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Prehistoric Tools and Technology



The prehistoric humans who lived in the east of the African continent more than 320,000 years ago would have used more sophisticated stone and obsidian instruments than was previously considered, indicate the results of an international investigation published in the scientific journal. According to the publication, half a million years ago, our ancestors had to face a period of extreme environmental instability.

It was considered that they dated from only 60,000 years, but the isotopic courting The mystery increases with the fact that no fossil remains of humans have been found, so it is not known exactly which species were their owners. The oldest known remains of Homo sapiens are about thousands of years old, so it could be other older humans.

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Not understanding the instructions well can be a reason why children are distracted, having to make a bigger effort to find out what needs to be done. One solution may be to provide the instructions both verbally and in writing, so that they can check them several times if necessary, without having to interrupt the class.

Another good practice may be to segment the instructions into shorter and more precise tasks to facilitate their understanding. It is best to approach and Buy Assignment in order to get the best work. The skills developed by Neanderthals continue to be the subject of debate among paleontologists. As new remains are unearthed, as has now happened in France, they get more information about the capabilities of this species.

Shortly before that replacement occurred, Neanderthals showed behavior similar to that of the first ‘Homo sapiens’ that arrived in Europe, specialized bone tools, decorative objects for the body or small blades. Did they develop these behaviors before encountering the sapiens or was it the result of having come into contact with them?

Technology of prehistory

During the Stone Age, the human being used raw materials from his environment to help him with daily tasks. The main materials were, stone and wood. The stone, specifically list is the most common material that can be found in a prehistoric site. Not that it was the most used material – which would probably be the Assignment Help Online case but it is the one that has lasted best and has stood the test of time.

The most probable thing is that the human being of Prehistory used all the materials of his environment, although the one that most reached us is undoubtedly the stone. Surely the stone was one of the first tools used by humanity.

It is a resource of great abundance, forceful, durable and multifunctional. It would be something like the prehistoric version of a multipurpose Swiss army knife. The stone is the technology of Prehistory for the great abundance and diversity with which it is found in the archaeological record

The silex: the material in Prehistory

Of great rigidity but at the same time, easy to work made it the perfect tool stone of considerable dimension was composed to obtain flakes, sheets or sharp pieces of the mother stone. The flint has a superficial layer called cortex, of a generally clear color.

Size by pressure: an element was used to press the core of the stone from which the flake was extracted. This type of technique was much more elaborate and allowed to obtain a sharper flake with certain characteristics and adapted to its purpose.

How to identify a worked peg

The blow on the flint causes waves on the nucleus (the beating waves) that indicate the direction from which the piece has been hit. This part, the exact area where the beating has been received, is called a bulb and there is a protuberance from where the waves expand.

The flakes are the pieces or fragments extracted from the core of the stone by striking and whose physical characteristic is that its length is less than twice its width. That is, to give you an idea, a flat sheet.


We have the plates. Unlike the flakes, the blades have a length twice their width and in their dorsal part have the sides. When the flakes and sheets are worked, what is called the retouching is elaborated, the edge of the piece to make it more useful, whether to crack, scrape or nail. The type of retouching gives rise to different types of cultures and techniques.

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How to

How to increase Instagram Followers




Instagram is one of most Popular Social media platform with monthly 1 Billon plus active users. Twitter. According to one report, Facebook and Twitter users are now switching to Instagram and making Instagram one of the most powerful social Media Network. Instagram is not only for users to post Photos and videos, but It is also for Brands and businesses to promote in the front of their audience. So this is one of the best Platform for your brand. If your Brand is not listed on Instagram then you should Create Instagram Business Profile, But if you are already on Instagram but did not get any success then follow these steps.  The best way to become more global and popular on Instagram is to become Instagram famous and increase Instagram followers.

There are so many ways how to increase Instagram followers but we have some best and top tricks that actually work. Just follow all these steps to increase your Instagram Followers.

Posts High Engagement Content:

The first thing that you need to do is Post high Engagement content. That means only share content that like your audience want to see and also follow new trends and get more reach and engagements. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker to get more engagements and reach new audiences. By sharing high engagements posts can help to increase your followers.

