Produce an Dark Knight Rises Style Wall Paper in 3 Easy Steps

Dark Knight Rises

I am a long time Batman fan, and that I like the expression of those newer films. The metal bat emblem is eye candy. With that simple expression of the film logo, let us see whether we can make something similar in only a couple of simple steps. First upward, here is a glance at what we’ll be creating. Jump if you should be an Illustrator pro and draw on out a form, or feel free to decorate it a bit.

Then you may download my vector bat emblem if you’re unfamiliar with drawing in Illustrator.

Tip: In case you’re currently drawing on on your image, pull on one side, then duplicate and turn it to ensure either side are equal. Set to 2e3943. Copy and paste the bat emblem vector onto a brand fresh layer and also then scale it.

Implementing Masks and Lighting into the Bat Symbol

Next up, employ these layer styles into the bat emblem coating. For those textures, I joined two distinct files. The first is by the group named Scratched Metal only. In the event, you are not even a part of Infy Photos some metallic texture will give a very comparable effect. The feel is by wojtar-stock and is available here.

Place the first feel onto the layer above the emblem, scale it down such it only covers the symbol, desaturate it (Cmd+Shift+U) after which (Cmd+click) the bat emblem’s coating thumbnail to load on the coating for a range. Place the surface of the texture blend mode to Overlay. Do the same item.

To produce the high lights, I took a fine brush used brush sizes to paint those high lights and put to 30. I placed those highlight I sensed that the light origin could be hitting. Additionally, I utilized a brush to paint some shadows.

Adding a Desktop Texture and Lighting

Last upward, we will add a backdrop feel with just a tiny bit of subtle lighting. I had a variety in Infy Photos from the White Grunge set. Again, if you are not part of Infy Photos (you should be), you can make photo touch up the use of any different subtle grey or white texture.

It has to become no emblem that is busy it frees from the high bat res. I used a soft brush that was white that was big to paint the layer above the background feels with light. I painted this light.