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What Happens If You Die in Thailand?




As the death date is not known to anyone and it indeed is the universal truth. So what happens if you die in Thailand? The question was being answered by the Harry Moreth at Pattaya city Expats club on 7th of September in a meeting and manager of international operations at John Monkhouse international Funeral directors whose graveyards were in Bangkok.

Harry has been an expat for most of his life. He was being brought up in the abroad and also he was capable of speaking several languages fluently. Moreover, he served his services for almost 23 years as a consular officer specializing management in places like Pakistan, Iraq, and Jordan in the German Foreign Service. He was the consular officer death cases charge in Bangkok at the German embassy for almost five years i.e. from 2008 to 2013.

Allison Monkhouse Funeral Directors main location is at the Melbourne and Australia. It is business owned by a family and was originally started in the early 19th century in England moving towards the Melbourne in the 1860s.

From their Bangkok offices, they were specialized in the deporting of dead foreign nationals to their home countries as well as to local funerals also the cremations and deporting of the body ashes.

According to Harry’s saying they worked with the international insurance companies and locally with the consular services of most embassies that were located in Bangkok and also the regional.

According to the saying of Harry when he was a consular officer one of the problems he encountered at most frequent was that people passing away and leaving behind their friends or family.

Now the problem was that what should be done with respect to the disposition of the body and matters that were related to the estate. According to his recommendation, one should write out that what should be done if one passes away here at Thailand and leave it with someone.

He should also prepare a will with the information to ensure your wishes that has to be carried out.

What would happen if a foreigner passes away in Thailand? Harry said that if a person dies in the hospital then the first thing is the involvement of the police in that case. They take note of the facts, secure the belongings of the dead person, and prepare a police report. The identification is done by the policeman along with the medical personnel.

Harry stated that police services have always been found very helpful in these cases. Secondly, a death report is issued of the person. This is done by the hospital members where the person died or if the dead body was taken there after his death or the alternative is that the death report is made and issued by the forensic center.

The third step is the death certificate is issued by the District Office based on the report made by the hospital members and police.

Moreover until the cause of the death very clear such as death caused due to a motorcycle accident. An autopsy would be performed on the permission of the police in case of the death caused I Thailand of foreigner person.

According to the people’s choice, the dead body could be cremated what many Thais do. It can be taken out to sea and the ashes scattered. It could be sent to the family or friends in the dead person’s home country or it can be handed over to someone locally here in Thailand.

If a person chooses to have his body shipped back to his home country according to the law the body must be embalmed. The body must be shipped in a coffin.

Richard Smith

Club member Richard Smith describes the next excursions that are organized by him. A trip would be organized that aims to visit Bangkok’s biggest flower market that has been followed by the dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River also because of its popularity.

He is also in process of organizing one other shopping trip to Bangkok for the purpose to visit the Ikea store and the Mega Mall.

Harry recalled one case where if the person doesn’t make a will before his death then, as a result, there was a 2.5 year legal battle between the estates. Harry on addition said that for the registration of a will an executor must be appointed.

One must go to a provincial court the executor will then get the authority of the court to dispose of the dead one’s assets in accord with their will.

He further mentioned clearly that the funeral home located in Thailand is the only one with a fully equipped mortuary also including cool storage facilities and it’s the only one in Thailand who performs embalming according to international standards.

Jason Scovell was introduced by the Harry, who is the Mortuary Manager responsible for the Australian location and is currently working in Bangkok providing training to the Bangkok staff about the concerned matter.

Funeral arrangements start around 40,000 baht. The prepaid plans include getting the death certificates of the dead persons and also making arrangements to send the left ashes after the cremation to its home country if repatriation of body or ashes is desired by its family members.

PCEC Master of Ceremonies Richard Silverberg awarded Harry with the Certificate of Appreciation for his informative presentation to the Club.

You could check some other informative websites such as the AMAR Internationals that works for the well-being purpose and is worth informative.

