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Tips to Give Your Personality A Real Boost




Take any social group and you will see friends with their unique respective roles. There’ll be funny ones, weird ones, awkward ones, popular ones, etc. Well, that’s the difference in their personalities, behaviors and unique qualities that make them different from each other. It determines how people conduct themselves in different social settings, and with whom they connect with.

Nevertheless, human beings are always ready to strive for anything they do not have and the same applies to acquire personal traits that make other people shine. Well, there are different things that one can try out to develop their personality in a certain way they like.

No matter what’s the motive behind, there are a few things one can do to see a significant change in their personality and that too for the better. Let’s check out what these things are.

#1 Know Who You Currently Are And What You Want To Achieve

Obviously, the first thing you need to do for the change is actually recognizing what has to be changed. It needs self-awareness and knowledge. Secondly, you need to decide what’s the outcome that you want to achieve?

And, once you’re done with these two, you have to decide on the steps that you have to take for bridging that gap between what you are and what you’re planning to be. The change could be in behavior, your overall outlook or whatever else you are planning to do. We’re our best judge and if we note down the qualities that we want to change.

It is possible for us to work efficiently towards improving or cutting down qualities to become the better person that we want ourselves to be. You have to desire, you have to evaluate, you have to introspect and the actions follow.

#2 Take Necessary Actions For Making A Change

Once you are able to identify different areas that can be improved for the betterment of your personality, just don’t make any excuses whatsoever and show your commitment towards change by taking necessary actions. The typical cycle works like this: you identify something that you don’t think is good as part of your personality.

You feel terrible about it, you start finding excuses for not having what you actually want, things go on and you distract yourself and finally forget about that problem altogether. What happens next is that the problem resurfaces and you’re back to square one.

So, it is advised that even if it’s something as small as choosing the right men hairstyles for yourself, make a choice and then take action.  You really have to be proactive in giving your personality a real boost.

#3 Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

It is usually seen that those who want to improve themselves focus more on things they do not have and things that they want. Instead, you should try to focus more on what’s best about you. Try not to compare yourself with anyone else and focus more on embracing all the differences that exist.

It’s a fact that there is not a single person in this world who is exactly like someone else. Everyone has something unique about them. However, where such comparisons can make things worse for you, it is also possible to recognize what you can do for implementing change positively along with everything that already exists.

Self-esteem plays a key part in making you feel at peace with yourself – whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, tall, short, or round. Once you’re able to overcome the sense of being not what you are, it happens because you realize your true value with time.

#4 Accept The Type Of Personality You Have And Know Yourself

There are certain strengths as well as weaknesses associated with different personality types. Introverts tend to be great listeners, self-sacrificing, kind and analytical. On the other hand, extroverts are often communicative, engaging, fun, and relationship-driven.

It’s your personality that determines who you actually are and really should be aware of who we actually are as individuals. It is advised that you shouldn’t try to become somebody who you actually aren’t.

Rather improve on the wonderful qualities that you already have and make yourself better. Accept whatever you already have and don’t allow any depreciation and self-criticism to become more commonplace.

#5 Empathize With The Others

It’s a fact that people who’re engaging and more personable have so much empathy. They aren’t just interested in their own self or the way they actually see this world. In fact, they’re more interested in how others see it. They share their opinions but they also want to listen to what others have to say.

They also try to check in on others and see how they are doing rather than waiting for them to just show up to tell them about everything. Likable individuals aren’t selfish or self-centered, the qualities that are often considered as a fault. If you identify yourself as an egoistic individual, then that’s probably where you need to start.

It is advised that you take more interest in your relationships and take it as your way to nurture and show care for those who make your life fulfilling. So, try these simple tips and improve your personality for the better. It will affect your lifestyle positively and make you a better person as a whole.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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4 Stress Free Way to Take your Family Camping

Satendra Kashyap



Family Camping

Camping is a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones while you venture through all that Mother Nature has to offer. There’s really a no better way to bond with your little ones than in the bush, surf, sand – all the elements really. Although it is an incredibly fun and immersive experience for everyone involved, there’s no arguing that travelling to the outdoors, with the whole family, can become stressful. If you’re putting together your clan and getting ready to hit the ground,

Follow these simple tips for a completely stress-free trip, from start to finish. 

