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Gudstory was founded in 2018 with a clear vision of providing a sneak peek of some real-time updates and trending news without being biased. We feature diverse content, including celebrity net worth, biography, TV and movies, quotes, sports, and gaming. That’s not all, as we also provide updates about Hollywood gossip, the latest trends, and entertainment news. So, your search to remain updated is bound to take you to us. With us, you can be assured of learning the newest viral stories spanning news, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, technology, sports, and gaming. 

The Standard We Bring

Our readers are our greatest treasures. So, to uphold this trust, we are committed to the following editorial standards, designed to safeguard against inaccuracies and misinformation while ensuring the most comprehensive and unbiased reporting:

  • We rely exclusively on credible sources for our reporting.
  • Freshly reported facts are substantiated by multiple sources.
  • We encourage sources to provide information on the record and discourage using anonymous sources unless necessary.
  • We never manipulate facts to favour a particular viewpoint.
  • Stories are regularly updated to maintain currency and factual accuracy.
  • We promptly correct any errors our editors identify after carefully assessing requests.

The Sections We Cover

Trending News

Stay informed with the latest updates on trending, global, political, and social developments with us. We are here to keep you abreast of everything happening in the world around you.

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Delve into stories covering culture, food, health, home décor, relationships, and travel. Stay current and satisfy your curiosity by exploring this section.

Current Fashion

Stay on-trend with stories about the latest and upcoming fashion trends. From beauty and styling to shopping and jewelry, this section keeps you updated and fashion-forward.


Indulge in the most captivating section that spans Hollywood, Bollywood, People, and Sports, offering insights into both on-screen and off-screen happenings.


Stay ahead with information on the latest startups, apps, gadgets, and digital marketing content. Elevate your knowledge and keep your intelligence quotient sharp in this technology-focused section.

Net Worth

Explore the financial standings of various public figures, including Celebrities, Actors, Actresses, YouTubers, Rappers, Cricketers, NBA Players, NFL Players, Businessmen, Politicians, Authors, and Singers.

Gudstory Team Members

Surjeet Singh – Founder & Editor

Aakash Kumar – Editor and Writer

Shivam Singh – Editor and Writer

Lal Pratap – Writer

Bidisha Dey – Writer

Rachna Timalsena – Writer

Neha Bhatnagar – Writer

Aditi Malhotra – Writer

Neetika Mahawar – Writer