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Know How To Take Care Of This 7 Office Equipment

Satendra Kashyap



Office Equipment

Office equipment plays a vital role in running a successful business. Modern and high-quality office equipment makes a huge difference in the productivity of a team as well as how the general public perceives the company. To avoid potential problems, maintain your machines by following these guidelines, and maintain its product quality.



HP Slimline Desktop PC (Jack Black) with Windows 10 screen and wired mouse and keyboard, Catalog, Left Facing

Keep computers in a dry environment, away from extreme conditions like excessive heat, cold or moisture; do not place a computer next to a heating source to avoid overheating. Do not eat and drink coffee while at the computer.

To clean your computer, wipe the fine screen regularly with a static-free cloth and cleaner designed for computer use. To clean the keyboard and to keep the ventilation holes clear from blockages, use compressed air to remove dust and dirt.



To clean the inside of a printer, open removable parts and wipe the insides with a dry, clean cloth. Check the manufacturer specifications on the recommended paper size and weight and do not use paper that exceeds it. The paperweight and size are indicated and can be found on the manufacturer’s packaging.

Do not overfill the paper tray to prevent jammed paper. Invest in high-quality ink cartridges and do not use less expensive or recycled ink cartridges. Don’t create a mixer of original and recycled ink refills for it can damage your printer.

#Fax Machines

Fax Machines

Fax machines should be kept in a dry room for humidity can cause the paper to stick together. Fan paper with your hand before inserting it in the fax machine to prevent the Unitfine machine from taking too much paper and jamming in operation.

The best way to keep your fax machine in top condition is to service it periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the machine and use canned air, vacuum cleaner, or blow dryer to blow out dust and fuzz.



Manuals come in handy when it comes to office equipment maintenance. Keep the instruction manuals in a drawer that’s accessible to all employees. You might not have time to read the whole thing but thumbing through the index will help you flip to a specific section in the manual to fix the issue.

Perform regular inventory checks so there will never be any shortages of supplies that include paper, ink, and toner, and you can easily change them out when the levels are low.

#Office Projectors

Office Projectors

To maintain office projectors, get rid of dust and debris because too much of it can cause the projector to overheat. Check the life of the projector bulb; new projectors have an indicator showing how close you are to needing a new bulb.

#Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders

Paper shredder is a type of machinery that works hard that the constant movement of the parts may cause wearing of the unit. Oil the paper shredder regularly to keep your shredder working well; this lubricates the parts and prevents the paper from stalling in the shredder. Remove any junk that is caught in the shredder.

#Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning system is the most expensive investment, so it’s essential to make efforts to protect it. There are lots of easy and inexpensive ways you can do to maintain your AC. Change the air filter in your air conditioning system so it can work adequately; stop particles like dander, dirt, and dust from infiltrating your Office Equipment. Check the wires if the tape separators are still intact.  

Author Bio: Rach Andi is a content writer that focuses on topics about SEO, Maintenance tips, and Home Improvements. She likes to go out on an adventure trip with her friends and go on vacations with her family.

Satendra Kashyap an Internet Marketing Coach and Search Engine Consultant for business owners. I have 9 yrs of Digital Marketing experience and can show you how to set up blogs, how to use social media for profit and any other external online marketing.

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#JCBKiKhudayi, Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Funniest Social Media Trend Ever on The Internet These Days




CBKiKhudayi The Funniest Social Media Trend

If you are an active social media user you must be thinking why this #JCBKiKhudayi is hitting the Internet and making netizens totally mad. No one still knows the reason now that why did this JCB excavator which is used to dig dirt is doing rounds on the Internet and people are following the trend blindly without knowing the reason behind this. Most of the users even have googled this trend that why JCB is so much in trend these days?

They still didn’t get any clue why did this happen and how JCB excavators became surprisingly hit all over the Internet and other social media platforms.

Want to know the reason how it all started and why did this JCB excavator has become a sensation overnight? We have all the answers you are looking out since so many days.

So, this #JCBKiKhudayi trend started when the first video was landed up on Twitter and made it viral by putting a caption over it, “Reason why #JCBKiKhudayi is trending.”

In the video, you will get to see how a groom arrives at his own wedding on JCB excavator instead of using any luxury vehicle. Since then the yellow machine became the star of social media.

#JCBKiKhudayi memes got a hit when famous Sunny Leone poses herself on the yellow machine making fans go mad about her and for the yellow machine too.

Seeing the fan following for JCB and the trend for their machine, the company itself could not resist giving a vote of thanks to all his fans and followers.