1. Compile a list 

Every great trip starts with proper preparation. The best way to get yourself ready it to put pen to paper. Putting together comprehensive camping lists will save you stress in every step of your packing process. Search for a ready compiled family camping checklist that will guide you on everything you need to haul along for a seamless experience. Print yours out and mount it on the wall for a visual reminder of what you still have left to get or pack away. 

2. Pack thoughtfully 

There’s nothing more stressful than packing that’s been nonsensically rammed into a bag, you can’t find anything you need, you’ll find that you’ve forgotten essential items and it’s not the most sanitary way to travel. By packing thoughtfully, you’ll be eradicating the fuss of unpacking or accessing your items when you’re on the road.

Fold neatly and precisely, put essentials at the top of your case, and sneak your socks and undies into your shoes to save space. Careful packing makes for an organized trip for the whole family!  

3. Invest in less stress 

Sometimes, no matter how much planning you’re doing, camping with the kids gets out of hand. High-pressure scenarios like shared tents, food prep, and lost belongings can present a lot of issues for your kids. Shutting down emotional situations is essential, and sometimes it’s simply a question of investing in the right gear. Although camping kit isn’t the most usual means of parenting, you can feel a lot more at ease with an organizational system that works for everyone.

A camper trailer really is the solution to all your problems. With a trailer, you’ll find more sleeping space, extra storage and you’ll be able to splurge on additional luxuries such as a mini-fridge! It’s great to have a space that you and the kids can chill out in after a long day of adventure, or for when the weather starts to turn. 

4. Remember the fun

With all the talk of organization, rules, and lists, camping with the family can sound more like a regimented chore rather than a fun-packed getaway. So, it’s very important to remember to bring along the fun for the grown-ups and the kids. By packing in a few games, you’ll have some exciting tricks up your sleeve for when the younger ones begin to get restless.

Sometimes it doesn’t involve packing anything at all, hide and seek, campfire songs, card games and capture the flag are all perfect ways to have an amazing time away. A few of these activities are perfect for the adults to get involved in as well, or if not, they’re a welcome break from the madness. 

Family camping is an amazing way to spend your next break. With these pointers, all your holidays are guaranteed to be full of joy and memories that last forever.

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Home Decor

How To Organize A Filing Cabinet: 6 Simple Steps To Follow

Satendra Kashyap



How To Organize A Filing Cabinet

Whether at work or in your home office, there’s no better way to keep your important documents organized than a filing cabinet. With these simple tips and tricks, your cabinet will be the best it can be, making your work faster and more efficient.

Follow these 6 simple tips you’ll find yourself with a flawless organizational system, whatever space or the file!

1. Create a coherent system 

You need to choose a system that makes sense to you. The filing method that you choose will have to be comprehensive, simple and effective so that you can find what you need immediately – no more wasting time scrambling for the right piece of paper! The system you opt for is entirely up to you and how you like to work.

Organize by numbers, alphabetically, names, client, company or date – as long as it makes sense. Another important pointer is to remember that once you’ve picked your method, you’re going to have to stick to it, so be deliberate in tailoring it to how you like to function. 

2. Have a list handy 

As you sort through your documents it’s a very good idea to compile a list. By keeping a note of exactly what you’re placing into your filing cabinet, you’ll be able to keep track of your files. You can keep this note stashed on your computer or taped to the side of your cabinet for help with any missing files in the future. Write your list alphabetically for extra organizational points.  

3. Avoid catch-all folders

It’s very tempting to have that one file tucked away in your cabinet named Miscellaneous. As easy as it seems to place your random documents, invites and notes into one catch-all folder, it’s guaranteed to become dreaded as time goes by. Instead, think carefully about whether these need to be kept in your cabinet if so, slot them away in the same organized fashion as you would your other documents.     

