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Why Enuke is The Best Node Js Development Company in 2019?

Satendra Kashyap



Node JS development company

Node Js is highly recommended for development, as it is compatible with Linux, SunOS, SmartOS, Mac OS X, IBM AIX, UNIX, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows. It is mainly useful in website development, desktop, and mobile applications; including the front end and back end development. Enuke is one of the best Node JS development company in the development industry.

Node.js is an open source platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine, popular for its speed, capability of managing multi-user in real-time web applications. eBay, PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, NASA, Walmart, Yahoo are some of the companies using this technology.

Let us understand why these companies are using Node Js based applications.

  • PayPal says Node.js being JavaScript based efficiently handles the issues of browser and server applications. Other benefits response time was improved by 35% and the coding efforts reduced by 30%. ITS network is spread over 100 countries serving 200 million.
  • LinkedIn views are will surprise you that their server reduced from 30 to just 3 and the processes on applications are nearly 20 times speedier, that too with 450 million users across 200 countries.
  • Netflix has 200 million viewers, and it thinks that loading a page that is an important activity and with the use of Node Js, its time improved by 70% as applications become lightweight.
  • Uber with Node Js found technology that could serve flawlessly as errors show up promptly and have huge data processing speed and publish new release without restarting the application.
  • eBay was willing to create a transparent process that would allow control on their faster than ever apps to serve almost 170 million users. The application that provides data updates in real time and maintains a live connection with the server was possible with Node Js.

Node Js is best suited for, high-speed applications, fits in small budget too, saves the development costs, lesser coding for lightweight apps that reduce load on server, highlights errors, ensures product readiness, improved accuracy, faster features release time with no downtime, capacity to attend multiple requests from varied users, speedy and accurate data transfer, faster switching from back end to front end allows converting of Audio, HTML, Video, and Graphic files in real-time.

Node Js supported the development of Collaboration Tools like Google Docs & Go to Meeting; Chatting Platforms like We Chat & Viber; Messaging Apps by Facebook & WhatsApp; Video Conferencing Tools like Skype &; Real-Time Web Applications by Evernote & Netflix etc.

Why Enuke is the best Node Js development company in 2019?

Firstly, we are inspired to use Node Js as we are technology people and we want to provide the best software applications to every company irrelevant to sector and size.

Secondly, the experience of the above-mentioned huge companies has fueled our desire to create lightweight solutions, which are hi-speed enough to sustain the competition, and not only serve the customers but make the services available at substantially reduced costs but improved performances.

Enuke Solution is a trustworthy destination for all your development, testing, integration and advisory needs related to technology-based solutions.

Our Reliable Services:

  • Android and iOS app development: Mobile apps are new business poles of attraction and companies are investing more in it compared to websites and desktop applications. We can make mobile applications that deliver results with our experience in around 200+ projects.
  • Blockchain Solutions: This technology is becoming popular due to its transparency in all stages of purchase, order processing, and delivery. It is suggested for the companies that are in Banking, Supply Chain, Retail, IoT etc.
  • Cloud Computing: Saving time, efforts, and money are the key advantages that the latest technologies bring forth and businesses are grabbing the cloud computing services that are trendsetters and future leaders.
  • Data Management Applications: Node Js provides online sync, which improves the data management as well as access to real-time We as developers know the value of each bit of data and can create applications that can store, rectify, analyze data, and maintain quality data.
  • eCommerce Solutions: The users that login to eCommerce sites are often in hurry and the sites face have increased demands at specific calendar times or when offers and schemes are launched. We understand your needs and enable you to face competition.
  • IoT app development: It is best suited for industries like Automobile, HealthCare, Energy, Transportation, and Logistics. High-speed data transfer, data security, accuracy, and reliability are the common factors that can create apps that are using the Internet of Things as a base.
  • Online Business Applications: ERP, CRM, and workflow tracking systems to track the day to day activities of employees, tracking sales and managing customer base, all of it created for businesses that adore intelligent working.
  • Website Development: Node.js allows coding for browser and server in JavaScript, it is most preferred language by programmers, a website with heavy load also responds at high speed, and we can create that for you. We work on web solutions using PHP, ASP.Net, and Angular Js to combine with Node Js if required.

Customized Solutions

Various industries we serve are Travel, Health & Medicine, Food etc. that brought opportunity to develop Apps for Cab Booking, Dating, Grocery, Medicine, Messaging, and Restaurants and few others in the process.

After-sales support

We provide after sales and maintenance support to our clients at affordable rates.

Our Team

The core development team and our support team crave for challenges and strive for customer specific unique solutions to raise the satisfaction level and create better experiences when it comes to Enuke.

Customer Orientation

We at Enuke Software believe in delivering the best features to suit the customer requirements. Flexibility helps us understand and imply the changes to create applications that work at hi-speed and work perfectly.