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Best Wedding Cars for Hiring Review



top wedding cars

Hiring cars for the wedding is the most difficult task because there is a lot of best wedding car which you should hire for the wedding purpose. There are many different cars which we list in this article so that your wedding would be the best wedding of all time.

There will be some point which will come in mind of many individuals like to hire the best wedding car in a less amount. Yes to hire a car in a budget. Because there many cars which are too expensive to hire.

How Much it Cost?

How Much it Cost

There is no hard and fast rule about how much a wedding car expenses to employ, with those at the spending end of the range beginning from as little as £99 per day.

For that, however, you’re bound to get an extended Ford Granada or Volvo 960 then something with class and panache.

Spend somewhere in the range of £400 and £500 and you’re probably going to get a pleasant great car, however, in the event that you need something as recognized as a Rolls-Royce Phantom you’ll require nearer to £1,000.

Roll Royce

Roll Royce

The Rolls Royce Phantom is ultimate in present day extravagance that is certain to create an impression on a special day.

Not exclusively is there a lot of room for the bridesmaids, the prepare and his ushers, the lady of the hour and the dad of the lady of the hour, all traveling independently obviously, however, this stately vehicle will likewise add a feeling of the event to any function.

With its luxurious inside and grand structure, any wedding gathering would be fortunate to touch base at their wedding scene in this amazing vehicle.

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class

In case you’re searching for wedding car hire that gives a lot of style and refinement, however, which is maybe somewhat more understated than the two alternatives over, the Mercedes S Class is the ideal decision.

It’s likewise liable to spare you a couple of pennies when contrasted with a portion of the choices, making this a sensible, agreeable and modest wedding car enlist choice.

Audi R8

Audi R8

The Audi R8 is the show-stopping wedding car with execution to coordinate its shocking great looks.

Ready to achieve paces of up to 200 mph, the Audi R8 is the ideal vehicle to get you to the congregation on time and it’ll look incredible in those important critical wedding day snaps.

At Expedia, regardless of whether you’re searching for a shabby wedding car contract in London, in Europe or further abroad, we are superbly set to help.

Simply utilize our propelled inquiry alternatives to choose your vehicle type and we’ll see you the best arrangements.

Classic Limo

Classic Limo

Limousines come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, including Hummer limos to BMW X5s and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Likely the most unmistakable of the considerable number of limos is the Chrysler 300c limo, which is a most loved for weddings, hen dos and stag parties.

Fabulous, smooth and tempting, this wedding car enlists choice comes furnished with all that you’ll require, from plasma screens to extravagant insides and a lot of space for some pre-wedding rises to calm the nerves.

Vintage Vehicles

Vintage Vehicles

Vintage wedding car contract is ending up progressively famous with various wedding parties, especially while complimenting a vintage wedding topic.

Cars, for example, the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and the Bramwith are classic decisions that overflow advancement and refinement.

They are additionally greatly open vehicles so you can travel in style and comfort while also having the ideal option for your wedding pics.


These are the best of all to hire it for the wedding. There are also many other and great option which will come in mind for the wedding but the thing you should keep in mind is that budget you should keep in mind while hiring the wedding car.

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8 Smart Accessories For Your Car in 2019



8 Smart Accessories For Your Car in 2019

The technology and automobiles have been linked more with the passing of the years, in order to make our stay in the car more comfortable and safer in some cases. For this, we must not lose sight of the updates we can add to our car, and thus have more fun family trips.

For this, you should see the following technological articles for the car that you will surely like. If you bored from your old car and want to sell your car then use this service Cash your car UAE.

In this article, I will explain some important accessory for your car.

1. Base for devices

This special base holds the cell phone or Tablet PC in lengths of 11.5 cm to 19 cm. It allows you to easily rotate at different angles, including 360 degrees of rotation, to provide the best viewing angle.

