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How to Save Gmail Emails as EML File?



Gmail is a free web-based email application. It is generally used for communication purpose. If a user holds a Gmail account it becomes easy to use the Google services. It provides the user with Gigabytes of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. Gmail application offers 15 GB of mailbox service and it also allows the user to keep their emails on the server indefinitely for future reference.

The reasons for its popularity is because of its amazing features. But major issues arise when the user wants to access the Gmail data in some other emails clients. Besides the Outlook express, there are various other email clients which use EML as the file extension.

For example Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage and Incredimail.

Summary: Read this article to know how to save Gmail emails as EML file format. We have resolved the issue of how to export Gmail messages to EML files in an hassle-free way.

Consider The Query of The User

“Hello everyone I am using the Gmail application for a long time. But due to business purpose, I need to export Gmail messages to EML. I have a large number of emails in the Gmail account. Can anyone tell how to save Gmail emails as EML? Is there have any perfect solution to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance!”

Are you facing the same issue or the above query related to how to export Gmail messages to EML file format similar to you? If your answer is yes then you are at the right solution page. In this article, we will discuss EML file, and we will discuss the manual and automated so resolve the problem how to save the email as EML in Gmail. Let start so keep reading here…

More About EML File Extention

EML file format is an electronic mail contain messages and attachments. EML files can store the messages in plain text formats. The structure of the EML files contains the header and the message or the main body. The EML files can be used with various applications, server, and emails clients. The EML files can be easily viewed by the by the different browsers and the other operating system. There are various applications that open EML files which are Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook express etc.

Reasons Why The User Wants to Export Gmail Messages to EML

  • EML files can be easily accessible in different emails from clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail
    in order to access Gmail messages, the Gmail to EML conversion is required.
  • To save the Gmail data as a backup purpose the user can prefer to save the Gmail messages in EML file format.

Manual Method to Know How to Save Gmail Emails as EML File

Below is the manual method. Please follow the certain steps to export Gmail messages to EML files.

  1. Login into your Gmail account.
  2. Click or Tap the button Next to Reply button.
  3. Choose Show original from the Menu.
  4. Click on download button to save the message in TXT file format.
  5. Change the file extension from TXT to EML.

Note: In the case of large emails the user has to perform this process again and again. In some cases, there is a possibility that the user won’t be able to view the attachments. Due to these all drawbacks mostly users discard this method. In that case, the user can prefer Gmail backup tool to overcome the limitations of the manual method.

Automated Solution to Export Gmail Messages to EML File Format

Here is the perfect solution for the users to know how to save Gmail emails as EML file format. So, in that case, the user can prefer the ultimate solution Gmail Email Backup Tool. This utility allows the user to save the Gmail messages in EML file format. This software is a reliable solution to take the backup of Gmail emails, contacts, calendars, documents.

The tool gives various other features also such that the user can take the backup of messages in Outlook PST/ MSG / MBOX file formats. The user interface of this utility is so simple and easy for both the technical and the non-technical persons. This Gmail backup utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Follow The Certain Steps to Save Gmail Emails as EML File Format

  1. Download and Install the Gmail Backup Software.
  2. Now, provide the credentials of Gmail account.
  3. Choose the File format EML (The user can choose any one PST / EML / MSG/ MBOX )
  4. Select the Items, Emails, contacts, calendars, documents etc.
  5. Browse the destination to save the data.
  6. Click on Start button to download the data.

Time to Conclude

There are some situations in which the users want to export Gmail messages to EML file format. In order to access Gmails mails in some other email clients. And also to keep the emails safe and secure from the hacking related issues. From the above write up one can get the ideas how to save Gmail emails as EML file format.

We have discussed both manuals as well as the automated solution to resolve this issue. The manual method has major drawbacks. So to overcome the issues in the manual method the user can prefer Gmail backup software.

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How to increase Instagram Followers




Instagram is one of most Popular Social media platform with monthly 1 Billon plus active users. Twitter. According to one report, Facebook and Twitter users are now switching to Instagram and making Instagram one of the most powerful social Media Network. Instagram is not only for users to post Photos and videos, but It is also for Brands and businesses to promote in the front of their audience. So this is one of the best Platform for your brand. If your Brand is not listed on Instagram then you should Create Instagram Business Profile, But if you are already on Instagram but did not get any success then follow these steps.  The best way to become more global and popular on Instagram is to become Instagram famous and increase Instagram followers.

There are so many ways how to increase Instagram followers but we have some best and top tricks that actually work. Just follow all these steps to increase your Instagram Followers.

