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Why Black People Respect Mahatma Gandhi Too Much?




Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India to a Hindu family on 2 October 1869. He was the child of Karamchand Gandhi Putlibai. He got his early schooling near Rajkot, where his father served as the adviser. At the age of 13, Gandhi was married to Kasturba. Due to his continuous efforts and struggle for the independence of the nation, people address him as the father of the nation or Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi went to England in the year 1888 to get a degree in law. He spent three years in London and completed his degree at the Inner Temple. Only after 1 year of his enrolment in High Court of London, he left for India. Later he represented an Indian business firm situated in the Transvaal, South Africa.

Gandhi in South Africa

Mahatma Gandhi visited Durban in 1893 to serve as legal counsel to a merchant Dada Abdulla. The first encounter of discrimination faced by him was when he was traveling through a train from Pretoria with a first class ticket. He was pushed out off the train by force simply because non-white was not allowed in the first class compartment.

When Gandhi opposes this, he was pushed out from the train with his luggage thrown away. It was the movement when he faced the dilemma whether he should return to India or fight for this injustice with colored people. He realized that it his duty to fight for this cause as the next day journey was even more humiliating for him.

He was made to sit with the coachman on the box outside separating him from the white passengers inside the train. On this day, he was physically assaulted by the conductor of the train as Mahatma Gandhi refused to give him his seat.

Within a month of his arrival, Mahatma Gandhi made his first public speech making truthfulness and non-violence the key perspectives of his fight against injustice. The meeting was organized to make Indian residents oppose the discrimination done with them.

South Africa, at that moment, was a growing national, ruled by white authorities in the majority. The discrimination against the Indians is similar to other non-white people of the county. Mahatma Gandhi’s fight against colour based discrimination makes him a beloved leader by Indian and other citizens of the country who are willing for equality.

By 1896, Mahatma Gandhi has become a political leader in South Africa fighting against the injustice of his policy of non-violence. This year only, he took a trip to India to ignite a protest campaign on behalf of Indians in South Africa. His mission caused the great uproar in India and hurt the British authorities in England and Natal badly. Gandhi’s efforts had pressurized the British Government enough to block the Franchise Bill in an unprecedented move.

The introduction of Transvaal Asiatic Law Amendment Ordinance forces all Indians in the Transvaal to carry an authorization document along with other coercive measures. Mahatma Gandhi protests against this act with 3,000 Indians in the year 1906 which give birth to his whistleblowing ‘satyagraha’ campaign.

The Indian community followed Gandhi’s plan and fought against the Act for a period of over six years in which, hundreds of Indians were brutally suppressed and put into jail because they were following non-violent forms of resistance.

Mahatma Gandhi led another march with mine workers in 1913 to protest against the tax imposed on formerly indentured laborers and he was arrested. You can check all about in Mahatma Gandhi biography.  As soon as he got the bail, he joined the movement again without afraid of being arrested. His dedication and courage to continue the path of non-violence make the officials drop the Indian Relief Bill.

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Lisa Kudrow Bio, Age, Personal Life, Net Worth and Facts





Lisa Kudrow Biography

Lisa Kudrow is a popular actor, writer, and producer. She is well known for the character Phoebe Buffay which she played in the popular sitcom Friends. It is one of the well-known sitcoms in the world because of many events and the plotlines of the show taken as inspiration for many shows and movies today. The series has still many followers and televised on popular channels today because of its portrayal of the life of six friends living in Manhattan. The actress got several accolades for the part she played and credited as a notable artist. She also appeared on television shows when she was a rising star. To know more about this incredible actress, continue reading.

Background information

Lisa Kudrow Age

Lisa Kudrow was born on July 30, 1963, in Los Angeles, California. The name of her mother is Nedra S who is a travel agent and the name of her father is Lee N. Kudrow who is a physician expert on headaches. She has an older sister named Helene Marla and an older brother named David B. Kudrow who is a neurologist. Kudrow belonged to a middle-class Jewish family.

Lisa Kudrow went to Portola Middle School located in Tanzania, California. She also studied at Taft High School. For her higher studies, she attended Vassar College and got a degree in Biology. At that time she wanted to become an expert on headaches like her father. She worked with her father for eight years and also did research on headaches. Then she turned her focus to acting.

