The owner of companies like Tesla, X and SpaceX and the world's richest person, Elon Musk is always in the headlines. 

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Sometimes he remains in the news because of some of his statements and sometimes by changing some policy of X (formerly Twitter). 

Now once again this billionaire is in the headlines. In a report, Elon Musk has claimed to earn $ 142,690 or Rs 1.18 crore per minute. 

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The report says that Elon Musk's earning per hour is more than $8,560,800 or Rs 71 crore. 

Now Elon Musk has reacted to this report. He said in a post on X that such reports are based on 'stupid metrics'. 

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In response to a user's question on X, Tesla owner Elon Musk wrote that such reports cannot be believed. Its matrix is wrong. 

Musk said he is not sitting on a pile of cash. In fact, this amount is in the form of stocks of companies and they have played a big role in creating these companies. 

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Net worth 2023 

Elon Musk's total wealth has increased by $96.6 billion from January to June. According to Forbes Real Time Billionaire List, Elon Musk net worth of $252.6 billion.  

Assets increased by $2,378 per second 

Elon Musk's net worth has increased by an average of about $2,378 per second during three years. He earns $142,680 every minute or $8,560,800 per hour.