Top 5 Tips for Hiring Best WordPress Developer or Company

Best WordPress Developer

WordPress has transformed the web development industry and its open source nature along with the qualities of user-friendliness and flexibility has made it the most well-known platform for building websites. Over the years it has grown enormously with a wide range of features in the form of themes and plugins.

Which necessitates professional help in order to utilize the full potential of the framework for creating a state of the art virtual interface. Keeping this thought time in mind, a few tips for hiring best WordPress developer are being presented here.

1. Identification The Requirements Of The Project

It is essential for a person to understand and assess the requirements that forced him/her to think about investing in a website. The framework can be used for creating any sort of interface ranging from simple blogs to complex e-commerce portals and identifying the specific needs will help in figuring out the necessary elements.

Once an idea about the functionality and appearance has been formed in the mind, it will be easy to pinpoint the technical qualities that a professional must possess in order to successfully execute the project.

In case the assessed demands are basic, then a pre-built theme- whether free or paid, can be obtained and personalized by the hired personnel but if the requirements are unique and need a different approach, then a custom theme can be developed.

2. Research All Aspects Of The Platform

You may be engaging a specialist well-versed in the intricacies of the framework but even then researching and getting a fair idea about the different aspects of the platform will be a wise option. Log on to the internet and try to learn about the fundamental components of the platform besides discovering the latest trends in designing.

Go through themes available for your business vertical or occupation and isolate a particular theme or general design elements that you found interesting and suitable. Exploring the framework in this manner will help you in interacting with the candidates and asking pertinent questions, replies to which will give an insight into their knowledge and awareness about the current developments in the area.

Moreover, some value-added services will be identified in the process which you can insist that the chosen professional provides.

3. Check Portfolios Of The Candidates

Do a thorough examination of the portfolio of the candidates as it will help measure their abilities regarding the project. A competent professional will have a diverse body of work which will include personal projects apart from having a good presence on reputed online platforms like Github.

Find out whether the person has contributed to any of the numerous forums of WordPress theme developers as it will give an idea about his/her expertise. It will be wise to choose experienced personnel as they will be skilled in the nuances of the CMS and will complete the assignment within the deadline.

In case you are not technically proficient, it may be difficult for you to assess the level of skills of the various applicants and hence engaging an expert for the purpose will be helpful.

4. Ask for Referrals Before Hiring

A good way to find a suitable candidate for your project is to ask for referrals from your staff members or peers in the industry. The chances of getting a good quality professional with impeccable credentials which are important for hiring for such a specialized position. Ask the company or individual providing the referral about the type of work the candidate had done and assess whether your project requirements are similar.

You also stand to save money by bypassing the traditional methods of recruitment in addition to conducting the whole process swiftly. In terms of saving resources and time, this is one of the most useful tips for hiring the best WordPress developer and must be given a try before opting for conventional methods of hiring.

5. Conduct A Price Comparison

WordPress is free to use platform but not all the themes and plugins needed to create a website using it are free. Besides, web hosting and domain service plan need to be purchased and added to the fees of the development company / professional, the cost of the project will be significant.

It makes sense, therefore to conduct a comparison of the prices offered by various entities for completing the assignment but do not blindly choose the one quoting the lowest. A lot of firms use a low price tag as a means to attract clients and most of the time there are no testimonials to be found for their credentials.

A website is going to be your identity in the digital world and it needs to leave a good and lasting impression on visitors in order to generate increased returns on investment. Choose a professional/firm who has the right qualifications and is quoting a reasonable price as then you are ensured of a quality product at the end of the project deadline.


In the hands of an able professional, the potential of the open source CMS can be harnessed imaginatively for building a visually appealing and highly functional virtual interface. These tips for hiring the best WordPress developer will be of valuable assistance to any person looking for professional help in creating a website using the framework.

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