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Why King Crab Legs Are Good for Your Health?

Satendra Kashyap



Why King Crab Legs Are Good for Your Health?

The most usually got and sold species is the red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus). As per the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, the best meat of the king crab is in the legs. In contrast to different crabs, king crabs have just six legs (versus eight).

The body of the crab offers little meat and for the most part, goes to canners. King crabs were plentiful until the mid-1980s.

King Crab

At that point came a lack caused by water temperature changes and other ecological conditions. From that point forward, the cost has dramatically increased and they are less accessible.

#Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics

An Alaskan king crab leg (134g) cooked and served plain, gives 130 calories, 2.1g of fat, .2g of immersed fat, and zero trans-fat, starch, sugar, and dietary fiber.

One leg of the previously mentioned serving size gives about 26g of protein, making it a superb wellspring of protein, however it is much more slender than a similar measure of meat.

In spite of the fact that king crab is a wellspring of cholesterol, containing about 71mg per serving, it requires not to stay away from thus as soaked and trans fats (which are not in king crab legs) have an unmistakably progressively negative effect on blood cholesterol levels.

#Rich in Omega-3

Rich in Omega-3

The vast majority of the fat in a king crab leg is heart-sound unsaturated fat (.2 gram of monounsaturated fat and 7g of polyunsaturated fat).

King crab is wealthy in a class of basic polyunsaturated unsaturated fats known for their medical advantages and found in all fish: omega-3 unsaturated fats.

One serving gives 614mg of omega-3 unsaturated fats, making it an incredible nourishment hotspot for this supplement.

As per the American Heart Association, omega-3 unsaturated fats are mitigating and help avert low-thickness lipoprotein (LDL or “terrible”) cholesterol from holding fast to vein dividers.

#Rich in Vitamins

Rich in Vitamins

Like different sorts of fish, king crab legs are supplement thick, making them a solid nourishment decision.

They are a decent nourishment wellspring of nutrient C, offering 10.2g per serving, or 13.5 percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), 68.3mcg of folate, or 17 percent of the RDA and an incredible 15.4 mcg of nutrient B12, or in excess of 200 percent of the RDA.

Nutrient C helps in wound mending and reinforces the insusceptible framework, and folate and nutrient B12 are critical for red platelet arrangement, among different capacities.

#Excellent in Minerals

Excellent in Minerals

King crab legs are a magnificent sustenance wellspring of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and copper.

One leg offers 84mg of magnesium or 20 percent of the RDA; 375mg of phosphorus, or in excess of 50 percent of the RDA; 53.5mcg of selenium and 10.2mg of zinc, almost 100 percent of the RDA for each; and 1.6mg of copper, or around 75 percent of the RDA.

These minerals play out an assortment of capacities in the body, including red platelet and protein development, bone wellbeing, and safe framework work.

Tragically, king crab legs are high in sodium since they are salt-water animal varieties. One leg contains more than 1,400mg of sodium, so those viewing their sodium admission ought to eat king crab legs with the alert.

#Calories & Protein

Calories & Protein

A serving of one crab leg around 134 g or 4.7 oz. contains 130 calories. Bring a serving of crab legs into an in a perfect world estimated, sound dinner of 300 to 600 calories matching it with a steamed vegetable, for example, kale or carrots, and nutritious grain.

One serving of crab legs gives you 25.9 g protein, a huge part of the 46 to 56 g protein suggested for day by day utilization.


Here are some of the main and basic reason that why king crabs are good for the health as we can see that they provide more various advantages to the body in the form of mineral and vitamins. This kind of food is mostly eaten in western countries.

Satendra Kashyap an Internet Marketing Coach and Search Engine Consultant for business owners. I have 9 yrs of Digital Marketing experience and can show you how to set up blogs, how to use social media for profit and any other external online marketing.

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Add These 6 Foods In Your Diet To Add More Fiber in Your Diet




High fiber foods

Are you looking to add more fiber content to your regular diet? If you are planning to lose out your weight, then you must have to increase the intake of fibers along with adequate fluid intake that will help you to reduce your weight in a significant manner. Fiber is an extremely important nutrient that is found in plant foods and has a host of benefits oh including it into your regular diet.

Eating fiber has shown that it helps you to improve your digestive system to work smoothly and also supports heart health and also helps maintain sugar and your blood level.

Women should try to eat at least 21 to 25 grams of fiber a day, while men should aim for 30 to 38 grams a day.

Here, we have curated some of the best food items that have high fiber content

1. Add more Peas in your diet

Peas are one of those spring vegetables that have lots of fiber content within. One whole cup of peas has about 9 grams of fiber content. One can include peas in their regular diet easily as they are quite affordable as compared to other vegetables.

If you want them to use them for a longer period of time then you may keep them packed in a plastic bag and freeze it in your refrigerator.

2. Eat Popcorns

Well, we all love to have popcorns as they are one of the best snacks around. They are mostly preferred when we watch movies along with your loved ones. But you should be aware that they also contain higher fiber content. 3 cups of air-popped popcorn have nearly 3.5 grams of fiber content.

3. Snack on Fruit as much as possible

You should try to increase your fruits intake which is high in fiber like apple, pears, and avocados. They are really a healthy snack alternative than that of unhealthier pasta or pizzas.

