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Major Upcoming Fashion Sale On Flipkart: Get Up To 76% Off



Fashion Sale On Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the biggest and perhaps the most popular e-commerce store in India. You can find everything starting from your iPhone to your bed cover at rates that leave the market prices far behind. And despite the acquisition of Myntra, a dedicated fashion e-retail, Flipkart still offers a very exciting collection for your wardrobe.

And currently, Flipkart is giving you the opportunity to grab them at an even cheaper price thanks to their fashion sale. Check out the details about it below.

Flipkart fashion sale

Check out the table below to get a rough idea about what is on offer at the Flipkart upcoming sale. As a user you can find plenty of offers present on various categories such as shoes, backpacks, etc.


                Category                    Discount
             T shirts and jeans         Up to 60% discount + extra 10% off
             Select backpacks           Min 40% off + extra 10% off
              Select watches           20%-60% off + extra 10% off
               Trolley bags           Min 50% off + extra 10% off
               Sunglasses           30%-40% off + extra 10% off
                 Shoes         Up to 60% discount + extra 10% off

Top products on the Flipkart upcoming sale

Check out some of the top products available in the upcoming Flipkart fashion sale.

Numero Uno Slim Men Light Blue Jeans at Rs. 858

This slim fit jean is made entirely using only cotton fabrics. There are hints of fade on the thighs and on the knee. Design wise it is a low rise jean which is currently pretty much on the trend. This product is originally valued at Rs. 1999 which means you get as much as Rs. 1141 off which is about 57% of the list value.

Rs. 746 off on Lee Printed Men’s Round Neck Pink T-Shirt

Casual is the new cool and this amazing tee from Lee is let you be exactly that. This is also made of 100% cotton and comes with a slim fit design. There is a big graphic on the front of the shirt.

And do not worry about taking care of it as it is completely machine washable. The product has a list price of Rs. 1299 but during the Flipkart fashion sale, you can get it for as low as Rs. 543.

52% off on ADIDAS RAZEN 1 M Running Shoes For Men

Change the pace of running sessions with the Razen 1 M by Adidas. The German sports gear giants are known for creating some of the very best shoes available and this one is no exception. Each of these shoes weighs only about 300 grams which means your legs won’t have to carry around a heavy shoe anymore.

The combo of fabric and synthetic leather on the outside of the shoe makes it breathable and durable at the same time. The product is currently sold at Flipkart at only Rs. 2501.

eWools Self Design Round Neck Casual Women Multicolor Sweater at Rs. 1105

Winters season does not mean you can’t get out in style. This amazing cardigan does not only keep you warm from the cold but also helps you look absolutely stunning.

The amazing mix of red and black and white in this sweater will surely blow your mind away. You can opt to wash it on the machine but be sure to be gentle. The total discount available on this product is about 60% of the list value.

Rs. 6845 off on Safari Mosaic Check-in Luggage

Heading outdoors anytime soon? If the answer is yes, then you must check out this amazing trolley bag from Safari. Designed for a rough treatment this bag is completely scratch resistant.

There is a fixed combination lock pre-installed to keep your stuff secure. The wheel can move in any direction you want. And the best thing is that you get a complete 5 years international warranty with this product. The list price of this trolley bag is Rs. 9599 but you can now get it on Flipkart for as low as Rs. 2754.

76% discount on Envy9 Women Printed Straight Kurta

Looking stunning is only a few clicks away now thanks to the Flipkart upcoming sale. A dazzling yellow body and shades of black and blue paired up with a floral design makes this kurti by Envy9 a choice for every occasion.

This kurti is not made of cotton but instead uses premium creep fabrics. The sleeves are three quarter and the neck has a round design. It is not washable in a machine and you must hand wash it. The product originally costs Rs. 999 but you can now get it at Flipkart for only Rs. 239.

