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Top 10 Stunning Cave Hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey




Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

The enchanting topography of Cappadocia always drags tourists to the continental climate of Turkey. This tributary of the Turkish empire never fails to captivate strollers in relic architecture and charisma of its underground city. If historic views have always been your charm, add Cappadocia cave hotels to your visit list. The ravishing cave hotels definitely give each sightseer a soothing ancient pleasure.

And if you are looking for the Halal Turkey Holidays, then Cappadocia is one of them. So, during your visit to Turkey, if Cappadocia is at top of your bucket list, first of all, experience the perfectly carved hotels rather than staying in an ordinary hotel; and make you’re itinerary full of culture and beauty. Don’t forget to have a pro-long glance at spectacularly crafted walls.

Here, get to know about top ten extra-ordinary alluring hotels of Cappadocia which will glean your sight with an antique design!

Why you should visit Cappadocia Cave Hotels?

The idea of living in a cave is not something very usual. However, still many of nature & architecture loving people dream of spending a night in a cave. If Cappadocia is one of your dream-land, then you must book one of the Cappadocian cave hotels because you can spend a wonderful night at affordable charges.

So, rejoice sensation of contemporary comfort and ancient culture by pre-booking for the holidays one of the world’s best cave hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey.

1. Taskonaklar Hotel, Uchisar

This hotel is being crafted with detailed preservation of each arch, chimney and old stones in an astonishing style. It is easy to find as it is located in the central region. This bewitching hotel of Cappadocia practices eco-tourism.

It has in total sixteen rooms around a courtyard each is variously crafted taking care of meticulous ancient structure at its best. You can also have a majestic view of Pigeon Valley and Mount Erciyes by overlooking from the courtyard.

At the bedside of each room is a detailed booklet which provides easy and quick tips about Uchisar and Cappadocia region. Taskonaklar hotel doesn’t disappoint any of its worth tourists as all necessary things are already placed by staff in your room. From slippers to a satellite TV, there are books for readers, heated towels, fireplace, and toiletries, you have nothing to complain about.

The hotel management can also arrange you an order for packed lunch, excursions and a bike hire.

Apart from rooms, the hotel has the picturesque lobby and a garden where you can completely felt the loss in an aroma of archaic feel and awe-inspiring nature.

2. Rox Cappadocia, Uchisar

Choose to stay in a hotel which has unlocked achievement of award-winning terraces. It is located in Central Anatolia besides Uchisar castle and is renowned for world’s best spot to have an enchanting experience of a hot air balloon.

Go for a memorable ride of hot air balloon right above valleys, orchards, quaint chimneys, pigeon houses and vineyards to cherish. This hotel is similar like you have made a magical appearance in a Greek house of old times.

The interior of hotel features traditional rooms made of stones with a unique décor. You can also grab a Turkish coffee with a beautiful sight of stirring ambiance at afternoon. Don’t miss to have a pleasing adventure of a hot air balloon, the local Turkish hammam or an enthusiastic ride of jeep safari. You can also book a host of activities while your stay at the hotel.

The hotel management also offers custom design furniture, facility of making a sensational coffee or tea along with a Nespresso machine. You probably have options of superior or deluxe stone room and simple cave suite or premium cave suite. More often for the hospitality of two persons, initial rates are ninety euros.

3. MDC Hotel, Urgup

Selecting MDC cave hotel for your stay is a must, as it is located near the city center of Cappadocia at walking distance, which is, of course, the best choice while looking for a luxurious cave hotel.

You can have many exhilarating moments during your stay at this cave hotel as it has the pristine architecture of ceilings and windows either it’s lobby or a room. Each room is decorated with simple and lovely furniture along with luxurious bathrooms which will definitely make you feel not less than a royal member of the realm.

You can take pleasure of panoramic views of Cappadocia through a hot air balloon ride or you may rent a car and can also book hiking excursions. The MDC hotel also offers some local mouth-watering cuisines, which you will like to grab for sure.

