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What You Need to Know Before Buying Bamboo Fabric for Your Baby




What You Need to Know Before Buying Bamboo Fabric for Your Baby

All new parents want the best for their child, but when you have a million different pieces of information coming at you from all angles, you are probably overwhelmed and not sure whom to trust. This is especially important if your baby has some special needs for their sensitive skin, allergies or other obstacles that can cause many problems while they’re young. One of the trends in recent months has been bamboo fabric and everything else made from it.

But what is really bamboo fabric, is it safe for your baby and what are the pieces that you should incorporate it in?

What is bamboo fabric?

Bamboo fabric is a material that is neither natural nor, synthetic, as the fibers from the bamboo tree are taken and then processed to create a yarn which eventually ends up as your baby’s mattress cover. Bamboo fibers go through quite a bit of processing during production, and during the process, a lot of chemicals can be added to the fabric, as well as dumped into the environment.

This is why it’s important that whenever you’re looking for products made out of bamboo fabric, you look for ones that are labeled as “organic” and “natural”. This way, you are keeping the fabrics safe for both your baby and the planet they’re growing up on.

Why you should choose bamboo

Many people don’t think about bamboo and jump to “soft” and “tender”, but the bamboo fabric is exactly that. It’s more akin to cashmere than cotton and it is perfect for babies who have extra sensitive skin and react to any harsh material.

Furthermore, bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton, drawing out the moisture away from your baby’s skin and keeping it locked in the fabric. If your baby has problems with allergies, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, which means that your baby will be perfectly fine spending days and nights in it.

For the practical parent

So it will be great for your baby – but what about you? You’ll be happy to hear that bamboo fabric can be machine washed and dried and that it is antibacterial and odorless, making it perfect for baby clothes that need to be constantly washed and dried. And if you’re tired of baby clothes filling up every closet and drawer in the house because they need a different thickness onesie for every degree of temperature, you’ll be pleased, because the bamboo fabric has a thermo-regulating capacity to keep your baby at optimal temperature.

But bamboo isn’t just for clothes and socks, you can find bamboo fabric bed covers, blankets, towels, and even diaper inserts. Basically, anything that touches your baby’s skin can now be perfectly soft and safe.

For the practical parent

via: Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

Are there any downsides?

No fabric is perfect, and there are always things that we should be looking out for when we are buying clothes, especially for our young ones. With bamboo fabric, the thing you need to be most concerned about is buying the right one: organic fabric with no harmful chemicals, from bamboo that is responsibly sourced and processed. Besides this, bamboo fabrics can sometimes be pricier than cotton and other more common fabrics, but because of their numerous benefits and durability, the math works out well in the end jogging stroller car seat.

We all want what’s best for our baby, and if you’re not sure if you trust bamboo fabric – buy something for yourself. A shawl that you will wear for some time to make sure it’s actually as soft and practical as people say, and when you do decide it’s good for the baby – make a swaddle out of it if you can bear to actually part from it.

Featured image source: Baby Riddle

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Top 5 Best Travel Gift Ideas for All the Budgets





Top 5 Best Travel Gift Ideas for All the Budgets

Raksha Bandhan is almost here! Now the time is here to celebrate this special occasion with great enthusiasm with the most precious treasure of your life. Yes, we are talking about your brother and sister! Raksha Bandhan is the festival of celebrating the great bond of love, shared by brother and sister. That bond is made with love, trust, care, and every sweet emotion, making this relationship alive forever.

As the festival is creeping up over again, so we can say that the time is here to follow the rituals of tying a beautiful Rakhi on brother’s wrist and presenting sister, fabulous Rakhi gifts with a promise to protect her from the evils of life. Gifts are a superb medium which can evoke your feeling in a very well manner.

So this year, gift your brother or sister, a gift matching their hobbies or interests. Every person has different choices and preferences. Therefore, we have come up with this article listing the gifts for those who love to travel around the world and discovering new places. If your brother or sister is one of them, then this article is perfect for you.

Here we have listed the best travel gift which is ideal for gifting on the wonderful occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The best part about these gifts is that you can put these gestures towards your sibling without spending too much.

Check out this article and we are sure that your sibling will love these listed gestures.


Of course! Your travel freak siblings definitely need a digital camera to capture the best places and put it on the wall as a memory. Right? So, why don’t you make their wish comes true on this beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan? For a travel freak person, a camera will be the best travel companion on his every trip.

Hey! Don’t worry about the price! There are several websites which offer this super cool gadget at the great price along with some exciting discounts. So bring it now because your siblings may be waiting for your gift.

