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The 10 Best Experiences in Dubai For Adventure Lovers




The 10 Best Experiences in Dubai for Adventure Lovers

While Dubai may be better known for its retail haunts, more and more travelers are making the journey to the City of Gold to experience some truly thrilling adventure sports. Beyond the traditional tourist attractions, shopping, and wining and dining, Dubai offers its visitors plenty of indoor and outdoor adventure activities to be explored.

If you’re seeking adventure, Dubai has it in spades. Whether it’s by land, sea, or air, Dubai and its surrounding landscape is a huge playground for adventure lovers. From skydiving and desert safaris to skiing in the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Dubai is truly an undeniable blissful adventure.

For adventure enthusiasts, here are the 10 must-try thrilling experiences in Dubai.

1. Skydiving

Dubai Skydiving

via: YouTube

Falling from at least 4,000 meters in the air isn’t exactly most people’s idea of fun. But for thrill seekers, skydiving is right up their alley. The thrill of free falling is an undeniable experience and one that cannot be easily mimicked.

The rush of jumping out of a plane is the ultimate thrill ride. Daredevils traveling to Dubai get to experience this epic adventure as they leap out of a turboprop plane at almost 4,000 meters. Particularly as you freefall to the sights of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and the city’s towering skyline.

For inexperienced skydivers, tandem parachute flights are available. It’s important to note that age, height, and weight restrictions do apply, so inquire before you go.

2. Water Parks

Water Parks in Dubai

via: Pexels

Dubai’s water parks are a welcome sight for thrill seekers in search of aquatic adrenaline rushes. Aquaventure Waterpark, Wild Wadi Water Park, and LEGOLAND Water Park are just some of the water parks available in Dubai ready to provide liquid thrills.

No matter your chosen water park, each is a vast playground for adults and kids alike. Aquaventure Waterpark has a near-vertical plunging waterslide aptly named Leap of Faith. Meanwhile, Wild Wadi offers the exhilarating Jumeirah Sceirah, a death-defying tandem slide that is a wild ride from start to finish.

Certain water rides will have minimum height requirements. Opening hours will also vary according to the water park and by season. Check each respective website for more information.

3. Hot Air Ballooning

Savor the best of Dubai’s landscape with an early morning hot air balloon experience. Take to the skies as you bear witness to an incredible sunrise peaking its way through the Hajar Mountains and blanketing Dubai’s endless sand dunes with its warm glow.

As you glide up and away from the city, you are given a fantastic vantage point to view Dubai’s dramatic and beautiful desert landscape. Rising in popularity over the years, certain hot air ballooning experiences provide a complete adventure package complete with a falcon show and gourmet breakfast once your feet return to the ground.

4. Climbing

Dubai may have a flat, desert landscape, but in a nearby emirate, there is a unique mountaineering experience that is both challenging and exhilarating. The Hajar Mountains and the mountainous parts of Ras Al Khaimah offer climbers, hikers, and mountaineers memorable, picturesque views from the summit.

With limited technical climbing available, this adventure experience is perfect for any tourist seeking to escape Dubai’s glittering metropolis.

However, if your climbing experience is more catered to the indoors, there’s plenty of opportunities to get vertical in Dubai. The Rock Republic, Pharaoh’s Club, and other rock climbing venues allow adventure enthusiasts the opportunity to scale walls like Spider-Man.

5. Surfing

surfing in Dubai

via: Facebook | @WadiAdventure

Taking to the waves off Dubai’s coast is the perfect way to cool off. While not known as a surfing destination, surf seekers will find plenty of action here in Dubai. With pleasant water temperatures and the absence of rocks or corals, Dubai is the ideal place for casual surfers to develop their technique.

The World Islands, Palm islands, the Dubai Eye, and other coastal re-developments offer limited surfing opportunities, but there are still plenty of breaks to be had if you know where to look.

Sunset Beach and North Beach are both a surfer’s paradise, though the latter is more catered to experienced surfers due to the formation of high swells throughout the season.

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6. Desert Safaris

Desert safaris are one of the most popular ways to explore Dubai’s vast desert landscape. Certain safari adventure companies provide package deals so you can enjoy unique desert excursions. Your desert rendezvous will be led by an expert local guide who can tell the tale of Dubai’s enchanting, barren landscape.

Dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding are a must while exploring the desert. Each is a different thrill that is sure to get your heart racing.

When the sun dips below the horizon, complete your desert excursion with a relaxing camping retreat under the unrivaled Arabian stars. Dine and feast on a delicious barbeque dinner by the fire as you enjoy a traditional tanoura dance performance.

7. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Dubai

via: Bayut

Just like on land, there is plenty to see and do under Dubai’s waters. Despite being overlooked as a top diving destination, Dubai offers a range of dive sites that offer pristine reefs, incredible wreckage, and an abundance of marine life.

