck them away when they’re not being used! Look for ornate designs and bright tones for an extra charge of life in your kitchen, or for the minimalist, look for the opposite tone to your countertop. Black marble will look striking with a white coaster to contrast it! 

6. Hourglass 

This kitchen accessory is a little more out there, but an hourglass is definitely not unheard of in the kitchen! A sand-filled hourglass is stylish, functional and very contemporary! You can use this when boiling water, cooking or brewing tea, and when it’s not in use, it looks amazingly interesting. Your kitchen should have character and charm to it, so fun little quirks like this are always a good way to fill out space a little!

These are just a few kitchen accessories that are guaranteed to bring a personal touch to your home! Each is decorative and interesting, but also highly functional, making them great for any type of household! Get exploring to find the perfect items for your kitchen.

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6 DIY Pest Control Techniques for Your Home




6 DIY Pest Control Techniques for Your Home

Conventional pesticides today are filled with too many harsh chemicals, some of which are dangerous to health. Being exposed to these chemicals can have harmful long term effects on you and your family, which is why it’s always better to stick to natural alternatives.

By using natural options, you can get rid of pests without comprising you and your families’ health.

1. Herbs

 DIY Pest Control by Herbs

You can also try checking out the best way to grow venus fly trap Not only are Rosemary and Basil delicious herbs, but they’re also effective at driving pests away from the natural way. Rosemary is potent at repelling various types of insects, and it’s especially effective at repelling wasps. You can plant Rosemary’s yourself because it’s easy to grow. By planting Rosemary’s, it can also deter pests from coming to plants near it. Here’s where you can place or hang Rosemary around your home:

  • Outdoors near areas where wasps may nest;
  • Play areas;
  • Garage entrance;
  • Outdoor tool or supply shed.

Basil is effective at repelling those annoying flies at home because its smell is potent enough to repel them. A small pot of Basil can effectively keep them away. If you plant Basil in your garden, it can deter insects from coming near it and its nearby plants. Here are some areas we recommend you place your Basil:

  • Windowsills, especially if you often keep your windows open;
  • Kitchen counter;
  • Patio table;
  • Dining table if preferred.

2. Citrus

DIY Pest Control by Citrus

Citrus isn’t just for your daily dose of vitamin C, but it can also serve as your daily insect repellant spray. In particular, Citrus fruits, especially lemon, are useful in repelling spiders because of their scent. Its scent irritates the senses of pests, which makes it an ideal alternative. You can make your DIY citrus spray at home by:

  • Filling a spray bottle with water; and
  • Adding several tablespoons of your citrus fruit, depending on how you want it to smell.
  • In the alternative, you can also use citrus smelling essential oils.

Use your citrus spray on your doorways, as well as window sills, to keep bugs away from the area. If you have pets at home, citrus helps drive fleas away. You can also use citrus peeling in your garden. Instead of throwing your citrus peels immediately, consider scattering them around your yard or plants to keep spiders away.

3. Vinegar

DIY Pest Control by Vinegar

Salt and Vinegar isn’t just a delicious potato chip flavor, but an effective pest deterrent. Vinegar is excellent at doing a lot of things. It’s a perfect salad dressing, has several health benefits, a great alternative to harsh cleaning materials, and it can also drive pests away. Insects do not like the smell of vinegar, and it’s especially effective at repelling ants. In a spray bottle, mix an equal part of water and vinegar. Spray this mixture in areas where you see ants starting to make a trail, to prevent them from continuing their path. It’s ideal for spraying this mixture in:

  • Baseboards where there’s usually a small line gap;
  • Door edges where ants often make holes;
  • Door gaps which separate the outdoor from the indoors;
  • Counters and cabinets, especially where you keep your sugar and sweet snacks.

4. Spices

DIY Pest Control by Spices

Spices don’t just give life and flavor to your food, but it can kill pests quickly. Salt is perfect at deterring fleas, especially if you have pets at home. You can observe that salt is good at sucking moisture out of meat, among other ingredients, and it can do the same for pests. It is a useful alternative at drying out and sucking the moisture out of fleas. You can choose to use unrefined, ground, or sea salt, among others, in the following way:

  • Sprinkle salt on your carpet and leave it overnight. Dust or vacuum it away the next day.
  • Leave a line of salt outside the door leading to the inside of your home.

You can also use Cinnamon to deter dust mites, especially if you have a carpeted floor or if you have a lot of couches. Almost every home has dust mites, hiding under couches or in the corners of your home. These dust mites are allergens and pose a risk to the health of the family, especially if not removed immediately. To prevent dust mites at home, you can mix an equal part of cinnamon bark oil and water. You can spray it at your:

  • Living room carpets;
  • Beddings and pillowcases;
  • Under couches;
  • Baseboards;
  • Dark unreachable corners of your home.

5. Coffee

DIY Pest Control by Coffee

If you’re a coffee-lover, then using coffee to drive away pests wouldn’t be a problem for you. You can now keep your home smelling like coffee while keeping it pest-free. Most importantly, this DIY comes free as you only need to use the leftovers of your brewed coffee to do the project. After brewing your coffee, use the grounds to make your DIY pest control by trying the following:

  • Place coffee grounds on an aluminum or tin can, and burn it indoors or outdoors. It has an effect on repelling mosquitoes, which is perfect for outdoor use.
  • Place it in aluminum foils and burn the same as you would when using an incense.

6. Catnip

DIY Pest Control by Catnip

In as much as cats seem to love catnip, pests hate them. Research says that catnip has potent properties that are good at repelling mosquitoes, more than DEET which is a chemical used to repel mosquitoes. Catnips are easy to grow in your garden, or you can purchase it in oil form. You can make a combination of water and catnip oil, and spray it around the home.

If you have cats at home, then this DIY would be perfect for them. The plus side is you’re keeping them happy and entertained. On the downside, however, you’ll have cats rolling around your home from too much catnip.

Keeping pests away doesn’t mean you have to compromise you and your family’s health because of the chemicals found in most common pest control solutions. When you choose to do the alternative way of driving pests away, you’ll be saving on expenses, and you can always re-use most of the items you’d need.

All Images Source: Pixabay

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