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Shriram Blue Luxury Apartments in Whitefield Bangalore



Home is the most anticipated destination of everyone. If you are an IT professional traveling to Whitefield for your work then, Shriram Blue shall be your dream home solution. Shriram Blue is one of the high-end luxurious project developed by Shriram Properties located in KR Puram off Whitefield.

Shriram Blue is approved by all the concerned government authorities like BBPM/BDA/RERA making it a trusted investment.

Are you on a search to find your dream home?

The leading developer of the country Shriram Properties was established in the year 1995 has its premiere and classic iconic structures developed in all the major cities of India. Having a rich experience in the construction and development of real estate sector.

Shriram properties aim to create standalone exclusive structures turning them to be the noticeable landmark. Shriram Properties has successfully completed 20 million sq.ft of residential spaces across the major cities of south India. Shriram Blue Whitefield is one of the key projects of this distinguished builder.

What are you are looking for Shriram Blue?

Shriram Blue is planned and designed to fit in 1 Bhk, 2 Bhk, 3 Bed Sky Condominiums & 3 Bed Sky Duplex abodes. It lets you wake up to the fabulous view of Yele-Mallappa Shetty Lake spread across 250-acre of land set in the backdrop of Shriram Blue. Shriram Blue Whitefield is architected on 9 acres of land with maximum open space for optimum ventilation.

Shriram Blue is in the proximity of prominent IT hubs and technological parks like Bagmane Business Park, ITPB, RMZ Nxt, SAP Labs and many more. Connectivity to different parts of the city is established through KR Puram, Old Madras Road and Outer Ring Road which are just within 1 km from the property.

Leisure time can be spent in the various malls and outlets like Gopalan Signature Mall, Phoenix Market city, In-orbit Mall, Pizza shops, Mc Donalds, Beijing Bites, Café Coffee Day, KFC which are just a few minutes away from the Shriram Blue Whitefield.

Hospitals like Manipal Hospital, Satya Sai Orthopaedic Multispecialty Hospital, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, cloud nine and many are within the reach of the project.

Shriram Blue is a project launched in most prominent location in Bangalore.

Shriram Blue Location

There is a proposal to extend the present Byppanahalli metro terminal till Whitefield for furthermore enhanced connectivity. For the convenience of stay, the project is surrounded by Banks and ATMs.

There are many amenities provided for the inmates of Shriram Blue facilities like a large swimming pool, specifically designed kid’s pool, Cricket practice nets, Jogging track, Cycling Track, Amphitheatre, Skating Ring Tropical garden, Riparian plantation, Barbeque zone, Interactive water features, Interactive water fountains and many more for your comfortable stay.

Shriram Blue premium housing community constitutes 450+ units of well-designed and meticulously built units. The 1 BHK homes cover the carpet area of 600-700 sq.ft. The 2 BHK flats ranging from 1150-1300 sq.ft. The 3 BHK abodes screens over an area covering 1500-1700 sq.ft.

The well-spaced luxurious 3 BHK Duplex homes are spread over 2000-2200 sq.ft. Shriram Blue offers a pocket-friendly priced units that are affordable for all. The prices are 25-30% lesser than apartments in Whitefield.

Invest and indulge yourself in the world of luxury.

Feel free to contact @ anytime @ 080 40984147

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Australian Youngsters Choose To Live Out of Vans Rather Than Paying Rent To Their Landlords



Australian Youngsters Choose To Live Out of Vans

Do you also have a fantasy of having a road trip in a house-van, which is equipped with almost everything? Now imagine you don’t just trip in the van but live in the van for rest of your life. Yeah, that’s too much of the fantasy right? Well, to surprise most us, Australians have got the way out to cut on the apartment’s rent, cutting on to the apartment itself.

They have started living out of house vans in order to prevent themselves from rent-slavery. Read the full news below…

  • Leading a life after college isn’t an easy job. Then renting an apartment can cut a hole in your pockets. This is why these young people from Australia have thought a new plan.
  • They believe “rent is slavery” which is true at an extent, so they live in a house van. Which is much cheaper and too much fun. Think about the unlimited traveling.
  • There is a page in Instagram “Vanlifers” that show lives of people across the globe who have chosen to live on the wheels. It also gives them a getaway from the hassled city lifestyle.
  • They have vans or buses redesigned according to their needs. When we say needs we mean, fully functioned kitchen, bedrooms, and toilets, too.
  • Elise Cook, a travel blogger, shares her experience as she has been living and traveling in her van with her partner. She says “I feel like being on the road allowed us to tap into a slower gear I how we live and think, and we also realized how little we need to be happy”.
  • “A little over a month ago we packed up our house got rid of as much stuff as possible, put some of it into storage, and move into Scout.”
  • “The plan is to spend the next year or two moving around Australia. We hope that it will be a time in our lives of exploration, inspiration, and motivation.”

Looking that they and many others living in their vans seems a life full of leisure and adventure. They live the same life anyone would lead in an apartment, it’s just cooler.

