The Best and The Worst of CSGO Smurf Accounts

CSGO Ranks accounts

The fever of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) never tends to end. The game has seen a fair share of recognition and fame from the day it was introduced to the world. The Counter-Strike series has been introducing its games for the Xbox, PS, as well as Windows making all genres of the gamers, fall in love with the game.

This first-person multiplayer shooting (FPS) video game is creating an uproar among the gamers from the day of their first installment.

Game Logic

The teams are separated into two parts; Terrorists and Counter-terrorists. Both teams have to complete the assigned mission in order to win the match. Each player gets the opportunity to play as a CT (counter-terrorism) and terrorist in the match. Players have to gain more XP by making kills, completing missions and assisting in order to reach the higher rank. The ranking system of CS: GO gives XP to the player after every round which is the only way to rank up.

Failure to achieve either of the tasks results in a failed mission.

The Aid

The ranking system in CS: GO is an element of a nuisance for some. This is why people often opt to buy CSGO Smurf accounts. It is not a bad thing to buy a CSGO account but the fear of getting banned stops people from doing so. Opting to buy CSGO Smurf accounts is completely safe and secure. Players are not getting banned from the game is they buy CSGO accounts. Instead, all players get a shortcut for better CS: GO ranks via opting to buy CSGO accounts.

The rank of a player does not determine the skills of a particular player. But rank surely enables the player to compete in ranked matches. Ranks also unlock unique weapons and gadgets which helps the player get more points and kills per game.

Benefits of buying CSGO Smurf accounts

If a player wants to buy CSGO accounts, the first thing is to find an authorized shop. The best thing about ranked accounts is that the players can easily calibrate better in the game. Since they are getting the rank which they way, they get the satisfaction as well.

Players can team up and match against similarly ranked players which only brings the best out of them. Best of all, ranked accounts mean higher possibilities of getting skins and crates in the game.

Tips for players

  • Organize controls according to personal preference.
  • Learn how to pre-fire and burst fire to get kills easily.
  • Right mouse sensitivity is a must.
  • No reloading or purchasing ammo between rounds.
  • Sidestep and/or Strafe shooting helps a lot.
  • Opt for headshots rather than body shots.
  • Play a huge number of death matches for better skills.
  • Practice as much as possible.

Any player can buy CSGO account and get the rank he desires. Taking about the bads of CSGO, there aren’t any. Most bad things about ranked accounts are myths. Most pros suggest opting for CSGO smurf accounts to tackle the cheater and other illegitimate players in the game.