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Top 10 Stunning Cave Hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey




Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

The enchanting topography of Cappadocia always drags tourists to the continental climate of Turkey. This tributary of the Turkish empire never fails to captivate strollers in relic architecture and charisma of its underground city. If historic views have always been your charm, add Cappadocia cave hotels to your visit list. The ravishing cave hotels definitely give each sightseer a soothing ancient pleasure.

And if you are looking for the Halal Turkey Holidays, then Cappadocia is one of them. So, during your visit to Turkey, if Cappadocia is at top of your bucket list, first of all, experience the perfectly carved hotels rather than staying in an ordinary hotel; and make you’re itinerary full of culture and beauty. Don’t forget to have a pro-long glance at spectacularly crafted walls.

Here, get to know about top ten extra-ordinary alluring hotels of Cappadocia which will glean your sight with an antique design!

Why you should visit Cappadocia Cave Hotels?

The idea of living in a cave is not something very usual. However, still many of nature & architecture loving people dream of spending a night in a cave. If Cappadocia is one of your dream-land, then you must book one of the Cappadocian cave hotels because you can spend a wonderful night at affordable charges.

So, rejoice sensation of contemporary comfort and ancient culture by pre-booking for the holidays one of the world’s best cave hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey.

1. Taskonaklar Hotel, Uchisar

This hotel is being crafted with detailed preservation of each arch, chimney and old stones in an astonishing style. It is easy to find as it is located in the central region. This bewitching hotel of Cappadocia practices eco-tourism.

It has in total sixteen rooms around a courtyard each is variously crafted taking care of meticulous ancient structure at its best. You can also have a majestic view of Pigeon Valley and Mount Erciyes by overlooking from the courtyard.

At the bedside of each room is a detailed booklet which provides easy and quick tips about Uchisar and Cappadocia region. Taskonaklar hotel doesn’t disappoint any of its worth tourists as all necessary things are already placed by staff in your room. From slippers to a satellite TV, there are books for readers, heated towels, fireplace, and toiletries, you have nothing to complain about.

The hotel management can also arrange you an order for packed lunch, excursions and a bike hire.

Apart from rooms, the hotel has the picturesque lobby and a garden where you can completely felt the loss in an aroma of archaic feel and awe-inspiring nature.

2. Rox Cappadocia, Uchisar

Choose to stay in a hotel which has unlocked achievement of award-winning terraces. It is located in Central Anatolia besides Uchisar castle and is renowned for world’s best spot to have an enchanting experience of a hot air balloon.

Go for a memorable ride of hot air balloon right above valleys, orchards, quaint chimneys, pigeon houses and vineyards to cherish. This hotel is similar like you have made a magical appearance in a Greek house of old times.

The interior of hotel features traditional rooms made of stones with a unique décor. You can also grab a Turkish coffee with a beautiful sight of stirring ambiance at afternoon. Don’t miss to have a pleasing adventure of a hot air balloon, the local Turkish hammam or an enthusiastic ride of jeep safari. You can also book a host of activities while your stay at the hotel.

The hotel management also offers custom design furniture, facility of making a sensational coffee or tea along with a Nespresso machine. You probably have options of superior or deluxe stone room and simple cave suite or premium cave suite. More often for the hospitality of two persons, initial rates are ninety euros.

3. MDC Hotel, Urgup

Selecting MDC cave hotel for your stay is a must, as it is located near the city center of Cappadocia at walking distance, which is, of course, the best choice while looking for a luxurious cave hotel.

You can have many exhilarating moments during your stay at this cave hotel as it has the pristine architecture of ceilings and windows either it’s lobby or a room. Each room is decorated with simple and lovely furniture along with luxurious bathrooms which will definitely make you feel not less than a royal member of the realm.

You can take pleasure of panoramic views of Cappadocia through a hot air balloon ride or you may rent a car and can also book hiking excursions. The MDC hotel also offers some local mouth-watering cuisines, which you will like to grab for sure.

4. Kayakapi Premium Caves, Urgup

Love to rush for a free meal? Whatever it be! You are thinking right, book Kayakapi premium caves for your stay. A buffet breakfast is free for all the guests of Kayakapi. In the morning from 7 am to 10 am, the Cappadocian selection is available in their main restaurant. You can enjoy your lunch and dinner at their onsite restaurants and can relish your meals looking at enticing views from the terrace.  

Kayakapi has rooms facilitated with all modest technologies with a perfect combination of vintage décor including antique furnishings, suites, stone cut rooms, and mansions. Each of room has a free WiFi connection, coffee maker, washrooms with jacuzzi, toiletries, towel, central heating, phone, minibar, flat screen TV, iPod docking stations, AC and all time available exquisite room service.

