Study Says Extremely Thin Women are More Likely to Become Victims of Depression

Extremely Thin Women

Each one of us has a different body size and shape. We believe beauty has no size or shape. You are equally beautiful no matter you have the thin, fat or medium body. As long as you are healthy and fit your body size doesn’t matter. But this news might alarm thin ladies.

A new study has revealed that extremely thin girls or women are more prone to be a victim of depression and anxiety. They are likely to get emotionally depressed and mood swings comparatively more than other women.

  • According to a study by the Seoul National University of Medicine, South Korea, though both men and women suffer from the negative thoughts or emotional breakdown. Thinner women are more likely to get depressed.
  • The study says that people who are depressed are more likely to lose weight, which could also mean that being thin makes them depressed.
  • The author says “It seems that the current ideal o thinness affects women more than their male counterparts and causes more psychological distress in women, which can, in turn, lead to depression.”
  • The study is based on 183 different studies, according to which malnutrition effects on people’s mood, thus underweight people are more likely to suffer from mood swings.
  • Dr. Agnes Ayton, vice chairman of the eating disorders faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists says “This large study confirms that optimal nutrition is fundamentally important for physical and mental health. Both being underweight and obese is associated with an increased risk of depression. It is an important finding, as people with eating disorders often assume that losing weight will improve their happiness.”

This also means that if you eat proper and a healthy diet you are more likely to be mentally, physically and emotionally stable, since all these things are interdependent.