4. Kayakapi Premium Caves, Urgup

Love to rush for a free meal? Whatever it be! You are thinking right, book Kayakapi premium caves for your stay. A buffet breakfast is free for all the guests of Kayakapi. In the morning from 7 am to 10 am, the Cappadocian selection is available in their main restaurant. You can enjoy your lunch and dinner at their onsite restaurants and can relish your meals looking at enticing views from the terrace.  

Kayakapi has rooms facilitated with all modest technologies with a perfect combination of vintage décor including antique furnishings, suites, stone cut rooms, and mansions. Each of room has a free WiFi connection, coffee maker, washrooms with jacuzzi, toiletries, towel, central heating, phone, minibar, flat screen TV, iPod docking stations, AC and all time available exquisite room service.

5. Kale Konak, Uchisar

At this hotel, you will be surprisingly welcomed by a golden Labrador, which is, of course, a great welcome. Kale Konak is comprised of seventeen rooms outstandingly carved having all facilities, few terraces with an amazing view and a Turkish bath which is free for guests to use. Roaming around all the tunnels, you will see stunning artifacts and antique Turkish art pieces.

There is a cozy communal area with a dining table made from one of the old wooden doors and comfortable chairs with a fireplace near to it and some of the beautiful fluffy cats to accompany.   

The food is served perfectly with a variety of sauces and beans and you can also grab a good quality of coffee later.

6. Fresco Cave Suites, Urgup

Fresco is located in the center of Urgup on top of a short hill giving a charming scene of town and gleaming sights across Erciyes Mountain. Each room contains a minibar, Wi-Fi, handwoven robes, satellite TV, water/tea/coffee, slippers and a moderate temperature (cool for summers and enough cozy for winters).

The rooms of the hotel have wooden doors meticulously carved with hands, Turkish metal pots, jars, and basins. And a tunnel leading to cave bathroom with two types of showerheads, bathtubs, Jacuzzi and perfect pressure of water.  

The hotel has in total eleven cave rooms and six mansions and some fresco walls are of Ottoman-era from the nineteenth century which is originally conserved, which make them fascinating for the Muslim travellers from around the world.

The staff of the hotel is so friendly, from the receptionist to the owner, everyone will ensure that your stay at the hotel is relaxing. The owner of the hotel is always there in the morning at breakfast time to reassure that you are completely satisfied with all the services.

7. Anatolian Houses, Goreme

Anatolian houses are designed and decorated with the best blend of furniture and art pieces from past and present from different historical eras. It is spectacularly crafted in the heart of Cappadocia with historical Cappadocian cave structures.  

Each suite depicts panoramic cave details and all facilities of modesty. Bathrooms contain toiletries and are enlightened beautifully to give a soothing feel of a modern cave with the bewitching texture of relic culture. It offers an affordable standard, deluxe, king and presidential suite

8. Alfina Hotel, Urgup

Alfina hotel is a grand luxury hotel providing all the modern amenities. All terraces are beautifully enlightened whereas rooms wall give a pleasing sensation of the historic cave.

It has forty-one rooms with an alluring furniture adorned with lamps or a flower vase and sockets at each bedside table. It has a vast garden with a clear beautiful fountain and lovely plants and trees all around.

9. Yunak Evleri, Urgup

Yunak Evleri cave hotel in Cappadocia is not less than any fairy meadow, enchanting pathways, plants, and lighting captivates every sightseer.

Each room features historic BC times, with breathtaking details and adorned with intriguing rugs with antique designs of candle stands. It offers an open buffet and candlelight dining at the adjacent rooftop restaurant with local home-made food. It also has a clear water pool which is simply admirable. You will definitely love to spend quality time there.

You can enjoy a hot air balloon ride, trekking, horseback riding and whirling dervishes’ ceremony. The services this astounding cave hotel provides include tours and guides, rental cars, their indoor and outdoor terrace restaurants or can recommend other restaurants in Urgup personally, function and conference facilities and Turkish night shows as well.

This hotel also offers some enthralling facilities to its guests which includes, telephone, fax, television, internet facilities, laundry, library, meeting room, and music room.

