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The File Username.ost is in Use and Cannot Be Accessed Issue -Solved



The File Username.ost is in Use and Cannot Be Accessed Issue

When Microsoft Outlook email application is used while connected to Exchange server all the mailbox data items such as emails, contacts, calendar, tasks are stored locally in the file Called OST ( Offline storage table). This OST file format is actually the replica of the exchange mailbox. The ability to work offline is useful in some environment with limited or unreliable internet connectivity.

But sometimes the user has to face The file username.ost is in use and cannot be accessed issue. This shows that the OST file which You are trying to open is used by another program or application. Let us understand the situation with the help of users query.

“Hello everyone! Last night when I was using Microsoft Outlook application. I got an error like C:\users\user\app data\local\microsoft\outook\outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” Can anyone tell why I am getting this OST is in use and cannot be accessed error and how to fix this issue. Thanks in Advance!”

Are you also Microsoft Outlook user? If you are looking for a solution of the above problem then I will suggest you read this article. In this article, I will discuss the reasons behind Outlook OST cannot be accessed issue. We will discuss the manual and automated solution to resolve this issue. Keep reading here…

Why The User Has to Face The File Username.ost Is In Use and Cannot Be Accessed Error

Here are the several reasons of this Outlook OST cannot be accessed issue.

  • When multiple users tried to access the same OST file then the user has to face this issue.
  • Because of Slow internet connection.
  • In case of Runtime conflict of other applications with the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Improper OST file synchronization with the Exchange server mailboxes.

Manual Method to Fix Default Outlook Profile.ost is in Use and Cannot Be Accessed Issue

Method 1: By Killing All the related Process.

  1. The user has to press CTRL + ALT+DEL and then select Task Manager.
  2. Then choose the “Processes” Tab.
  3. Search for anything named like “Communicator”, “Lynx”, ”ucmapi” or Outlook. In case if the user finds any items related to this then choose the “End Task” button.

Method 2: Disable Cached Exchange Mode

Here is a second method to fix OST is in use and cannot be accessed error. In this method, the user has to disable the cache exchange mode. Follow the steps below.

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Now the user has to open “Control Panel” and then select “Mail”.
  3. Now the user has to select “Email account” and then choose “Email Tab”.
  4. Now select the email id and then the user has to click on “Change
  5. After that, the user has to uncheck the “Use cache Exchange Mode
  6. then Choose>>Next>>Finish.

Expert Solution to Fix The file Username.ost Is In Use and Cannot Be Accessed Error

The user can also prefer this best OST to PST software to solve this issue. This software helps the user to convert the OST file to PST file format easily. And that PST file can be imported easily in all editions of Microsoft Outlook. This utility gives Quick and advanced scan feature which helps the user to recover the data from corruption issues. Moreover, this software comes with easy to use graphical user interface so that everyone can easily use this software with ease.

Follow the Steps to Convert the OST file to PST file format

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Now click on Add file button.
  3. Browse the location of the OST file.
  4. Now click on Export button to convert the OST file to PST file format.
  5. After Browse the destination location to Save the data.
  6. After that click on the Export button to start the export process.

Follow The Certain Steps to Import the PST file In Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook Application.
  2. Now click on File and then choose Open and Export.
  3. Then choose Import/ Export.
  4. Select Import from another program or file.
  5. Choose Outlook data file (.pst).
  6. Browse the PST file and click on Next.
  7. Choose Import items to current folder option and click on Finish.


In this article, we have discussed the issue faced by many users the file username.ost is in use and cannot be accessed. We have given the reason why the user has to face this issue. And also we have given the manual and automated solution to solve OST is in use and cannot be accessed error. If manual techniques won’t work then the user can prefer this best OST file to PST converter software.

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iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Review-The Best Windows Password Recovery

Satendra Kashyap



iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

We have all sometime or the other been in a situation where we are locked out of our own devices, be it mobile phones, laptops, computers or tabs. The situation can occur for n number of reasons and the result is always frustrating and even scary as your heart sinks thinking about the worst possible scenarios where you stay locked out of your device.

No matter how many difficulties you face when it comes to device locks, in this article we bring forward to you a simple yet powerful and useful software that will be your savior and save you the hassle of letting your mind go wild with the prospects of what could possibly happen if you never get your device unlocked again! Of course, that would seem a nightmare.

Now, the software we offer is easy to use and easily available one. iSeePassword Windows password recovery Pro , as the name says it all, is the key to opening your computer when you’ve lost yours. iSeePassword can be your savior in a number of troubles, be it that your computer for some reason has decided to lock you down or that you have all of a sudden forgotten your log in password, as the best Windows password recovery software, it is your answer to it.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

If this makes you think that his is a difficult piece of software to operate very troublesome, you couldn’t be more wrong. iSeePassword will give a tutorial to you and all you need to do is follow it. What makes this software all the more amazing is that it will work out the password of even a used computer or a new computer, the password of which you never had.

Even if your password is hacked and you are scared to death that you just cannot log in into your computer after that, there is nothing to worry, because iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro will come to your rescue.

Steps to use iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro:

1) Download the best Windows password recovery software  on another working computer

2) Now you’ll need to burn the ISO file for making a bootable bootable disk with this software.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

3) Insert the bootable disk into the locked computer and reboot your PC (you might have to reset the BIOS to boot from your CD/DVD or USB ).

4) Once your PC has rebooted into iSeePassword, click on “Reset Password”. Reset your password and reboot your PC and you should be good to go.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

Another added advantage of this is that it is an extremely versatile software, that works on a number of Operating Systems, like Macintosh, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and on as old ones as Windows 2000. So you basically get the picture.

Apart from all of the above mentioned advantages, it is simple to use, and it won’t disappoint you with its performance. What’s more? It even unlocks Active Directory account, which is like a record that has the names of all the network resources.