Profession and achievements

Early career

Lisa Kudrow was a friend of comedian Jon Lovitz. She started her career in The Groundlings which is an improv sketch comedy place in Los Angeles. Then she joined with Conan O’Brien for the Unexpected Company. She got a role in one of the episodes of Cheers an NBS sitcom. Then she played the role Kathy Fleisher in some episodes of sitcom Bob.

Her first continuous role was as Ursula Buffay in a sitcom of NBC called Mad About You. Then she got to play twin sister of the character Ursula in the sitcom Friends as Phoebe Buffay who works as a massage therapist. This was the character that made her famous.

Rise to popularity because of Friends

Kudrow is the first one to get an Emmy Award for her Friend’s career. She became the highest-paid actress in 2005 because of her career in this sitcom. When she was acting in Friends she also got the opportunity to come to other shows and movies too.

She appeared in comedy films such as Hanging Up, Analyze This, Dr. Dolittle 2, Marci X, and lots more. She also came as a guest on The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and hosted Saturday Night Live.

After Friends

After the Friends series ended in 2004 Lisa Kudrow acted in few movies. Some of the movies she acted are Easy A, Neighbours, Hotel For Dogs, and Happy Endings. She also acted in the star-studded thriller film Girl On the Train. She made a special appearance for the role of Hypatia of Alexandria in the series The Good Place. At the moment she is working as the executive producer of the game show 25 Words or Less. Then Kudrow is going to act as Maggie Naird in the Netflix series Space Force.

Personal Life

Lisa Kudrow got married to Michel Stern who is a French Advertising Executive. Their wedding was a private ceremony. They have a son named Julian Murray Stern born on May 7, 1998. Kudrow is also great friends with her co-star in Friends. After so many years to she is still maintaining the friendship which is really great.

Lisa Kudrow Net Worth

Lisa Kudrow net worth

The net worth of Lisa Kudrow is $90 Million. In the last few seasons of Friends, the actors received one million per episode because of its popularity. This made Lisa Kudrow really rich. She is also a producer now and because of this career, her net worth is rising each year. However, Lisa Kudrow prefers to live a simple life along with her family.

Some of the interesting facts about Lisa Kudrow

  • Lisa Kudrow had the Jewish coming of age ceremony of Bat Mitzvah.
  • Some of her ancestors are migrants and they came from places such as Poland, Hungary, and Germany.
  • Lisa did research on the development of cluster headaches on left-handed individuals.
  • Kudrow’s parental ancestor Mera Mordejovich was one of the victims of the Holocaust in Ilya.
  • The much-awaited Friends reunion episode was set this year because of its twenty-fifth anniversary but it got cancelled because of coronavirus pandemic.
  • Lisa Kudrow’s son does not like Friends.
  • When Lisa was acting on Friends she suffered from body dysmorphic disorder and because of that, she felt like a mountain.
  • Lisa learned French from her husband Michel Stern and that was why she was able to speak it fluently on Friends.
  • Lisa is a very smart person and bookish.
  • When Jennifer Anniston Lisa’s co-actor and friend joined Instagram it crashed because of people rushing in to follow her at the same time.
  • Her photo on Instagram along with her co-stars in Friends always gets more likes from the fans.
  • Lisa shared that if there is a Friends reunion she is ready to do a whole season.
  • Lisa sang one of her iconic songs in Friends titled “Smelly Cat” with the popular singer Taylor Swift on the stage. Lisa herself wrote and composed the song.


Lisa Kudrow is a great actress and producer. She is a really smart woman with a good attitude. The quirky and innocent character she played in Friends will forever be memorable in the minds of the fans.

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Kristina Sunshine Jung Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth and Facts




Kristina Sunshine Jung Biography

Kristina Sunshine Jung is an American writer and businesswoman living in California, USA. She is also the daughter of American drug dealers George Jung and Mirtha Jung. She is a good writer and now also she is writing a book about the life of her mother. Her childhood was not eased as during her childhood her mother and father got involved in the drug business. Now she is not active in any social media pages but here is some information about Kristina Sunshine Jung you will like to know.

Background information

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s birth date is 1st August 1978 and her place of birth in California. She is now forty years of age. Her parents are both drug addicts and dealers so she did not have a normal childhood. When she was born her mother was at the prison because of her drug dealing. So she grew up with her grandparents for most of her life. At first, she was distant from her mother and father and there is no attachment between them. The names of her grandparents are Ermine Jung and Frederick Jung respectively. Now she is a successful woman having her own business and career as a writer and poet. Some of the places she has resided in are California, Napa, Pittsburg, and San Mateo.

