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Sell Your Property with or Without an Agent What is the Best Choice



Sell Your Property

If you are thinking of selling your house or condo soon, you may be wondering: is it better to hire a real estate agent or sell on your own?

After all, with a real estate market generally idling right now, the average time required to sell the property would be about the same for both methods.

So, what are the other differentiating factors? Is it superior to sell with or without an agent? To enlighten you in your choice, here are the pros and cons of each situation.

Sell with an agent

The benefits of doing professionally with an agent are usually described as follows:

Save time

Taking calls, answering questions and fixing appointments can become quite demanding. Especially when the sale stretches for months.

Establish the right price of the house

This is the most important factor for the house to sell well and if possible, quickly: it must be put on the market at the right price. And according to some sources, direct selling houses are much more often misjudged than others.

Negotiate effectively

While the input of an agent may be questionable for some aspects of the process, it is often where his expertise is most useful.

Act as an intermediary between the parties

The agent can thus minimize the highly emotional aspect of the situation.

Accompany salespeople throughout the process

Vendors usually find it reassuring to have someone to turn to during this stressful time. For example, by helping them prepare the property well before it goes on sale, marketing remains a crucial factor.

The disadvantage of using the services of a real estate agent is, of course, having to pay for it. The cost is usually 5% or 6% of the sale, regardless of whether the house was sold in 2 days after a single visitor if it has been on the market for many months.

Sell directly (without an agent)

According to the newspaper Les Affaires, about 20% of properties are announced without an intermediary. This is a growing number, demonstrating that it is feasible and that some people are doing very well.

The key advantage of this method is the absence of commission costs. Who would not want to keep more money in his pockets when selling his house? When talking about a house of several hundred thousand dollars, 6% commission, that’s a lot of money saved!

In addition to financial gain, advocates of direct selling also cite the fact that homeowners are the ones who know their property best – and are therefore best placed to sell it.

This technique is more suitable in cases where sellers are not in a hurry, are willing to invest (in time and energy) and have their property in a desirable market (for example, in Montreal rather than in regions where the real estate market is declining).

The disadvantages of direct selling are also clear: not everyone is an expert in real estate. The goal here is not to start people, but the fact remains that there are many details to take care of, several steps to consider and many things that can go wrong.

Even with some support from direct selling companies, it’s still difficult to cope with all of this without support.

The mixed system

Here is a firm in Quebec, Propriety Direct, which offers a mix of the two systems: an agent, but with a lower commission. This is rather 4%, but it will be only 2% if the sellers themselves find the buyers, thus encouraging them to do some of the work themselves.

This solution can be a good compromise for people who want to put time and energy into the sale of their home, but who are still a little chilly to start without any help.

Relativiser the commission

It is certain that a commission paid on a $ 150,000 house and another on a $ 600,000 house does not correspond to the same amount at all and that the amount can play into the balance.

However, it is not entirely true that by selling one’s house oneself, the total amount of commission can be “saved” and pocketed. Here’s why.

It will probably cost some money to use a variety of professionals, such as a photographer, an appraiser, a lawyer, and so on. This sum can represent a few thousand dollars.

The market price may have been overstated, resulting in a loss of visits and a delay in the sale.

The market price may have been priced down, as well as the selling price that may not have been appropriately negotiated. Buyers can bid lower knowing there is no commission to pay.

The process may take longer than expected, resulting in some fees (for example, having to pay two mortgages).

In most cases, it will also be essential to deduct the registration amount from companies such as Du Propriety, which can be up to $ 1,000. This amount provides the sellers with a sign as well as posting on the Internet.

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Top 4 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Condos for Sale



treasure coast condos for sale

Planning to relocate to a low-maintenance house? If yes, better go for condos! It’s suitable and expedient for miniature families. These condos are quite economical and practical as compared to multilevel houses. You can find alluring amenities and services like clubhouses, pools, gyms, playing courts in the majority of condo units. The prices may vary; you can pick the one as per your requirements and budget.

If you are looking treasure coast condos for sale, then you can get in touch with Treasure Coast Homes which is no doubt an ideal choice.

Is purchasing a condo suitable for you? That’s your decision only! However, you can check the below-given tips that can help you in knowing more about these:

Determine the breathing space you need

Do you have a lot of apparatuses and household items that you may require to shift into your new house? Ensure that you look for condos with the perfect floor area. In general, a 50 square meters unit is enough for small families or singles ones. You can look for a loft area too, which is the most popular choice for the majority of buyers.

In case, if you are looking for spacious areas then look for a 100 square meters condo. You will surely enjoy the comfort zone as you will find ample rooms and also a spacious area where you can amuse your visitors.

