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The Right Approach To Choose the Best FinTech Solutions Provider




Summary: The post focuses on key points that the organizations must keep in mind while partnering with the FinTech companies. It will help your organization find the best match considering your key goals and requirements. Global investments in FinTech (Financial Technology) have tripled with new innovations and digital revolutions. Stepping forward towards digitalization, financial innovations and technological advancements is responsible for the ever-rising popularity of FinTech in financial sector. At this point, it is uncertain to state whether the growth of FinTech poises challenge or it serves as an opportunity for industry stakeholder. Undoubtedly, the market players have started to take more established steps to involve with the emerging technology.

FinTech solutions provider helps the financial services players to reimagine finance related activities digitally. They have the potential to align more precisely the role and significance of banking system and at the same time help deliver better, cheaper and faster services to make the FinTech an essential part for individuals as well as organizations.

What Matters the Most?

The key to successful investment into FinTech services is a readiness to take the risk or challenges along with having a genuine belief in the offerings of the firm for betterment of their customer base while serving their own interest. You must have a deeper look at the bottom line, at the end of day, it’s all about profits. With digital advancement of investment platforms, the information has become more accessible than ever and customers should be equally empowered to make more informed decisions. Now the questions arise, how does an organization identify the right FinTech partner? What factors should be considered while choosing a FinTech service that can better serve the core purpose?

A Company with Comprehensive Solutions and Innovative Capabilities

Examine the track record of the FinTech Solutions provider of staying at the winning edge of technology. Check if it offers a consistent product platform and a strong risk management system. Determine how your relationship with the FinTech partner will match the strategic planning? Have a clear vision and analyse what your business wants to achieve considering the time constraints (if any). Find an organization that best fit your requirements and help you achieve your goal(s). The key fact behind the success of the financial technology industry is its constant evolution. It implies that the services and solutions being offered by the FinTech services will change over the span of next five years. This brings along the need to partner with such a company that can successfully cater to your requirements by having the similar goals and objectives as yours. Choosing a right FinTech partner will help avoid the frustrations involved in looking for a new service provider or looking for cost-effective solutions. Both can work on long term partnership as it will serve numerous benefits. Since both the parties can grow and succeed together, the chances of encountering issues of service termination in the mid of the contract is unlikely to take place.

Transparency is the Key to Success

For long-term partnership, it is important that the FinTech firms has transparent services and complies to regulations at all the stages of transactions. It would be beneficial to document all the records of transactions to avoid any chances of suspicion or the risks of regulatory investigations. Information sharing and increased accessibility proves to be crucial in order to extract more accurate information from data being generated by the customers. Use of smartphones in performing finance-related activities allows customers to interact effectively so the service provider must offer an automated application that will make information tracking easier. Information tracking application or portal gives more transparent insights to the services and solutions offered by the FinTech partner. In lack of transparent approach, the partnership will start to encounter more problems and issues. Make sure that your FinTech service provider work in collaboration with compliant policies and standards to serve the customers in a better way.

Set Regulations & Technical Compatibility is Important

Regulatory guidelines and standards enable financial service executives to grow in their respective areas. Organizations can yield more profits and there is no risk of sudden modifications and changes in the guidelines and regulations. So, established banks must ensure that their partner solutions are fully compliant with the existing regulations. Another major aspect to stay competitive is to stay in pace with technology. Customers are aware of all latest innovations and utilizing technology in their day to day lives. Make sure that your FinTech partner share solutions that are latest and technically sound. The existing technology must be compliant with all popular smart devices and operating systems. In addition, technology is constantly changing; the solutions that are successful today may not be feasible tomorrow. Therefore, make sure that the FinTech services you choose to partner with should have established plans for tomorrow, so that you do not have to switch to a new service provider in case the finance industry jumps to nextgen technical era.