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Women worldwide: What Do We Think About Feminism





There have been a lot of things going on in the world lately and amongst them is the thing called feminism. Some people, present worldwide, think it is some kind of religious things that should only be followed and believed by women. And men who support it or believe in it must be “gay”. They are exactly those who still laugh on the subject of homosexuality. By hinting towards “same-sex marriage” and homosexuality we would touch upon another very sensitive and “unusual” subject that could lead us to a whole new issue and debate and a social concern. We should do that in some later article for sure.

Why I picked up feminism as a mode to speak about infectious disease like situation is because, no matter how hard all the women, both in the first world and the third world, try hard to create a likable atmosphere for themselves to work and freely move in, they are constantly detested, judged, classified, and objectified as always. At present they are stronger and seem larger than life personality, they are celebrated, awarded and in counties like India, even worshiped, but somewhere in this present situation, also they are raped, objectified, looked down upon, beaten, killed and at some point feared.

Women are strong enough to run nations yet they are meek for some meeker mind-sets. In every, almost each and every part of this world, I am sure, there are women who still don’t know what freedom means. They are oblivious of some of the basic fundamental rights of a human, of every human. They are threatened and beaten not because so that they can never rise, but also because some of them have already started dreaming of rising or began to actually rise.

When a woman is seen as a mother, wife, Goddess, sister etc., they are actually put on a pedestal or under a shrine, and by doing so they are already considered devoid of powers. They are restricted from any power and just endowed with all the fanciful useless sentiments. They are embodied as all the superficial powers that may not be in function ever, because if they do, then these women cease to be the goddess’ and become a threat. A constant threat to the belief systems of men and some likeminded women as well.

When a woman, a female is out in public, doing something great, for 80% people (including men and women) she is being exceptional. When she does something great they say “wow she is doing this being a girl!” This is not very pleasing. We have to get this. We have to make this “exceptional” unexceptional. This is nothing better than pedestaling. If we want a normal life for women, we need to normalize our minds. We have to put it in an easy way by giving them an entity of human not as a special sex.

We have to normalize our psychology. This fight is not against a set of humans but against the mentality, thinking, and mindsets.  If we start to normalize there are chances women will be seen as normal as men are. Not as the sex object, not as Goddess, not as somebody who needs to be protected under names or connotation. They need not be praised for being form weaker sex, as they aren’t. They don’t need a special pedestal, but space where they are normal.

I remember women who started their battle and lost if to a male-centric society. I would like to mention Qandeel Baloch from Pakistan, who lost the battle not because she loses but because she was denied from winning. She was killed by her brother because she was not normal for him and the society they breathe in. She was a girl of dreams and also courage because to stand straight and hold your grounds is such a society you certainly need that.

She was a threat for all of them who feared her and feared that she could possibly inspire a change in their narrowed and strict society. I am sure there are many Qandeels in the world who are afraid to come out in public because they know they will be feared.

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Beautiful Love-story of the World’s Tiniest Couple



Beautiful Love-story of the World’s Tiniest Couple

Love stories are always wonderful and amazing. We always find a love story too cute and lovely as love has no bars, no conditions. What would make you believe in it, even more, is this heart-warming love story of the world’s smallest couple. Yes, you read it right, this cute little couple takes the cuteness to another level when they are together.

Read on to know their amazing love story.

  • World’s tiniest couple, Paulo and Katyucia, never let their size hinder relationship which is truly based on mutual love and understanding.
  • The couple is suffering from a genetic disorder that resulted in their lack of growth as a normal size human.
  • But that doesn’t make them any different from other couples who spend time together and wholeheartedly devote their life to each other.
  • Paulo says that when he first saw Katyucia he knew that it is love at first sight. He fell in love with her the very moment he saw her. On the other hand, Katyucia didn’t feel a thing when she saw him. She really didn’t feel the spark. So this love story has a little twist as well.
  • Instead, for reciprocating his love, Katyucia blocked him on social sites as she found his cheesy and flirting lines so annoying. Well but since they were meant to be together, Katyucia anyhow couldn’t manage to resist for too long and decided to give him another chance.
  • Paul didn’t let it go and would drove over 150 miles to meet his love of life. They used to chat for hours, but Katyuica wasn’t that easy.
  • Paul didn’t give up on her. He took her for many romantic dates and after some time she started falling for him, too. She trusted his love for her and had fallen in love equally.
  • Both of them make an ideal couple. They have a lot to inspire others. Despite their size both of them are highly ambitious and have better relationship goals.
  • Katyucia has a beauty salon. Both have dreams and goals in life to achieve something greater. Both of them are each other’s strength and depend on each other, too. Like any other couple, they too fight sometime and share a sweet and sour sort of relationship.
  • The couple has their day to day life problems. Sometimes they are mocked at the street. Or they find it hard to cope up with the normal size world. As ATMs, counters at shops and marts are hard to reach. But that doesn’t let the couple stop from doing anything. This strengthens their bond to unites them as they fight for the better life together.

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