Tips on How to Use The Water Fed Pole System for Cleaning Those Dirty Windows

window cleaning

Traditionally, all you needed to get those higher up windows spick and span were — a set of ladders and cleaning detergents. But, now, you are more likely to see a window cleaner doing the work, efficiently from the safety of the ground. Actually, it is done using telescopic water fed pole to do the cleaning job. The water fed pole window cleaning system makes the use of telescopic poles and cleaning brushes that can easily access heights up to 70 feet.

The water is basically pumped through poles, and then, the window cleaner uses it to scrub and wash away any dirt. You must be thinking that why to go for this new kind of window cleaning system when traditional ladder ways have always worked! But there’s a variety of tips that you can use to your advantage to make this system work wonders for you.

So, if you are thinking of buying window cleaner tools, Full Clean Centre supplies a wide and extensive range of these to help professionals clean faster and efficiently. These poles are specially curated for high rise windows — where otherwise you can’t reach using hand held cleaning tools.

How to use the water fed pole system?

Though it’s nothing rocket science, using water fed poles isn’t something that you do on a regular basis. So you might need some tips and tricks to do it better. Many customers complain that this system doesn’t work, and ultimately end up believing that this method is a big failure. But, it is because they don’t know how to use it properly to attain the best results. So, let’s help you with that:

  • Start from top to down: Starting the job by cleaning the highest windows first – this is a very crucial thing to remember. If you don’t do so, the dirt you clean off from the topmost windows may run into the lower windows. This will increase your work unnecessarily.
  • Start from the frame: You should begin by cleaning the window frame before moving on to the glass. Doing this, you directly remove dirt from above the glass which could most potentially run down in case of a future storm. So, now you have a long-lasting finish and you need to clean your windows less frequently.
  • Clean bird mess: Next, look out for any signs of bird mess on the window. Soak the stain and leave it alone for a few minutes, while you go on to scrub some other window. Then come back and start the scrubbing. You can even use a scraper or an abrasive pad. Also, pure water can remove even the most stubborn of bird mess.
  • Brush thoroughly: It’s very important that you scrub and brush through the windows methodically. You need to decide on the optimum number of times you brush back and forth, over the window to get it clean. But once is never enough. That’s for sure.
  • Rinse clean: Yet another crucial step in this cleaning process is the need to rinse the windows properly. The impure water needs to be washed away, to get sparkling clean windows. Lift your brush away, and make the use of jets to strategically clean the whole window from top to bottom.
  • Clean the sills: Now, after the windows are clean, take a few minutes to clean the sills with a sill brush. The rinsing will allow any leftover debris to fall into the sills. Give it an ultimate swipe with the brush and don’t forget to clean the brush before moving onto the next window.

So, these were the main steps that you need to follow, in order to use the water fed pole system to your maximum benefit. Use it efficiently and you will have spick and span windows with zero streaky finish in no time.