Check the parking zone and security

In the majority of condo units, you have to buy a parking area in order to park your vehicles. Also, some condos enable homeowners to purchase these parking slot areas at reasonable prices, so consider this factor also when purchasing condos.

Ensure that you also check the manifestation of your parking area and look for the security part too. This will give you a peaceful sleep as your vehicles are parked in a safe location. Check for security measures; ensure that the condos follow strict rules regarding outsider’s entry to these units.

Compare rates and facilities with numerous condos

You are available with numerous options if you are seeking condos for sale. Check with real estate agents and also query several other condos they can suggest or recommend. Prefer condos in a pleasant locality and the one which is in close proximity to your workspace. After that, gather the estimation of the total condo price like the monthly charges, parking fees, and many others.

If you want the option of gym or pool, then check with the condos that offer these amenities too.

Query regarding numerous intricate details

Check the assessments history done for these condos. Inquire regarding other policies too like keeping pets in the units, process for mend requests, and many other concerns.

Before making the decision of purchasing these, ensure that you have completed all your investigations and qualms. This will facilitate you in making a sensible and rational decision. You can contact Treasure Coast Homes if you are looking condos for sale in AventuraThey will suggest you with better options that you will surely adore!

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Is It A Good Time To Invest In Real Estate In Delhi NCR?




Invest In Real Estate In Delhi NCR

Investment decisions are by their very nature, risky. If you are a prudent investor, then your job is to ensure that the capital you invest, not only gives you a good return, but is also least likely to be affected by the vagaries of the market. The problem an investor face when he is looking where to put his money, is the wide range of options available for him. This could range from fixed deposits, stock market, gold, or real estate. If you look at each of these carefully, you will find that while fixed deposit is very secure in nature, it gives you very little return. Stock market on the other hand, needs careful study of both fundamental and technical aspects of the stock, which most of the investors are not even aware about. The last option on this list is the real estate, which if carefully studied, will be able to provide you with not only a secure investment option, but also one where you will get the maximum amount of return.

If you are weighing the option of whether to invest in residential projects in New Delhi, or in a commercial office space, then we suggest that you should look at the commercial office space option more positively. If we look at the real estate market now, we will find that it has the rock bottom thanks to the demonetisation. Additionally, the oversupply of office space has affected the price of the real estate property adversely. Therefore, if you want to invest your money, this is the right time to invest in real estate sector, as you can buy lucrative properties at a rock bottom price. As there is a strong, stable government at the Centre, the economy of the country is growing at a steady rate. Moreover, as our economy grows, there will be greater demand for office space for those companies that want to expand their operations.

As this demand grows and in future,it outstrips the supply, then you will see that the office space price in the market has started appreciating faster. Additionally, you will find that the rentals from the commercial property far exceed those that you get from residential properties. Therefore, this is the right time, to invest your money in the commercial real estate to benefit from the appreciation of the property price. Delhi will give you a wide range of options to invest your money in the commercial properties. If you go by the recent market survey, you will find that Delhi has the highest concentration of under construction, real estate properties in India. Furthermore, the values of these properties are nearly 33% down of their original value. This makes the city, the perfect investment option for those who are looking to gain big time from investing their money in the real estate business.

If you are new to investing in the real estate business, then we suggest that you take the help of some expert to make the right investment decision. You should hire the services of the best real estate developers in Delhi, so that not only you find out which property is available at a very lucrative price, but will also be able to invest your money smoothly without getting yourself entangled in a lot of legal issues. As we have mentioned earlier, when you invest in the commercial real estate, you will not only get capital appreciation, but also get regular income, as the rent from the commercial office space is much higher than that which you get from a residential apartment.

Is it a good time to invest in the real estate sector?

Whatever business you enter, the one thing is constant in all of these, the right time. You should be able to figure out which property will give you the maximum amount of return and the right time when you should invest in that property. If you make a mistake in any of these two parameters, then you will find that your capital has either stagnated for depreciated over time. As the Indian economy grows, the prices of the office estate will see a marked upward swing, as new enterprises are registered to start their business or the established business tries to expand their footprint even further. In both of these scenarios, companies will need new office space for their business. The interesting thing about the demand for office space is that, it does not depend upon the domestic enterprises only, but is increasingly affected by foreign investments. Since last one decade, multinationals have poured in billions of dollars as investment in the Indian market. This led to a high demand of office space in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.In addition, as the investment trend shows that this will continue in the foreseeable future as well. This will ensure that the price of office space in big cities like Delhi NCR will continue to rise in the future as well.

