Amazing Tips: How To Relieve Sunday Scaries

Oh, no! You had a fun Saturday and managed not to think about Monday. Unfortunately, today is Sunday, and the Sunday scaries have set in. You’re anxious and stressed about the upcoming week, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Time to shoo these scaries off. For instance, might taco pizza delivery intrigue you?

Read on for a few tips.

1. Spice Sunday Up with Some Fun

Treat Sunday like you do Saturday. Make plans with friends, go to art museums, hike, swim or curl up with a good book. Live in the moment. Another approach is to do one or two fun things every Sunday that you don’t ordinarily do at other times. For instance, taco pizza might sound pretty good. Maybe not taco pizza every week, though.

No problem. That’s why folks search for, “pizza specials near me tonight,” online. The point is to have a routine of some sort that you look forward to on Sunday, and there’s a lot to like about pizza.

(Bonus tip: If you get pizza delivery, choose the “track my pizza” option. Save yourself from stressing over where your pizza might be.)

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2. Switch the Sunday Drudgery to Friday

Many people designate Sunday as their day to grocery shop, clean and do laundry. If you’re one of them, try moving these tasks up to Friday. Sure, you probably won’t feel like tackling chores after a long day of work Friday, but it means your Sunday becomes much more available. You can actually follow through on tip number one.

Power through these chores on Friday a few times, and a new habit should set in. Actually, if you have the means, make it easier on yourself so you get to enjoy Friday a bit, too. For example, you could shop for groceries on your smartphone and pick them up at the store (or have them delivered to your home). No wading into the store and dealing with crowds and lines. Another approach is to do one “Sunday” chore each weekday.

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3. Improve Your Mondays

You could follow the two previous tips and still struggle to fall asleep Sunday night because you’re too bummed about Monday. That’s understandable. Odds are, Monday will never be an amusement park, but there may be ways to make it better. If you’re spicing up your Sundays, why not do the same with Mondays? Maybe you tend to bring coffee from home every day.

It’s cheaper, although you prefer a cup from Starbucks. Splurge a little on Monday, and get the coffee you actually want. The extra expense means you start your week on a better note. Likewise, if you tend to do a lot of chores on Monday after work or school, try moving them over to Tuesday.

These three ways to relieve the Sunday scaries may or may not be realistic, depending on your situation. However, they do offer general concepts you can work from. If making these changes seems overwhelming, try one thing at a time. For instance, do one Sunday chore on Friday instead. Odds are, you’ll be able to do a fun thing Sunday in that chore’s place.

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