5. Kale Konak, Uchisar

At this hotel, you will be surprisingly welcomed by a golden Labrador, which is, of course, a great welcome. Kale Konak is comprised of seventeen rooms outstandingly carved having all facilities, few terraces with an amazing view and a Turkish bath which is free for guests to use. Roaming around all the tunnels, you will see stunning artifacts and antique Turkish art pieces.

There is a cozy communal area with a dining table made from one of the old wooden doors and comfortable chairs with a fireplace near to it and some of the beautiful fluffy cats to accompany.   

The food is served perfectly with a variety of sauces and beans and you can also grab a good quality of coffee later.

6. Fresco Cave Suites, Urgup

Fresco is located in the center of Urgup on top of a short hill giving a charming scene of town and gleaming sights across Erciyes Mountain. Each room contains a minibar, Wi-Fi, handwoven robes, satellite TV, water/tea/coffee, slippers and a moderate temperature (cool for summers and enough cozy for winters).

The rooms of the hotel have wooden doors meticulously carved with hands, Turkish metal pots, jars, and basins. And a tunnel leading to cave bathroom with two types of showerheads, bathtubs, Jacuzzi and perfect pressure of water.  

The hotel has in total eleven cave rooms and six mansions and some fresco walls are of Ottoman-era from the nineteenth century which is originally conserved, which make them fascinating for the Muslim travellers from around the world.

The staff of the hotel is so friendly, from the receptionist to the owner, everyone will ensure that your stay at the hotel is relaxing. The owner of the hotel is always there in the morning at breakfast time to reassure that you are completely satisfied with all the services.

7. Anatolian Houses, Goreme

Anatolian houses are designed and decorated with the best blend of furniture and art pieces from past and present from different historical eras. It is spectacularly crafted in the heart of Cappadocia with historical Cappadocian cave structures.  

Each suite depicts panoramic cave details and all facilities of modesty. Bathrooms contain toiletries and are enlightened beautifully to give a soothing feel of a modern cave with the bewitching texture of relic culture. It offers an affordable standard, deluxe, king and presidential suite

8. Alfina Hotel, Urgup

Alfina hotel is a grand luxury hotel providing all the modern amenities. All terraces are beautifully enlightened whereas rooms wall give a pleasing sensation of the historic cave.

It has forty-one rooms with an alluring furniture adorned with lamps or a flower vase and sockets at each bedside table. It has a vast garden with a clear beautiful fountain and lovely plants and trees all around.

9. Yunak Evleri, Urgup

Yunak Evleri cave hotel in Cappadocia is not less than any fairy meadow, enchanting pathways, plants, and lighting captivates every sightseer.

Each room features historic BC times, with breathtaking details and adorned with intriguing rugs with antique designs of candle stands. It offers an open buffet and candlelight dining at the adjacent rooftop restaurant with local home-made food. It also has a clear water pool which is simply admirable. You will definitely love to spend quality time there.

You can enjoy a hot air balloon ride, trekking, horseback riding and whirling dervishes’ ceremony. The services this astounding cave hotel provides include tours and guides, rental cars, their indoor and outdoor terrace restaurants or can recommend other restaurants in Urgup personally, function and conference facilities and Turkish night shows as well.

This hotel also offers some enthralling facilities to its guests which includes, telephone, fax, television, internet facilities, laundry, library, meeting room, and music room.

Cappadocia cave hotels are one of the ideal locations for the Muslims around the world looking for Halal Holidays. It’s one of the few places in World where Muslims can have a lot of activities to enjoy and celebrate their travel journey.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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4 Best United States Destination To Travel With Friends





4 Best United States Destination To Travel With Friends

Travel is more fun once you have somebody to share it with. As what the old saying goes, “Friends that travel together, stay together” Truly, a weekend getaway with the squad is one of the best experiences life could offer. While the USA is home to nearly each squad adventure imaginable, you’ll begin planning and organizing for your next escapade with these destinations. Nothing beats the fun and unique experience of travel with folks you trust, and trust you also. Make new experiences and keep wonderful memories to look back in the coming years of your life.

Here are the top United States destinations best to travel with friends.

1. Homer, Alaska

Homer, Alaska

This little town within the Kenai Peninsula Borough of Alaska is over simply a spot for fishing and perfect for tourists from everywhere. Creatively dubbed as the “cosmic hamlet by the sea,” the scenery offered by this place by the top of the road is just breathless. With the pristine scenery and the uncanny fusion of the classic fisherman’s village and an artists’ community, no wonder Homer was recently named as one of America’s happiest sea-coast cities by lifestyle magazine.