Travel Hat

Get your siblings ready for every trip with this travel hat. While traveling to a particular destination, you have to go through dirt or sweat. Right? But, don’t let this happen to your siblings! Buy a travel hat along with a beautiful designer Rakhi to celebrate the occasion enthusiastically. The wide brim of hat will protect their neck and face and keep them fresh on their every travel trip.

Travel Towel

Find it’s a little bit simple idea! But believe us, this gift is something that can really show your love and care for your siblings. Right? Your siblings may have a keen interest in traveling to new places. But, it’s your responsibility to take care of him. Right? Even if they are staying in a 5-Star hotel, you must add a travel towel in his travel essentials, so that they don’t need to use the clunky hotel towel anymore. This gift idea will also fit into your budget.

Travel Shoes

Make every single trip on your sibling’s travel wishlist, comfy and amazing by gifting a cool pair of shoes. A comfy, stylish and durable travel shoes will make his traveling experience fantastic. With this gift, you can easily come to a step closer to the heart of your siblings and make them feel special.

This Raksha Bandhan, order unique rakhi online along with this super cool travel gift and get ready to boost their spirit to a new level. You can easily grab this gift at the best price as well.

Scratch Map

If your brother or sister loves to travel, then they will definitely realize the real importance of this gift. Make them remember those days once again when they put a pin on a map to mark the next travel destination. Bring a scratch map and hang it on the wall.

Whenever your brother or sister see that map, they will definitely feel happy. Such a unique Rakhi gift from your side will show how much you care for their choices.

Featured image source: Memory Stockphoto / Shutterstock

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Explore Expert Tips to Choose the Right Bra for You




Expert Tips to Choose the Right Bra for You

Lingerie shopping could be a girl’s favorite pastime. However, choosing the most appropriate bra according to your unique shape and size requirements could prove to be slightly challenging without some expert advice. Most women end up becoming frustrated and flustered by the entire exercise simply because they have not done their homework before stepping out to buy the right bra for themselves.

Here are some expert tips to choose the perfect bra for you.

1. It Is a Good Idea to Choose Different Sizes

It Is a Good Idea to Choose Different Sizes

It is quite fine to have something more than just a single right measurement and that depends on the bra. It is perfectly fine to consider wearing multiple bra sizes particularly when you are using different brands and different bra shops, you are switching styles, and during different times. Do not forget that parameters of bra change from time to time, shop to shop and from even brand to brand.

The size of a strapless bra may differ from a plunge bra or even the size you are used to wearing a Wacoal may not be exactly the same one you wear in Panache. Do not get stuck with the idea of one uniform size for all your bras. It is a better idea to focus on how the bra actually fits your body and feels on it.

2. Be Careful about the Key Fit Concerns

Be Careful about the Key Fit Concerns

As per womansday, “on the no-no list: Boob spillage over the top of the cups (too small). Gaping in the cups (too big). Straps digging into your shoulders or sliding down. Any kind of pinching in the back band, or rolls of skin that bulge beyond the edge.” You must be effortlessly able to fasten your bra on the third or second hook.

The bridge of your bra and also, the underwire along the sides of your bra must sit totally evenly on the skin. You must opt for the bra size calculator accurate measurements for achieving the perfect fit.

3. Remember the Band Would Give You Maximum Support

Remember the Band Would Give You Maximum Support

Your bra’s band must be perfectly parallel and level to the floor as per experts. It must not take the lift up or assume the arch shape at the back. If it does it is not able to give you the right support you require. You would be getting better support if the band is robust and relatively thicker.

Opt for a bra with an additional double-lined band which has been designed to sit perfectly on your body to give you maximum support all around the torso and promises no prodding or poking.

4. Examine the Fabric in the Middle

Examine the Fabric in the Middle

Suppose a bra style does not seem to work for you, here is an indication. The central piece or the gore must necessarily lie flat completely against your sternum. We know that this is known as tacking which is helpful in anchoring the bra. The gore must not be moving around or floating off your body otherwise, you would be experiencing quite a bit of wiggling and shifting in the cups. Usually, wire-free bras come without a gore which tacks.

5. Remember If the Underwire Is Ill-Fitted You Have the Wrong Style or Size

Wrong Style or Size

As per experts, another very distinctive sign that you have chosen the wrong style or size is the fact that the bra’s underwires are in the wrong position. It is important to make sure that these underwires are completely enclosing the entire breast tissue. Obviously, it is not desirable to have the wire resting very much resting on top of your breasts or uncomfortable digging into your breast’s sides. The best-fitting bra must have underwires that fully enclose your breast.