Emeros Flared Women Multicolor Trousers at Rs. 311

The first thing you will notice about this palazzo is its stunning geometric design. An innovative combination of multicolored geometric shapes over a complete white base will help you stand out in the crowd.

This product is made of premium creep which means you can easily wear it throughout the day. This product is originally valued at Rs. 899 which means you get as much as Rs. 588 as discount which is about 65% of the list value.

Save Rs. 1897 on Timex TW00ZR259 Watch for men

This analog watch from Timex features a timeless classic design that has never been out of trend. A round dial with leather straps makes it ideal for any occasion especially, formal ones.

Also, you need not to worry about those occasional spills or showers as the watch comes with a water resistant coating that will definitely keep your watch safe. It is also extremely lightweight which means wearing it throughout the day is not a hard task. This Rs. 2695 listed product is now available at Flipkart for as low as Rs. 798 only.


Flipkart is known for its amazing customer support, super fast delivery and easy returns. Pair this up with the upcoming Flipkart sale and you have got yourself some of the best deals available in the market.

Also, at Flipkart, the collection is huge which means there is something for everyone. So, we do not see any reason why you should not avail these amazing deals while they are still live. Hurry up and get a fresh new look thanks to Flipkart.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since he world mainly revolves around digital media, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Beauty Secrets Of Sanjeeda Sheikh’s Surreal Beauty




Beauty Secrets Of Sanjeeda Sheikh

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and it’s important to be beautiful inside than outside. However, being beautiful inside out is a blessing and Sanjeeda Sheikh is one of such a beautiful lady and amazing human being from the Telly world.

Ishq Ka Raang Safeed actress has a very simple routine to maintain her beauty. Her fitness regime is also equally simple and she does not follow any extensive routines still looks flawless and has a figure to die for with the simple things that she has made a part of her lifestyle.

Her beauty and fitness regimes ate as follows:

1. Beauty secret


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A post shared by Sanjeeda Shaikh (@iamsanjeeda) on

She has a very simple beauty secret and in an interview, she claimed that the night before a red carpet event she sleeps well as puffy eyes can destroy the whole look.

Also before applying to makeup, she prefers to rub ice on her skin to get the fresh dewy look and maker her stand out of the crowd. The tips are easy and can be followed by spending a penny on them.

2. For glowing skin


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A post shared by Sanjeeda Shaikh (@iamsanjeeda) on

To get the instant glowing look she religiously uses rose water. She splashes rose water on her face to get the fresh look.

3. Haircare


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A post shared by Sanjeeda Shaikh (@iamsanjeeda) on

She has long cascading hairs and to maintain their beauty she never experiments on them and oils them twice a week. She washes her hair on alternate days with a mild shampoo. She uses no expensive spas or hair packs for her long hair.

Rather maintain the length of the hair she trims her hair every six months. She sleeps with her hair tied so that there is no breakage and keeps a check on the split ends.

4. She makes up essentials


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A post shared by Sanjeeda Shaikh (@iamsanjeeda) on

She often claims that she make- up is incomplete without Mac kajal pencil, L’O real lip gloss, lip balm, and wet tissues. She always uses a waterproof kajal so that it does not smudge and ruin her look and give kere eyes a well-defined look.

She uses kajal for all her make up look as she was advised by her to make up data that make- up is incomplete without kajal and it highlights your eyes and suits every face.


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A post shared by Sanjeeda Shaikh (@iamsanjeeda) on

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There Is Always Scope To Be A Bit More Beautiful With 5 Strange Tips




Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a true statement but a little effort to look good can never be wrong. You may not want to look plastic or spend a fortune on products to enhance your looks but small but strange tips that can help you look good are no harm. The DIY options to look good can never go wrong and if it suits you incorporate them in your life to enhance your looks.

