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The Maa Of Television Soaps Became Mother In Her Real Life Through Surrogacy



Ekta Kapoor became Mother

Well, it seems that this year like the last will bring lots of reasons to celebrate. The television celebs are getting married, opening about their relationships and are becoming parents. The television soap opera queen Indian producer and director Ekta Kapoor has become a mother to her first child.

Ekta became the mother to a baby boy on January 27, 2019, through surrogacy. The baby is perfectly fine and in the pink of his health and will be home soon.

Ekta Kapoor’s brother Tusshar Kapoor also has a baby boy, Laksshay Kapoor, who was also born through IVF surrogacy. He is a doting father and is definitely setting parenting goals. He once quoted “I felt the time was running out fast and I couldn’t wait to have a family, have a child.

That’s something I won’t be able to do as I grow older. I can always get married. That’s why I decided to become a single parent.” Ekta had named Tusshar’s baby and is very fond of him. He has brought changes to Ekta’s life and the changes are for good. She quoted in an interview “

My life has changed.” And further went on to add, “If there’s anything that’s most important in my life [now], then that’s Laksshya. Every day, he does something new and we all look forward to that. I miss him every time I’m travelling on work. You know, the lakshya (target) of my life now is to look after Laksshya.”

A child indeed brings so much of happiness in your life. She exclaimed in an interview” “I am a human being who recovered from a lot of pain last year because of my nephew. I had many professional ups and downs last year. Television did very well but films did not and that is very in your face because everyone knows it did not do well.

So, it just hits you more. But my nephew would just suck out every bit of tension from me. People, when they used to talk about their children, their eyes would light up.

And he is not even my own child, he is my nephew but it is magical. Magic happens when a child comes to a house and as a kid grows, you grow with them and the small things become the big things.”

Ekta Kapoor became Mother

When she was interviewed over the topic of getting married she had the most sensible reply “All my friends, who were married are now unmarried. With the number of divorces I have seen recently, I think I am the more patient one.

At least, I waited for it. I definitely know one thing, that I want a child but marriage, I don’t know. I don’t have time for myself, if I get a couple of hours, I would like to go to a spa. I look forward to a one-day vacation with friends. I love my work, so I don’t crib.


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People tell me to give it up if you have such a problem with it. I won’t, I would get so bored. I’d rather be busy than bored.” Well, it’s a good piece of advice and we totally agree with her.

When life gives you questions, find the answers, and my write-up helps me to do this. I have thoughts and observe what happens around and this website is my journey of accomplishing the task of travelling from thoughts and observations to words.

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“Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain” Serial Actress Saumya Tandon Shares First Picture of Her Little Cute Baby Boy




Saumya Tandon Shares First Picture of Her Little Cute Baby Boy

Saumya Tandon from Bhabhi Ji Ghar pe hai” shares the first picture of her cute adorable little man. The caption that she has put with the picture is cuter and goes as “There once was a girl, who met a boy, they found living as two was a life full of joy. And their joy overflowed when the two became three, a blessing sent from heaven above completed their life!” the couple Saumya Tandon and her husband Saurabh Devendra Singh, have become three as a little prince entered their lives and made them proud parents.

On November 14, 2018, Saumya announced about her pregnancy and shared a cute picture flaunting her baby bump. The caption with the baby bump picture was equally touching and it read ” “Woke up feeling like a magician today, feel like a superhero without a cape most days now, filled with blessing and godliness”.


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Constantly excited by the buzzing in my head and the sudden pump of hormones; this promises to be a fascinating ride. The big news-I’m PREGNANT and trying to soak in every moment of it! Need your best wishes throughout. Thanks.


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Now that actress shared the picture of her cute little family we are awestruck and wish her loads of love and blessings. She is wearing a blue checks shirtdress with a hint of red gloss on her lips and most definitely she is looking yummy mummy.


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Earlier in an interview, she had few words about marriage and the apt time for it to happen and the statement is as follows, “There is no right age to get married. One should tie the knot when you find the right life partner, which can happen at any age”.


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I do not recommend marrying just for the sake of it, or because of parental or peer pressure.


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A marriage is between two people and they are the best ones to decide whether they are ready to settle down and mature enough to handle each other’s responsibility.”


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Her words beautifully explain as for how they are confident about each other and are matured enough to handle any situation and we need to take some vibes from her relationship views “Saurabh was my best friend for 10 years before he became my husband.


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I knew him before I became an actress; he understands me and knows the profession and the things which come with it.


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He is mature enough to handle the male attention actresses get. Also, he is a confident man himself and trusts me so there is no insecurity at all.


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Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Show Came Back with Full of Laughter

Satendra Kashyap



The Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma is back after keeping us waiting for a long time. He is back to the niche that he is good at and the fans are more than happy. The comedy king is all set to make you ROFL with his amazing sense of humour. The new season was aired last night and the King of Comedy got us laughing cheeks to cheeks, with hearts and lungs out.

He is back with a bang and has some old and new faces on his team. The old faces are Kiku Sharda, Chandan Prabhakar, and Sumona Chakravarti and new faces like Bharti Singh and Krushna Abhishek.

Bharti Singh wanted to be a part of the show for which she waited with great patience and after the wait of nine months, she became part of the show. Krushna Abhishek previously had certain issues with comedy king but now is glad as they have overcome the differences and are now a part of this team “The Kapil Sharma Show”.

However, the audience will miss Sunil Grover as he is not in the new team as he is shooting for his show ‘Kanpur Wale Khuranas’. Well, this was the cast of the show who were given warm welcome from the audience.

It seems that the audience was waiting for the show and have given thumbs up to the show. The first show had Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty who were here for the promotion of their film Simmba.

Best scene of the show everyone will remember for years:

Yad teri aayegi, Mujhko bada satayegi…. Chandu crack the punch of the “The Kapil Sharm Show”

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Bigg Boss 12 Winner: Dipika Kakar Wins The Trophy with Cheerful Smile



Bigg Boss 12 Winner: Dipika Kakar

The results are out and Dipika Kakar is the winner of Bigg Boss 12. She won with a huge margin and easily beat the likes of Sreesanth and Dipak Thakur. The picture of the television actress holding the trophy after winning the title has gone viral on social media. She can be seen with a million dollar smile and shine in her eyes. She has not only won the title but also the hearts of viewers.


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The bets were on Shreesant to win the title but it was the lady who won the title and came smiling out of the house. Dipar Thakur is the first runner-up and decided to walk out of the show with Rs. 25 lakh as he was sure that finale will be a tough deal to crack.


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The journey in the house is definitely not easy yet the beautiful girl with a smile on her face managed to survive. Their tough times of lows with accusations and fights but she maintained her dignity and emerged as the winner.

Kudos to the lady for her for winning the popular show.


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A post shared by Dipika (@ms.dipika) on


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