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Things to Look Out for at Used Auto Sales




The majority of people who opt for buying a used car are looking for more savings then buying on a new car, CPO programs, reliability, vehicle history reports, and favorable financing. Last year in the US the total number of used light-vehicle sales was reported at 42.7 million by the end of 2017. This exceeds the new light-vehicle sales figure of 17.1 million comprehensively. In this post, we offer you some of the best advice to follow when visiting used auto sales and how to deal with them. So let’s pack our bags and take a small journey that aims at enlightening you towards things to watch out before you set your sight on a particular vehicle for sale. Conduct Secondary Research for the Car Make & Model The ideal scenario for you when it comes to dealing with used auto sales requires you to have as much know-how as possible regarding the car make and model you are looking into for ownership. Increasing your pool of knowledge will have you at a better footing and make you aware of all the necessary things that go behind the scenes when buying a used car. To start with, you should go online and read reviews, figure out a reasonable price range, get help in decoding the vehicle identification number (VIN), check out the vehicle history and its report, along with considering options like certified pre-owned (CPO) programs. Decoding the VIN will help the system to identify frauds while checking on a vehicle’s history will offer you all types of information such as previous accidents, title problems, and service points. Opting for a CPO vehicle will offer you the assurance of quality you need to make a sound judgment regarding your selection. All of this will add you to give enough surety for you to make an informed decision when the time is right and reduce buyer’s remorse once and for all. On-Site Survey If you are simply expecting to land a perfect deal by merely walking in a car lot, then that assumption is based on pure fictionality, it’s unreal and unpractical. What you need to do is visit several used auto sales to get a clearer idea of what is at play (and stake) there. You are not only investing your hard-earned savings into this deal, the time and effort devoted by you to make this work is literarily priceless. Go in as a learned buyer and perform these simple tests to get a better picture of the car you are looking for ownership:

  • Check the car’s form: see if there is any sagging, watch out for dents, rust spots, and scratches, observe whether the trunk is in good condition, check for tire feathering aka bad alignment, frame damages, underbody rust, and the exhaust system.
  • Look under the hood: for damages, dents, and rusts. See if the hoses and belts have cracks or not and whether the radiator hose is not too soft. Check if the engine requires repair for leaks and corrosions. Finally look closely at the timing belt.
  • Peek inside the car: to have a look at the interior for upholstery for damages, rips, stains, and tears. Make sure that the car’s air conditioning system is working well. Have a look at the odometer to get an estimate for the car’s traveling age. Finally verify other features of the car like back parking camera, music system, and any sensors for parking.

Take A Mechanic with You  By law as a buyer of a used car from used auto sales, you are allowed to bring along with you a certified mechanic to inspect the car. Hence, just in case, if you are unable to complete the check-up of the car by your own self then acquiring professional services to give you a better viewpoint at a car, will evidently have you all the surety you need to make a sound decision. Make sure that you are in the good books of the mechanic and they are ready to comply with all of your requirements. You can keep the aforementioned aspects as a checklist to follow through when the inspection is under process. Professional mechanics will let you in the know of what the car requires in much greater detail than anybody else. Check on the Dealers   The reputation for respectively used auto sales speaks a ton in volumes for their past track record. Hence read online reviews and have a look at their rankings. There are a lot of independent and third-party sites to perform your research. You should also take a look at their policies and what kind of financing options they are offering. Policies may entail refund and money back guarantees along with exchange and trade in policies with respect to the specified period of time. Word of mouth and customer service can also offer you what you need to be looking at a particular dealership. Be sure to speak with some previous customers and find out what they have to say about them. Never Miss Out on The Test Drive Take the wheels and make at the least a 20 to 30-minute test drive. This will offer you much-needed insights regarding the car’s drive, traction, brakes, comfortability features for extended traveling, steering, and gear shifting. Whether you choose to stay on the highways or intercity roads, each different environment will offer you a comprehensive feel for how the car performs and responds to your maneuvers along with the proper functionality of electronic features. You should also look out for trepidation and other cranking noises when making sharp turns. When you do this at lower speeds and detect noises, it means the car needs repair work for the front joints. We hope this post was helpful in offering you some tremendous aspects to look out for when considering to buy a vehicle at the used auto sales. For any further comments regarding the topic feel free to let us know of your opinion and suggestions by leaving your comments in the section below.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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7 Adorable and Cute Animals Which are Extremely Violent in Real




Cute animals are surprisingly violent

Animals are love right? We have a plethora of animals and beautiful creatures which are extremely cute and adorable like dogs, cats, pandas, dolphins and many more. But have you ever wondered these cute creatures are extremely aggressive and violent if you get too close to them or when you try to play with them? I know you must be thinking that how is that even possible, but this is true that these Cute animals are surprisingly violent.