Not just all of this, with iSeePassword, you will be spoilt for choice. It comes in three different editions, Standard, Professional and Enterprise and you can choose what suits you the best according to your need.

But these editions come with a price tag, which again is not much when it comes to the safety of your PC.


Now, after all the advantages and considering how user friendly and simple this is iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro should be your go-to tool to help you out of tight corners.

You can find more about the best Windows password recovery tool here

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How to Activate Office 2016 for Your Workstation?

Satendra Kashyap



Activate Office 2016

Microsoft office is undoubtedly one of the important software that any laptop or computer should have, as for working and maintaining database the same provides excellent support to go for. Microsoft Office 2016, is one such software that has penetrated the Mac and Windows laptop and worked smoothly in both of them.

Microsoft Office 2016, is one of the latest version of office available. The software portrays the mobility; auto-save options, switching between devices, etc. has become a lot easier as compared to the previous versions.

Sharing documents and sheets have a different definition now as just click on share tab you can assign the permission to the respective recipients and can also make out the person currently working on documents.

Attachments can also be shared through Share-point and one drive so that now sending bulky attachments doesn’t take much time for the users.

Office 2016 Activation:

Microsoft office 2016, has brought a revolutionary change in the experience of the user to serve them better. The software is best to be used as workspaces and can be installed in the respective devices in no time.

There are windows, Mac and as well as applications are also launched for the users to have quick access to the updated version of Microsoft office. So equip your workstation with a smooth working culture with the help of Microsoft office 2016.

Do you know how to activate Microsoft office 2016? If yes, you can use kms tools like kmspico or kmsauto lite activator as activation. In different platforms the procedure is found to be different, as in the Mac the same is entirely different while on windows the installation follows different steps:

How to install office on Mac:

Below we have mentioned a few steps to guide you through the installation of office in your Mac:

  1. Click on the Launchpad in the dock for display various applications and look for the applications like Microsoft Word to initiate the activation process. Scroll down to search the app.
  2. On clicking a new window open for the user click get started and go for “Sign in” tab. If you didn’t find the respective window go to top menu and click on the word and follow the path to click on activate office and then you will see a tab for sign in.
  3. Now enter your email address, used for the activities associated with Mac and then go to the Next tab.
  4. Enter the password for email to proceed forward.
  5. Once you enter the password, the system started checking for the license and activating it, if found.
  6. And here you are with the Microsoft office 2016, on your Mac.

How to install Microsoft office 2016 in Windows:

For installation you need to buy the office through any retail store and the same is comprised of the key to being loaded while you activate the office on your laptop. You will receive a box and card from the store to check the same for keys before paying for office at any retail store.

Below are the steps will help you in loading the Microsoft office 2016?

  1. Insert the DVD from the box in your laptop and click on set up and look for install office tab to enter the product key.
  2. If you already have an existing Microsoft account or previous version office, then the same provides a provision to enter the email address and password. So do sign in through the same and click next.
  3. Select language and country or region and then go to continue tab.
  4. Now you will end up on my account page and click on install.

The above steps will guide you in installing as well as activating the Microsoft word 2016 on your device and keep using the software being unstoppable.

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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows?




It is often that many people attempt to delete any important data from the system, in this case, they can find the deleted data in the recycle bin present in windows. The real problem arises when that particular data is deleted permanently from the system. Permanent delete can be done by using Shift+ delete operation on the data. In this case, the recovery of data becomes nearly impossible to a normal user.

However, there are ways to recover the data even after the permanent deletion from the system.

Deleted files while upgrading

One of the scenarios when a file can be deleted permanently is upgrading the new version of windows. Sometimes essential files can be deleted if they aren’t in backup or in hard drive, this can be restored by simply restoring previous versions.

As long as you remember the name of the file that is deleted, you can restore it simply from the previous version. Some steps to recover deleted files while upgrading is

  • Create a new folder on the present version of windows probably with the same name.
  • Click on the file and select choose to restore the previous version of windows, you can see the files with different time and date.
  • Restore the files to the created folder.

Use Third-party recovery software

Using third-party recovery software such as Ease US, Pandora Recovery, Recuva recovery software etc is one of the easiest ways to get the permanently deleted files again. Most of them are free recovery software and are effective tools to get the data back from the system.


Working of third-party recovery software

The files of any format which are deleted permanently by using the Shift-Delete option or from the recycle bin clicking on permanent delete remains in the hard drive. The files are stored in hard drive until they are overwritten by any other files from the system.

This third party software penetrates into the data of hardware by its unique programming and fetches the data or file related to search name. The recovery software scans the whole system as well as the hard drive for the file and shows the related files on the software’s screen.

Most of the free data recovery software uses the same format of the scan by the itinerary process. All you have to do is follow some simple steps to use the third party software and they are

  • Download and install the recovery software in your pc and finish the installing process.
  • You can see the scan option displayed on the cover page, click on it with the date that needs to be restored.
  • Click on the search option and you can see all the relevant files that are needed to be restored.
  • Restore option is readily available in the software that can restore the whole date with ease. Be sure to recover the data that is needed based on time and date of deletion.

These free data recovery software can be useful only when the file or data is present in the hard drive, Once the file is overwritten with some other files it is quite impossible for any recovery software to restore that data again to the system.

Effective Free Data Recovery Software

There are many Third party free data recovery software available online but based on their effectiveness, working and outcomes some of the most preferred software is

  1. Ease US Data Recovery Software
  2. Pandora Recovery Software
  3. Recuva
  4. PC Inspector File recovery software

These are widely used and most preferred high-end software that has a number of users all over the world. Moreover, they are user-friendly and has the most convenient options for the recovery and restore of any type of data.

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