About her father

Kristina Sunshine Jung father George Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung father George Jung

George Jung got the nickname Boston George and also El Americano because of his drug trafficking business. He was one of the major drug dealers in America during the 1970s and 1980s. He was an expert in smuggling cocaine from other places to America. His infamous drug trade made him the inspiration for the movie Blow and Heavy. He got released from prison in 2004 after twenty years of the prison sentence. But in 2016 he was again arrested for not following the parole. He got arrested when he as giving a speech on San Diego. But there was news from his girlfriend Ronda Clay Spinello Jung that he got released in 2017. He has a stepdaughter named Clara Pearson.


Her mother Mirtha Jung separated from her father in 1984 because she felt that they as parents did not offer love and time to their daughter. At that time Kristina was six years old. Both her father and her mother may have experienced rift because of the drug business. In the movie Blow, actress Penelope Cruz played as Mirtha Jung. Her portrayal as the wife of the drug lord and partner in his business became highly credited. When the movie got released many people wanted to know who Mirtha Jung is and that is why she became famous. Kristina Jung is on cordial terms with her mother.

Mirtha has a Cuban descent. She was ten years younger than her husband Jung. They two got married in 1976 when Jung was at the peak of his drug career. Mirtha was very much addicted to drugs when she was pregnant with Kristina. But her time at the jail for three years transformed her life and she got over the drug addiction to spend time with her daughter. Now Mirtha is living a simple life out of the limelight.

Kristina Jung Net Worth

As Kristina Jung is a successful entrepreneur and has a merchandising business her net worth is $300,000. She is also interested in writing and that is why she is going to write a book about her mother. She has over 30,000 followers on Instagram but her profile is private.

Personal life

Kristina Jung got married to Romain Karan who is a businessman in California. She also has a daughter named Athena Romain Karan. The family is living a low profile life out of the public eye. So there is no information about their whereabouts. She has a Columbian descent from her father’s side.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Biography/Wiki/About

Name Kristina Sunshine Jung
Nick Name Kristina
Profession Businesswoman and Author
Age (As of 2020) 42 years
Birth Date 1 August 1978
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Place California, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight 60 kg
Relationship Status Married
Boyfriend None
Husband Romain Karan
Kids Son (s) None
Daughter (s) Athena Romain Karan
School High School, California
College NA
Father George Jung (Former drug trafficker and smuggler)
Mother Mirtha Jung
Siblings Brother (s) None
Sister (s) Clara Pearson (Step-Sister)
Salary (As of 2020) ——–
Net Worth (2020) $300,000
Famous for/as Daughter of Drug Dealer George Jung


Few interesting facts about Kristina Jung

  • A film called Blow got released based on the life of Jung and his daughter. His relationship with his young daughter was the plot of the movie. In the movie actor, Johnny Depp played the character of Jung.
  • Kristina was also part of the movie Blow but the scene got deleted as federal authorities demanded it to be censored.
  • Although her father tried to patch up with her in 2004 after his release from prison she was not able to forgive him according to a local newspaper. However now she has reconciled with him.
  • There was also another film called Heavy that showed her father’s escape from prison to Guatemala.
  • Her father gained a lot of profit in the drug business.
  • Jung worked in the infamous Medellin cartel of Pablo Escobar who was its founder.
  • Kristina is running a clothing business named “BG apparel and merchandise”.
  • Kristina is in the process of writing her mother Mirtha’s biography.


Kristina’s life shows us that even though our childhood is terrible we can still get success in life. For most of her life, she lived with her aunt and grandparents and did not have a normal childhood because of her parent’s career. But now she is living a happy life with her family. She has also reconciled with her father.

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Abby Hornacek Bio, Age, Affair, Net Worth and Facts

Lal Pratap



Abby Hornacek Bioghaphy

Abby Hornacek is a journalist as well as a popular media personality. She is the daughter of Jeff Hornacek who is a former NBA player and sports personality. Abby is also famous for her beauty and smile. After her studies, she gained lots of public notice when she turned to a career in media. From her young age, she had the vision to become a journalist and media host and now she has a job in one of the popular channels in the TV industry. To know more about the popular celebrity kindly read the information given here.

