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Top 5 Female Scriptwriters Representing The Face Of Indian Cinema




Top 5 Female Scriptwriters

Who doesn’t love watching good story movies in their ideal time and from over the past few years, we are proud to say that our Indian Cinema has really offered some great and inspiring stories that we are absolutely loving them watching. With the rise in amazing and talented female scriptwriters, Bollywood has been changing slowly has taken a new form that demands something else.

These extraordinary scriptwriters know exactly what their audience wants and how would they like to watch the theatre on the screen.

Here we have curated a list of some of the best female scriptwriters who are really working hard in representing the face of real Indian Cinema.

1. Alankrita Shrivastava

Alankrita Shrivastava


She is one of the most talented directors and scriptwriter from our Indian Cinema. Do you remember the bold and hot movie named, Lipstick under My Burkha. She is the name behind the awesome movie.

She has written and directed the movie and the movie has literally become one of the most talked about stuff among the youths. The movie revolves around four female characters that were undergoing different problems under the same roof.

2. Zoya Akhtar

Zoya Akhtar


Zoya Akhtar is literally the backbone of the Indian Cinema. Since ever, she has given us stories that we absolutely loved watching each time. For example, She has recently directed a movie named Uri: The Surgical Strike which represented Vicky Kaushal who grabbed so much attention from the crowd especially girls.

She also has given movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Dil Dhadakne Do that she co-wrote with Reema Kagti.

3. Gazal Dhaliwal

Gazal Dhaliwal


Gazal Dhaliwal has written the sensual dialogues of the movies named, Lipstick under My Burkha and Qarib Qarib Single. Qarib Qarib Single is a sweet and romantic movie that revolves around the tale of Yogi and Jaya.

The movie has shown us the journey to meet all of Yogi’s ex-girlfriends where Jaya has played a very strong character who keeps struggling after her husband’s death when she goes under the mental trauma throughout the movie.

Initially, Gazal started as a software engineer at Infosys after college but after that, she had decided to shift to Mumbai to pursue her passion for writing into films and covering Indian comedy and drama.

4. Zeenat Lakhani

Zeenat Lakhani


Zeenat Lakhani is an Indian Film writer who worked on the 2014 romance movie Shaadi Ke Side Effects, starring Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar in lead roles. She also worked for one of the superhit Bollywood movie Hindi Medium starring Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar.

Zeenat and her co-writer and director Saket Chaudhary have done a lot of efforts to bring out this script. Even they also have met lots of parents to talk about the admission process of their children.

5. Konkona Sen Sharma

Konkona Sen Sharma


She is the most beautiful with one of the finest acting skills. She left everyone awestruck when she made her appearance in the movie “Life in a Metro”. Not only, but this she is also a brilliant writer as well as director.

She left a strong impact on the audience with her writing in a directorial debut, A Death in the Gunj in the year 2016 starring Kalki Koechlin, Vikrant Massey, Om Puri, and many others.

I am settled as a housewife, found writing to be my calling. Enriching, empowering and evolving through my writings I desire a better place for all. In my journey as a writer on this website I have become a more informed and compassionate person and have made new relationships in the digital world.

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7 Most Overwhelming and Heart-touching Mother’s Day Campaign which may Fill Your Eyes with Tears





Heart-touching Mother’s Day Campaign

Well, Mother’s day is just around the corner, maybe you have forgotten to celebrate this year but you know brands never forgot to come up with some new things every year on mother’s day. They create such beautiful campaigns related to mothers that are truly very inspiring which can bring tears in your eyes if you are living away from your mom right now.

The campaign created by these famous brands such as Café Coffee Day, Biba, Savlon, P&G and many others is really inspiring and beautiful which are also giving us some beautiful messages crafted with love in the form of mother’s day campaign.

In this article, I have made a list of some beautiful campaigns created by some very prominent brands that will surely remind of you of your sweetheart moms!

1. P&G’s Mother’s Day Olympics Campaign

This campaign on the summer Olympics created by very famous rand, P&G tells the story of not just athletes but also about the moms, who have supported, encouraged and loved them. The brand has made this campaign not just to push their product in the market but also to develop a strong and beautiful connection between P&G and moms.

2. Café Coffee Day

The very famous and prominent brand, Café Coffee Day has created a video where they have asked people coffee centred questions to test how well they knew their moms and their coffee preferences.

3. Prega News: #GoodNewsIsGenderFree

Prega News has launched its new brand campaign on mother’s day #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews which has targeted the gender biases and inequality in the minds of Indian families. The campaign shows the importance of a child, irrespective of their sex.

4. Gits: #TasteOfMotherhood

This company Gits has made campaign # TasteOfMotherhood that shows the story of a child who lives in an orphanage alone who is looking out for a mother’s love in his life. He misses the conversation between him and mom and wonders how the food cooked by her mom tastes like?

5. Biba: #IAmAMomToo

Biba is India’s one of the most famous ethnic apparel brand who has launched the campaign by the name #IAmAMomToo to celebrate the victory of motherhood. The campaign beautifully explains how age defines a woman’s motherhood.

