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The 4 Best Mobile Tracking Applications for Android



Mobile Tracking Applications for Android

In the event that you utilize an Android telephone and the reality of following a telephone number through a free site isn’t some tea, you can utilize a few applications to track your number of intrigue. Coming up next are the free versatile following applications. pioneers for Android of which you should make utilization of.

1: Mobile Number Locator

Portable Number Locator in a free versatile number following application situated to Android that gives you unparalleled adaptability with regards to following a specific number.


– It accompanies a completely practical Google 3D outline.

– Every everyone the internationally utilized codes are available in this application.

– The programmed call ID highlight tells you who the new guest is before picking up the telephone.


– It works consummately without Internet association.

– You can call and message anybody through this application as opposed to utilizing exhausting call logs and message stages that come pre-introduced with Android gadgets.

– You can see a rundown of all your call records, the starting point zone and also the name of the administrator.

– The Google 3D outline it simple for you to know precisely the area of the telephone number.


– Only relevant in India, Canada, Pakistan, and the US.

– You can not track any versatile number ported.

2: Mobile Number Tracker

Portable Number Tracker is a free versatile number following application that gives you the chance to track the area of any number depending on your area.


– You can track the area of your objective number after two fundamental advances.

– Support portable suppliers. GSM, State, and CDMA.

– It accompanies an inherent GPS delineate makes it simple to track the area of the telephone number.


– It’s simple for you to track any number paying little respect to the system supplier.

– Only two basic advances are required to recoup your number.

– It’s anything but difficult to utilize.


– Only tracks telephone numbers situated in India.

– Various clients have griped about the nature of the administrations advertised.

– You should have an Internet association. dynamic to track your telephone number.

3: Caller ID and Number Locator

On the off chance that you are searching for an adaptable and exceptionally solid free telephone number tracker, look no more distant than the Caller ID and Number Locator application. Not at all like other free portable numbers following applications, this application joins the mix of the guest ID and the number locator.


– It has a database where in excess of 12,982 urban areas are similarly put something aside for a streamlined following.

– The guest ID include tells you the genuine guest of another number before you can pick up the telephone.

– It accompanies a discretionary call blocking highlight.


– You can scan for any number without essentially utilizing a functioning Internet association.

– You can look through any versatile number in excess of 200 nations universally.

– You can see the area of the guest, and also the ID.

– Thanks to the call blocker highlight, you can hinder any irritating guest.

– The nearness of the guide makes it simpler for you to decide accurately the correct cause of the guest.


– It can not deal with any Android adaptation before 4.0.

4: Truecaller

It is a well-known fact that Truecaller is the world’s driving worldwide call and number locator application. Truecaller number tracker enables to track your friends or relatives location from your


– The blocking highlight enables you to square undesirable numbers.

– You can see the name and photo of your guest.

– It has a contact database which makes it simple for you to track an obscure number.


– Your telephone directory contacts are not stacked online as it is with different applications.

– You can know when somebody is searching for your number on the web.

– You can make calls specifically from the application.

– With more than 200 million clients, you have ensured the best following and confinement


– You should have a functioning Internet association for this application to work.

– You should utilize your telephone number to enlist the application.

Author Bio: Vikas Bhatnagar, a tech journalist working as a chief editor
at Fabdroid, an online tech magazine. He always struggles to explore new tech
stuff that makes him passion about it. In addition to writing, he spends much
time in illustrator works and family of course.

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Brush Up Your Cross App Development Skills as the Market is Expected to Touch 188.9 Billion U.S. dollars very soon!





Mobile phones have very quickly become an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Starting from setting plans for tomorrow, waking up to the alarm in the phone, listening to music, staying connected with the world through the social sites to replying to emails or doing some official work, everything can be done using the mobile phones.

In fact, most of our needs are also fulfilled by mobile apps these days, like ordering food, grocery to paying bills everything is possible just with a few taps of the fingers. And, all this is possible only because of so many applications that we use on a day to day basis. This clearly embodies the importance of applications in our lives today, and there is nothing which can actually replace it at the moment.

The dilemma faced by the mobile app developers

Mobile apps are much more than a mere luxury for today’s world. They have almost become a necessity of our daily life. One of the greatest obstacles which the mobile application developers face even before the dilemma of making apps just for one platform or for various different platforms.

App developers are confused between developing a cross-platform app, or other apps. Most of the times, the directions come from the company who needs the app. And, as per the need of business, the apps are developed either for cross-platform functionalities or for usage on a single platform.

Why should you opt cross-platform app development?

However, in these changing dynamics of the business world, it won’t take a lot of time for the needs or demands to change. If you need another app now, you might very soon need a cross-development app too. However, nowadays, most of the companies are only going for cross-platform app development, as it serves more benefits.

