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Meet Ismat Chughtai A Bold Urdu Writer Who Wrote About Female Sexuality and Lesbianism




Ismat Chughtai A Bold Urdu Writer

Ismat Chugtai is one of the epitomes of women empowerment who dared to talk about female sexuality and lesbianism about which most of the peoples are afraid to open up in public. She is the grand doyenne of Urdu fiction and a writer also fought for the freedom of speech. She is truly a real inspiration for many of us.

Moreover, she is also considered to be one of the four pillars of the modern Urdu short story. Want to know about some of her short Urdu stories? Well, continue reading. I have made a list of what constitutes her best writing.

These are some of the short Urdu stories which have been written by her and I must say they are very bold and powerful. Scroll down and start reading.

1. Jaiden (Roots)

This is a story about an old woman who doesn’t want to move from her house for newly formed Pakistan. The story details about her love towards Jaiden (roots) and the attachment she holds with her house and therefore she doesn’t want to cut off from her roots.

She is not at all ready to leave her native land and to move on a new place with family. The story also shows the beautiful love between Hindu and Muslims who are not ready for dividing apart from their families through means of a partition.

2. Lihaaf (The Quilt)

Lihaaf (The Quilt) by Ismat Chughtai

via: News18

This is a story related to homosexuality. This is a story of a lady named, Begum Jaan, who feel so much neglected as she doesn’t get the required attention from her husband which ruined her life. Her husband Nawab is more interested in young and fair boys. Begum Jaan starts feeling rejected and frustrated with this kind of her husband’s behaviour.

It was Rabbu who saved her life and took her out of this situation. After some time, Begum Jaan starts recovering and getting healthy with the special massage she used to get. She eventually fell into lesbianism which ruined her and her family’s life completely.

3. Kaisi Biwi Kaisa Shohar (Husband and Wife)

This is a story about a woman named Aamina who felt dejected and frustrated when her husband stops loving her anymore as he used to do in the beginning. She got severely beaten with her mother-in-law and her husband.

Facing all this, she also tried to revolt against the oppression and exploitation seen by her. Through Aamina’s character, Ismat tried to portray a woman who became independent and who knows to revolt against any kind of oppression and exploitation.

4. Gainda (Marigold)

This is a story about Gainda, a domestic helper in an upper caste household. The story is a two-fold on one side, it shows how a lower caste woman falls in love with an upper-caste Hindu male and on another side, it shows that a young widow (Gainda) must denounce from all romantic or sexual relations. The story tries to portray a strong sense of kinship that cuts across barriers of caste and class.

5. Chauthi Ka Joda (The Wedding Suit)

This is a story about a poor widow, Bi Amma who has 2 daughters namely, Kubra and Hameeda. The story revolves around Bi Amma’s obsession to get Kubra married at the earliest and her struggle to get her daughter married soon. In spite of trying so much, she is not able to get success in what she wants.

She feels even more devastated when cousin Rahat came to stay at their home for one month for police training and he also didn’t like her daughters and he went back off home without marrying anyone of them.

The story shows how a lower class society emphasises so much on the colour, complexion of the girl. The story takes a turn when Kubra dies due to TB and how Hameeda’s Chauthi Ka Joda becomes her shroud.

After a point in time when life seems to be settled and the things that you once desired has been accomplished you try to search for new horizons. One such new horizon was. It was only a year ago that I started this journey and now the journey has become a part of my existence.

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Meet Ritu Karidhal and M Vanitha, Two Brilliant Minds Behind India’s Chandrayaan-2 Mission

Neetika Mahawar



Meet Ritu Karidhal and M Vanitha Behind India’s Chandrayaan-2 Mission

Space and its wonders are known to humankind because of some great scientist who gave us universal view and humankind was aware of the planets other than the earth. Ever since then, scientist across the world strive to come up with new theories and solve the puzzle or mystery named universe. It the similar approach, India also made its contribution to the world discoveries launched a mission to enter the space. In the past, we had made some technological advances to enter the space, and two of the most anticipated missions were accomplished by the help of brilliant Indian women. First the Mangalyaan and then Chandrayaan-2. Both the space missions happened because of these women and their team.

Meet Project Director M Vanitha and Mission Director Ritu Karidhal who make the second mission to the mood possible under their surveillance.

M Vanitha and Ritu Karidhal are the main women behind the launch of Chandrayaan-2. These ladies not just made the space mission possible but also made it clear to the whole world (and universe) that women are equally capable of achieving big goals. The whole mission was powered by women energy. ISRO chairman K Sivan said it in an interview that “It is the first time for a planetary mission where women are in charge. We have had women project directors for the launch of communication and other satellites.”

