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Key Responsibilities Of Sub Brokers

Satendra Kashyap



Sub Brokers

Sub Brokers are intermediaries in the capital market. They operate in the secondary markets as agents of Trading Members and facilitate the buying and selling of securities for clients. Sub brokers have to be registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

As agents, these individuals hold a position of trust both for brokers (Trading Members) as well as for clients who invest in the stock market. The role of a sub broker holds immense importance to ensure fair trading and transactions.

Recently, SEBI came up with a regulation to shift sub brokers as intermediaries to the Authorised Person (AP) or Trading Member category. They would have to register with the stock exchanges henceforth and not with SEBI. This move is likely to improve trading processes and reduce regulatory hassle for SEBI.

To become a Sub broker in India, one has the following important responsibilities in their domain:

  1. To abide by the rules and regulations as directed by SEBI or any other authorities as notified.
  2. To assist the broker/ Trading Member in all their client interaction and dealing.
  3. To keep a thorough record of all the details that the clients provide such as- personal details, financial information, investment portfolio, goals of investment etc.
  4. To maintain confidentiality with respect to any information provided by the client in the course of dealing with the broker or sub broker.
  5. To refrain from disclosing any material information of the client to external parties, without the express permission obtained from the client.
  6. To maintain KYC (Know Your Customer) files in proper order.
  7. To execute buy or sell orders of the client on a timely basis and prevent delays to ensure client satisfaction.
  8. To assist the broker in Internet-based trading and maintain confidentiality in terms of trades executed in each client’s portfolio.

Sub brokers are entrusted with the important responsibility of conducting trades with due diligence and on client and broker instructions.

They have the key role in assisting the Trading Members and ensuring a smooth flow of trading on behalf of clients. Being ethical is also one of the most significant responsibilities in the sub broking profession.

This is because a conflict of interest may arise in the course of trade execution. A sub broker derives his earnings from the fees, salary, and commission payable on each trade.

Now, it is in the interest of a sub broker to execute as many trades as possible in a client’s portfolio – to earn a higher commission. However, this may not be ethical as client investment needs are foremost before making trade calls.

The sub broker enjoys the following rights:

  1. To be thoroughly satisfied with the financial soundness of the client before taking up the responsibility of trades executed on their behalf.
  2. To demand relevant information from the client in the ‘Account Opening Form’; such as personal details, financial information, investment objective, and KYC details.
  3. To liquidate or close the client’s position in case he/ she defaults in margin payments or any other dues on time.
  4. To close the client’s position in case of his/ her death and to claim against their legal estate for any outstanding dues.
  5. To keep the stock exchanges informed of any material information related to the client’s dealings. This could include defaults in payment, overdue, margin payment delay etc.
  6. To approach the authorized arbitration authorities in case of any disputes with the client for settlement.

The secondary market has been revolutionized with the advent of computerization, Internet-based trading (IBT), dematerialization and algorithmic trading. Buying and selling of shares have moved to the virtual space from the olden days of holding physical certificates.

This shift has improved flexibility and made trading a more inclusive affair. Individuals can now hold shares based on their investment objectives and investible fund availability.

In this dynamic trading environment, brokers and sub brokers have key responsibilities to maintain fair and ethical trades on behalf of clients. They are under the regulatory purview of SEBI.

Recently sub brokers were regulated to move to the AP model. As Authorised Persons, sub brokers would now be accountable to the stock exchanges. They do not need to register separately to trade in the Cash and Derivatives segments. A single registration is enough.

Sub brokers deal with the key responsibility of assisting Trading members (brokers) in the planning and execution of trades on the market, in line with client requirement and expectations.

Sub-brokers deal on a commission basis; hence it is vital for them to also be ethical in conducting the trading activity. Buying and selling of shares must be done only on the client’s permission. C

onducting fair trade, earning the trust of the client and performing due diligence are the key responsibilities of a sub-broking professional.

Confidentiality is of prime importance as trading deals with financial information and investments of individual or corporate clients. To know more about how to become stock brokers in India, click here.

Satendra Kashyap an Internet Marketing Coach and Search Engine Consultant for business owners. I have 9 yrs of Digital Marketing experience and can show you how to set up blogs, how to use social media for profit and any other external online marketing.

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Tips for Internship Success

Satendra Kashyap



Tips for Internship Success

Your internship experience is a standout amongst the most imperative bits of the establishment you are laying for a fruitful profession. Since the expert world can be altogether different from college life, it is imperative that you have a comprehension of a portion of the distinctions. Utilize these tips to enable you to benefit as much as possible from this profitable experience.