6. SPACES: #NoOtherLikeMother

The video ad of this campaign highlights the golden heart of moms that is every ready to shower her love by welcoming all in her heart. The video talks about the unconditional love that mothers give to everyone

7. Sabhyata’s #RedefineThePerception

Sabhayata is also one of the most popular Indian ethnic apparel brands which have launched a campaign on mother’s day showing that a mother can be a child’s best friend forever.  Not just when they are young but also when they are fully grown up.

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Follow the Success Mantras of These 6 Famous Female Entrepreneurs to Achieve Sure Shot Success in Your Life

Priya Verma



Success Mantras of These 6 Famous Female Entrepreneurs

There is no doubt in this that women’s are like superheroes from managing household chores to perfectly balancing her professional life. It is a myth that women’s are best known only for giving birth to a child or they are meant to work at home only.

Nowadays, women’s are putting their best foot forward to bring the best in front of us whether we talk about Bollywood female stars or the corporate CEO’s who are becoming a true inspiration to so many and forcing all of us to be like them by following their success mantras. We have created a list of some of the very successful and talented female entrepreneurs who are really doing well in their career.

Let’s explore what they have to say about their success:

1. Laksheeta Govil, Founder and Creative Director, Fizzy Goblet

She used to follow three must do’s on a constant basis. Firstly, she noted down three things for which she is grateful and thankful for. Secondly, she never forgets to organise her bed after she wakes up in the morning. And, also she used to create her to do list a night before the next day starts which helps her to plan her next day better and well organised.

2. Malika Sadani, Founder of The Mom’s Co

Malika Sadani, founder of Mom’s Co has a long list to follow. She says it is very important to prioritize your important tasks first so that you do not miss completing that one. She tells how she manages her important meeting and giving attention to her daughter at the same time.

Secondly, planning is important, to begin with, any task. For this, she maintains a to-do list and notes down all she is supposed to do. Thirdly, never be shy from seeking help from your family members who are your biggest support all the time.

3. Shilpa Sharma, Co-Founder, Jaypore

She says focus more on who you want to be not what someone wants you to become. Try to listen to your inner voice always, don’t restrict or shatter yourself no matter what the situation is. Deal with them nicely.

4. Swati Bhargava, CashKaro

Swati Bhargava, CashKaro

via: CashKaro

She believes that the mantra to achieve success is multi-tasking. Women’s who are multi-taskers knows how to manage their houses and work life well and it is nothing that you should shy about. And, also a woman needs to have faith in herself in her vision, capacity and knowledge which is very important to attain success in life.

5. Priyanka Jain, Co-Founder of Hygiene and You

Priyanka Jain, Co-Founder of Hygiene and You

via: YouTube

Her one and only success mantra are that one must possess a commitment to her vision as t is very easy to get deviated while facing multiple challenges simultaneously.

6. Neha Bagaria, JobsForHer

She says that believing yourself is important to achieve success and don’t shy away to dream big. Never set back yourself from doing anything, do whatever you feel like and what makes you happy.

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American Fashion Model Halima Aden Created History by Wearing a Burkini & Hijab for Sports Illustrated Magazine




Halima Aden wore Burkini & Hijab

A very young and talented Muslim model, Halima Aden has made history once again by becoming the first ever model to wear a hijab and burkini in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue reported by the media.

Two years ago, Halima Aden has become the first contestant in Miss Minnesota USA to wear a hijab and burkini and making her way to reach to the pageant’s semi-finale.

This 21-year-old model was born at a refugee camp and has lived in the country before leaving for the United States at the age of just 7.

In her words, “She said, “Don’t change yourself. Change the GAME!! Ladies anything is possible!!!

Having said that she said that this is sending message to my community and the world that women of all different backgrounds, upbringings, and looks have the capability to stand together and cheer. She wrote this on her official Instagram handle.

American Fashion Model Halima Aden

via: Twitter

It’s sending a message to my community and the world that women of all different backgrounds, looks, and upbringings can stand together and be celebrated. She wrote this message on her official Instagram handle.  In addition to this, she has also given a vote of thanks to @si_swimsuit and its entire team for giving her this great opportunity.”

By saying these motivating words she meant to empower all the ladies out there.

She is trying to portray that nothing is impossible in this world if you are willing to do the hard work and change things the way you like. She is trying to give the message to all the ladies who belong to a different community and background.

Her shoot was shot by Yu Tsai, where she is been seen posing on the shore of Watamu Beach in two custom burkinis along with a block colour suit which has been designed by Cynthia Rowley.

In a press release, Rowley has said that “it was a complete honour for herself to design a custom burkini for Halima. Through her powerful voice, she has become the first model in history to wear a burkini in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

American Fashion Model Halima Aden

via: Twitter

This moment is a pride of honour for us as it empowers all the women and shattering those weird and outdated standards of beauty and identity in the industry.”

Fans are going crazy about her after hearing the news and seeing her beautiful shots in hijab and burkinis for a swimsuit shoot.

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