Satendra Kashyap an Internet Marketing Coach and Search Engine Consultant for business owners. I have 9 yrs of Digital Marketing experience and can show you how to set up blogs, how to use social media for profit and any other external online marketing.

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5 Construction Scheduling Software To Help Your Project Finish Sooner Than Expected



industry scheduling software

Running things on time and smoothly right from assembling a team to assigning resources, discussions and planning budgets along with forecasting are too many tasks for a project manager. Without scheduling software, managing a project can be one hell of a ride. When several tasks must be completed constantly over a few hours or days, it is only wise to accomplish these time-consuming tasks automatically.

These reasons are sufficient enough to comprehend the need for the right project management software. It can save a lot of time. A big project makes it even more critical to use scheduling software with a big team of professionals for management. The article helps in assessing the best scheduling software for your project or organization.

The five best scheduling software to help your project finish sooner than expected are:


Procore is the number one most commonly used construction industry scheduling software to help the company increase efficiency and accountability of the project by running it smoothly apart from boosting project communication and documentation for increased profits. Procore allows the construction professionals to participate from their internet connected device on project documents, RFIs, contracts, submittals, schedules, submittals, drawings and more.

It was developed to use the recent web technologies and offer a safe and straightforward cloud-based application. Procore can manage several projects, let users track progress across the devices, and invite unlimited collaborators. It includes features involves drawing management and change order system tool. It provides a simple flat rate annual pricing.


Monday is a simple and appealing software that tells you everything at one go. It helps all kinds of projects – big or small and can handle all kinds of clients from diverse fields – doctor’s office to marketing firms. The best part of using Monday is that it can be imported easily into the current spreadsheets in the Kanban style boards easily.

Monday tells you who is working on which task and allows you to assign work and project to the team members quickly. Tasks can be scheduled in many ways: by timeline, calendar, files, map, kanban board, and chart. It displays the progress of the project, tasks completed in a day, and more.


The software is developed for large scale industries. It has a real-time collaboration tool. It is an all-in-one construction project management software and covers all aspects such as reporting, planning, workflow automation, and third-party integration.

It makes your life easier by connecting all the tasks, discussions, reports, emails and newsfeed with the project showcasing all-round progress of the project. Wrike has a reporting feature with several infographics to update itself every 15 minutes.

A feature that allows the team members to receive all-around context in addition to the previous discussions on vital issues is the best. These include relevant files. New members thus have all the information.


Outplanr is a project management tool. It turns a simple to-do list into daily work plans for all the members. It gathers all the resources and projects all at one place and offers an in-depth insight into the entire team member’s work. The software allows the users to pinpoint the new tasks on all the multiple projects in a single go.

Some of the most vital features of Outplanr include task tracking, automatic timesheets, appointment/meeting scheduling, workload balancing tools and features for estimating and prioritizing. It assists in calculating budget estimates and time as against how much time is spent on each task. The broadcasting feature is one of the most significant features of Outplanr.


A forecast is a combination of project management and resource management tool. It is built on the principle that projects are constructed of short and long term planning. Forecast works on a mix of Kanban, Gantt scheduling and mixes scrum.

Artificial Intelligence designed for Forcast allows spotting projects easily such as a risk of delaying or going off track. It helps the users build and subsequently share powerful dashboards, insights, and reports for real-time information for the team or clients fingertips.

Resource planning is effortless and allows monitoring capacity and utilization. You can watch the connection between scheduling and prioritization effortlessly to assist the team members on the most vital tasks.

Summing up

The above five construction scheduling software in the residential and commercial construction industry make the construction industry succeed without many efforts.

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7 Places That Are Not Safe To Put Your Mobile As Per Scientists




As per research was done by the scientists it was found that your cell phone should not be taken to these places. On a given day on an average you touch your cellphone for 2617 times, and its an average time it could be more than this. As this number is just for an average user and the number is much more for an avid user.

The smartphones are an integral part of our life and its difficult for us to part away from them even if it’s just for a few seconds. Most of us carry it to the bathrooms also. However, there are places where your phone should not accompany you as its not good for the cellphone.

The places are as follows:

1. The front and back pocket of your pants

The front and back pocket of your pants

via: Shutterstock

For most of us especially the males it’s a common practice to keep the phone either in the back pocket or the front pocket, but this could lead to many issues, like losing it or breaking it while getting up or sitting down.

It could also lead to pain in the legs and stomach.  Also, the phone is kept in the front pocket can affect the sperm quality and quantity as the electromagnetic radiations will emit from the phone.

2. Close contact with the skin

Close contact with the skin

via: Pxhere

It’s a common practice to stick the phone to your skin when in the call and this leads to transfer of bacteria giving way to skin problems and health problems. Thus from the next time maintain the safe audible distance between you and your phone.