  • Clarify assumptions regarding the internship: both the businesses and yours. It is a smart thought to concur upon your activity obligations recorded as a hard copy.
  • Take the preferred standpoint of the change time toward the start of your temporary position and solicit parcels from inquiries. You are not expected to realize what is happening immediately, yet the quicker you gain proficiency with the intricate details of everyday life at work, the happier you’ll be.
  • Meet normally with your chief to guarantee that both of your desires are being met. This is a decent route for you to get criticism on your execution and keeps you on track with present and future assignments.
  • First impressions are critical, as is keeping up great ones. It is critical for you to dress, talk, compose, and by and large carry on like an expert. Shake hands, look, grin, and be benevolent and sure. Be perceptive and make inquiries about proper behaviour in the workplace. Distinctive associations have diverse assumptions about worker behaviour and it is vital that you find out about and comply with the corporate culture. This can incorporate issues, for example, suitable dressing, mien with clients, individual telephone calls, and where to leave your vehicle. On the off chance that you aren’t sure if it’s OK to eat the doughnuts in the organization kitchen, ask first. If all else fails, blunder on the preservationist side.
  • Focus on your relational abilities, both composed and verbal. Edit your composed work cautiously. When speaking with your colleagues pick deferential, careful, and proficient language consistently. Programs for Internship in South Korea are great enough to increase your communication and relational abilities.
  • Show up to work on time, when you are normal. Call on the off chance that you will be wiped out or late. Try not to be debilitated or late frequently. Pick your days off with consideration; it will be seen whether you are not at work on vital days.
  • Establish great associations with your collaborators. Be benevolent, affable, accommodating, and delicate. It’s great to chat with your associates and become more acquainted with them yet be careful with tattling and whining. Be watchful about conveying the private issue to work, and make sure that what you do talk about is fit for open utilization.
  • Be simple to work with. Acknowledge assignments without grievance, request more work when assignments are finished, and turn out great quality work. Listen cautiously to directions and request illumination. Figure out how to fill in as a group; be deferential of contribution from other colleagues and practice the craft of settling.
  • When you leave, make sure to approach your manager for a letter of suggestion and stay in contact so you can call upon him/her later when you need a reference. This will likewise enable your manager to remember you when future open doors emerge.
  • Demonstrate to them that you have considered their voyage with you. Reveal to them what they can anticipate from you and when.
  • How have your past understudies been fruitful? What did they do amid the internship to make them effective? Tell your new understudies. They will resemble wipes.
  • Show the significance set on the internship by estimating achievement and. Be over the top about it. Tail it after some time. Set inner objectives.
  • There is a major hole between alumni preparing and assistant preparing. Think about the nuances and guarantee that preparation is for all intents and purposes centred. There’s no opportunity to do the hypothesis – assistants need to have an effect rapidly.
  • Get understudies to think about their learning and to assume liability for it. Temporary positions complete rapidly, so give understudies the instruments and the guide they have to catch on quickly. Consider giving them the obligation regarding their own learning diary. This is incredible stuff.

Consider choice help. At the point when that full-time offer is made toward the finish of the internship, there are visit reports of assistants not being offered satisfactory help and direction at this stage. Tolerating the offer isn’t clinched – what would you be able to do to help this vital choice and ‘pack it’?

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The Future Predictions Of Aluminium Market And Its Career Opportunities




Aluminium Market

With the rising number of automobiles across the globe, the aluminium market has seen rapid growth in the last few years. The aluminium market is expected to expand further with the increase in the number of vehicles, as the maximum demand for aluminium is in the growing transport industry. Increased construction activity is also responsible for the rapid growth of the aluminium market.

Aluminium and its top uses

Aluminium is a metal found in abundance in the earth’s crust. It is silvery white in colour, soft, non-magnetic and ductile in nature. Aluminium makes up for about 8 percent of the earth’s crust by mass. Due to its low metal density and resistance to corrosion, it is one of the most favoured metals in the market.

It can be moulded into thin sheets which have high strength and are durable. Many industries such as transport, durables, packaging, construction, machinery, and equipment make use of aluminium metal. The metal is exceptionally lightweight, possesses a high degree of conductivity and can be allowed.

What drives the growth of the aluminium market?

The aluminium market is expanding globally due to growth in the transport industry and improvement in aluminium manufacturing technologies. A few of the driving factors for the growth of the aluminium market include:

  • The improvement in the technology of manufacturing and its use in automobiles due to its light weight are major reasons for growth in the aluminium market.
  • Being a good conductor of electricity, aluminium is widely used in electrical transmission lines.
  • It also has a high volumetric energy density and therefore is used as a primary propellant in space shuttles.
  • Aluminium has various industrial applications due to its resistance to corrosion, reflectivity, and recyclability.
  • It can also be used in food packaging and pharmaceutical industry due to its non-toxic nature.
  • Aluminium use has also increased in buildings and constructions, increasing the demand for aluminium production.