Moving Forward

Selecting a smart FinTech partner is the need of hour, so make this decision wisely with partnership that help yielding profits by making use of advanced technology and delivering flexible financial services to the customers.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Still Dreaming of iPhone, OnePlus 7 Pro is The New Phone You Can Buy Right Away





OnePlus 7 Pro Review

Since time immemorial, iPhone looks a dream iPhone for every individual. But with the launch of OnePlus 7 Pro earlier this week, you will be amazed to know that this phone has got some extraordinary features which were earlier found in those expensive iPhones only which many people could not afford.

Need not to worry now, as OnePlus 7 Pro is much better than iPhone X or iPhone Max and is cheaper than them. It has some exciting features similar to the Samsung Galaxy 10 and iPhones.

Have a look at some of outstanding features of OnePlus 7 Pro which will make you to purchase it right away.

1. All Screen Design

All Screen Design: OnePlus 7 Pro

via: BGR

Remember when Apple has announced long back in 2017 that it’s iPhone X will be featuring all screen design? That was all fake by now you must have realised that. But this new phone, OnePlus 7 Pro is a lot better than iPhone X or iPhone Max featuring all screen design and is cheaper than Apple’s iPhone X. The phone has a curved screen similar to that of Galaxy S10 with the slimmer bezels on either side of the phone.

2. Elevator mechanism or selfie pop up camera

OnePlus 7 Pro is the first phone which comes with a selfie pop up camera. When someone clicks a selfie this camera pops out of the phone and once you are done it automatically shuts down. It has one amazing feature besides having this pop-up camera and this is face unlock feature which you will find in iPhones only.

3. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

OnePlus 7 Pro: Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

via: Zach Epstein, BGR

OnePlus 7 Pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset with an 8GB RAM which comprises of 256GB of storage. The phone also has 5G capabilities. It has other variants as well with excellent storage capacity such as a 6GB RAM variant with 128GB of storage and a 10GB variant with a massive 512GB storage capacity.

4. In display fingerprint sensor

Now, this OnePlus 7 Pro has something which you will not find on any other phone as of now. The phone has been launched with a better and standard sensor as compared to OnePlus 6T last year.  Most of you might have experienced this feature in your Samsung S10, but many people complained that the sensor works very slow and takes too much time in unlocking the phone, But don’t worry this phone has a better and faster sensor.

5. Telephoto 3X optical zoom lens

This is one of the most interesting features of this OnePlus Pro flagship model. Apple was the first company to come up with this feature in its iPhone and now you will be experiencing the same feature with better 3X optical zoom which was not in the case of iPhone as it offered 2X zoom only.

6. Do Not Disturb Zen Mode

OnePlus 7 Pro: Do Not Disturb Zen Mode

via: BGR

OnePlus 7 Pro has an amazing feature known as Zen Mode which the company has launched to take the do not disturb mode to another level, Once you activate the Zen Mode, you will not be able to use it for next 20 minutes so that you can relax without using your phone. However, you can still make and receive emergency calls and capture snaps after activating this mode.

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5 Indian Startups which have Closed Down Its Operations Due to Lack of Proper Planning and Shortage of Funds

Satendra Kashyap



Indian startups which have failed

What comes to your mind when you think of startups? Well, it sounds very simple and easy to execute but it is nothing like that. Launching a startup of your own requires lots of hardship to flourish the business in the long term. Additionally, it also requires a proper floor plan, management plan and funds to execute it properly.

If you would lack in any of these parameters it can fail miserably leading you to losses. Have a look at some of these startups which have failed due to these mistakes only. I am sure that you can learn many good lessons from the mistakes committed by them.

Scroll down to know about them more.

1. Just Buy Live

Just Buy Live was a startup whose aim was to connect all the retailers directly to different brands across multiple categories like fashion, stationary, smartphones, auto, personal care, food and drinks etc.

The startup was also offering unsecured loans to small business owners to facilitate the transaction on its portal and provide funds to small retailers. The startup has managed to raise $100 million series B funding from a Dubai-based investment firm, Ali Cloud Investments.

Why did it fail?

This startup has failed miserably failed due to no proper planning of scalable business model and negative cash flow. As per the latest report, the startup’s co-founder has said that the company has temporarily been shut down for some time and it would soon resume its operation after rising fresh funding.

