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Prehistoric Tools and Technology



The prehistoric humans who lived in the east of the African continent more than 320,000 years ago would have used more sophisticated stone and obsidian instruments than was previously considered, indicate the results of an international investigation published in the scientific journal. According to the publication, half a million years ago, our ancestors had to face a period of extreme environmental instability.

It was considered that they dated from only 60,000 years, but the isotopic courting The mystery increases with the fact that no fossil remains of humans have been found, so it is not known exactly which species were their owners. The oldest known remains of Homo sapiens are about thousands of years old, so it could be other older humans.

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Not understanding the instructions well can be a reason why children are distracted, having to make a bigger effort to find out what needs to be done. One solution may be to provide the instructions both verbally and in writing, so that they can check them several times if necessary, without having to interrupt the class.

Another good practice may be to segment the instructions into shorter and more precise tasks to facilitate their understanding. It is best to approach and Buy Assignment in order to get the best work. The skills developed by Neanderthals continue to be the subject of debate among paleontologists. As new remains are unearthed, as has now happened in France, they get more information about the capabilities of this species.

Shortly before that replacement occurred, Neanderthals showed behavior similar to that of the first ‘Homo sapiens’ that arrived in Europe, specialized bone tools, decorative objects for the body or small blades. Did they develop these behaviors before encountering the sapiens or was it the result of having come into contact with them?

Technology of prehistory

During the Stone Age, the human being used raw materials from his environment to help him with daily tasks. The main materials were, stone and wood. The stone, specifically list is the most common material that can be found in a prehistoric site. Not that it was the most used material – which would probably be the Assignment Help Online case but it is the one that has lasted best and has stood the test of time.

The most probable thing is that the human being of Prehistory used all the materials of his environment, although the one that most reached us is undoubtedly the stone. Surely the stone was one of the first tools used by humanity.

It is a resource of great abundance, forceful, durable and multifunctional. It would be something like the prehistoric version of a multipurpose Swiss army knife. The stone is the technology of Prehistory for the great abundance and diversity with which it is found in the archaeological record

The silex: the material in Prehistory

Of great rigidity but at the same time, easy to work made it the perfect tool stone of considerable dimension was composed to obtain flakes, sheets or sharp pieces of the mother stone. The flint has a superficial layer called cortex, of a generally clear color.

Size by pressure: an element was used to press the core of the stone from which the flake was extracted. This type of technique was much more elaborate and allowed to obtain a sharper flake with certain characteristics and adapted to its purpose.

How to identify a worked peg

The blow on the flint causes waves on the nucleus (the beating waves) that indicate the direction from which the piece has been hit. This part, the exact area where the beating has been received, is called a bulb and there is a protuberance from where the waves expand.

The flakes are the pieces or fragments extracted from the core of the stone by striking and whose physical characteristic is that its length is less than twice its width. That is, to give you an idea, a flat sheet.


We have the plates. Unlike the flakes, the blades have a length twice their width and in their dorsal part have the sides. When the flakes and sheets are worked, what is called the retouching is elaborated, the edge of the piece to make it more useful, whether to crack, scrape or nail. The type of retouching gives rise to different types of cultures and techniques.

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Digital Marketing

Interesting Steps of Driving Traffic to Business Websites Through The Social Media Accounts



web traffic

Not a single business can deny the fact that social media is one of the most popular ways for businesses to remain engaged with the ideal target audiences. Almost 92% of the owners of small businesses are making use of social media and they consider it to be extremely important for the business. Starters need to understand that social media helps in building brand recognition, fosters communities around the businesses and helps to grow the bottom line.

If you are wondering as to how you can make use of your social media accounts for assisting your business, you can drive traffic to the website. Consider the simple but interesting tips, which will help you to do that.

Filling the profile completely

The first and primary thing that people set their eyes on when they are clicking on the social media accounts that you have is undoubtedly your profile. It does not matter if it is Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Your profile will be responsible for showing information to the visitors regarding the business.

This is considered to be the best spot for telling everyone about the business as well as dropping links that will help your target customers to reach the website. If your followers are interested in the kinds of contents that you share and discuss, they will definitely visit your profile.

Promoting the blog content

You can put a lot of effort into creating contents for the blog and it is obvious that you will be interested in showing your masterpiece to the entire world. However, even before you realize you will see that almost two months are going to pass away and people will not even look at it.

This is why you need to promote all the posts on the social media accounts that you have. Use Stormlikes for gaining more followers and getting real likes.

Ensure that the contents can be shared easily

Nothing is better than understanding that people are excited about reading the blog contents that you have. Also, you are going to love it if you share it with your coworkers and friends.

You need to allow as well as increase your visitors to share the content by embedding social sharing tools. When people who are not aware of your business, they go through the blog posts, and if they are interested in it, they will definitely end up visiting your website.

Posting whenever your audience remains active

This is one of the most important tips that most of the businesses do not consider at all. There is no point in posting something if the target audience is not online for viewing it. The best time of posting on your social media account is when the target audience is active. This time is referred to as the peak time.


Since you are armed with the interesting social media tricks that have been mentioned above, it is time that you start implementing them within the social media marketing strategies that you already have. With time, you will be able to see traffic flowing through the website.