Cappadocia cave hotels are one of the ideal locations for the Muslims around the world looking for Halal Holidays. It’s one of the few places in World where Muslims can have a lot of activities to enjoy and celebrate their travel journey.

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5 Places In India Where Indians Are Not Allowed To Visit

Priya Verma



You will be shocked to know that there are some places in India where we Indians can’t visit. They welcome only foreigners. I mean it’s hard to believe for us that even after gaining independence we can’t visit some of the places. But that’s unfair. Do you know about those places which do not entertain Indians?

We have compiled the list of such places where Indians entry is banned.

1. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol

Free Kasol Cafe

via: Twitter

Free Kasol Cafe is situated in Himachal’s Kasol village in Kullu district. It is one of the popular places that do not allow Indians to enter. It is believed that the manager of the cafe denied giving the services to the Indians whereas he has nicely welcomed the guests from Israel. Later the manager of the restaurant explained that he was in a bad mood at that time which is not a proper reason to turn down away any customer like this.

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2. Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore

Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore

via: Uno In

Well, you will be shocked to know this hotel started as a joint venture with Nippon Infrastructure Company to only serve their Japanese client. But when people started knowing about this thing that the hotel doesn’t allow Indians, it was soon shut down by the law on charges of racial discrimination in 2014.

3. ‘Foreigner’s only’ beaches in Pondicherry

‘Foreigner’s only’ beaches in Pondicherry

via: Arts Travels

Pondicherry is best known for the cherished destination for foreigners who come to India. Its breezy beaches and French boulevards offer a wonderful cultural appeal. However, Pondicherry has many beaches that are exclusively meant for foreign tourists only and not for Indians which is bad news.

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4. “Foreigners Only” Beaches in Goa

“Foreigners Only” Beaches in Goa


Goa is an amazing holiday destination for everyone. From old age individuals to the young generation, everyone loves to visit here. But this thing might upset you, as there are certain beaches in Goa where only foreigners are allowed. Anjuna beach is one of the perfect examples of this which doesn’t allow any Indian. However, this is not a legal restriction, but they just want to save and protect the foreigner women in swim bodysuits from the lusty gaze of Indians.

5. Broadlands Lodge Chennai

Do you know this hotel in Chennai has put the signboard at the entrance that says “Welcome, Namaste, pray to stay at this worthy lodge.” But this warm welcome is only for those who are Non-Indians or an Indian in possession of a foreign passport. They prefer foreigners and not Indians because they feel that Indians are very demanding as regards the room service and make too much noise which disturbs other hotel members.

So, these were the places where Indians are completely banned. However, we are surprised to know this thing but we can’t help. But no need to worry, we still have so many places to roam around where we can go and enjoy.

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5 Most Renowned Pubs in Goa That Are Like Heaven For Partylovers

Priya Verma



If we talk about Goa, what comes into your mind? I know its beaches, awesome weather and most important the drinks that the place offers. It is because of this reason, we love to visit this place to enjoy the nightlife with our group and to have the best of drinks. So, if you are planning to chill your weekend out and you don’t have a clue where to go, you should go with your group and enjoy your weekend like hell.

Here, we have compiled the list of some of the best bars in Goa to enjoy your weekend with your gang like there’s no tomorrow.

1. Cafe Lilliput

Cafe Lilliput Goa

via: Sluurpy

This is one of the popular bars located at Anjuna Beach. Here you will find many things such as a vibrant space pulsating with music, cool ambience, best of the drinks and good food. Now, what else do you want? Their menu and continental dishes and delectable finger food. They serve the best cocktails too. Here, you will find themed night parties with international DJs playing most soulful songs that one can enjoy.

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2. Cafe Mojo

Cafe Mojo Goa

via: Cafe Mojo

This is one of the most happening places in Goa, Panaji that hosts the best Karaoke and ladies night in Goa. The best thing about this bar is that you will find a beer tap on every table. Guests can fill their beer in whatever quantity they would like to, right on their own table. Apart from this, it has a classy ambience and retro-themed decor that lets you enjoy the beers even more. You can also play there at the pool tables and also foosball will keep you entertained all through the night.

