Look How Amazing This Underwater Hotel in Dubai Will Look Like


We have already seen marvelous hotels and buildings that left us awestruck. As people in the world are busy in the constant quest of creating something epic and spectacular. This is why the world is full of man-made wonders. The international hospitality industries are storming with futuristic ideas to bring creative and unique hotels.

And when we talk about creating something amazing first country that pops in mind is Dubai. Be it world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa or Palm Islands. And this time Dubai is all set to give another marvel. The plan is to build the largest underwater hotel in the world.

  • The Water Discus Hotels is a company known for building an undersea hotel and vehicles is going to give shape to this futuristic hotel.
  • The shape of the hotel is like a flying object or around circular UFO. And it will have two main discs. One will be above the water level in the sky and other will be underwater.
  • The area of both the disc will be around 1,000 sqm. And will be connected with pillars. A shaft will be responsible for containing lift and staircase.
  • The underwater disc will be about 10 to 30 meters deep in the water. Guest are allowed to wander on both the discs; above and under the water.
  • There will be 21 rooms available for the guests in the lower disc. The guest can admire the beauty of underwater view as they will get to admire marine all day through the wall of their rooms.
  • Not just that the hotel has much more to offer. Like, pools, sun deck, spa, bar, restaurants, and scuba diving, too.
  • This unique hotel will be transporting its guest via helicopter as the hotel has its own helipad on the upper disc.

CEO of Deep Ocean Technology, the mother concern of Water Discus Hotels, says that it’s not the only location where this hotel will be. It will be situated in all parts of the world.