Background information

Abby Hornacek father

Abby’s birth date is 25th April 1994 and her place of birth is Paradise Valley. She is now twenty-six years old. From a young age, she had an interest in media hosting and that is why she made it her career. The name of her father is Jeff Hornacek and the name of her mother is Stacy Hornacek. They got married on June 7, 1986. She has two elder brothers named Ryan born in 1989 and Tyler who was born in 1990. There is not much information available about her family other than her famous father but we can be sure that they are close as a family.

Abby Hornacek brother

Abby spent her childhood in Utah and then their family shifted to Arizona when her father got retired from his sports career. She attended the Xavier College Preparatory located in Arizona. Then for her higher studies, she went to Southern California University located in California. In the University she did Broadcast Journalism. So from then on, she preferred to have a career at Journalism. She played volleyball when she was studying at her university which shows that she got interested in sports like her father. Then after she graduated from university her journey began.

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Her career

Abby Hornacek instagram

When her father worked as a coach after his retirement she opted for the career to become a media personality and host. Abby has good knowledge about the sport as her father is a basketball player as well as a coach. At first, she was an anchor for the TV Station operated by students when he was at the University. So using her talents and skills she worked for another student-operated channel the Annenberg TV. As she had a lot of natural beauty she came in third place at a beauty pageant also. Then she became a familiar name because of becoming part of the NBA summer league that happened in 2016. From the stadium, she hosted the happenings directly. During 2016-18 she hosted the Drone Racing League. Abby also worked parttime for ESPN.

Then she received a great opportunity to be the reporter for Phoenix TV. Then after this, she received lots of followers on Instagram too. She also hosted the “Ride to Work” and “American Arenas” programs. Now in 2019, she is working with the Fox channel.

The successful host has got many awards for her work. She got the Pi Eta National Honors Society Member and also Order of Omega. She is a really talented person because in just a few years she worked with different channels as a host.

Personal life

Abby Hornacek eye injury

Abby has more than 45k followers on Instagram. She had a foot injury during her younger days so she was not able to give more focus to sports. Abby has a close bond with her father and mother. She posted a picture of her dad and herself on Instagram wishing him for his birthday. During the recent Mother’s Day, she posted the picture of her mom and herself and appreciated her mother for all her essential lessons in life. She also has a good friendship with her brothers. She posted a picture where she is standing in the middle of her two brothers and the caption said “Brothers like no others”.

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Abby Hornacek Net Worth

Abby Hornacek Net Worth

As she is a popular TV host she is earning $55,294. As per some of the sources her net worth comes to the amount $1 Million. The net worth of her father is huge which is $8 million and his earnings per year are $2 million. As he was a good NFL player and now a coach this is not a surprising fact. The net worth of Abby will also increase in the future as she has many projects up her sleeve.

Abby Hornacek Biography/Wiki/About

Name Abby Hornacek
Nick Name Abby
Profession Travel, Lifestyle, Sports Journalist
Age (As of 2020) 26 years
Birth Date 25 April 1994
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Place Utah, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight 60 kg
Relationship Status Unmarried
Boyfriend None
Husband None
Kids Son (s) None
  Daughter (s) None)
School Xavier college Preparatory Arizona
College University of South California
Father Jeff Hornacek (Former professional basketball player and coach)
Mother Stacy Hornacek
Siblings Brother (s) Ryan Hornacek
  Tyler Hornacek
Sister (s) None
Salary (As of 2020) ——–
Net Worth (2020) $1-$5 Million
Famous for/as Works with Fox Nation


Few interesting facts about Abby Hornacek

  • Abby likes to play guitar and banjo.
  • At the moment she is a host of Travel and Lifestyle in the Fox Nation.
  • Robert Downey Jr and Emma Watson are her favourite actors.
  • She prefers Chinese and Japanese food.
  • Her favourite colour is black. If we believe in reports, Abby had an injury in her right eye and has a plastic eye.
  • Some of her hobbies include travelling and shopping.
  • Fresh reporting is her forte.
  • She has received lots of honours from USC.
  • Abby is a private person so no information is available on her relationship status.
  • She has lots of fans on Instagram who praise her beautiful looks and dressing style. She has pretty blonde hair and cute dimples.


Abby Hornacek is well known because of her father but she is now a popular person herself. Her profession as a media host will take her to great heights and there is no doubt about the fact.

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