Understand the Game of Hashtags:

Hashtags are the best way to increase your number of followers and number of likes. So by using the right hashtag can help you to increase your likes and followers. Because Hashtags is the best way on Instagram to reach more audience and more engagements. Don’t use too Many hashtags on every post. You are allowed to use 30 Hashtags in your posts but I recommend you to use less and relevant hashtags.  You can also use trending and popular hashtags that are relevant to your post to get more reach and more engagements.

Create Interesting and Attractive Instagram Profile:

Make sure that your Instagram profile should be comprehensive and complete. First of all your profile should be set to public. It should not be private. You should open up your account publically otherwise you would not get too many followers.  Add URL to your bio but make sure that you use link shorteners to shorten your link to get traffic to your website or sale page.

Instagram brand interactions:

Instagram is a photo sharing application so don’t forget to use photography skills. You can showcase your writing desk, office area in a beautiful way and when you share these things with your audience through photography then a number of your followers will be increased.

Post Consistently:

If you want more followers on Instagram then you should post consistently. Stay active on Instagram most of the time and post consistently. This can help you to show that you are active and Instagram and also help you get more engagements and more followers.

Start live streaming:

If there is a special event like Christmas or a football match then you can start a live video on Instagram and in this way number of followers stick to you and in the end number of followers will be increased. To start a video or live streaming just tap in the top left of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in the feed. Then tap live at the bottom of the screen and then tap live video.

Interact with your audience:

The best way to increase your followers is to interact with your audience through comments, likes, and engagement. Stay active with your audience.

Consider User Generated Content:

This is the great thing with Instagram is to consider user-generated content. This is the great Instagram trick and tactic. Use user-generated images on your feed and credit them. You can also do this in a different way, where you ask your followers to tag someone in the comments. That’s a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Always use Instagram Analytics:

Posting time is another most important aspect to consider Instagram growth. Instagram statistics is a great way to know which photos usually had a higher engagement and at what time they were posted.

Tag Other People in Your photos:

By tagging, other people in your photos will increase your followers. If you have gone to a live event tag the show organizers or entertainers. Don’t spam other users. Tag them only when you are posting the relevant image.

Geotag Your Photos:

When you are posting your photos add location to your photos. This is a great way to attract your local community. For example, if there is a concert in your city and when you post a photo of the event and add the location. The number of followers will be increased and people visit that concert.

Be Confident:

Instagram is a platform by which your number of followers increase and at last your business also increase. So be confident when connecting with your audience. Confidently post on Instagram and confidently post comments.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 & S8 Android Supported Device | A Comparison



Samsung Galaxy S9 & S8

Picking up an Android smartphone that could support all the Android Apps is a critical choice. The Android world is saturated and founding the best Android smartphone is harder when the choices vary along with the capacities and performance. You would find from super-costly leader smartphones to reasonable models that make a couple of computed bargains.

Some of the models explicitly intended for, say, fantastic photography with a great camera, and supporting apps and some would only be able to support apps but the image results are annoying.

So, it is on you what you want for yourself to have a great smartphone experience. If you want to explore more, please visit technpick for a detailed guide on top quality smartphones existed on the market today.

Android Supported Device | A Comparison Of Smartphones

This comparison would make clear the stats and worth of both the Android supported devices. It will reveal the inside of the phone in depth and would give you a clear picture. And in fact, OS versions are also on grow. So, it is important to know more about how to determine the compatibility with different Android apps and OS versions.

It is a fact that whatever phone you get; you would keep it for a maximum of two years. It compelled me to pick the top rated and best smartphones that support Android and also could give you best performance. During the picking process, I tried my level best to choose from varieties of phones specifically targeting the specification and classifications.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S8

Let us explore our first selection of the smartphone with is a fully Android support piece of beauty. Samsung Galaxy S9 is the smartphone which is the latest one in the S series by Samsung. As compared to Samsung Galaxy S8 there is no wonder in the craft, as the outline reused on it.

Especially when we talk about the S8 the interface and the design are quite upgraded as compared to S7 edge. S8 Plus and S9 have close resemblance on the look. And the recent upgrades in the Android system making both the same.

But the S9 has a bit different in look due to its bezel-less body and long height face. Due to the new model, it is a bit expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone. You would only get three or more upgrades on this new release by Samsung.