Mostly, all the fruits are beneficial in one way or another as they are rich in nutrients and other minerals. For example, one small pear has 5 grams of fiber, whereas a cup of watermelon has one gram of fiber only.

4. Eat lots of Berries and apples, which are other high-fiber fruits

You should try to increase the intake of Berries as much as possible as it contains lots of fiber. This fruits can also improve fullness, especially when paired with food that contains fat or protein, such as nut butter or cheese.

5. Eat Chia Seeds

Literally, Chia seeds are a true source of fiber. They provide omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as 11 grams of fiber per ounce.

6. Eat Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Not Juice

Try to snack more on whole fruits and vegetables and not juices only especially those packed juices which have a lot of artificial sweeteners and flavours content in it.

You can take cold-pressed vegetable juice in your regular diet as it is a good way to incorporate a lot of vegetables but you should be aware that they contain more sugar as compared to the vegetable juices which has lots of micronutrients and has less sugar than them.

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8 Bizarre Tea flavours You Might Have Never Heard Of!





Bizarre Tea flavours

Almost everyone loves to have a sip of their one of the most beloved beverage what we call as Tea! For us, tea is something is which is normally made by making use of some common ingredients which everyone must have heard of like Sugar, Milk, Tea leaves and Ginger. But do you know,

There are some bizarre tea flavours which you might have not even heard of. We are listing some unusual brews that you might want to know about.

1. Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea is quite popular tea flavours in Russia. This is a strong black tea for which bacteria and yeast are introduced in the process of its fermentation which makes it super healthy. This tea is popularly termed as an “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese peoples.

2. Yellow Gold Tea Buds

Yellow Gold Tea Buds

via: YP

As its name reflects itself, the yellow gold tea buds are created from the leaves which are coated with 24-carat gold. You will find this tea mostly in Singapore and is harvested on only one particular day of the year which makes it quite unique.

3. Cheese Tea

Cheese Tea

via: Zomato

It is a tea which is served along with an iced beverage, which is topped along with a whipped cheese. The tea was first introduced in Taiwan, it has become popular since then and now you can find this tea at most of the places easily including Hong Kong to New York.

4. Gyokuro Tea

This is an exotic tea flavour which has a cost of approximately Rs. 41,000. You will find this tea in the Uji district of Japan. More, interestingly this tea is cultivated only under the shade and it has a strong and striking rich flavour.

5. Blue Tea

Blue Tea

via: Amazon

It is very unusual to hear that the tea could also be of blue colour. This tea is very unique and it is produced using dried butterfly pea flowers that are found in Thailand.

The tea usually tastes flowery. One might also add some drops of lemon to enhance its taste further and this is the ingredient which makes this tea blue in colour.

6. Bubble Tea

This is a cold tea which has been originated in Taiwan during the period of the 1980s. This is a tea which is more like a milkshake. The tea consists of tea base, fruits, milk and some chewy tapioca balls.

The tea has gained popularity in a few days only after its invention that most of the coffee manufacturers have started experimenting with different flavours.

7. Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is produced in the most unique manner by slowly aging the green tea by making the use of fungus. The tea is being produced only in the Yunnan province. The tea has a host of benefits and advantages which is good for health if we start drinking.

The tea is believed to be one of the most expensive teas in the world so it is a bit hard to afford this tea for most of the tea lovers.

8. Gunpowder tea

The tea is named such because its leaves resemble the grains of black powder. The leaves are crushed and rolled by hand or by using a machine in order to avoid them to break and to keep their flavour and aroma intact with its leaves.

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7 Food Items That We Never Knew Were Something Else





Food Items

Trust us people, when elders used to ask us not to eat out they were so right. This is because not everything that comes in a package is actually what it claims to be. In other, words not all the manufactures serve items that are not made of the stuff that they claim.

There are chances that the food items we have been eating all these years are not even what we think it is. There are ample of lies about these products. Not following us still?

Read the whole story below:

1. Cheese Sauce

If you buy cheese sauce from the supermarket in a package than there are chances that is not “cheese” that make it a cheese sauce. The food flavouring and colouring does all the wonder.

2. Chicken nuggets

Okay, this one might disappoint you. When most of the time your favourite chicken nuggets do not contain purely chicken but some percent of soy or beef.

3. Chips


via: Today

Yeah, sadly enough your favourite chips are also in the list. Most of the times when you are addicted to potato chips there is not a major part of potato in it. Some use wheat or corn flour and not more than 40% of potatoes in it.

4. Fries

In most of the cases in the restaurant when we buy a large fries the difference between the large one and the medium one is just that of packaging.

5. Cheese slices in sandwiches

Well, most of the times manufacturers use cheese products that are not entirely cheese in the cheese sandwiches. Like cheese slice in the sandwich could be a slice of whey protein or palm oil.

6. Ice tea

Instant iced tea during the process is brewed, dried and reduced to powder. Due to which you only get about 1% of tea in your drink.

7. Butter

Well, it is possible that when they say butter in ingredients it is not actually butter. If you miss whole milk and cream in the ingredient list then it could be anything else but butter.

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