The need of the hour is to only identify the best possible tools and the programs which enable the process of cross-platform app development a lot easier.

The up-to-the-minute mobile application code supports the ideology of write once and runs anywhere type of a concept. The app development expert has to only write the code just once on one platform, and afterward, the code will run on a wide range of different platforms. The main objective of these type of tools is that they save a lot of time and effort of the app development specialists.

Developers are in a good position to even use the same code again and again. They may even choose to design mobile applications which are capable of working smoothly on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Windows and of course, Android etc.

Cross-platform app development is a boon for the development industry!

As we already know that cross-platform apps are the ones which are capable of running on a wide range of operating systems by using a similar code, therefore, the making of such apps takes comparatively lesser time. Native Cross-Platform Mobile Applications and Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross-Platform Mobile Applications are the two key categories of cross-app development.

Some of the key advantages of developing apps which work on several platforms are the fact that cross-app development leads to a quicker development process, and it also lessens the cost involved in the development of the app. It is believed that more than 50% codes can be easily used again. So that they may be easily realized across different platforms.

At the same time, this type of app development offers a host of advantages during the maintenance cycle. If a developer sees a bug in a common codebase, then it has to be sorted only once, and the problem will be solved everywhere. Also, the developer has to write each and every unit tests just one time for common code, and this again saves a lot of time, money and effort, which can be further used to write more.

Overall, cross-app development is a grossing market, and there are many reasons which make it this big. Firms should focus their energies on this type of app development as if they do so, then it becomes easy for them to use all the present programming resources, rather than wasting time in learning platform-centric development language.

Also, cross-platform apps are just perfect for as the B2B applications as well, and this is also one of the major reasons why the market is blooming with cross-platform app developers!

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How on Demand Home Cleaning Apps Make Normal Lives Easier Than Ever?




The word on-demand is extremely popular these days. The on-demand economy and on-demand mobile apps sound familiar to ears. The on-demand mobile apps bring an indispensable ease to our lives and tell us how to live stress-free.

In old times, it was an annoying task to look for the maids and the cleaners who used to cost a lot when less available. But now, there is an app for every house cleaning requirement. These on-demand home cleaning apps just let people be at peace with their own household chores.

When it comes to keeping the house clean, nothing is more important as if the surrounding is clean. Only, then a person can be healthy. These on-demand home cleaning apps make one sit relaxed and just watch the things getting in place. Users don’t even have to oil up the machines for effective functioning.

You can take the example of the urbanclap, which provides a hygienic cleaning and many other services related to the daily routines of the individuals.


Looking at the success of Urbanclap, Task rabbit and similar other apps, businesses have started showing interest in on-demand home cleaning app development. To bring peace of mind in-house and mind, one needs their best on-demand Home Cleaning app.

Here is the extensive guide for why you ought to have one-

Multifaceted services and interface

The best on-demand Home Cleaning apps come with multiple services under a single interface. Like while you have such an app with you, the services like home-cleaning, electricians, plumbing etc, should be handy enough to be available on a single call and your customer can avail it.

As per the demand of the duration, people prefer easy designs with good user experience and hassle-free services handy. Thus, you need a good app that will understand its targeted audience and will let them be at peace with their daily chores.

Flexible bookings

The app made by the home cleaning app development company should not only be offering the booking or pre-bookings. But they should come up with the flexibility of the bookings as well.

The bookings should be according to the customer desire as per the time of their requirement. The later and now option while booking any service really attracts procrastinators. As most of the people of this era are full of procrastination and prefer to service providers to encourage their habit, instead of removing it.

Therefore, while being the best app developers we will provide all the ease to the life of your clients and easy to use features also. As we know, these features are must to enable them to do maximum bookings.

Customization with the personal selection

What is the fun of giving all the customization, if the client doesn’t know about the service provider or the one who is coming to clean their house? So, you need to give them this privilege, so that they can appreciate your services more and should be satisfied to the greater extent.

Moreover, the homeowner has a better idea of what kind of services and what kind of person will suit their house cleaning. The best apps usually come with an option in which the sending request and talking to the person before hiring one is present. The advantage of this feature is that it doesn’t lead to the aftermaths full of issues.

Besides that, your customers can have full control over the experience and what sort of work, the person can serve the best. Thus, it is a must have an app developed to have a  smooth functioning of such sort of services and better customer base.

Consistent and smooth payments

Payments can be the main concern of your clients as it is their hard-earned money. As sometimes, when people are paying online for a new website or any application, they are little doubtful with the security of our money, no matter how many positive reviews they have come across already.

