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Bill Gates Announces To Offer Whopping Prize Money of Rs. 70 Lakhs For Developing A Payment App for Dumb Feature Phones




Bill Gates Offers Prize Money of Rs. 70 Lakhs For Developing A Payment App for Dumb Feature Phones

In India, we have lots of variety when it comes to smartphones. We are one of the leading producers of them. Whether you belong from today’s era of from old generation, everyone likes to use such a phone that has trusted features and safe to use. Do you know recently Bill gates has announced really something very nice in which he has committed to offering prize money of Rs. 70 lakh to those who will build a payment app for dumb feature phones? This looks like a good opportunity for all those developers who can try their luck and win this whopping amount.

NPCI partners with CIIE.Co and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the app development

NPCI which is popularly known as (National Payments Corporation of India) has collaborated with CIIE.Co and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for creating such an app that will help people to make hassle-free transactions through a dumb feature phone. They have announced a competition in which they have called all the developers to provide their innovative solutions and the winner would be taking home Rs. 70 lakhs.

Both the entities have announced a competition together

They have come together and announced a competition, calling developers to provide innovative solutions to make this happen — with the winner taking home $100,000 or Rs 70 lakhs.

Chief of Innovation at NPCI, Vishal Anand Kanvaty says,  “Feature phones hold a significant share of the mobile user base in rural and semi-urban population to anchor India’s move to a cashless economy rapidly. With the help of the government and the payments ecosystem, it is crucial that we should focus on providing smart and simple payments solution to feature phone users. Our aim is to help reach the digital payments system in tier 2 and 3 cities where feature phones are still in demand.”

Payment App for Dumb Feature Phone

He further added, “Understanding usage pattern of feature phone users will help us to ideate a better strategy for them to educate and empower them on digital payments even without smartphones. This will also boost the government’s agenda of less-cash societies in a cost-effective manner”.

Winners will not only receive prize money of Rs. 70 lakhs, they will also get support from CIIE.CO’s Bharat Inclusion Initiative provides support to startups to grow further.

Applications will be accepted till 12th January 2020

All the willing participants can take part in this challenge. The applications will be accepted till 12th January 2020.

After a point in time when life seems to be settled and the things that you once desired has been accomplished you try to search for new horizons. One such new horizon was. It was only a year ago that I started this journey and now the journey has become a part of my existence.


This Post About Famous Billionaires Will Open Your Eyes





Famous Billionaires

We are living in a time where technology has already passed many thresholds. It has grown already and made people totally rely on them. One such invention is the internet that has not only touched a lot of lives but also changed many. It made some of the very common people like us, stars and of course, billionaires. So, let’s take a moment to read about those brilliant minds who used the internet well to make their as well as others’ lives better and also made multi-million dollars with it. We have covered stories of some super-rich and famous Billionaires who shoot to fame and money by going “online”.

Read the full story below:

1. Travis Kalanick founder of Uber

He is also a very inspiring success story. The idea of online booking for a cab popped in his head when his friend and wife once complained about the issue of getting a cab or finding one in need and time. Tada! Uber.

2. Brain Action (Former Founder of Whatsapp)

We all know how crazily the whole world downloaded this super handy messenger and it totally changed Brain’s life, too. However, it was later sold to Facebook which actually earned Brain $19 Billion.

3. Niklas Zennstrom founder of Skype

He created a remarkable app that lets users communicate via video calling anywhere in the world. Though this feature has been adopted by many other famous apps, a million people still use the site to connect to each other. It sure made Niklas’ worth in Billions.

4. Max Levchin founder of PayPal

Max, so creatively brought the idea of PayPal to use it primarily for eBay. Later, it came up for other’s solution as well. No wonder this innovative idea made him a really rich and famous figure.

5. Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon

Do we need to say any more? Its name is enough to mark this person’s success, forget about calculating the money this man must have made with his innovation of e-commerce. Amazon is used all over the world and people in almost all the countries have made Amazon a trusty and worthy shopping partner. No wonder, this makes his worth multi-billions.

6. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founder of Google

These two names need no introduction. They founded Google, the internet’s God. So, we cannot forget to put them on the top of this list.

Also read: 8 Established Entrepreneurs Who Got Success At A Young Age

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5 Mistakes That Will Get You Banned From The Amazon Associates Program





Banned From The Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the most popular affiliate programs (Amazon Affiliate) to monetize your blog. If you are a new blogger who has just started, it is very natural that you would be making mistakes. Why so? It’s because you need to follow so many rules and regulations. If you will be making these sets of mistakes, you will not be able to earn much as others would be making. Moreover, it will also get you banned.