Let’s have look at some of these animals which looks Cute animals are surprisingly violent

1. Sun Bear

Irrespective of its size, Sun Bear is the smallest member of the bear family. No doubt they look cute but they are very aggressive too. The can attack anyone instantly without a reason. Though they are small in size yet they have very powerful jaws, sharp teeth and long claws which make this animal deadly.

2. Hippopotamus

Though they look very gigantic in size but don’t judge them from their size. Do you know that they can run faster than humans and can attack anyone without a reason? You will be shocked to know that they are responsible for 500 human deaths in Africa per year, according to the BBC’s report.

3. Slow Loris

It’s hard to take your eyes off from this cute and cuddly demon. They look really cute but they are quite venomous or poisonous if they feel attacked. When they get panic, they mix their deadly toxins into their saliva and fur to harm predators.

4. Mute Swan

Mute Swans are territorial, but it’s no surprise when you get attacked by them. They have got bigger wings which they use to attack if they feel that something is wrong around them.

5. Dolphin


via: Padi

Aww! Who doesn’t love dolphins? We find them super cute and adorable right? But you are mistaken. They are extremely dangerous as they don’t hesitate to kill their offsprings or their own kids. Then imagine what can they do to humans?

6. Beaver

They are one of the quite dangerous and violent creatures on earth.  They make use of their sharp teeth when they feel threatened. Don’t ever get too close to them as you can invite death near you after getting attacked by them.

7. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros prefer not to get close to any kind of human interaction. But they get very strong and aggressive while protecting their young ones. They have an incredible vision that won’t let anyone enter their territory.

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Why is PMP Certification Worth it?

Satendra Kashyap



PMP Certification Bangalore

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an internationally acknowledged professional certification validating an individual’s experience and education in project management. PMP project managers are responsible for handling more than three fourth of high-profile project, states a recent study.

On the other hand, organizations with more PMP certified employees have much better project outcome than the organizations, which do not. With PMP certification, gone are those days when a seasoned or the most senior employee were designated as a project manager.

In the present scenario, there is a considerable demand for certified project management professionals who possess sound knowledge and substantial experience in project management. So it is a great idea to get your PMP Certification Bangalore for enormous career growth.

PMP Certification

In this post, we will discuss why to get PMP certified.

There are several good reasons to get PMP certified:

  • Professional and personal satisfaction
  • Required or beneficial in the job listing
  • High salary
  • Hiring manager preference

#1 Globally Acknowledged

PMP certification gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. PMP certification is one of those credentials that’s sought after and recognized all across the globe.

It helps professionals to showcase and demonstrate their expertise and skills to potential employers all around the globe. That means, whatever you learned during the certification course will help you throughout your career doesn’t matter where you are working.

#2 Salary Hike

PMP certified professionals typically enjoy the steepest and dramatic salary hike once they have attained their certification. As per a recent study, professionals who are PMP certified earn 17% more than those who are non-certified.

In the United States itself, the average salary of a PMP certified professional is around $111,969 per annum as per the reports from the Project Management Salary Survey by PMI.

This is a good reason to get your PMP certification done from a professional learning platform. This will help you achieve new feats in your professional as well as personal life.

#3 Expand your Scope and Market Reach

As said in the above section, PMP certified professionals are globally acknowledged. This makes them one of the hottest entities in the industry where people are willing to take advice from them. PMP certified professionals have a close-knit community where they share insights, tips, and pool their experience to help others stay up with the latest market trends and developments.

This not only helps the PMP certified professionals expand their market reach and scope but also helps them with learning new things about an untouched market. This helps them with their personal as well as professional growth and provides them with a new identity.

#4 Better Job Opportunities

In the recent scenario, PMP certified professionals handle 80% of the high-performing projects in the world. So you can see why there is such a huge demand for PMP certified professionals. There are different industries where the expertise and skills of a PMP certified professional can be used.

Hence, this opens doors for them to pursue whichever industry they prefer at a reputable salary base. The reason why companies are looking for PMP certified professionals is that they produce much better project performance than their non-certified counterparts. For PMP certified professionals, there is a whole host of industries to explore.

