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How To Convert Your Crush into The Woman of Your Life



It’s the true fact that for most men, falling in lust is rather instant, you see a beautiful woman with a captivating personality and you decide to talk to her. The only vital issue, of course, is knowing how to approach a girl in a perfect manner and once you do that, you start planning to do something that can make her fall in love with you.

There are no magical charms or reasons that dictate the why or how two people should build a relationship but there are some mistakes that men make along the way that could drive her away from you. How to make your crush falling in love with you wholeheartedly depends on the ways you treat her in the initial stages of dating.

From your brainchild date ideas to the way you stay on the communications, it’s time to take some serious tips-

1) A great conversation is what a woman truly appreciate:

Approaching a girl is definitely a tricky situation for most of the men since they don’t come on too hard or too soon. The best way to flirt with a woman is rather simple as it’s all about knowing how to start and continue a great conversation. Always try to remain genuine as it would help you to make her fall in love with exactly the person you are.

You should not start off too heavy handed with the personal topics. Try to know what’s happening around the world and speak with her intelligently over those issues. Women love men who can make them laugh so it’s better to place your words with some sense of humor so that she can always feel the conversation interesting.

2) Take the pressure off of yourself:

When it comes to starting a conversation with a woman, most of the men feel tensed, nervous and even scared also and it should not be your case. You should never feel that there are so many things at stake.

Take it lightly. Most of the guys are worried that they are going to embarrass themselves or are almost sure about the fact that, if they blow it, they are doomed to never get a chance to meet the woman again. You can simply think of it like a meeting with an old buddy for a casual outing and just behave in that way.

3) Give Her A Nice Compliment:

You should definitely take a serious note of her overall physical appearance since most of the women put the serious effort to look good on the dating times. You should offer some of the flattering remarks as you get to know her. Try to include her brilliance and humor also.

4) Order Something Nice For Her:

As a crucial dating etiquette, you should definitely drop her at her doorstep and this could be a great way to get her address without even asking from her. Don’t misuse this chance, rather you should go for ordering something for her and that would be an excellent surprise for her.

If you guys are in Bangalore, you can easily go for online cake delivery in Bangalore and many other cities in India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi etc.

5) Don’t Ghost On Her:

The typical rules on how to make her fall in love are packed with different types of regulations and roadblocks. There are different school of thoughts to communicate with her after the first date but one solid piece of advice that you should definitely follow that you should not ghost on her.

The old school theory always says to wait for a few days but if you are really crazy about the woman, you can send her a text message on the next morning of the date day and ask her out for another meeting at the Saturday night.

The first date is very much important as it mainly determines whether you will have the opportunity have a second meeting with her or not and that’s why you should follow these above-said rules perfectly.


5 Relationship Goals to Achieve



Relationship Goals to Achieve

Couples are meant to be together and forever, happily lived after. But, what makes their togetherness stronger and possible? There are so many things in a relationship that makes it moving towards something better. Every married or unmarried couple wants to live happily with each other along little fights, stupid misunderstandings, and infinite love.

This article is purely based on couples and their relationship goals that they want to achieve. Why relationship goals are important to be achieved by the couple?

You will get an answer in next 5 relationship goals examples:

#1 Prioritize your relationship

Prioritize your relationship

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this is to inform, if you want to keep your love stable between you and your partner, then you must consider this example first. It is possible that one of you take your partner for granted but it doesn’t work like that. You must prioritize your partner in almost every circumstances whether it is bad or good.

You are not supposed to distract yourself from your partner’s desires. It’s okay to be busy with your personal stuff, but take out some time for your partner too and make them comfortable with your presence and love.

#2 Maintain your connection time daily

Maintain your connection time daily

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if you and your partner work outside the home, then both of you must extract some free time to make your connection stronger. This is called one-on-one time to keep the couple reconnects. Try this to keep your morning time free before your workday start and in the evening before you get to engage in fulfilling your responsibilities.

During these free times, it is highly recommended to give your complete presence to your partner and keep your cell phone and other distracting devices away from you.

#3 Communicate with Kindness

Communicate with Kindness

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Have you ever talked to your partner in an annoying mood? Have you ever noticed why this happened? Always try to communicate with your partner with kindness and love. Try to control your rude and harsh behavior if you were messed up in your work whole day. This isn’t your partner’s fault so, keep your frustration with you.