6. Opt for Something Different from a Contour Cup

demi-cup bra

In the United States, the contour cup seems to be very much in vogue. Molded cups or t-shirt bras may not be the perfect type for your size or shape. Pendulous and softer breasts may have difficulty in filling up this sort of a cup while relatively larger cup sizes, particularly size beyond a G, would realize that molded cups are not adequately supported.

Experts suggest that it is a good idea to experiment and try out something different such as demi-cup bras that would be adjusting effortlessly to your unique cup size.

7. T-shirt Bras Are Not Always the Obvious Choice for Support

T-shirt Bras

If you are looking for that extra support, it is not always necessary to opt for the t-shirt bra. As per experts the best supportive bras actually are cut-and-sewn or seamed bras. As these are usually, made from lace or mesh women think they are too delicate and even risqué. However, they seem to be the perfect option for providing you the best shape and support. Choose a seamed bra with multiple stitching and elegant detailing.

8. Choose Petite Bra Sizes for Smaller Chest

Petite Bra Sizes

You must choose petite bra sizes if your chest is relatively smaller. There are some gorgeous bras just right for a petite frame. These come with small cup sizes and small band sizes too. It offers shallow cups, tighter bands, and also, a close-set build for providing the right shape and size for a petite woman.

9. Choose the Right Bra for Full Bust Sizes

Right Bra for Full Bust Sizes

Several innovations and expansions have taken place for providing the right bra type to full-breasted women. The right bra must necessarily have all kinds of support features for bigger busts. The bra must include power mesh U-back, side panels, and even full-coverage cups. Women are quite obsessed with the fit, the support, the quality, and the comfort of their bras.

Conclusion: Enjoy Experimenting

According to the experts in the industry, it is important for women to experiment and always try something different or something new and have great fun while choosing the right bra as per your unique requirements. Women have been using bras for decades now and that has been the sore point for many. However, it is a great idea to have fun buying your best bra.

Consider experimenting with a wild print, a vibrant color, different fabric or material, different shape. Just go around experimenting. Remember bras could be a style statement, a fantastic expression of basically your personality and unique fashion sense.

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Guide To Running Effective Discount Promos with Online Coupon Codes




Guide to Running Effective Discount Promos with Online Coupon Codes

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to utilize discount promotions and coupon codes to further your business online.

It’s not “one size fits all”, of course. Not every coupon works swimmingly, and nor should you offer a discount on each and every situation. In this article, we’ll talk about what types of coupons and promotions tend to work well, and how you should go about making the decision whether or not to utilize a discount promo.

Generally speaking, why should I use coupons for my products?

While not all coupons are created equal, retailers have begun to see coupons as a reliable way to drive sales and encourage shoppers to make a move.

Online sales will often succeed if you’re using modest discounts; after all, it isn’t the deepest discounts that help your bottom line most. The more you discount products, the slimmer your margins will be and the more difficult it might be to get your customer to come back and pay full price the next time.

That said, slight discounts and less lofty promotions with Coupon Code Day might be enough to do the trick. And that’s all you want, really: more people to visit your shop and convert. There’s no magic bullet.

Conversion rate

Speaking of conversion rate, once you get your new customers to your store, how do you ensure that they’re converting at a high enough rate to make the efforts worthwhile.

It’s difficult to convert new visitors. They might just be looking, after all, and you need to get them to make that commitment.

Perhaps the offer you need to consider is a “first order discount”, in which new visitors can take advantage of a one-time deal for being a new patron. The suggestion here would be to encourage your new fan to enter an email address so that you can message new offers out to them in the future in exchange for this one-time discount on the front end.

Now, they’ll not only be more likely to return because of the deal you gave them, but you’ll also be able to market future offers and products to the customer.

Other types of promotions and discounts

There are, of course, plenty of options when it comes to promotions and discounts.

We’ve already discussed the first-time shopper discount. Others include free shipping offers, which could vary in how attractive it is depending on what your product is and how much shipping typically costs. But it’s an attractive offer to new customers and could help make your store rise to the top of their favourite stops online as a tiebreaker that positively affects just how much they’re spending on the final buy-through screen.

You could also offer a free gift with a purchase of “x” amount of purchase, or perhaps based on thresholds.

Also, don’t overlook good old-fashioned flat-dollar discounts. It could either be based on thresholds or just a straight offer or possibly even based on a percentage of the subtotal.

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be too close-minded when it comes to possible discounts and promotions that you can offer.

The stigma surrounding deep discounts is largely fading, and as long as you’ve put legitimate thought into the options that you’re considering, you should be able to find a match for your store and ultimately increase your revenue.

Effective coupon codes and discounts are closer than you might think. It’s time to make a move.

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