So, go through some of the rules and the mistakes that can get your Amazon associates account banned.

1. Auto-tag, iframe, automatic cookie install

Do you know that Amazon by default stores cookie information for users who click on your links and end up on Amazon? If they click on the link and browse on Amazon, the cookie will last for about 24 hours. If they add the product to cart cookie lasts 90 days. Unlike other things, affiliate business can also be manipulated. If Amazon thinks you are engaging in suspicious activities, you will not only be banned but possibly go to court. So, if you don’t want to get banned, try to avoid using iFrame’s on your site altogether.

2. Using your affiliate link for your own purchases

Amazon affiliate link

Unlike other programs, Amazon also doesn’t allow buying for yourself through your own affiliate link to get a commission. So, you can’t buy any product through special links for your personal use or resale or commercial use of any kind.

3. Use Amazon affiliate links in the email

Amazon affiliate links in the email

Amazon forbids any use of affiliate in the ”offline promotion or any other offline manner”. This includes e-mails too. Now some will argue that emails are not used offline. You would need an active Internet connection. While that may be true, most email platforms also allow users to access their emails once they have been read on a mobile device or downloaded to a desktop email client. This means that using Amazon Affiliate links in email can quickly land you in hot water. Instead of sending traffic to Amazon in emails, link to a page on your site that includes your affiliate links.

4. Including links in eBooks or PDF documents

Including links in eBooks or PDF documents

Just like email, ebooks and PDF documents are easy to access offline. This means they are a big no-no for placement of Amazon affiliate links.

While some users point that Amazon bans emailing links but never mentions eBooks, Amazon account agreement states otherwise: “In any printed material, mailing, SMS, MMS, email or attachment to an email, or another document, or any oral solicitation.

5. Have more than one account

Have more than one account

Amazon only allows one account per individual. This is done to limit spam and make sure that their bans carry weight. Some business owners may qualify for an exception depending on the nature and scale of their business. Feel free to contact Amazon and ask for some leniency.

So, these were some of the mistakes which can ban your Amazon Affiliate Program.

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5 Top Websites To Download Latest Movies Online For Free





Websites To Download Latest Movies Online For Free

Everyone loves watching movies, Right. You love them watching even more if they are available for free on the internet. Yes, you heard that right. There are a plethora of legal websites from where you can watch the movie of your choice as well as download the latest movies without paying even a penny to anyone. Want to know about these websites? Here we have compiled the list of some of the best legal websites which will help you to download movies and shows for free.

Have a look.

1. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

If you love watching horror and western movies, Classic Cinema Online is one of the best websites to download movies for free. From Captain Kidd to Gone with the West to Apache Blood, you’ll get everything here. Unfortunately, the movies hosted on the site are not readily available for download, so you will have to use add-ons like Video DownloadHelper to download them.

2. SnagFilms


It is a video-on-demand website. Here, you can watch thousands of rare documentaries and films that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. It was founded in 2008. You can download and watch the movies for free from here.

3. YouTube


It’s one of our favourite channels to watch not only free movies but also thousands of shows, songs, and whatnot. What you need to do is type the name of the movie or show you want to watch or you can also download it right there. They also offer a paid subscription tiers like YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, to watch high-quality movies.

4. Free Classic Movie

Free Classic Movie

This is one of the outstanding free websites to download movies of the golden age. This site highlights a large number of films that you can watch or download for free. It has an assortment of film sorts including Comedy, Documentary, Music, Sci-Fi, Western, and Family. Also, it has classic films of numerous choices to add and view to your watchlist. You can find movies from the early 90s to the late 90s. The site is very user-friendly which makes easy for you to navigate through. Also, viewing and streaming the film doesn’t require any registration.

5. Vimeo


Vimeo is not as big as YouTube is, but it’s the place where you can enjoy independent movies from creators around the world. What has attracted so many film-makers to Vimeo is the platform’s supportive community and a large selection of high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in HD and 4K with no ads. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo allows its users to download content directly from the site, by clicking on the Download button. You can choose between SD, HD, and the original video quality while downloading your favourite movies.

So, these were some of the popular free websites from where you can watch or download a host of the latest movies for free either is HD, original or SD quality. What’s keeping you waiting then? Go and watch movies now.

Featured image source: Pexels

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