Performance And Features

If you notice the Samsung S8 it is coming with the single mark sensor on the back of the phone. The sensor is placed with the camera and your fingerprint can be taken through this sensor. I am personally against the placement of the sensor at the back of the phone. Thanks to the company for making the placement correct in the making of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The company realized the mistake on S8 they already committed and they removed it by the placement of the sensor beneath the phone camera at the rear, not like the traditional way was.

Camera And Battery Life

Before discussing the camera of these Android supported smartphones I would like to share the battery life information as without battery a phone is just a dumb box of nothing. Both the phones have the same battery life and capacity. That means no attention paid to this part.

Both the Android supported smartphones are capable of being alive for 14 hours and 13 minutes. With a smartphone where you operate heavy data loading and uploading and many online hard apps active all the time, it is a pretty good backup time for Android devices.

Let us explore the camera of Galaxy S9, you would get surprised to hear that it is coming with the same 12MP camera which was experience on S8. There are some progressive and essential improvement the company made in the framework as I already mentioned that the company placed the fingerprint scanner beneath the camera.

It is also not sounding good that it is coming in a single camera. As the S9+ is coming with dual cameras that have the ability to switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4.  There’s likewise a Super Slo-mo setting that records up to 960fps with movement recognition so that you won’t miss a trap.

With the missing of the second camera, you are also missing the legitimate captures of the shots as the S9+ can provide you.  However, Samsung’s specific center completes a first job of copying the impact.


Overall if you compare the S9 and S8 you would see that S9 is an overhaul version of the S8, I am assuming that the price of this phone increased due to the change in the model and some decrease on the bezel and fingerprint sensor placement beneath the rear camera.

Without the improvement, I explored I could not explore anything else. The battery life improves for an hour and also some of the new built-in apps are making a bit different.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and want to upgrade in the same row then I would suggest S9 for you. But if are already on S8 and want to have a new one than the S9+ would be a better choice than S9.

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Importance Of The Hidden Costs And The Usability Involved



security camera installation

Do you feel the need of purchasing a hidden camera? What are the reasons behind it? Are you sure to make such a hefty investment now? First of all, you have to decide why you need it. Law enforcement, business owners and parents have taken a great interest over hidden cameras now. To keep close eyes on employees for theft or even keeping a close watch on a nanny for safeguarding the babies from unwanted behaviors, these hidden cameras are used by many these days.

Even police would like to use this option for catching criminals in any act red-handed. As security is quite important for anyone, therefore; procuring the best ever security or hidden camera is also quite important. Before you take help from experts for security camera installation Philadelphia, be sure to learn the importance of hidden cameras on the first place.

  • Best to keep eye on babysitters and nanny:

You are busy with your office works always and don’t get the time to meet your kid’s demands that often. You don’t even know what your kids are doing or if they need any emergency help or not. To be aware of the situation and concentrate on work smoothly, you got to appoint some nannies or babysitters to take complete care of the little ones. You are paying them quite a good deal of money. Are they doing their jobs? Are they able to take care of the babies? To find answers to these questions, hidden cameras or nanny cams are perfect for you.

  • Keeping an eye on an unwanted neighbor:

It has turned into a problem now as someone is taking out their anger on your car. You came out once to witness a smashed car window shield. It made you angry but you don’t have any proof regarding the culprit. Well, now you can catch the person red-handed by installing a hidden camera or a surveillance system near the place where your car is parked. So, the next time anyone comes to messes around with your vehicle, you can catch that person immediately.

Features to check in:

If you are planning to invest some bucks on the hidden cameras, you need to think about the features involved. Unless you know what to expect from the item, you won’t be able to use it well.

  • The best thing about these cameras is that the cameras are hidden in some of the most common and daily objects, so that no one will notice it.
  • On the other hand, the video quality is always at par with the biggest camera manufacturing houses. You will record some of the clear footages with these items.
  • In some cases, if you can spend some extra bucks, you can easily purchase a hidden camera with added audio box. The sizes are small and discreet.

Always remember to check these features before you purchase a camera for your use. Go for the companies, which are manufacturing durable cameras, which can last long with the little bit of maintenance from your side.

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