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Samsung Galaxy S9 & S8 Android Supported Device | A Comparison




Samsung Galaxy S9 & S8

Picking up an Android smartphone that could support all the Android Apps is a critical choice. The Android world is saturated and founding the best Android smartphone is harder when the choices vary along with the capacities and performance. You would find from super-costly leader smartphones to reasonable models that make a couple of computed bargains.

Some of the models explicitly intended for, say, fantastic photography with a great camera, and supporting apps and some would only be able to support apps but the image results are annoying.

So, it is on you what you want for yourself to have a great smartphone experience. If you want to explore more, please visit technpick for a detailed guide on top quality smartphones existed on the market today.

Android Supported Device | A Comparison Of Smartphones

This comparison would make clear the stats and worth of both the Android supported devices. It will reveal the inside of the phone in depth and would give you a clear picture. And in fact, OS versions are also on grow. So, it is important to know more about how to determine the compatibility with different Android apps and OS versions.

It is a fact that whatever phone you get; you would keep it for a maximum of two years. It compelled me to pick the top rated and best smartphones that support Android and also could give you best performance. During the picking process, I tried my level best to choose from varieties of phones specifically targeting the specification and classifications.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S8

Let us explore our first selection of the smartphone with is a fully Android support piece of beauty. Samsung Galaxy S9 is the smartphone which is the latest one in the S series by Samsung. As compared to Samsung Galaxy S8 there is no wonder in the craft, as the outline reused on it.

Especially when we talk about the S8 the interface and the design are quite upgraded as compared to S7 edge. S8 Plus and S9 have close resemblance on the look. And the recent upgrades in the Android system making both the same.

But the S9 has a bit different in look due to its bezel-less body and long height face. Due to the new model, it is a bit expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone. You would only get three or more upgrades on this new release by Samsung.

Performance And Features

If you notice the Samsung S8 it is coming with the single mark sensor on the back of the phone. The sensor is placed with the camera and your fingerprint can be taken through this sensor. I am personally against the placement of the sensor at the back of the phone. Thanks to the company for making the placement correct in the making of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The company realized the mistake on S8 they already committed and they removed it by the placement of the sensor beneath the phone camera at the rear, not like the traditional way was.

Camera And Battery Life

Before discussing the camera of these Android supported smartphones I would like to share the battery life information as without battery a phone is just a dumb box of nothing. Both the phones have the same battery life and capacity. That means no attention paid to this part.

Both the Android supported smartphones are capable of being alive for 14 hours and 13 minutes. With a smartphone where you operate heavy data loading and uploading and many online hard apps active all the time, it is a pretty good backup time for Android devices.

Let us explore the camera of Galaxy S9, you would get surprised to hear that it is coming with the same 12MP camera which was experience on S8. There are some progressive and essential improvement the company made in the framework as I already mentioned that the company placed the fingerprint scanner beneath the camera.

It is also not sounding good that it is coming in a single camera. As the S9+ is coming with dual cameras that have the ability to switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4.  There’s likewise a Super Slo-mo setting that records up to 960fps with movement recognition so that you won’t miss a trap.

With the missing of the second camera, you are also missing the legitimate captures of the shots as the S9+ can provide you.  However, Samsung’s specific center completes a first job of copying the impact.


Overall if you compare the S9 and S8 you would see that S9 is an overhaul version of the S8, I am assuming that the price of this phone increased due to the change in the model and some decrease on the bezel and fingerprint sensor placement beneath the rear camera.

Without the improvement, I explored I could not explore anything else. The battery life improves for an hour and also some of the new built-in apps are making a bit different.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and want to upgrade in the same row then I would suggest S9 for you. But if are already on S8 and want to have a new one than the S9+ would be a better choice than S9.

After a point in time when life seems to be settled and the things that you once desired has been accomplished you try to search for new horizons. One such new horizon was. It was only a year ago that I started this journey and now the journey has become a part of my existence.

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6 Benefits Of The Best Tripod Selfie Stick Stand For Mobile Phones

Satendra Kashyap



Benefits of The Best Tripod Selfie Stick Stand for Mobile Phones

Can you recall the days before selfie sticks were a thing and you had to stop a stranger on the way to take a picture for you? Those were difficult days! Selfies, however, existed long before front cameras and selfie sticks. Clever peeps would turn their phones to capture photographs for themselves instead of bothering passers-by. The result most of the time was an ear that was cut off from the photo or a completely terrible angle. 

Then came the lifesaver! The selfie sticks. Despite the independence of taking your photos that it has brought, it’s a bold device to have as it makes you stand out. It has since gained a lot of popularity among millennials especially, a site of groups posing for photos in the park a common site.

So, why would you need to get a selfie sticks before you leave for that road trip?

1. Bye-bye to asking strangers to take your photos

Selfie sticks have saved us from a lot but mostly asking a friend or worse, a stranger to take photos for you according to MUZU. You can now capture your memories with that background you want to commemorate forever or your partner on your own. No help needed!

2. Wide coverage

Wide coverage

via: Pexels

Unlike taking selfies at an arm-length, selfie sticks allow you to capture a much larger view. It will enable you to capture more of nature, like the mountain in the background. It also lets you take group selfies as all your friends can be seen in one photo. You can take photos with up to seven people.

3. Group selfies made possible!

Group selfies made possible!

via: Pexels

Have you ever had to be the one to take a photo of your group of friends? It felt unfair as you had to miss that photo. With a selfie stick, no one gets left out as no one needs to hold the camera for the rest. I mean, what is the essence of a group selfie if not everyone is included!