If you look at the broad parameters of investment, you will find that there is a higher offtake of loans for commercial real estate projects. The recent findings of the Reserve Bank of India shows that the total loan amount for real estate sector in the last six years has increased by three times. The reason is, as the economy grows, it is not only the company, but also lawyers, doctors, insurance agents, chartered accountants, travel agents and a whole host of other services that needs office space to run their businesses. All these demands are improving both the price of the office space as well as the rent payable on it. Therefore, investing in this sector makes a lot of sense, as it will give you a greater return, which very few investment options can match.

If you do not have a big budget, then you should invest in small office spaces. You can then rent these out or sell them after the price of the property appreciates significantly.

If you look at the changing landscape of real estate in last 3 to 4 years, you will find that the business sentiment has improved significantly, thanks to a government that has come with a clear mandate. Furthermore, the new laws that are enacted to further liberalise FDI investment in the real estate as well as about bringing transparency in this sector has improved the investor confidence significantly.

As Indian economy is described as the fastest big economy in the world. More and more multinationals are coming in India to set up their shop and do business in this high-growth market. This influx of foreign companies in the Indian market has a positive impact on the prices of office spaces all over the country. If you just look at the yield that commercial estate provides in India, you will find that it ranks as one of the highest in the world. In most cases, you will get 6 to 8 percent of returns and in some exceptional cases, the return is as high as 10 percent. Many companies see this as a great opportunity to increase their capital by investing in commercial real estate sector of India. Moreover, as Delhi is the capital of the country, where the maximum boom in commercial real estate is happening, it makes sense to invest your money in this city to get the best possible returns.

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What Does a Moving Company Do?




Moving Company

Whenever the term moving comes, we get the images of cardboard boxes in front of us. We see people carrying those boxes to the pickup trucks. However, moving is not just about packing the boxes and taking them to places. It is way beyond one can imagine. While some people do it by themselves, others have to hire a moving company for the same.

movers company

If you are going to relocate and trying to find what a moving company does; you are in the right place. Through this article, you will be able to understand the services that a moving company provides.

Prepares a List

All of us have different requirements when we relocate. Some of us want the movers to carry everything for us while others need them to shift the furniture only. They need to take notes of their client’s requirements to evaluate the time and money, and they need.

It allows them to work efficiently at all times for every single project. The diversity of projects makes them do a lot of different things in their entire career.

Movers pack it for you

When moving from one location to the other, you need to pack everything properly. However, the person or the family that is moving may not get enough time to pack everything decently. This is because there are hundreds of other things to do before you relocate.

A moving company and the movers know to it all, and they provide you with the service to packing and wrapping every necessary object. With a moving company in charge, you don’t have to worry about handling as well.

box packing

A moving company maintains its vehicles

Imagine your entire household stuff in a truck which quits while on its way to your place. The first reaction of anyone to such an odd will be frustration. A moving company is responsible for the safety of its client’s belongings.

And it understands that such incidents can harm its image in the market as well. That is why every moving company has to keep its vehicles in the best operating condition.

Loading & Unloading

Once everything is wrapped and packed, it is time to load it all on to the truck. If only it were as comfortable as it looks, anyone could do it without issues. However, to load fragile household items to a truck which gas a couple of feet high platform from the ground is never easy.

From irregularly shaped furniture to the glass objects, one has it all. The real challenge is to pack, load, and unload all these things in one piece, especially after traveling the required distance. One with little to no experience may end up cracking or smashing your belongings.

Movers know how to drive

Well, there’s no doubt about the fact that you can drive as well. But, to drive a loading truck is not that comfortable. It has the delicate stuff in its baggage compartment. And the movers have to pay attention to every single turn, traffic light, and the traffic. Even one fundamental mistake can cause them hours of hassle.

Always keep it in mind that they are responsible for the safety of their vehicle, and the entire baggage in it. That’s enormous tress to handle, but they are experienced enough to do it.

A moving company organizes it for you

When you are finally at the destination, the tiredness must be at its peak. Well, it is natural that you need to relax a bit once you are there. The moving companies know all these issues, and they know how to solve them. A moving company, after taking it off from the truck, will help you organize the items.

The only thing that you need to do is to tell them the desired position of those items. However, if you want such a service, you must go for a full-service move. The charges will undoubtedly be high, but you can get it done hassle-free this way.


With experienced movers working for you, there’s nothing to worry about the cleaning of your place as well. Whatever the mess remains after the unpacking of the material, they’ll sort it all out for you.

After all, you need to get some rest after all these tiring days of planning and execution. The best thing is that they’ll clean the entire place, and will take away the packing boxes, so you don’t have to keep them for no reason at your as well.

Bottom Line

Before hiring one, you should know what all a professional moving company does for its clients. Now that you know it, you will be able to find the one which provides all these services to its customers. The point is that you are spending money on it, so you must get the best in return.

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