There are night dives, reef dives, and guided dives available to adventure seekers off the coast of Dubai. For those hesitant to take the plunge into the deep blue sea, aquarium dives are available at the Dubai Aquarium located in The Dubai Mall.

For any indoor or outdoor diving excursion, restrictions apply, so check before going.

8. Indoor Skiing

No adventure experience in Dubai could be considered complete without a pilgrimage to Ski Dubai.

The first of its kind in the Gulf Region, Ski Dubai is a wonderfully enchanting alpine winter wonderland situated in the Mall of the Emirates. Ski Dubai’s mountain can serve as the perfect escape for slope-starved expats and adventure tourists looking to escape Dubai’s sweltering heat.

While it may not compare to places like the Alps, curious tourists and snow virgins can be challenged enough to enjoy the experience.

9. Flyboarding

This relatively new adventure sport utilizes snowboard-style bindings and a water-powered jetpack to propel adventure lovers high above the Persian Gulf.

If your quest for adrenaline-filled activities includes an aquatic component, then flyboarding will suit your needs. The ultimate, gravity-defying watersport, flyboarding is an adrenaline-filled watersport experience unlike any other.

With twin jet nozzles strapped to your feet, you are free to slice through the water or zoom around in the air like a superhero.

10. Autodrome Racing

The ability to race a supercar around a dedicated race track is a dream for many adrenaline junkies. At Dubai Autodrome, rubber truly meets the road. The ultimate motoring experience, racing around the Autodrome is an unforgettable life-defining experience.

Specially prepared authentic Formula One race cars like the Jaguar F1 2000 or the Arrows F1 2002 allow thrill seekers and car enthusiasts alike to feel the power of acceleration and the heart-racing pace of an F1 race.

If letting loose on the track may be too much to handle, Dubai Autodrome also has a dedicated indoor and outdoor circuit for kart racing aptly named “Kartdrome.”

Finding adventure with Dubai

Dubai’s reputation may be steered more towards being a glamorous playground, but those seeking adventure will be spoiled for choice with Dubai’s rich variety of adrenaline activities, all just waiting to be experienced.

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Featured image source: Peepal Travels

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Manage A Coffee Shop With Your BFF And Live A Stunning life On This Small Island For free




Remote Island in Ireland

A very unique job offer for all those buddies who are looking to escape from the monotonous life. This is a wonderful job for all of them who want to live a stress-free life on a small island in Ireland away from worldly pleasures and madding crowds. This is like a dream come true for them who have never lived on an island or visited there even once in their lifetime. They are seeking two people to man their coffee shop and live there for free. Who all wants to be there?

Let’s know about the whole proposition below.

Small Island in Ireland known as “The Great Blasket Island”

So, there’s a small island in Ireland known as “The Great Blasket Island, has come up with a unique job offer. This is a remote island off the coast of Ireland is looking for two people to manage their coffee shop and live there for free with zero expense.

They took the news to their Twitter account

Recently, the island’s official Twitter account has posted this unique job offer which read, “A unique position required — looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends,”.

and since then, the post has gone viral like a fire in the bush on the internet and everyone is rushing to apply for this unique position.

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When do you need to join the job?

Remote Island in Ireland

via: Twitter

The two people are required from April to October 2020, while accommodation and food will be provided for free according to their post. Isn’t that awesome? Living at such a stunning island and eating for free. Those who are interested in this job offer can write an email to “Alice” and send it at the island’s general email account at to apply for the job.

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What is the job expectation?

Well, this job doesn’t require having a master’s degree or some training. The island’s employees Alice and Billy are looking for a “fit, hardworking and enthusiastic duo,” who can manage their coffee shop. There key responsibilities in the job role will be to serve breakfast, image accommodation for new guests and run the coffee shop too. They will also have to clean the chicken coop, water the plants and light fireplaces for guests, among others.

Know something about the cottage located on the island

The Great Blasket Island cottage

via: Twitter

On the island, there are a total of 5 cottages, out of which three are open for tourists. However, the cottages have no electricity or hot showers like your home. There is a small turbine which you can use to charge your mobile phones or laptops. Don’t worry you don’t have to do the laundry as it is taken away from the island washed and then returned back to the respective guests.

Well, it may sound a little offbeat or unconventional; the whole thing sounds a bit exciting an absolutely new. So, what do you think about this unique job proposition? Are you up for it?

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5 Most Luxurious And Comfortable Train Rides In India That Will Leave You Spellbound




Luxurious Train Rides In India

The Indian Railways is doing development as the skyrocketing speed. There was a time when we used to carry our own beds and pillows and we used to hear this voice ‘Garam Chai Lelo’ from street tea vendor. Today, in the time of super-fast express trains, let’s explore some of the most luxurious trains in India in which you can travel with all the luxury and royalty. They are not just a normal means of transport, but inside them, you can experience uber-luxury facilities while you travel from one destination to another.