Here are a few strange tips to become all the more beautiful:

1. Activated charcoal for whiter teeth

Activated charcoal for whiter teeth

via: Self

The white shining pearls are desired by all and going for the chemically laden process to get shinning teeth is not always a good idea. Therefore buy a few tablets of activated charcoal and mix it with water and make your own toothpaste. Now with this paste brush your teeth for once or twice a month and see the results.

2. Lip balm can be the perfect highlighter

If you do not want to spend money on buying three different products like the concealer, bronzer, and highlighter but still want to look like a diva with the highlighted look and this trick is for you. simply use your lip balm as a highlighter it will give you the much desired dewy and softer look.

3. Beer can help you get healthier hair

Beer can help you get healthier hair

via: Foxnews

The beer has several components like malt, yeast and hops these elements are rich in vitamins and provide deep nourishment to hair. Thus if you apply diluted beer in your washed hair as a conditioner and then after a few minutes if you wash it you will get healthy lustrous hair. Use light beer or else may stain your colored hair.

4. You are running out of kohl then this is for you

You are running out of kohl then this is for you

via: YouTube

Simply take an almond and hold it with a fork. Now on a candle start to burn it and lend the smoke or fumes to collect on a plate. This means that candle will be there on which the almond will burn and there will be a plate that will catch the fumes.

Do it for good 10 to 15 minutes and now the black fumes if you scrap you get dry kohl mix it with almond oil to get your own organic kohl that is safe for eyes and will help you get the dramatic eyes or soft eyes or the cat eyes as per your style of application.

5. The fork can contour your nose

If you do not like the shape of your nose the best and the cheapest way to give it a defined shape is contouring it. Use a fork place it on your nose and highlight the ridges of your nose with light color and darken the wings of your nose to make it look longer and shapelier.

The with a simple fork you saved the pain and cost of corrective surgery.

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The 6 Style “Mistakes” That Is Not Forgiven And Forgotten By The Fashion Queens




Style Mistakes

Fashion is a change and a change that changes with the changing positions of the sun. in simple words, the trend you sported in the morning could be outdated by the evening. However, the irony is that the trend that you thought would not be survived in the market stays there for long. It takes a lot of understanding and expertise to comment on the fashion statements that are here to stay.

Most of us are however unaware of the changing rules and wear as per our comfort or budget, however, it may not go down well with the fashionistas.

Thus the ways to avoid the fashion faux pas is as follows:

1. It is comfort first

No matter how expensive or fabulous your outfit is if you are not comfortable in it will show on your face and thus this is the biggest disaster and should be avoided at all cost. Example the high waist denim is the rage however if after a c-section you are not comfortable in it please do not wear it for the sake of fashion.

2. Brands do not imply that it is the fashion

Brands do not imply that it is the fashion

via: Pinterest

We often confuse style with expensive brands. We assemble together a lot of high-end fashion brand stuff together and consider it to be fashion but it is not so. Be sensible and carefully select the piece so that you create a style statement rather than being a foolish model for the high-end brand stuff.

3. Do not copy blindly

Even to copy you need brains. The models or the actors wearing a particular outfit in a particular way may look simply stunning but if you copy the same style you may end up looking worse, as it is meant for your personal style and may not compliment you well. Thus be wise choose the elements that suit you and incorporate it wisely in your outfit.

4. The thinking trend asset rules

The trend may be neon colors and it may suit you or you may not like them then it is simply not necessary that you wear them. Fashion is a way you present yourself, do not commit a fashion mistake but also do not copy any fashion trend with which you are not at ease.

5. Accessorize do matter


We do not pay much attention to the accessory but it is wrong these are details that you need to pay attention to. As you select the outfit to select a proper accessory and make sure that the accessory compliments the dress as well as the occasion and brings together your complete look.

6. The high heels saga

The high heels saga

via: Flickr

Please do not torture your feet in wake of fashion by wearing those killer heels. It may help you look like a diva and gives you the feeling of being a model, but it harms your body in the long run.

Thus wear the shoes you are comfortable in so that you can walk without your feet aching.

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