3. Soro- The Village Pub

Soro- The Village Pub

Do you know what do ‘Soro’ means? It means alcohol in local Konkani language. The place has amazing interiors with rustic decor along with soft and dim lighting, brick walls, cool graffiti that gives the place a vintage look. This is the best place if you want to have the best blend of beers and wines. And to top it all, you can also enjoy Goa food, pizzas, pasta, appetizers, soups and burgers which are truly outstanding in taste.

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4. Tito’s Pub and Bar

Tito's Pub and Bar

via: Facebook

Goa’s one of the most vibrant places to visit at night. It is the best place to head for amazing cocktails and the best Goa food. You will find everything perfect here from ambience to good drinks. They also serve the best wines and other things. You can taste the best brands from the world at this bar. And the view of Baga Beach from this place is just awesome.

5. The Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf

This is a beachside restaurant cum bar which is located close to the Leela. Its seafood is simply delicious. If you keep the love for Goa food, this is the must-visit place to try. If we talk about the drinks, you can enjoy your drinks on the beachside ambience. You can come here anytime whether day or night you will never get disappointed.

So, where are you heading with your buddies to chill your weekend?

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5 Of The Famous Palaces In India To For That Much-awaited Dream Wedding





Dream Wedding places in India

When it comes to celebrating your wedding, choosing a perfect destination is one of the toughest jobs. You are confused about whether to go for a destination wedding near some seaside or you want to celebrate it in a grand style in some palace like most of the celebrities do. Now, we have many grand palaces in India to choose which can serve as ideal venues for royal weddings. You can witness the best of palaces in Jodhpur, Jaipur and of course Udaipur.

Here we have compiled the list that will let you know some of the best palaces in India to celebrate that royal wedding in style.

1. Jagmandir Island Palace, Udaipur

jagmandir Island Palace, Udaipur

via: Booking

This place is one of the best wedding destinations around the world. It is also amongst the most expensive venues for a wedding in India and so far has hosted weddings for only the elite families of India. The best part about this palace is its supreme location which attracts the attention of everyone. The exclusive palatial architecture of the palace makes it an ideal choice to celebrate your fairy tale weddings. It is spacious enough to hold 1500 people. It looks gorgeous at night when it is lit up with beautiful lights.

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2. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

The palace is set amidst sprawling gardens, this royal residence carries a rare elegance which blends perfectly with a royal wedding affair. This beautiful palace has four indoor venues for different wedding ceremonies. The spellbinding gardens surrounding the palace are just perfect for outdoor parties and events. And if we talk about its architecture, they are wonderful that catches everyone’s attention and is perfect for arranging picture-perfect wedding ceremonies.

3. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

It is located on the side of Lake Pichola. It is one of the most sought after destination to celebrate your wedding romantically. The stunning architecture of this palace made entirely from white marble which compels everyone to choose it as a preferred venue for royal weddings. The palace has airy balconies, fountains, and enclosures that are beautiful enough to catch everyone’s attention. You can also enjoy boat rides from the lake that will add an element of fantasy to your wedding parties.

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4. Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

via: Taj Hotels

This place is another dream venue for weddings in the heart of Jaipur. This palace has been converted into a super-luxury five-star hotel by the Taj group of hotels to offer outstanding service to the customers. It has many indoor and outdoor venues that are perfect for all sorts of ceremonies and parties. It can easily accommodate 3000 guests and offers excellent stay options for your guests to enjoy the celebration. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and treasuries around it which can leave you spellbound.

5. Neemrana Fort Palace, Jaipur

Neemrana Fort Palace, Jaipur

via: Neemrana Hotels

One of the best places for traditional Indian weddings, Neemrana Fort Palace has plenty of options for hosting different rituals and ceremonies. If you are planning to host a royal wedding, then this is the best place to hire for yourself to ensure privacy. The venue also has a huge garden, swimming pools, and an ayurvedic spa which guarantees to create a soothing ambiance during weddings.

So, which one is your pick among them?

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