#5 PMP Certified Professionals get the Most Challenging Projects

If you love the challenge of a good project and want to earn accolades when you finish the project with utmost discipline and sheer professionalism, get PMP certified now. With PMP certification, the professionals earn a reputable place in organizations. They are trusted with some of the most complex and important projects.

PMP certification demonstrates a professional’s dedication towards project management; hence, the employer considers the PMP certified as the most valuable asset of the company, giving him/her roles that require trust and knowledge.

High-intensity projects require a project manager who is experienced enough to tell the team what is wrong and what is right while showering them with knowledge on how to complete the project within the deadline without any complications.

#6 PMP Certified Professionals Demonstrate Better Project Performance

Project managers who are not certified and lack the credentials lack efficacy and perform less productively. The standards for the PMP certification are higher than any other project management exams. The PMP exam tests individuals on five project management processes –

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring
  5. Controlling and Closing

All these processes require sheer knowledge of the industry and the dedication to work. The certification provides the professional with a detailed, actionable, and standardized set of project management best approaches and practices. PMP certified professionals boast in-depth understanding of different areas of project management that includes:

  • Procurement management
  • Quality management
  • Cost management
  • Time management
  • Human resource management
  • Integration management
  • Project scope management

All these qualities and expertise enable PMP certified professionals to demonstrate better project performance.

#7 Greater Visibility to Recruiters

Research across different industries suggests that employers and corporations prefer hiring PMP certified professionals than their non-certified peers.

PMP certification is a credential, a standard demonstrating an individual’s knowledge and expertise in project management irrespective of the industry. This is the reason PMP certified professionals catch the recruiters’ eyes during profile evaluation and screening.

#8 Applicable to All Industries

The best thing about getting PMP certified is that the certification is valid for numerous professional fields and industries including research, finance, commerce, business processing, telecom, Information and Technology, and more.

This allows the PMP certified professional to choose any field or industry that interests them. This is one additional benefit of getting PMP certified.

#9 PMP Certified Professionals are Secure even during Economic Downturns

When it comes to global or a country’s economy, there is still plenty of uncertainty. During economic downturns, no one is immune to downsizing and layoffs.

However, PMP certified professionals remain valuable, as per the executives around the globe. This is because; their knowledge and expertise can help companies and organizations during the recession.

Final Words

PMP certification is undoubtedly a significant career boost even if you are working as a professional. If you want to grow with the world, this is one of the best options you have got.

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Sujeet Swami Finally Got a Refund of Rs. 33 from IRCTC After Fighting for 2 Years




Sujeet Swami Got Refund from IRCTC

Well, after reading this, many of you may find this ridiculous while most of you will find that how hard work is done by Sujeet Swami pays him off after such a long gap of two years. In this article, I will tell you about a Kota-based engineer who has managed to get a refund of Rs. 33 after struggling hard with IRCTC for continuous two years over a cancelled ticket.

The amount of Rs. 33 was charged by IRCTC as a service tax even after cancelling the ticket prior to GST implementation. The man, Sujeet Swami told that he booked the ticket in April 2017 which got cancelled by IRCTC in the same month itself and the date of the journey was July 2017. The day after GST was implemented.

So, finally, his hard work and continuous struggle with IRCTC pays him off.

He got his refund back, which is a small amount of Rs. 33 after Rs. 2 deductions by the railway company. He was supposed to receive a total of Rs. 35.

Sujeet Swami

Swami booked the rail ticket on the Golden Temple Mail for Rs. 765. The ticket was on a waiting-list bucket and when he cancelled it, Swami has received a refund of Rs. 665 with a deduction of Rs. 100. Maybe that is the cancellation charges charged to him by the IRCTC.

He further told that “A sum of Rs. 100 was deducted instead of the stipulated Rs. 65. Since, the year 2017, I was given only assurances that the amount would be refunded at the earliest.”

It seems that the company has kept its promise well but after such a long time. The company has clarified that the extra amount of Rs. 35 was deducted by them on account of service tax. IRCTC has later announced that service tax on cancelled rail tickets prior to the GST implementation would be refunded.

Talking further, Swami narrates how he kept on following the matter through RTIs. It was really a long battle for me which I fought for 2 years. My RTIs were getting transferred from one department to another causing more and more delay in the final settlement.

It started from December till April end and now after two years, I have finally received my refunds back. Thankyou IRCTC for the kindness shown!

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