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In this, all women project, Vinitha was responsible for inspecting the whole mission under her surveillance while Karidhal was coordinating among different agencies involved in the mission. Vanitha is an electronic systems engineer. She has also been a Deputy Project Director for data systems for Cartosa-1, Ocean sat-2, and Megha- Tropiques remote sensing satellites. In 2006 Astronomical Society of India awarded her Best Woman Scientist Award.

Ritu Karidhal, who is also known as “Rocket Woman of India”, is an Aerospace Engineer and had always dreamt to work for ISRO. She has served as the Deputy Operations Director at the time of Mars Orbiter Mission. She also received ISRO Young Scientist Award by Former President APJ Abdul Kalam, in 2007.

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These two brilliant minds handed one of the most challenging missions, the mission of Chandrayaan 2. It is believed that mission Chandrayaan 2 aims to collect information on the rock formations and the possibility of water on the moon. The lunar south pole region (moon) has been the utmost region on the interest of the scientist as it has possibilities of the presence of water there.

With the return for Chandrayaan 2, ISRO will have a lot of scientific discoveries to its name that is much anticipated by the whole world. The entire Chandrayaan 2 project cost about Rs 1,000 crore.

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We believe that with such a great scientist in ISRO India will touch many milestones in the planetary discoveries. There are many more hidden secrets of the space that is yet to be discovered by us humans and by all means we need to know whatsoever is up there. With the success of Manglyaan and Chanradyaan 2, these women have made India doubly proud.

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Try These 6 Exercises To Get Rid of Flabby Love Handles





6 Exercises To Get Rid of Flabby Love Handles

We understand how badly you want a perfect figure. Women always wish for a sexy flat belly with no tires at the sides or love handles. Even at the back where flabby folds hang (Flabby Love Handles), they make you peep through the sides of your dresses. However, if you take some time out to do some light exercise then you can get rid of all those things.

These are some easy and simple workout tips to follow and get that flawless front and back.

1. Push-ups


via: Pixabay

Yes, these are very beneficial to get rid of those extra fats. All you need to do is get into a plank position and do ups and downs. Repeat for a while, it will hurt a bit in the starting but once you are used to it will give you strength, too.

2. Stretching


via: Pixabay

This is again a very simple exercise. All you need to do is lie on your belly and lift your legs and hands a bit. Like a superman, give them maximum stretch. Relax and repeat.

3. Chakrasana or Bridge position

Chakrasana or Bridge position

via: YouTube

If you want to get rid of the back fat then you ought to do this. Lie straight on your back with your legs bent at the knees. Put your palm a little upwards of the ears and raise you to hip up in the air. You form a bow or a bridge shape.

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4. Bow pose

Lie on your belly and try to hold your ankle. Your arms, head, legs, chest all would be lifted. Initially, hold this pose for 20 sec then increase to 1 minute.

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5. Bend to the sides

Bend to the sides

via: YouTube

This is again very simple, you need to stand straight and bend towards one side, then back to straight and then bend to the other side. Repeat this in a set of 3-4.

6. Bend forward

This is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is stand straight and then bend over to touch your toe. Repeat ten times and then increase to 30.

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Here are A Few Things You All Need To Know About Israeli Women





Israeli Women

When we always emphasize on the empowerment and liberation of women we never pay enough heeds on the nations that already have made a rule of the equality and upliftment of when. We are talking about Israel. Since the Israel Army is the first army to introduce compulsory military services not just for men but also for the women in Israel.

Can you just imagine a nation where it is not just the men who have the task to serve its nation but also women get to feel that pride? We hope all the other nations adapt at least this one thing from Israel.

In the same light, we are going to introduce some amazing and inspiring facts about the Israeli women that the world should know about:

#1. For Israeli women, it is necessary to complete military services between the age of eighteen to twenty. Well, the whole thing is that all the citizens need to attain and complete the national services when they reach the age of 18.

#2. About 92 percent of women serve in Israel Defense Force. Most of them though serve as the fighter pilots, officers, and only 3 % of them serve the combat field.

#3. The first woman Major was appointed as combat battalion commander, in January 2014. She actually made history.

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#4. However, this is also true that though women serve in I.D.F, their role at the higher ranks is very minimal and limited, too.

#5. There were women who played an important and major role in fighting Nazis. They majorly served in the 1948’s war for Independence.

#6. Women in Israel are very fervent in serving in the military. They also ensure that most of the women are recruited in the military.

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