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Honor 10 Lite Photos & Review: Best Smartphone That Will Be Best For Your Pocket As Well




Honor 10 Lite Review

Honor Lite 10 has been launched and it is expected like the previous model Honor Lite 9 this smartphone will take the market by storm. Attractive design and affordable price is definitely the best aspect of this phone.

Price: Starting INR 13,999

Color Available- Sapphire Blue, Gradient Sky Blue and Midnight Black( although sky blue gradient is the most loved color).

Two SIM  slot: Hybrid SIM slot (nano +nano/ microSD card)

Details about the phone

Honor 10 Lite Photos

The Honor Lite 10 is the successor of the Honor Lite 9. Already the previous model is a hit so the expectation with this one is too high. The phone works on a formula that is surely a winning formula.

It has beautiful water drop display and runs on Android. Excellent design with nominal charges is something that will make the product very popular and in great demand.

This Huawei sub-brand is known for getting the most attractive phones in the market. It has great ergonomics and is really light in weight. Made from plastic yet has a very sophisticated look. Rather it will not be an understatement to say that it looks premium. The rear panel is also made of plastic and not glass.

The glass is made from 8 layers process and thus the good news is that it will not break even if it falls. The frame is of plastic but with a glossy finish. The buttons for volume and power are safely on the right side so it’s user-friendly to click it.

The best display phone

Honor 10 Lite

There are no second thoughts regarding the display of the phone. It has a 6.21-inch Dewdrop that presents 90% screen to body ratio. The water drop display is small and is a curve in shape. It has hidden ambient lights and proximity sensors.

The LCD panel has attractive colors that are dark and punchy. It has to modes the vivid mode being brighter and cooler with tones of blue and the normal mode is warmer and more accurate with color.

It comes with a mid-range Kirin 710 chipset and it is an octa-core processor that is based on the 12nm process that has 2.2 GHz. It has a big battery life. The drawback is for multitasks as it comes with 4GB of RAM.

Another noteworthy aspect is that it is the latest version of Android with Huawei’s EMUI 9 on top. Thus it has Pie based features that are popularly known as Digital Balance.

The important aspect; all about the camera

Honor 10 Lite

AI is there pretty much all over but at the cameras, it is sophisticated. It has AI backed dual cameras with 13MP +2MP configuration. The AI feature enables the camera to automatically tweak the setting depending on its recognition.

The rear camera can recognize 20 scenes that include flowers, food, sunset and night time. The camera different modes like the photo, portrait, night, video and aperture. Thus it is safe to conclude that it is the best phone launched in 2019.

Honor 10 Lite Photos


Honor 10 Lite Photos


Honor 10 Lite Photos


Honor 10 Lite Photos


Honor 10 Lite Photos


Honor 10 Lite

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6 Proper Methods of Building and Securing Wi-Fi Network and Preventive Methods



The thought of hackers only comes when we think of big organization and cyber-attacks. Never have I thought of my home WI-FI network being hacked. I bet none of us thinks of home WI-FI hacking. This only happens since we lack or the cyber skills and maybe use the internet for internet surfing and other personal issues which are not business related.

Nonetheless, hacking is never safe on either cases. No matter the usage we need to be more protected and avoid cyber-crimes. Who wants to pay more for what they didn’t use? Actually it’s painful and confusing on how one can secure their internet. With this remarks securing and preventing doesn’t need rocket science to secure their WI-FI to check jiofi.local.html Login.

Below we shall discuss several ways and implementations to take for safe network.

  1. Keep the router in a safe location.

Simple as it sounds hacking the WI-FI can be easy as accessing the router. Ensure the router is placed in a restricted area and also don’t expose just anyone. This one step to avoid router information. Note most routers have the password written on the back of the battery. If exposed anyone can just open and secure your password to make it worse change some settings.

  1. Change the password and the login details.

Router passwords are never a secret, hackers and everyone can now open and locate information on the router. However, changing and having strong password is easy and can be done in few seconds. This reduces the chances of hacking or information leakage. Make passwords which are alphanumeric adding special characters. Usernames are also aspects to change to ensure strong and safe ways.

  1. Change the network name

This the SSID which identifies the WI-FI network from your router to other people. router from certain companies will give their default name like “Netgear”. This gives clues about your router which develops insecurity.

  1. Facilitate network encryption

this helps you prevent other devices from accessing your internet. First encrypt the signals and avoid internet sharing. You can use this methods: WAP which can beWAP2 an WAP personal, WEP. The WEP is not a promising method since its always hacked. Encryption is done by going through the security setting on your router. Here you shall select the method to use.

  1. Remove MAC addresses.

I bet you’re thinking of the apple MAC, this a different case where all devices have a special MAC address. This an address which helps in the security matters of any device. MAC address help in connect some computers to WI-FI internet. MAC address are hard to get but it’s easy for hackers to access if well vast with the IT technology. Ensure you filter the address on your device, this by pressing the command prompt and entering the ipconfig. This will display the address on the device.

  • Change the range of the wireless signal

High range internet connection is always healthy but you don’t need the high range if it’s a small business or home use router. Make changes on the range to help you restrict the internet coverage. This can also be done by placing the router inside a box or other place where the signals wont spread further

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