Posts High Engagement Content:

The first thing that you need to do is Post high Engagement content. That means only share content that like your audience want to see and also follow new trends and get more reach and engagements. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker to get more engagements and reach new audiences. By sharing high engagements posts can help to increase your followers.

Understand the Game of Hashtags:

Hashtags are the best way to increase your number of followers and number of likes. So by using the right hashtag can help you to increase your likes and followers. Because Hashtags is the best way on Instagram to reach more audience and more engagements. Don’t use too Many hashtags on every post. You are allowed to use 30 Hashtags in your posts but I recommend you to use less and relevant hashtags.  You can also use trending and popular hashtags that are relevant to your post to get more reach and more engagements.

Create Interesting and Attractive Instagram Profile:

Make sure that your Instagram profile should be comprehensive and complete. First of all your profile should be set to public. It should not be private. You should open up your account publically otherwise you would not get too many followers.  Add URL to your bio but make sure that you use link shorteners to shorten your link to get traffic to your website or sale page.

Instagram brand interactions:

Instagram is a photo sharing application so don’t forget to use photography skills. You can showcase your writing desk, office area in a beautiful way and when you share these things with your audience through photography then a number of your followers will be increased.

Post Consistently:

If you want more followers on Instagram then you should post consistently. Stay active on Instagram most of the time and post consistently. This can help you to show that you are active and Instagram and also help you get more engagements and more followers.

Start live streaming:

If there is a special event like Christmas or a football match then you can start a live video on Instagram and in this way number of followers stick to you and in the end number of followers will be increased. To start a video or live streaming just tap in the top left of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in the feed. Then tap live at the bottom of the screen and then tap live video.

Interact with your audience:

The best way to increase your followers is to interact with your audience through comments, likes, and engagement. Stay active with your audience.

Consider User Generated Content:

This is the great thing with Instagram is to consider user-generated content. This is the great Instagram trick and tactic. Use user-generated images on your feed and credit them. You can also do this in a different way, where you ask your followers to tag someone in the comments. That’s a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Always use Instagram Analytics:

Posting time is another most important aspect to consider Instagram growth. Instagram statistics is a great way to know which photos usually had a higher engagement and at what time they were posted.

Tag Other People in Your photos:

By tagging, other people in your photos will increase your followers. If you have gone to a live event tag the show organizers or entertainers. Don’t spam other users. Tag them only when you are posting the relevant image.

Geotag Your Photos:

When you are posting your photos add location to your photos. This is a great way to attract your local community. For example, if there is a concert in your city and when you post a photo of the event and add the location. The number of followers will be increased and people visit that concert.

Be Confident:

Instagram is a platform by which your number of followers increase and at last your business also increase. So be confident when connecting with your audience. Confidently post on Instagram and confidently post comments.

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Having an Android Phone? Microsoft Made the Windows 10 Your New Best Friend




Windows 10 Your New Best Friend

Microsoft launched its new and updated versions of Surface laptops and devices on 2nd October 2018. Along with launching these new laptops and computer systems, Microsoft introduced the audiences with a new and important update in Windows 10 which is going to be very useful for Android Users.

So what is this new app you might be wondering right?

In this new update or the October 2018 update for Windows 10, Microsoft has added new application software.

This application software is named “Your Phone” and is available on Windows 10 updated version.

The “Your Phone” app lets the Android users connect, if using the right word then syncs their Android devices to their PCs (having Windows 10).

This app lets the users send and receive emails, texts, chats, photos, videos, doc files and etc. from your Android devices directly in your PC.

And this whole thing works over Wi-Fi, so you do not need to plug your Android phone to your PC.

Also, to use this application software, one should have to install the “Your Phone Companion” app from the Google Play Store in the android phones too.

There are millions of users in this world who use Android Phones and Windows 10 Laptops and PCs.

And this update can help the users to do several things efficiently which they were not able to do or was time-consuming.

You can do lots of stuff by using this new app.

By using this app you can share images, docs, videos, sending text messages through PC, making a backup, or filling some online forms and etc.

Now the users do not need to dig in the phones for texting, chatting or sending emails while working on PC. They can easily do all these work through their Laptops and PCs.

The app lets you continue the work on your Android phone that you left incomplete on your PC with the help of some other Microsoft apps too.

It also helps you pick up where you left off by telling you the last app you used on your Android phone.

All these features can help an Android and Windows 10 user to conserve its time by easily accessing its Android device on its Laptop’s screen.

Another thing you can do to make all the things easier is to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as social CRM.

The requirement of an android phone to use this feature on a computer.

Besides all such exalted features, there is a little disadvantage too and it is that the “Your Phone Companion” app can be installed in the Android 7.0 and above version devices only.