#4 Support each other’s Goals

Support each other’s Goals

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It is mandatory to follow your goals but it is obvious that you must follow your partner’s goals too. If you both have couple goals then don’t take it as a burden, in fact, it is a good thing to have your own decided goals and dreams. You should be happy if your partner has something unique and creative in his/her mind. It will enhance your relationship and bring interesting things in your life.

#5 Review your performance

Review your performance

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Keep reviewing your monthly or yearly performance that how you achieved your goal. It is necessary to review yourself once and ask your partner about your bad and good things. On the other hand, tell your partner his/her mistakes and points where he/she hurts you or let down you. This is the right time to point out some crazy mistakes and habits inside you and partner.

It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, just share each and everything to maintain the comfort level between you and your partner.

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20 Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text to Show Her Love




questions to ask a girl

When it involves getting someone you like, understanding the right questions to ask a girl over textual content can majorly assist you. Here’s what to ask her. If you sincerely need to get a girl’s attention, making her sense unique is the first right manner to do that. And asking the real questions that’ll show her you do care about her.

But understanding which type of inquiries/questions to ask a lady over textual content and which to keep away from her isn’t continually smooth.

Before you could get a female to go out with you, the very least you have to do is get to know her. And that calm manner you’ve got to reveal her you’re interested in her. Luckily, there’s a single way to do each of these matters.

Making a woman sense you by way of asking questions, questions can do more than you observed. You can find tonnes of deep questions on the internet.

Women want to feel like the handiest one your attention is on. If you’re merely talking to women like just another buddy, women don’t sense that. This makes women anticipate you’re most effective in it for a chat and friendship.

But in case you need to get to recognize her better due to the fact you want her, you want to reveal her. You have to make sure things that she’ll perceive as you uniquely treating her. Asking the proper questions is ideal for this.

The right questions to ask a lady over text:

Yes, you have to ask certain things let her know you are romantically into her. Just asking about her day doesn’t reduce it. These are the questions to ask a lady over text that’ll honestly make a distinction.

#1 What become your favorite part of the day these days?

This is an ideal communique starter to get things moving along. It’s no longer an awful lot; however, the reality which you want to realize about her day will make her feel first-rate.

#2 If you could do whatever proper now, what would it not be?

Not best is this hinting at her saying you want to hang out with her, but it’s also true to understand what her preferred activities are.

#3 Where is your dream holiday?

People love talking about in which they’d as an alternative be. This is specially genuine in case you’re stuck in a lousy season that’s miserable. Get her speaking the stuff she loves, and she’ll like you with happy feelings.

#4 Are you glad about life right now?

It’s a quite easy question, but it’ll spark a much larger communique. You can speak what she’s grateful for and even how she ought to improve her lifestyles. Plus, you’ll also analyze what makes her glad.

#5 What’s something you regret about your youth?

Life was so that much simpler when we had been more youthful. This will not most effective bring back fond reminiscences, but it’ll additionally be amusing to peer what pursuits you had in not unusual all those years in the past. 

#6 How do you believe you studied your formative years shaped your life proper now?

You can analyze loads about what formed her life soon just using asking her approximately while she changed into little. This may also help you see what become maximum vital to her lower back then and now.

#7 If you may select one meal to have every day all the time, what would it not be?

This is a simple manner to ask what her favored food is without being fundamental approximately it. It’ll additionally help you see what forms of meals she likes so in case you ever get to take her on a date, and you’ll recognize in which to move.

#8 What do you need to do in existence?

This can spark a genuinely deep dialogue and help you get to recognize her. Plus, she’ll sense merely individual that you want to realize her dreams.

#9 If you can live everywhere, where wouldn’t it be?

This isn’t much like the vacation question. It’s extra approximately where she sees herself in lifestyles a few years from now. You can easily see how like-minded you’re this manner.

#10 What’s a secret rarely all of us is aware of about you?

It’s now not such as you’re asking her to unharness her soul’s hidden secrets. The truth that you’re asking for an infrequently-recognized secret will make her experience unique and show her you care.

#11 What’s your biggest puppy peeve?

This is merely right to recognize in well known. You always want to understand what’ll tick her off so you can keep away from it.

#12 Are you excited for the future, or scared?