4. Different angles

Different angles

via: Pexels

Selfie experts have it that best selfies are taken from above. It can be really strenuous to put your hand up and keep it there as you try to look for the perfect angle for that photo. Selfie sticks guarantee you an easy time taking photos from any angle you may like, without any strain to your hands. You can capture your photos from below, above on the side, the choice is yours. All you need to do is position the camera at an angle that flatters you most.

5. Minimal shaking

Minimal shaking

via: Pexels

Some of us find it challenging to ask others to take a photo of them as we get shy and ruin the photo. It would take a bunch of photographs to finally get the right pose. Taking our photos can also be difficult as our hands shake and blur the photo. If your hands shake and ruin your photos, then it’s time to get a selfie stick.

6. Capture those moments for memories

Capture those moments for memories

via: Pexels

It may be a retreat; a get-together, a date, or even a gym workout. Selfie sticks let you capture perfect photos for memories. It will feel really good to look at a selfie you took a year ago weighing a hundred kilograms when you have achieved your weight goals, right? Selfies capture the emotions you are experiencing at the moment too.

Selfie sticks are taking over across all ages in the world. Get yourself one today!

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All About Vivo Z1 Pro That is Soon to Be Launched in India

Satendra Kashyap



Vivo Z1 Pro That is Soon to Be Launched in India

Smartphones are everyone’s craze in this age. Thanks to many Chinese cell phone companies, the Indian market is now flourishing with good smartphones. With the arrival of Vivo phones, almost everyone in India could afford a good quality mobile phone with the latest technology. Vivo introduced so many good phones in the Indian market with affordable prices. This won’t be at all incorrect to state that smartphones brands are fighting hard to give shoulder-to-shoulder competition to their competitors, in order to bring more budget segment phone in the market.

Talking about budget phones, after LG launched W series, Vivo is all set to launch budget phones with Z series. The smartphone market is readily waiting for the launch of the Vivo Z series, and so do we.

So, without much further ado, let’s find out what is all the fuzz about forthcoming Vivo Z1 Pro

Vivo Z1 Pro’s Design and outlook:

Vivo Z1 Pro’s Design and outlook

via: Twitter

Talking about the phone’s design, Vivo always brings cell phones that are not only appealing feature wise but also look wise. Similarly this time too, Vivo Z1 series has hinted towards good-looking cell phone. One thing that is pretty impressive is its sleek body.

Not that it’s something new to the market but the phone’s appearance is quite stylish. With a punch-hole front camera, it makes the screen look wider with minimal side rim. We are sure that Z1 series be as stunning as it’s brothers be.

Vivo Z1 Pro’s Features and Specifications:

Vivo Z1 Pro’s Features and Specifications

via: Twitter

What we find interesting about the new Vivo Z1 series, is that it’s the first time with Vivo phones that the company provides a punch-hole front camera. With punch-hole selfies camera, you get a higher screen ratio than the body.

However, it comes rather late in the day, since other budget phones like Oppo already launched phones with punch-hole selfies camera.

Another good thing about the cameras in Z1 pro is it comes with a triple camera system. We get a regular, ultra wide and a depth sensor read cameras. This ensures better images while shooting landscape and portraits mode.

What Vivo claims about Z1 Pro’s battery backup?

Z1 Pro’s battery backup

via: Twitter

As far as the battery is concerned we sure have a piece of good news here, too. Vivo Z1 Pro comes with a bigger battery, about 4000 mAh. This ensures great battery backup, long battery life and not to forget Vivo also provides quick battery charging.

The teaser of the Vivo Z1 proclaims that your battery will discharge but not the phones, so, I guess we have established this fact that the battery is good.

Expected Price OF Vivo Z1 Pro in the Indian market:

With many other similar segment phones available in the Indian market, we do expect the price of Vivo Z1 pro to not go beyond the budget segment. The current competition of the Vivo Z1 series would be Samsung Galaxy M40.

So, we know that the price range for Z1 is under or around 20,000 in the Indian market. This is no doubt a very good deal for a smartphone with the latest technology.

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The All-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Revealed, Expected to Launch in August This Year with A Price Tag of Nearly $1200




Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Undoubtedly, Samsung is a brand that requires no introduction. As per the rumours, Samsung is planning to release its next big smartphone in the month of August this year. This will be the 12th handset of the serried which was launched by the company long back in 2011 along with the release of one of the most top-selling phones of Samsung in the market. The phone is gaining lots of attraction from the people even before its release.

They are busy guessing about the phone features, compatibility, and price. We, we have only two months to go to finally see the launch of the new phone by the Samsung which has created a lot of buzz in the market till now.

Let’s have a look at some of the phone’s design and specifications.

Samsung is expecting to launch two phones out of two Galaxy Note 10 models. One will be launched at a higher price while the other will be on a budget. Apart from these two models, a 5G version is also expected.

As per the previous reports that were released by the company, they are planning to launch the smartphone in four different screen sizes in total.

The price range of the new Galaxy Note 10 is set around $1100-$1200 (INR 76,000 – INR 83,000). However, it is yet not clear that which price is set for which model till now.

If we talk about the specifications of the new phone, its features are pretty similar to its predecessors in the Galaxy Note series. The smartphone is expected to have Snapdragon 855/ Exynos 9820 SoC, up to 12 GB of RAM and Android 9 Pie.

While it’s pro versions are likely to have features like virtual pressure-sensitive buttons instead of physical ones and will be powered by a super and long-lasting 4,500 mAh battery. The smaller or the entry-level version phone may have 3400 mAh battery along with the fast charging.

Now coming on to the camera specifications, its camera will feature a triple vertical ensemble at the rear end.

I feel, after knowing about the specifications of the new smartphone, you must be making up your mind to buy this one.

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