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Produce an Dark Knight Rises Style Wall Paper in 3 Easy Steps



I am a long time Batman fan, and that I like the expression of those newer films. The metal bat emblem is eye candy. With that simple expression of the film logo, let us see whether we can make something similar in only a couple of simple steps. First upward, here is a glance at what we’ll be creating. Jump if you should be an Illustrator pro and draw on out a form, or feel free to decorate it a bit.

Then you may download my vector bat emblem if you’re unfamiliar with drawing in Illustrator.

Tip: In case you’re currently drawing on on your image, pull on one side, then duplicate and turn it to ensure either side are equal. Set to 2e3943. Copy and paste the bat emblem vector onto a brand fresh layer and also then scale it.

Implementing Masks and Lighting into the Bat Symbol

Next up, employ these layer styles into the bat emblem coating. For those textures, I joined two distinct files. The first is by the group named Scratched Metal only. In the event, you are not even a part of Infy Photos some metallic texture will give a very comparable effect. The feel is by wojtar-stock and is available here.

Place the first feel onto the layer above the emblem, scale it down such it only covers the symbol, desaturate it (Cmd+Shift+U) after which (Cmd+click) the bat emblem’s coating thumbnail to load on the coating for a range. Place the surface of the texture blend mode to Overlay. Do the same item.

To produce the high lights, I took a fine brush used brush sizes to paint those high lights and put to 30. I placed those highlight I sensed that the light origin could be hitting. Additionally, I utilized a brush to paint some shadows.

Adding a Desktop Texture and Lighting

Last upward, we will add a backdrop feel with just a tiny bit of subtle lighting. I had a variety in Infy Photos from the White Grunge set. Again, if you are not part of Infy Photos (you should be), you can make photo touch up the use of any different subtle grey or white texture.

It has to become no emblem that is busy it frees from the high bat res. I used a soft brush that was white that was big to paint the layer above the background feels with light. I painted this light.

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Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam: Twitter Reacts to Congress Performance in The Game Changing Assembly Elections 2018



Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam: Twitter Reacts to Congress Performance in The Game Changing Assembly Elections 2018

Twitter has evolved as a platform for the people at large to show their creative side and insights and when it comes to the most popular meme theme, Rahul Gandhi, the Tweets just go another level. It is like a plethora of Tweets and the Twitterati at its best.

Well, the assembly election 2018 was full of surprise and the performance by Congress gave immense ideas for Tweets. Twitter broke into a fit of memes for the all-time favorite mother-son duo, while the feelings of the opposition were also respected.

We plunged into the Tweets and got you some of the most hilarious Tweets that will bring tears of laughter in your eyes or make you smile cheek to cheek. ROFL.

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Zomato Delivery Boy Found Tampering with Food Can Make You Think Twice Before Order Food with Zomato



Zomato Delivery Boy Found Tampering with Food

Zomato said it will soon introduce ‘tamper-proof tapes’ to avoid such situations in the future. If you stay alone or even if together and you can’t cook edible food, then to your resort comes the option of ordering food online. We all order food from the online food ordering apps and they have kind of become a part of our lives. And in most of the Indian cities, Zomato is among the biggest online food ordering market.

However, fate had other plans and it was only yesterday that we all will now have trust issues in ordering food from such apps. It so happened that a food delivery guy started to eat food that was sent for delivery. The video went viral, and we again desired to eat home-cooked wholesome food.

The video was shared on the Twitter handle of @Madan-Chikna with the sarcastic caption,” This is what happens when you use coupon codes all the time. Watch till the end.”

The viral video shows a deliveryman sitting on a bike wearing a Zomato T-shirt with Zomato delivery bag. He starts to eat the food from the food parcel that was designated for delivery. The video does not end here rather he keeps this parcel and starts to eat food from the other parcel.

After having food from the other parcel he seals it and places it back in the bag. He is also seen in the video adjusting the smaller pack of food, and after this, he prepares to leave.

The video quickly goes viral and was liked and retweeted on social media. Some were concerned with the service provider, while others severely trolled Zomato.

Zomato also shared an official statement and blog post after the incident.

“if true, this unfortunate and not in line with our beliefs. We take this very seriously and will soon introduce tamper-proof tapes, and another precautionary measure to ensure we safeguard against this,” wrote the company.

The blog post shared, “the person in the video happened to be a delivery partner in our fleet. We have spoken to him at length and while we understand that this was a human error in judgment, we have taken him off our platform.”

They were humble and also thanked and welcomed the users for highlighting the incident and grievances actively.

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Dare To Visit These 7 Most Haunted Places around The World




Dare To Visit These 7 Most Haunted Places around The World

Paranormal Things are mostly unexplainable. Theories keep debating whether anything like that exists or not. Supernatural has always been a moot point. But one thing is for sure, no matter wherever you go in the world you often get to hear about ghost stories and haunted places. So why is it acknowledged universally and yet been questionable? We are not sure that whether we will be able to find the answer or not. The world of unknowns has always scared people from centuries across the world. Many Hollywood movies are inspired by paranormal activities.

Well, we are not here to either reaffirm your belief or debunk it. We have just found out 7 most haunted places around the world. Check the list below and decide where you would want to pay a visit or two.

1. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Victoria, Australia

The asylum was opened in 1867, several apparitions were reported there. People claimed that they heard screams. Sometimes doors slam shut and open all by themselves.

2. The Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California

The hotel is the country’s most haunted hotel. People spotted two different ghosts here. The women were drowned in a ship’s first classroom and now their ghosts are often seen here by the guests. There is one particular room, B340 where most of the activities are noted. So it is no longer available for guests.

3. Bhangarh Fort, India

The fort was built by KingSawaiMadho Singh, in the 1600s. The small city was homed by 10,000 people. But due to a curse, the whole city was turned into ruins. The place is still ruined and nothing more. The site is marked haunted and nobody is allowed to visit there after 5 pm. Not just that those who tried to spend a night there were found dead in the morning.

4. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

via: You Tube

The site was also the site of murders. Thus, locals claim that the place is haunted and several apparitions have been sighted here.

5. Highgate Cemetery London, England

Well, which cemetery doesn’t seem haunted? But locals claimed that they have noted some supernatural activities here.

6. Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

via: You Tube

This hotel has some weird history related supernatural activities. A bellman is a regular ghost here, another regular spirit is a bride who dances in the ballroom.

7. The Tower of London, England

We don’t know that you will buy this one or not. But here is an interesting story of the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn.

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