This is one of these inquiries to ask a female over text that is probably a touch riskier, so be geared up for that. If she’s scared, she won’t inform you. But if she does, it’s evidence she likes you returned.

#13 Is there something you’ve usually desired to try however have been too scared?

You can begin this one by establishing up with something that you’ve generally wanted to do. You’ll get to recognize more magnificent about her actual goals and her, or he’ll realize just how lots you care about her.

#14 If you can exchange something within the international, what would it not be?

Ready to test her morals? This is a super way to get right into a deep communication at the same time as showing her you care about what she has to say approximately the world.

#15 Do you ever sense like something is missing out of your lifestyles?

You’ll get buried with this query. You can even pass the communique to a greater romantic area via telling her you to sense such as you’re missing the man or woman you’re intended to be with.

#16 How do you feel about aliens?

This isn’t only a humorous query, and it can assist you in seeing how compatible you are additionally. Aliens may appear like a goofy topic, but it may result in complex discussions approximately humanity.

#17 What’s the most embarrassing factor that ever comes about to you?

You’ll each get a terrific snort with this one. You can change tales and parent out the stuff that she’s a chunk more sensitive to.

#18 Do you opt for coffee or tea?

It’s a primary query; however, it may potentially cause a coffee date, so it’s well worth asking.

#19 What’s your family like?

If you need to reveal her how much you’re into her, ask this. It’s one of the top questions to ask a girl over text because you wouldn’t ask it to someone you’re not interested in her.

#20 What’s your perfect kind?

This is an entirely apparent sign you like her. So simplest be prepared to ask it in case you need her to realize for positive which you’re interested. With success, she’ll reply with her kind being someone such as you.

Thanks for reading, if you want to ask something do comment, I hope these questions will help you to have a better understanding of each other.

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Three Ways Technology Can Kill Your Relationship




Technology: it’s a wonderful thing.  It lets us yell at each other anonymously, download horrible movies for free and then get hunted down to be sued for downloading horrible movies for free, and it turned computers into must-have accessories, complete with diamonds, that’ll be thrown out in two years.

But it also has a downside: it can easily ruin your relationship. How? The subject attracted a good deal of interest, so we contacted Alex Wise from Loveawake for some more answers to your and our questions. Alex says that you (or your significant other) are killing your relationships if doing the following.


One of the problems of having smart-phones hooked up to social networks is the fact that we can enter whatever thought comes into our head at any moment.  This is usually a problem because let’s face it, most of us just aren’t interesting enough to sustain a constant stream of little notes.

Relationship-wise, it can be because you give away too much.

I’ve seen relationships in their nascent stages get derailed because one party or the other felt the need to tell their ten thousand closest online friends absolutely everything, and just wouldn’t stop. I’ve seen relationships on the down-slope roll downhill faster because the fight was documented in detail.

Also, trust me, your friends hate this.  Speaking of things your friends hate…

Excessive Passive Aggression

First of all, if you write a status like this:

“Some people shouldn’t do X”

I really can’t emphasize this enough: PEOPLE HATE YOU.

First of all, you’re being the biggest wuss possible, by posting a rebuttal, but making it vague so the person it’s intended for won’t reply or come after you.  It’s like intentionally calling somebody when you know they can’t answer to leave a voice mail message.

Secondly, doing this after a fight is a great way to get dumped, because it not only is a terrible way to resolve an issue with a significant other, it drags all your (and possibly his) friends into it.

The same goes with dragging an argument onto Facebook specifically.  It’s awkward for everyone else at best, and uncomfortable for pretty much everyone else.

Yanking the Digital Leash

Facebook and Instagram has done wonders for people with trust issues.  Now, they can literally track their significant other’s day safely, securely, and easily. Until, of course, they slip off the grid.

First of all, trust issues or not, Facebook stalking is not a good thing.  Ever. Secondly, Facebook stalking inevitably leads to the situation all people dread: your significant other text-bombing you demanding to know where you are, who you’re with, and what’s going on.

It’s great we can stay in close contact with each other, but abusing that will end relationships as surely as ignoring your partner. Treat their phone number with care.

So, remember, before you pick up that phone or keyboard, ask yourself: is it really necessary that I post this?  It’ll make everybody happier.  Especially your friends.

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