4. Get personal 

When you think of a filing cabinet, it’s bound to look flat and a little boring. This doesn’t have to be the case, you can get creative with the look of your filing system! Bring some aesthetic appeal with colour coordination, different file shapes and exciting patterns – these can introduce an immediately recognizable method of visual organisation to your cabinet.

If colours aren’t your thing, try exploring stylish and understated filing cabinets that will coordinate well with your workspace. If you really hate the idea of a filing cabinet in your home office or workplace, why not try getting more creative? There’s a whole world of furniture that you can use as a filing cabinet and storage system. Display cabinets are a fantastic option!

They look vintage and homely whilst also being stocked full of drawers and compartments – perfect for tucking away clutter. The glass system means that you’ll be able to see what’s where without even opening a drawer! If you have a color-coded filing system, a display cabinet is a perfect way to show it off. 

5. Keep it clean and clear 

Start with a blank canvas. By removing all of your files you can have a proper clear out before you start to build your new filing system. If you do this once every few months you can catch stray documents and any unwanted dust that’s hiding away. 

6. Make it easy to file your documents away 

Of course, you can’t expect your office or workspace to be perfectly organized 24/7. For those days when sorting takes a backseat, have a tray or basket that lives next to your filing cabinet available to store your documents short term. This should never pile up too high, otherwise, your filing system becomes redundant and you have to start from the beginning. Pay it some attention every three or four days to stay on top of your organization.

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9 Insane But True Facts About Swimming

Satendra Kashyap



pool floats

Most of us are aware of the basic facts and techniques of swimming especially if you attended those summer camps in primary school and middle school. Trainers there often tend to educate the kids about the basic facts and techniques which is a good thing because we all need to get out of that pool floats phase and try swimming as a sport. It is a great life-saving skill as well. 

Well, we just know the basics but there are some surprisingly weird facts about swimming that random people don’t really know about. Swimming has evolved as a sport over the years in different states and cultures thus every place might have its own set of rules regarding it.

So let us look at some of the insane facts. 

1. Kangaroos can swim as well

Humans aren’t alone in the water. Kangaroos are natural swimmers as well. They use their hind legs to propel their bodies through the water. 

2. Half of Americans and a quarter of British can’t swim

Even though it seems like every kid in America or Britain is taught to swim from an early age but that is so not the case. According to a survey, half of Americans and a quarter of British can’t swim.

3. Olympic-sized pools hold enough water to fill 9400 baths

If there isn’t water in your bathroom then you might want to contact the Olympic-sized pools because they have the ability to hold water for 9400 baths. 

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4. Hair Creates Friction In Water

Your hair creates friction in water which will slow you down so cover them with a swimming cap and shave the rest of if you want to swim faster. At least that is what professionals do. 

5. Breaststroke is the oldest stroke

There are a number of different types of swimming strokes nut history records that the breaststroke is the oldest of them all as it was adapted by the cavemen back in the day. 

6. Swimming goggles weren’t always made of rubber

If you think that swimmers in the past have access to rubber goggles then you can’t be more wrong because the first swimming goggles were made out of tortoiseshell. Surprising right?

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7. Babies in water

Babies have a different way of responding to water, unlike adults. They tend to open their eyes and hold their breath while they are in water and they might move like they can swim but let us be honest, we all know they can’t!

8. You can’t wear a wetsuit to swim the English Channel

Well, we all know that the English Channel isn’t the warmest place on the earth but according to the rules, if you want to be officially recognized, you can’t wear a wet suit to cover the channel which means you will have to survive the cold water. 

9. The first woman to swim the channel was in 1926

The first woman who swam the English Channel made a new world record by covering it in 14 hours and 39 minutes. And the best part is that she was only 20 years old. Before her 5 other men also swam the Channel but she beat them all.

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