You can also take the squad to the Pratt Museum, a regional history museum that aims to preserve the stories of the Kachemak Bay region. It’s indoor exhibits Alaskan traditions, up to date art, and shows the flora and fauna around Kachemak Bay and its outside exhibits a replica of the historic cabin and a nature path for you and your friends to explore.

And another better way to end the day is to stay at the Tutka Bay Lodge that’s a boat away from the city and get a chance to relax to the picturesque landscape. Also, you’ll get a chance to take yoga by the seaside, take cooking classes, and at last feel the warmth of the Alaskan midnight sun.

2. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

If you opt for the desert as your cluster image backdrops, Tucson, Arizona, will certainly be on your list. The renowned Saguaro National Park, named for its massive species of cacti flanking the town of Tucson in its east and west sections. Challenge the paths with the dramatic desert sun and quiet down in one among its six selected campsites at intervals the Saguaro Area.

The city’s Canyon Ranch could be a wellness resort and spa wherever your squad will either refresh and relax or try the renowned High Ropes Challenge course along. It’s a series of challenges that relate to day-to-day life, like up one’s communication skills and skill to figure out how to work under pressure.

Afterward, reward yourself and your team in its spas and treatment clinics. Just to add also that you and your group can head over the cluster activities and amenities out there, this resort outpost in Tucson offers a wellness center for meditation and better finding and reconnecting with oneself.

3. Lodi, California

Lodi, California

California has flourished into one among the trendy must-see destinations for leisure and journey. Whereas the state has numberless destinations to go to and activities to experience, one among the underrated entries in its native touristry scene must be its own wine region, Lodi. Be prepared for a weekend of fun, dine, and most significantly, wine during this little farming city that’s just less than an hour’s travel from Sacramento.

Nearly ninety wineries operate in Lodi, making a humble nevertheless quiet scene for sport, running, paddle boarding, and even shopping. Most significantly, this city is creating a reputation for itself with an extensive list of farm tours and activities, with everyone promising the best and unforgettable experience. Its wineries also vary from small to modest, to others that are quite massive and active equivalent to its brethren in winemaking capitals like Napa and Sonoma.

For those who are eyeing on the far side the rich, tasty wines from its vineyards, you would also like to take a glance within any of Lodi’s historical and natural attractions. The San Joaquin County Historical Museum encompasses a mixture of indoor and outdoor exhibits capturing its local county heritage from the lifetime of its natives to the diverse agriculture nurtured within the area.

Another sight to lay eyes on is that the Lodi Serpentarium is a wide collection of living reptilian museum that houses a range of snakes and lizards guests could interact with. While there are other choices to settle on from, one among the simplest inns to stay in – the hostel at Locke House.

Situated on the length of the Elliott Road, the nineteenth-century lodge is a restored farmhouse and maintains its classical façade but still keeps its suites fashionable and comfy for the guests plus you and your friends could enjoy the lush gardens, bluffs, ranches, and vineyards. Your stay would also include a free breakfast made of locals that would definitely make your stay more relaxed and could revel in the passing moments of your stay within the Lodge with a glass of California wine.

4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

No travel list would be complete without you and your friends see the nearby beach. This Fort Lauderdale vacation may well be your next destination once you discover out the hotspots hiding in this city.

Tourists flock to the Sunshine State primarily for the beaches and amusement park – Disneyland. The latter, however, looks to be not for everybody with its increasing costs and ever-growing crowds. Fort Lauderdale also makes noise in the touristry scene with its wide and sandy beaches. Most of those landmark beaches line the length of the ocean road A1A. This particularly attracts professional and amateur runners who love a stretch with an ocean view.

There plenty of hotels providing that beachside view. The Conrad and Westin are among the number of places to stay in but you would also like to check the luxurious Marriott’s vibrant beach hotel, boasting the largest private beach resort.  In this hotel, you could fill up an album of Instagrammable photos in its amenities including a tropical lagoon and an indoor spa.

Aside from its beaches with beautiful views of both sunrise and sunset, you and your friends will step off the beach shoes and take the weekend off by looking and strolling on Las Olas Boulevard. The popular thoroughfare features breezeways and courtyards full of bars and boutiques to splurge and revel in.