3. Very cold or hot place

Very cold or hot place

via: Komando

The phone along with its components are built to withstand a particular temperature pushing it beyond the temperature and bringing it too hot or cold place could damage the phone.

It could damage the battery beyond repair options. Phones should be kept away from direct rays of the Sun and also not taken out in minus sub-zero temperatures.

4. Under your pillow

Having the cellphone under your pillow can harm your sleep pattern and the light that phone emits with the popping up of notifications can disturb your sleep hormone and the electromagnetic radiations can lead to dizziness and headaches.

Also if the phone is in charge and kept under the pillow it could catch fire and this is a very common incident of mishap.

5. On charge overnight

On charge overnight

via: Shutterstock

During the entire day we are on phone and for the whole night we leave it on charge and this could harm the health of phone and the life of its battery and worst case scenario it can even explode and cause much damage.

6. In Your Bra

In Your Bra

via: Gizmodo

Keeping the phone in your Bra near the heart could cause damage to the functioning of the heart due to the electromagnetic radiations that the phone emits.

7. A small bag on your hips

Well if you carry the side sling and put your phone in it, then your bones in the region could be weaker.

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4 Cold Calling Techniques To Improve Your Sales By 37%



If the salesperson is going to inculcate the best use of his time and effort while making phone calls to the customers, then he will for sure be able to improve his sales on a drastic not. Though it requires time and effort when cold calling comes! You have to be certain and sure that both time and effort are spent wisely when you are performing this activity. Here you can have a look at the four cold calling techniques which are about boosting sales numbers.

cold calling

Rest to have a free virtual phone number, keep in touch with us.

1. Using an interesting and brief sales script

Cold calling means you have just ten seconds to convey your message to the customer. A salesperson should be using a brief sales script while he performs this specific job. Two sentences are enough and they can be uttered in the time frame of ten seconds.

You should prove your worth in this time frame and get all the time and attention of your customer. The sole purpose and aim of a cold call are to make and finalize an appointment with the customer in person or to pursue a longer conversation on the telephone.


So, salesmen should remain focused on this purpose only. In this ten-minute time frame, avoid selling or closing the deal. Create a prospect situation so that the customer shows commitment to spend and give you a few more minutes.

This is the important and essential rule of thumb for any of the cold callers. Once you get connected with the person, utilize these ten seconds in the best so that he willingly and happily gives you five minutes more. In short, we can say that you should not only make an effort to get the prospect’s attention, in fact, but you also have to hold that level of attention as well.

Cold calls normally fall at the constant risk and danger of being disconnected or ended prematurely from the side of a buyer. So make sure that you say something interesting all straight out of the gate.

2. Calling potentially big buyers and decision-makers only

As the salesperson is given a limited amount of time to sell products or services every single day. For the reason that he or she should only call decision-makers. You should not waste your time by calling those bunch of customers who do not possess the authority to buy your product.

Move onto the next prospect if you have dialed a number to the person who is unauthorized and a poor decision maker. It will be great if you will call just the potentially and significantly big buyers. It usually takes a lot of time to sell a product to a small customer.

small customer

On the other hand, reaching to big customers give you big sales in less time. If you think that the specific customer does not have the required money to buy your product, then stop wasting your time with him.

3. Calling referral accounts and fully interacting with your future prospect

Your job will become easy if you will only call a large number of referral accounts. Those customers shall make an appointment with you and probably hear you for a long time. Salesmen should call those clients who know them beforehand.

Moreover, agree to a time which works and remain suitable for your customer. Finalize the time which is convenient for your prospect. The more interaction with your future customers, the better it is! This is one of the strongest signs that your cold call is going well if the customer is fully responding to you and interacting with you greatly.

dialogue session

Make sure that your prospect gradually and slowly accelerates as soon as the call progresses Effective cold calls evolve and transform into back-and-forth dialogue session. In terms of the successful cold calls, we have seen 77% ration of more “speaker switches per minute” as compared to the unsuccessful cold calls.

4. Don’t Be Scared To Pitch

Pitching the wrong way, it is one of the common mistakes which are made on cold calls. If you are going to enter into your prospect buyer pitch zone way early, then there are chances that you will get no understanding of what the customer wants from you!

You have to craft a highly personalized kind of pitch and this will convince the buyer to get agreement for a meeting. The seller just has a few of the seconds to convince his customer and this is what cold calling tip all about is! You have to come armed with a highly personalized pitch that is short as well.

Give your prospect

Give your prospect buyer a positioning statement so that they can be strongly pushed that you that you understand their important pain points. Sellers have to set themselves apart from the rest of the cold callers and they can do that by not talking about themselves.


Hence, persistence is something which all sellers have to learn while making cold calling. Try out these four cold calling tips and get more opportunities to improve and enhance your sale figures.

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