In a post, JCB India Tweeted: “We are truly humbled by the love shown for JCB in India today, with #JCBKiKhudai trending across the country! Thank you to our customers and fans for your enthusiasm and support! With @JCBIndiaLtd, you can #ExpectMore. #JCBKiKhudayi.”

Apart from this many stars from Bollywood and Indian cricketers like Virat Kohli also have joined the league and where they were seen making memes for JCB trend.

A meme shows cricketer Virat Kohli looking shocked thinking — “RCB Nahi, JCB” — and making fun at his Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB).

Have a look at other funny tweets on JCB:

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How to Get More Likes on Instagram?

Satendra Kashyap



Organic Instagram Auto Liker

Not getting enough likes for your Instagram account? Feeling worried about your account? Searching for ways to get more likes on Instagram posts? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about different techniques and methods to get your post reach out in front of a large audience in order to get more likes on Instagram.

Instagram was once known for just a social media platform for sharing photos to your loved ones but today Instagram is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms for businesses purposes. Instagram now has more than 30+ Million Business profiles with 1 Billion monthly active users. Around 95+ million pictures are posted daily on Instagram which is one of the reasons that it is the biggest social media platform all over the world.

It is one of the most famous picture and video sharing platform. Engagement rate is around 58 times higher than any other social media application that’s why many businessmen prefer Instagram for marketing their brand.

How to get more likes on Instagram?

Everyone wants their account to be famous, but how to make your account stand out from other accounts is the difficult thing but not impossible. For every work you need to accomplish, there is a struggle behind that which can lead you to success. Following are some of the great and easy ways to get more likes on Instagram posts.

Posting High-Quality Pictures

As you people are already familiar with the phrase “Content is the King”, therefore you must post high-quality content with HD resolution. This would help you get more engagements and would generate more likes. If you don’t have money to buy DSLR to capture pictures of your product in HD, don’t worry!

Simply posts the pictures from your phone from the right angle to make it look beautiful.

Apply some filters:

Instagram filters appear to be a great feature of Instagram to give your picture a gorgeous look to reach out to more audience and engagement rate. Want to become an Instagram influencer? Then don’t forget to apply the Instagram filter on your pictures because these filters help your pictures to look more obvious and colorful.

Everyone is using Instagram filters to edit their photos either for a personal account or business purposes. Applying these filters to your pictures gives an eye-catching experience to the user.

Simple, meaningful posts

A person gets diverted easily into 8 seconds, therefore, it is extremely essential to grab audience rapidly with clean, meaningful pictures that are easier to understand. They should be colorful, attractive, interesting and simple to attract your audience.

Schedule your posts:

Before you start scheduling your Instagram posts, you need to determine more about your followers and target market. When they come online? When are they most active on Instagram? At what time they get engaged with your posts mostly? You should regularly schedule your Instagram to become consistent and to walk with other people on social media.

You should create a strategy when you’ll post content to reach more audience. You should plan what will be the hashtags and location tags. Don’t forget to keep an eye on content quality because it is the main thing in gaining organic reach and engagement. Many tools are available on the internet for scheduling Instagram posts

Use of Trending Hashtags:

Hashtags are basically recommended to use on Twitter, but they have now become a hard requirement of Instagram. Hashtags are one of a great way to let your post go in front of a large number of people in order to get more engagements. Do some research on hashtags which are relevant to your posts and check which one is in trending before posting anything.

When you find out your hashtag, use it in your posts which would definitely help you a lot in gain more organic reach. If you don’t find your hashtag, simply create your own hashtag. The number of hashtags Instagram allows us to use in a post is around thirty.

But experts say that it is good to use around 11 hashtags per posts. Hashtags have proven to be the best way to rank your post and help you to get more reach.

Purchasing Likes:

Hey! If you’re still having difficulties in generating likes for your posts. Don’t worry; you can buy likes from trusted companies. One of the most secure and trusted company is Likesgainer. Likesgainer is Instagram auto liker tool that can help you get more likes and more followers on Instagram.

Tag your Location:

Whenever you post on Instagram, don’t forget to tag a location in your post. This would generally help you getting more audience reach as the post would go in front of people living in that location. This is probably the best way to target the audience in your local area.

Instagram Ads:

Instagram ads are one of the best ways to double your reach and engagement with your audience. This feature of Instagram is usually the best marketing secret for business owners. If you want to be successful in your business, then running Instagram ads would do the work for you and would help you a lot in gaining more followers.

For example: let us say if you get 1000 impressions on your ad of your product, at least some of them around 20-30 people would likely to buy your product if it appears attractive to them which would be beneficial for your business.