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6 of The Most Amazing Bridges in China That Looks Breathtaking





6 of The Most Amazing Bridges in China

Most of you might have come across so many beautiful bridges in your life while travelling across cities or countries. But did you ever gave a thought what it all takes to complete them and how important they are which helps us get transported from one place to another place very easily? They are such things which are never appreciated or no one tries to talk about them. But for you, we have made a list of some beautiful bridges located in China that are worth giving a look.

These 6 amazing bridges will make you see the most wonderful structures through your eyes which I bet you had not come across before. Have a look.

1. Tsing Ma Bridge

Tsing Ma Bridge is located in Hong Kong, China. It is the largest suspension bridge in the world featuring two decks and which carries both rail and road traffic. The designing cost of this bridge is approximately $920 million. The bridge has been opened in 1997. As Hong Kong is subject to regular Typhoons so to ensure the safety of the vehicles passing on the bridge, the bridge also features sheltered carriageways on the lower deck.

2. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

It is the world’s longest and highest glass bridge which hangs over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. It is also known as Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk. If you will have a look over it from a distance it looks like a piece of white silk floating between the clouds and fog.

Due to this reason, people also know this bridge by the name of Yuntiandu which means “a way of clouds to the sky”. No one dares to stand on the bridge and if you are bold enough, then you can have an amazing bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon.

You can also read: 8 Most Dangerous and Thrilling Tourist Destinations in The World

3. Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

via: Twitter

It is the 35-kilometer long bridge that connects Chinese municipalities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang province. It is the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world. Do you know it took around 9 years and more than 600 experts to design this stunning bridge?

4. Nanpu Bridge

Nanpu Bridge

via: YouTube

Nanpu Bridge is one of the uniquely built bridges among others. It has been designed in an innovative spiral approach which connects across the river and between Zhongshan South Road and Lu Jiabing Road. Its funky and special design attracts lots of locals and travellers. It looks even more spectacular at night.

You can also read: 8 Interesting Facts About Venice City You Need To Know Right Away

5. Lupu Bridge

Located in Shanghai, China, Lupu Bridge is one of the world’s longest steel-arch bridges in the world. It has a total length of about 8.7 kilometers. The bridge has been designed by the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute and it took nearly 3 years to complete by the local government. The whole bridge has been made up of steel. One can have amazing view from its top.

6. The Wind and Rain Bridge

The Wind and Rain Bridge

via: Gxjzy

The bridge looks extremely gorgeous which is located on the Linxi River of Sanjiang Country, Chin. It was built in the year 1911 and is 64.4 meters long. It is made using wood, no nails or rivets reused in its construction. One can also relax there by sitting on the benches there on the bridge itself.

You can also read: 7 of The Most Awesome Man-made Islands Around The World

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Good News for Everyone! World’s First-ever Space Hotel is Launched Which Will Be Fully Functional in 2025





Von Braun World’s First-ever Space Hotel

Have you ever wondered about staying in a luxury hotel in space? Well, we have something really exciting for you which will leave you stunned. Now you can plan your holiday with your special one at one of the world’s first space hotel which will be fully functional in the year 2025. Really exciting no? Scroll down to know more about the luxurious hotel and what all facilities you will be getting there?

According to the official reports, this will be the first luxury hotel that will be built in space and it will have almost all the amenities that are available on the Earth and we are really excited after knowing this.

Von Braun World’s First-ever Space Hotel

The Von Braun Station designed by the Gateway Foundation and it will easily accommodate 400 peoples. The commercial hotel will be fully functional by the year 2025 with all the luxurious amenities which we get to see only in luxurious hotels and bars as of now.

Von Braun World’s First-ever Space Hotel

Well, this is truly unbelievable that we will be witnessing such kind of a hotel with top-notch luxurious facilities like operational kitchen along with cinemas and that too in space.

Von Braun World’s First-ever Space Hotel

And you know what the hotel is designed in a wheel structure that will create artificial gravity so that people do not face any problem while staying in the hotel and they can move in and out freely in the space. Similar technology is also used on the International Space Station.

Von Braun World’s First-ever Space Hotel

Have a quick look at some of the interesting things about this luxury commercial hotel:

1. Guests will arrive here with the help of a space shuttle

2. The hotel will have soft furnishings which will give guests the homely experience

3. The hotel will have in total of 24 accommodation pods with all the basic amenities

4. The designers are hoping that they will get nearly 100 guests to visit per week

5. It will have all the basic amenities similar to a cruise ship

Not only this, but the Gateway Foundation is also planning to build even a bigger space hotel that will be able to accommodate up to 1,400 people.

Would you be staying at this hotel? Let us know

All images via the Gateway Foundation: Website | Facebook

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