So, to avoid that dubious thought through your client’s mind, the Home Cleaning app development company ought to include smooth and seamless payment methods. So as to show their reliability in terms of the money related matters. However, it is undeniable that online payments are just impeccable in this tech-savvy world and highly mode people.

So, the safety and security of the customer are hard earned money is the responsibility of the app owner, that is you. The reason behind using such methods on your app is the good user experience and the safety of the credentials of the debt and the credit cards details of the customer.

So, in order to give such an experience to your clients, you must get a customized app developed beforehand.

You need your own business app in this tech-savvy world

The foremost thing is to opt for the best Home Cleaning app development company is vital which will enable you to provide good user experience, flexibility to book and direct conversations with the person who is going to do the cleaning service, altogether to your customer.

Most importantly, the developed app must keep all the payment methods and credentials safe and secure. So, get all the praises of your clients by giving them such an ease in terms of their cleaning stuff.

Author Bio –

Sonal Mehta

Gravatar A/c:

Sonal Mehta

I am a Content Lead at SoluLab, a leading Enterprise Blockchain, Mobile Apps and Web development company, started by ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs and ex-principal software architect of Citrix. SoluLab Inc provides full spectrum, 360-degree services to enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs helping turn their dreams into awesome software products.

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Watch Out For The Prime Mobile App Development Trends Of 2018 And Beyond




Android application is regarded as one of the prominent operating systems for mobile devices. It is also considered to be the cutting edge technology of mobile computing. The platform of Android is based on Linux operation system and has been developed by the tech giant-Google. The user-friendly navigational architecture and immersive user experience have made Android widely popular among the users.

Smartphones have become utility devices as they are used as a means for communication and entertainment among people of all age groups. Mobile app development is really a tricky affair. With the revolutionary changes in the field of science and technology developing of mobile apps has become highly competitive.

An app development company has to know the tastes and preferences of the existing and potential customers along with appropriate uses of technologies to deliver unique and attractive services.

This article will deal with some major trends in Android technology which can deeply influence the users’ perspectives.

Following are the noteworthy trends:

Instant apps:

The Android phone users are quite familiar with the instant apps aspect. Google mail, Google drive are the two most common examples of instant apps that are available in the Google suite. These applications come free of cost in your Android device.

But you have to remember that these apps cannot be uninstalled. You can take all the advantages of working with these apps as it can help you do things faster and conveniently.

Machine learning and intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is really a fascinating concept which you have heard. But you will be really excited if you can have it in your device. Machine learning, however, is an integral part of artificial intelligence and is an important element behind many mobile apps.

The use of machine learning will help you work with apps in a customized way. This concept will first assess the way by which you use the apps and will then guide you to make the best uses for meeting the desired purpose. The predictive text feature is the best example of machine learning.

Accelerated Mobile Pages of Google:

Have you ever faced problems while trying to open web pages in your mobile? This incident still happens but has majorly become a thing of past. The work of the AMP project is responsible for this. AMP is an abbreviated form for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It helps in dealing with online content that works well for internet browsers of different operating systems and mobile phones.

The developer of Android-Google runs the Google AMP Cache for the AMP project. AMP cache is defined as a program which helps in creating and storing versions of websites automatically. It can also run on various coding languages. The main task of the AMP project is to make more web pages compatible with mobile devices.

Cloud-based Android apps:

The cloud concept is a new way of accessing and storing information. It is very helpful for mobile technologies as it makes storing safer and occupies less storage space on your mobile. Using the Cloud technology your mobile device can acquire all kinds of information including those in the Google suite and the instant apps.

Block Chain Technology:

This technique helps in providing high-end security to your mobile data. A series of discrete units of information is called a blockchain. Because of its distributed nature, it is really impossible to change the chain discretely.

Internet of Things:

With the rise of mobile technology, the Internet of Things has become quite popular. This technique has enabled the devices to communicate with each other easily. The possibilities with this technology are limitless. For instance, it can be used to unlock doors. Also, you will receive notifications, when the food quantity gets reduced in the refrigerator. IoT has got a bigger potential than Android.

But when attached to mobile phones, Android started getting attention. Due to this, Android has come up with ‘Android Things’. Using this program, an Android developer can build apps for communicating with other devices. Android Things has a library of basic coding which helps in making apps compatible with IoT technology.


The trends discussed above have been phenomenal in enhancing the attributes or features of modern day smartphones. These trends have not only made data storage and information sharing safe and convenient but have also enabled the users to avail high-end security in safeguarding confidential information.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company. Mr. Roy has got extensive knowledge and experience in the domain of mobile app development. He is also good at writing blogs and articles online regarding the upcoming trends or developments in this arena.

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