Therefore, in order to use Instagram Ads, you must have to shift your personal account to the business account.

Tag relevant users:

Tag and mention your followers and relevant peoples in your posts can help your post to be shown on their followers. This is another great way to get more likes just tagging other peoples in your posts.

Share posts on other Platforms:

Whenever someone starts their business on Instagram, they start from zero and it is really hard for a businessman to build audience and followers in less time. However, nothing is impossible if you are consistent in achieving your goals.

To gain followers, simply ask your friends and family members to follow your business on Instagram. Moreover, spread your business across other social media platforms too to get more followers.

Above are some of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram posts which everyone should know to help them grow their business fast. Follow these guidelines and take your business to the next level as these are very essential for your business.

Any queries related to the article? Feel free to ask in comments!

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Smart Link Service For Instagram «Taplink»: More Customers, More Sales, More Money





Hello, dear friends!

I want to tell you about one extremely useful service – «smart links» for Instagram called Taplink service

I met Taplink not so long ago, but I am very happy about it and I am definitely going to use this service in the future. A little bit about myself: I’m a psychologist, I have a blog on Instagram. From there a significant part of clients come to me, so the service Taplink suited me perfectly. I saw it on the page of more «promoted» colleagues, and even earlier I heard reviews from friends who have business on the network that the service is very convenient and it can significantly increase the efficiency of a commercial blog. I want to share information about it and my personal impressions from its use.

The installation of Taplink on your Instagram page is very simple: you just need to go to the official site, register your account there, copy the resulting link and put it into the «website» section of your Instagram account settings. Then the link will be visible to everyone who comes to the page. You do not need any special knowledge to set up the service – the interface is user-friendly.

Taplink exists in free and paid versions. Paid tariff contains additional functions, for example, social network buttons. However, in the free version, you can make links almost to everything. This is convenient because it allows you to bypass the restriction of Instagram – only one link in the profile, which in most cases is not enough.

How does Taplink work?

The possibilities of the service are very diverse. You can make a nice mini-page, write a short text, insert a separator between the text blocks. The design is nice and unobtrusive. You can choose any colour scheme.

All my clients have different messengers, and before Taplink I had to choose: whether to give a link to Facebook, Viber/WhatsApp or a website. Now I can specify all of them, and they will be shown on the mini-page created by the service. The client no longer needs to look for my contacts, because they are all gathered in one place. There you can see my reviews and answers to common questions as well.

As a result, Taplink replaces a full business card site or Landing Page: no need to spend time creating and promoting the site, filling it with content. This is very convenient for those people who do not yet have extra funds, as happens with many who start their business in social networks.

I made a link to my website, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook. Furthermore, customers can call me easily – the application supports this function. During the first week of use, I received 4 messages from customers, but before Taplink they simply would not have reached me. I do not often go to the Instagram account itself to check the direct – whether new messages have arrived. Thus, some customers have been waiting for an answer from me for too long. Thanks to Taplink’s smart links service, now notifications come immediately. This is very important if the client wants to get a consultation: if you do not answer him immediately, then he may lose this intention, go to another specialist or simply postpone the problem for «a better time».

For the beginning, it will be enough for you to use a free version of Taplink, but for a serious online business, you’d better buy a paid tariff in order to use all the features 100%. It looks very nice and tempting, so, I think, over time, I will get a paid version. It has many useful business tools:

  • ability to install your own colour scheme,
  • insert a map or a countdown timer,
  • text templates for WhatsApp,
  • HTML-code,
  • application form and integration with online cash registers.

Such a tool is indispensable for an online store and costs a nominal amount – 24.0 $ per year.

The result of my use of Taplink (free version) is 15 customer requests and 10 new customers in the first two weeks of use. This is a very good result for me because clients come to me more than once, but, as a rule, they become permanent.

To sum up: who can use Taplink?

The service is suitable for those who develop their business using Instagram:

  • bloggers of different directions (sports and beauty bloggers, self-development, psychology, motherhood, weight loss);
  • owners of online stores who want to sell and receive payment immediately through Instagram;
  • representatives of network companies;
  • photographers and designers;
  • any other commercial accounts.

So, what can I add? Taplink has significantly simplified the procedure for selling services through Instagram, saved my time and made the ordering procedure convenient for my clients. Thus, I got a lot more customers! At the same time, I no longer spend a lot of time monitoring my account and answering all requests: notifications come directly to the phone. The result – I am always in touch with customers, I have more contacts and, accordingly, more sales!

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