So as to use this feature, you need to have an Android 7.0 or above Smartphone.

Well, Microsoft has also given a clue in the event that in the next updates, the users will be able to mirror their Android screens on to their Windows 10 screens and can operate your phone through the Laptops Keyboard and Mouse.

Thus, Microsoft has really made Windows 10 your new best friend if you have an Android Phone.

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Professional Photo Editing in Photoshop Tutorials





Here is an upgraded user manual for the KelbyOne Mags program for studying Photoshop User and Lightroom Magazine. If you are not employing the KelbyOne Mags program, check out all of the features below to find exactly what you’ve been missing on. KelbyOne Mags can be acquired for both ios and Android.

As soon as you download and launch the program, here is all you want to understand, you start with the Home screen. It’s possible to get into the sidebar free professional photo editing software for pc navigation in any screen inside the program just by tapping-and-holding and tapping into the best, meaning you don’t have to come back to the Home screen to get into the diverse segments of the program.

The one thing to see here at the navigation will be you may get into the program settings manually by merely manually tapping the gear icon on the very top (over the preferences after ).

Let us begin by tapping the Photoshop User icon in the Home display. Whenever you are on the world wide web, only draw a pay to start reading that situation. It’s as easy as that. Well, nearly. The very first time you start a concern, it is going to request your KelbyOne password, however, once you put in it the first time you won’t need to input it to look at any one of the other troubles.

To contact the house screen, tap the left-facing arrow at the top-left corner (this is going to undoubtedly soon likely probably be the scenario for just about almost any section you’re now in), or merely tap-and-hold and drag to the right to gain get into to the navigation.
Downloading Magazines: However, imagine if you would like to learn a concern once you are offline?

Easy. Do you find most those small white down-facing arrows at the bottom right hand of each pay? Just tap one, and then that difficulty will probably begin downloading into your apparatus (we recommend doing so on wifi and perhaps maybe never your cellular network, also which you download one obstacle at some time).

You’ll notice a percent number indicating the development of the download. After the download is finished, this arrow will change into your trash can. This way you are going to understand that which problems are downloaded.

Deleting Downloaded Magazines: whenever you are finished reading a concern off-site, and you also wish to take out the download to free up space in your system, only tap that trash can icon. The program will ask if you should be confident you would like to delete this situation. Do not worry the matter will continue to be observable in the program, and you’ll be able to read it whenever you would like as you are on the web, or exploit on the down-facing arrow to download it.

When You are offline: This is everything you’ll see if you attempt to learn a concern offline which was not downloaded yet. The program also tells you that you are offline at the base of the screen.

Once you first begin reading a concern offline, then you might still observe the”No online connection” warning in the base of the screen. Just swipe back on the caution to cover up it.

KelbyOne Community: However, the magazines are merely a portion of the program. Now let us tap the KelbyOne Community icon in the Home screen (or even tap-and-hold and drag on the right to show the navigation, and then touch KelbyOne Community).
You’ll be used to the city page–without even departing the program.

The very first time you attempt to gain get into to the KelbyOne Community from the KelbyOne Mags program, it likely will request that you join with your KelbyOne credentials. Once you put in your information, tap the Remember Me checkbox, and you also shouldn’t need to input these details again to get into each the other regions of the program.

Now that you are logged into, you’ll be brought to the city. Leave a comment, ask a question, or help you another celebrity, then tap Done from the top-left corner to return straight back once again towards the KelbyOne Community area of the program. There are a few remarkable folks in there helping out each other out. It’s possible to find out quite a bit by merely going to the city daily.

The Insider Website: The following part is The Insider Website. You can access this by the Home screen and also the navigation. This could be the exclusive site to get all KelbyOne members. Merely tap the site entry you would like to learn. The KelbyOne website will keep you current on what happening at KelbyOne, plus also, it has the job of KelbyOne members.

KelbyOne Course App: The following section will require you into hyperlinks into the KelbyOne Course program. This really can be the program which you will utilize for downloading and watching KelbyOne classes offline.

KelbyOne Service: The Last part is KelbyOne Support. Inside this part you’ve got immediate access to the web Support Desk, everyone our members-only discounts, Member Support, your account info, and also the KelbyOne Mags User Guide you’re reading at this time.

Given you are aware of just where to get your way across the program, let us look at reading the books. Whenever you are done scanning a page, then tap the magnifier with the minus register it in the end directly to fit the page to the monitor.

Assessing Pages: There are plenty of techniques to navigate to various pages from the magazines. We are going to have a glance at every one of these. To begin with, could be the”Table of Contents” towards the very front of every and every matter. Just tap the name of the content you wish to learn, and it’s going to jump into the initial page of this report. You may even draw the pictures onto the base of the site to visit this report.