Global Market Size and Analysis

In the year 2016, aluminium production declined by 3 percent. This was due to the planned supply cut from China which is one of the leading producers of aluminium. China produces more than half of the total production of aluminium. However, cutbacks were planned by China for its aluminium and Alumina production in the second half of 2017.

With this fall in supply, aluminium will end in a deficit and is expected to remain in the condition of a deficit for the next two to three years with overall supply loss expectations.

Regional Analysis and future predictions

As China plans to gear up the new air pollution prevention methods and various other control action plans, its aluminium production capacity is set to decline in the coming years. Though, due to the increasing global population, the demand for aluminium and products made from aluminium is going to increase.

With the use of aluminium instead of steel in certain truck models and increased use of aluminium in vehicles, the consumption of aluminium is expected to increase in the coming years by the automobile industry. Also with the increase in fuel efficiency and standard of vehicles used, the demand is expected to increase further.

Moreover, airlines in the US and European Countries are replacing their aircraft models with newer and more fuel-efficient models, due to which the consumption of aluminium is expected to increase.

In developed countries like the U.S., Japan, and European Countries, aluminium is used more in lightweight vehicle production which makes cars more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. While the infrastructure sector consumes high volumes of aluminium in developing countries like India and China to satisfy the demand for rapid urbanization.

Career opportunities in Aluminium Market

There are excellent growth opportunities in various sectors including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This makes future career opportunities in aluminium based automotive industries grow exponentially. The major driving forces in this sector are the increased use of vehicles, regulations by fuel companies and the need for emission control. Other factors that affect the industry include stringent safety regulations and an increase in gasoline prices.

Significant volumes of aluminium are used for construction work, increasing the demand for aluminium substantially and thereby offering attractive career opportunities in the construction industry.

The rapid use of aluminium as a metal in various sectors has increased the opportunities and income of people engaged in the trade of aluminium. Workers directly deployed by the U.S. Aluminium industries earn more than the national average.

Also, growth in the aluminium industry translates into more opportunities for ancillary industries such as transportation, banking, insurance etc. creating further opportunities for employees.

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6 Safety Tips For Security Guards

Satendra Kashyap



Security Guards

Almost every site in the world needs a security guard on patrol. Whether you’re in construction security, hotel security or hospital security, there are patrol skills that you must know to protect yourself and others from harm. Here are several safety tips you need to know to do your job optimally.

1. Heroism

Even though the safety of others depends on you, it’s wise to never put yourself in the line of danger. This means never playing hero in potentially hostile (or fatal) situations.

It does, however, mean assessing the threat-level damage of situations – and if it is dangerous, call the police. It is a security guard’s duty to keep people safe, not to endanger your own life.

2. Armor

The body armor you wear will depend on the local crime rates in your region and the setting of your work. This is why there is a wide variety of armor that is resistant to different threats. These can include knives, spiked objects, and pistols.

Discuss with your boss or manager about the proper armor that’s suitable for the threat risk level of your patrol.

Your beat will be less effective if you are wearing armor that is too heavy for your needs, as you never know when things will spiral out of control and you’re in the hot seat. Other safety equipment includes a radio, pepper spray and/or a baton.

3. Safety

You never know who is an attacker. Although you will generally be caught by surprise very rarely, it’s best to maintain a certain distance from people when you’re talking with them.

This means being out of arm’s reach. Even though they wear friendly faces, they could be someone who’s going to attack you. Stay Frosty.

4. Change Intervals

Never (under any circumstances) be predictable on your patrol. Always do your best to do your beats at different intervals throughout the day. Aside from giving possible threats intelligence about your whereabouts, being predictable also makes you powerless.

According to author Robert Greene, in 48 Laws of Power, he states: “Nothing is more terrifying than the sudden and unpredictable. That is why we are so frightened by earthquakes and tornadoes. […]

People are always trying to read the motives behind your actions and to use your predictability against you.” You can do this by beginning your shifts in half-hour segments, quarter-hour segments, or ten-minute segments.

5. Vary Your Route

We talked earlier about the importance of walking your beats at random intervals. Equally important is to keep varying your route on your beat. It’s wise to backtrack occasionally (such as every other fifth beat) between checkpoints.

Varying your routes will prevent criminals from tracking you, which will allow them to know where you are not – giving them an opportunity to attack.

6. Stop

How often do you stop and smell the roses? While you’re on the beat, you should do so more frequently. Paying attention to your surroundings, standing still, gives you opportunities to spot moving people or objects (such as a possible perp carrying a weapon) more easily.

It’s tough to spot slight movements when you yourself are moving. Listening is also an underrated safety technique, as it familiarises you with your surroundings.


It is important to reiterate the main point: stay unpredictable in your beats by making them more frequently. Criminals like to attack when there is a lack of authority.

Making yourself more present will diminish their will. You will also disarm threats from building plans around your location and time for trapping you.

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