This product is a safe solution for tablets and cell phones, to keep the subject and firm during the trip. It is easy to mount on the ventilation grid.

2. Portable vacuum cleaner Hotor

The Hotor vacuum cleaner has a high suction force of 5.0 kPa, which will allow you to lift weights of up to 16 oz. It has LED lighting and carrying bag.

With this equipment, you will be able to thoroughly clean every place of your car since it has the super long cable of 14.6 feet, as well as 3 different specific accessories that will help you to inhale complicated places.

3. Rear monitors

2 monitors easy to install a car headrest, with the high-resolution display screen of 800 x 480, with 7-inch screen dimensions.

This equipment can transmit DVD IR, USB, and SD. With these monitors, you will make car trips more entertaining and has a wireless transmitter to facilitate playback, the audio is transmitted through the vehicle’s stereo system.

4. Air compressor pump

This device has an LED flashlight and a power consumption of 12 volts. It has an adapter that turns it off automatically when the tire pressure is reached and when there is an overload.

It is easy to use, you only need to plug directly into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.  With this product, you can inflate tires of cars, bicycles, and balls.

5. Portable GPS

This GPS is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and 800 × 480 resolution. When you park, you can play videos and play with your applications.

It includes a rear camera with 4 LED lights, which you can see through the 7-inch LCD screen when you are in the backward mode, to avoid crashes and accidents.

6. Smart car adapter

If you are a fan of car data, there is a device that will cover your needs. Thanks to this device, you can obtain the routes you make and can help you create new, more efficient routes in order to save fuel.

In addition, it will notify you if your car has faults, such as an engine failure and can help you solve some simple problems. It will also tell you where you have your car parked or geolocate your car to see if it has been stolen or simply know where you have parked it.

7. Increase your security with a DashCam

A DashCam is a camera that is installed on the dashboard or on the front window of the car to record daily driving.

In some countries like Russia, the use of a DashCam is mandatory, due to the country’s regulations. But in Spain at the moment there is no law that regulates it. It can serve to record an accident that we have had and in which we want to impute damages that have not been our fault.

8. Mirror for the deadlock:

Many times you will have passed that when making an overtaking you are not completely sure if there will be a deadlock or not.

Most modern cars have the curvature already adapted for it, but in case your car does not have it, you can buy a rearview mirror for such effects and thus make sure you have no problems when overtaking.

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Buying and Selling The Car: Reduce The Effort To a Minimum



Take Care of Your Car Tyres

If you’re into cars you probably already know this. If you’re into cars, but never actually bought or sold one yourself it is possible, that you don’t. Buying a car is fun – selling it, is not. Believe me. In the following article, we’ll help you figure out the procedure of buying and selling your automobile, whilst reducing the effort to a minimum. Furthermore, we’ll show you a few tricks and a couple of things you definitely have to have an eye on.

First of all. Why do people buy used cars, instead of new ones?

We are bombarded by advertisement every single day of our life. An astonishing amount of these advertisements are for cars. Have you ever noticed this? And really – how many cars does the average person buy during a lifetime? And how many of these cars are brand new cars, straight from the factory?

It seems odd. This tells us that the companies must be making a tremendous revenue with each new car they sell. If I was a television presenter, I would probably be walking along a row of expensive cars, looking into the camera, unfolding my hands saying something like: let’s take a look’.

So let’s take a look. If you buy a brand-new car, the moment you leave the car dealers or factory’s premises you already lost a tremendous amount of its value. If you buy a second-hand car, regardless of the miles that have already been made with it, it’s value will be 30% percent less compared to the original price. So buying a second-hand makes a lot of sense. No matter for which car you’re looking.

In Germany, there is a very cool new way to sell your car and we’re hoping that it will find it’s the way to the UK pretty soon. On mein auto makler Germans can now sell their car for a great price while avoiding having to argue with annoying potential buyers. It’s great for everybody who’s looking to sell they’re the car.

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