Harness the up-facing white arrow at the tiny dark box at the base of the screen to bring a film strip of page thumbnails. Swipe left or directly to the thumbnails to see all of the pages, then tap the page you would like, and the program will jump into the page.
In the very best of the screen, you will notice three icons. Harness the 2nd icon together with three lines to create up the set of magazine items.

Scroll down or up through the list, tap the content you wish to browse, and the program will automatically jump into the page. The articles are listed in the sequence by which they come from the magazine.

Tap the three dots near the very top of the screen. A navigation bar will shed. Harness the very first icon comprising of 4 squares. This will start the Thumbnails window. Scroll down or up on the thumbnails, tap the webpage you wish to browse, and the program will jump into the page.

Hunt: Harness to the magnifier icon near the top of the screen to start the search window. Enter what you are seeking and tap Hunt. The program will explain to you each of the pages where your essential phrase looks. Harness the page that you would like, and the program will automatically jump to the page.

Bookmarks: Once you are searching for the page that you want to bookmark, then tap the three dots near the very top from the screen to start the navigation bar. To eliminate Safari, tap Edit at the end right. You’ll notice a reddish x appear on every one of the pages that are bookmarked. Once you would like to go to a website page, open the Bookmarks window and tap the webpage. (Notice: once you bookmark a page at the KelbyOne Mags program, the bookmark doesn’t come in the internet form of the magazine, and also vice-versa.)

The program will ask if you want to download the PDF version only to make sure.
Printing Pages: When there’s a page that you may love to publish from the program, tap the three dots near the very top from the screen to start the navigation bar and tap on the menu icon. From the Publish window that appears, tap Publish Selected at the end. You may publish 1 page at one time. We recommend printing out of the PDF version if you’ve got multiple pages that you may love to write.

If you only desire to recapture a portion of a typical full page, tap on the Clipping Tool icon, then resize and move the bounding box needed, tap Clip It then opts to store, share, or publish.

Image Galleries: in a few spots of the magazines, then you also could tap images to see more massive image galleries. The caption beneath the picture will allow you to know you could touch it to start the image gallery. From the case below, you also can observe the Earlier image to the left within an image gallery; a swipe into the left shows the Following picture.

A swipe into the best will take you straight back again to the Earlier image. The thumbnails at the base inform you just how many photos have been from the gallery.
Playing with Videos: There will also be areas from the magazine at which you can see videos; as an instance, in case you find an image having a play in the center of it, most likely, when you tap on such a button, then it is going to launch a video.

There are two or three things to bear in your mind while watching videos from the program: Ensure the sound turn onto your apparatus is fired up, so it is possible to hear the sound. Additionally, a number of the videos have been streamed into the magazine, if you’ve downloaded a matter of the magazine to get offline scanning, a number of the video links won’t work. We decide to make an effort to embed the videos that are supplementary for articles which means that you may see all those offline, like in the case above, however, we now need to keep a watch out for the file sizes.

Close the Issue: whenever you are done reading a concern, tap the X at the top-left corner to close it again and come back to the various magazine department. Settings As stated earlier in the day, tapping the gear icon at virtually any section will start the Preferences screen. Should you allow Drive Notifications, then you’re going to be advised everytime a new issue of a magazine can be found.

Article Caching and Image Caching stores images and articles across the app to get a smoother experience as you never need to wait around for sure what to load each time you input a section; as an instance, it caches the covers of the magazines in order that they need not load whenever you visit the Photoshop User or Lightroom Magazine segments.

Such a thing that’s cached is also accessible once you are offline. Be aware this doesn’t cache a whole issue of a magazine for offline viewing; you ought to download the books as clarified previously. Image Quality Sequence to Moderate. Don’t hesitate to test out the above setting to understand what works better for your apparatus.

Offline Articles Internal Section defaults to 20 however you may set this up to70. This sets the number of articles (and images) which can be redeemed (see previously ). These cached articles will probably soon be around offline for each section from the program. The higher the number disk space you’ll work with.

Delete Caches deletes everything that’s been cached, for example, any problems that you’ve downloaded. When you’ve already been utilizing the app for some time, and you begin experiencing problems, then try deleting the cache manually. Be aware that this can remove most of the magazines you’ve downloaded.

Therefore, if you have to free up space in your device since you’ve downloaded plenty of magazines, then use this program to take away the locally stored data along with most of the magazines all in one time. Do not worry; you always have the option to download a matter of the magazine if you want to.

Also, try to bear in mind you could delete individual problems by taping the trash can icon which appears on the addresses of all downloaded topics to take backspace too.

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