2. Shotang

The startup, Shotang was a business-to-business (B2B) online marketplace that was launched to connect retailers, distributors and various manufacturers to carry their business online using their platform. It used to earn revenues based on commissions paid by distributors per transaction.

Why did it fail?

Although the startup has raises a series of funding from different investors like Patamar Capital in February 2019 (INR 6.8 Crores) Exfinity Venture Partners in December 2015 (INR 36 crores). It is believed that the startup has risen the funding to pay off its creditors, employees and partners.

3. PortDesk

The startup, PortDesk was aimed at providing e-procurement solution for logistics management related operations like accounting, cash management, ports DA estimate and voyage, layout and contract management.

Why did it fail?

The startup has shut down its business in June 2018 but the exact reason for its failure is still not revealed. The company has raised $2 million (INR 13.98 Cr) in a seed funding round from a Singapore-based maritime services company, Alphard Maritime Group.

4. Zebpay India

Zebpay India

via: Zebpay

Undoubtedly, the company was India’s largest crypto exchange that enabled users to buy and sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple etc.

Why did it fail?

Zebpay has decided to shut down its operation completely soon after the official announcement by RBI in April 2018, which has restricted banks and payment companies to extend any services to crypto exchanges and wallets. The company closed its operations on 28 September 2018 by saying that they are unable to chalk out any other way to carry out the business at this point of time.

5. Tazzo

It was really an interesting bike rental startup that has helped millions of people to commute to their offices at only Rs. 5 per km. Its mobile app was integrated using GPS tracking technology which was used to do live tracking of the movement of the vehicle.

Why did it fail?

The company has shut down its operations because it was not able to generate positive cash flows out of its business.

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Check Out The Ways and Know How Your Favourite Facebook is Responsible for Making You Feel Depressed and Isolated




Facebook is Responsible for Making You Feel Depressed

We know that what place does Facebook holds in our lives. I think there is not even a single person who doesn’t make use of it in this era. Forget not to mention it had helped a lot to make new contacts, meeting old friends and socializing. But do you know scientific research have revealed that excessive use of Facebook can make you feel depresses and isolated? You know why? This is because we try to ignore everything while using Facebook even our close ones which is not good.

In this article, we have explained in detail that how using lots of Facebook can lead you to in depression.

1. Facebook reveals more about you than you exactly do

Yes! It is true that any person can create a profile in his/her name by using your personal picture, your name and your photograph which might cause you to doubt your identity. Moreover, it makes difficult for you to trust someone with whom you are talking to and sharing your personal information. You don’t know when Facebook can lead you in any new trouble.

2. Facebook can make you believe what’s not true

It becomes very easy for you to believe in the things which you get to see over Facebook very frequently. This is because the number of likes and comments left by the people on that post make you believe what is not true which is not true as you cannot trust or judge a person without knowing the whole story behind it.

3. Facebook is responsible for making you insensitive


Facebook is responsible for making you insensitive

via: PsyCom

As, on Facebook, you are not interacting with the other individual in person, so you got the freedom to say whatever you feel like. But we don’t feel anything and we bully or bash someone easily, especially someone you don’t like knowing that the person can’t do anything.

4. Facebook makes you envious of your peers

Almost daily you get to see some new posts, video or similar things about your friends, the expensive flashy gadgets purchased by them, or maybe any new car or bike recently launched. Although you feel happy still it somehow makes you feel a bit jealous from inside.

5. Facebook can hurt your trust

Talking to random people to get away with your boredom is a very common thing nowadays. I bet almost every one of you has done this once in your life. But talking to unknown and random peoples may hurt your trust issues if someone breaks your heart after knowing about your inner feeling and everything personal about you.

6. Facebook keeps you away from socialization

Almost half of the time we waste on scrolling Facebook, but doesn’t you think that it is making you feel isolated and keeping you away from socialization? Yes, absolutely Facebook has also taken up our lives as we give much importance to scrolling things on Facebook instead of going out and enjoying with friends.

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