Let’s have a look at these trains in which you should sit at least once in your lifetime.

1. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels was the first heritage luxury put together by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation that introduced the charm of royal travel among the Indians as well as foreign travellers. This train has very well shown what luxury is all about to the Indians. This uber-luxury train was once used as transportation by the Nizams of Hyderabad and the kings of the princely states of Rajputana, Gujarat and others.

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2. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

As its name suggests, this train let you experience the rich heritage of Rajasthan. If you want to experience the Rajput culture of valour and hospitality, then this is the train in which you should at least once in your life. After boarding the train, the passengers are welcomed and greeted in the Rajasthani culture and style.

They have private cabins which are no less than luxury with nicely decorated interiors, images from interiors, imagery from Rajputana history, and modern facilities of a luxury hotel along with the fine-dining experiences.

3. The Golden Chariot

An initiative taken by the Karnataka State Tourism Board, The Golden Chariot let you travel through World Heritage Sites. These trains are elegantly designed and are equipped with facilities like royal kings. They serve you breakfast in bed and mesmerize you with the scenic routes. The train has facilities like an Ayurveda spa centre, in-house fine-dining restaurants and well-maintained lounges to make your travel worth.

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4. Fairy Queen Express

Fairy Queen Express

This is one of the oldest trains that offer luxury train journeys in India. It is powered by the oldest serving steam locomotive built in around 1855. This train has also been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records and is also a recipient of National Tourism Award.

5. Maharajas’ Express

This luxury train has been awarded the title of the “World’s Leading Luxury Train” for 6 consecutive years by the World Travel Awards, This train is more than a luxury which you can’t even think of. The idea of developing the train was to explore India’s heritage sites while onboard a palace. In this train, you will get everything luxury beyond your imagination from private lounges, bedrooms, lavish washrooms and a plush dining area.

So, now you know about the luxury trains of India. Wouldn’t you want to take a ride in them?

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7 Signs That Are Telling You To Leave Your Work and Plan Your Next Getaway ASAP





Leave Your Work and Plan Your Next Getaway

Work, work and work. If nothing but only the ‘work’ comes into your mind all the time, then it’s seriously the high time to take a much-needed break from your work. Being overloaded with work makes you feel stressed out and stretched too. Your daily routine has become like running out to the door in the morning, rushing to the office, hurrying to get a report out on time, attend your urgent meeting and this thing keeps ongoing.

As a consequence, you and your personal life suffer a lot, you start living alone or you just hate everything. If these things are happening to you, then these are the signs which are warning you to get a break from your work for sometime before it gets too late.

1. You have started feeling negative

You have started feeling negative

You are feeling bored and are having difficulty motivating yourself to get your work done. Now, everything about your job annoys you. You are neither feeling satisfied nor fulfilled when it comes to the daily grind and your career. If these types of thoughts come in your mind, believe me, it’s a time for a break.

2. You are finding difficulty in sleeping

You are finding difficulty in sleeping

If you are having trouble sleeping, you could possibly be suffering from acute insomnia which usually occurs from excess stress. You keep tossing and turning all night, but this thing will not help you. You need to go on a vacation with your loved ones to burst the stress out of your body. Give yourself some time to rest apart from doing your work.

3. You are committing more mistakes at work

You are committing more mistakes at work

If your work doesn’t interest you anymore, then you will find a lack of concentration. As a result, you will keep making mistakes at work which seems normal to you, but it’s not. It’s normal when you do the mistake for the first time, but if you keep on repeating the same mistake again and again then you should probably take a break.

4. You end your day with alcohol

You end your day with alcohol

If you feel stressed all the time, nothing but alcohol seems the best solution for you, then it’s the time to go on a vacation as it clearly shows how frustrated you are from your boring work. And using alcohol or wine as a coping mechanism won’t do anything good for you.

5. Your loved ones have forgotten what you look like

Your loved ones have forgotten what you look like

You might have heard of this, work hard, play hard. Right? But what happens if you forget the ‘play’ part, then you are on the fast track of burning out. If now you choose over time instead of spending quality time with your loved ones, then book off the vacation to spend some time with your beloved, family and friends.

6. You don’t get excited about anything now

You don't get excited about anything now

When you are overburdened with work, you feel irritated and stressed all the time. Due to work-stress and thinking about only work all the time, you are not able to get that excited feeling if something good happens to you. You can’t feel positive even if you want. So, if everything seems boring, irritating and when nothing brings out the cheer in you, then going on a vacation may help you get back to life.

7. Your personal life is suffering

Your personal life is suffering

When you are indulging in doing too much work all the time, you get disconnected from your family, friends and loved ones. This is the reason which also makes your personal life suffer as you are not paying attention to your partner. So, go and spend time with your beloved by going on an exotic vacation.

If any of these signs are bothering you, then what are you waiting for go on a vacation right away.

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