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Know Why Tungsten is the First Preference for Men’s Wedding Rings?




Once, the value of Tungsten was unknown to the world and today; this feature-decked material stands among the top choices when it comes to Jewelry. They hold popularity that goes even higher than gold or titanium. The perfect wedding band for a man needs to be an appropriate item that reflects his love for the future partner in crime along with his style and integrity.

The ring needs to suit his personality and lifestyle. The style and delivery of your perfect marriage ring tend to etch a permanent memory in your mind when it comes to a perfect wedding.

As opposed to platinum or gold, you can find that tungsten is perfect for anyone and everyone with each piece carved with its own separate identity to represent the man wearing it. You might have purchased and worn several pieces of jewelry back in the age, but tungsten gives you a new sense of the look and feels that might bring you in for a surprise.

Which is the perfect metal to deck your precious wedding ring?

Tungsten wedding rings for men are among the purest metal that is found in nature. However, pure tungsten isn’t an ideal choice when it comes to creating jewelry. The tungsten variant that is used for making beautiful pieces of jewelry is known as the tungsten carbide.

Make sure you look for a seller that brings some of the best rings for your wedding with the proper grading of the material that needs to be durable, robust, as well as stylish.

Is tungsten a suitable material for your wedding ring?

Tungsten tends to be the perfect choice when it comes to picking the perfect material that lasts as long as the love for your partner. The jewelers tend to combine the pure tungsten along with some carbon, cobalt or nickel to create the tungsten carbide. The metal that results from this combination tends to be powerful with a strength that is similar to that of the diamond.

However, the tungsten carbide tends to be easy when it comes to carving or styling the product as per personal demand. It is highly durable, low maintenance, and currently ranks among the best choices when it comes to men’s wedding ring.

Things you need to know about the tungsten rings are:

  • They are strong but not unbreakable

If you are looking for tungsten stone rings for him, remember the fact that tungsten is a highly durable material, but that doesn’t mean it cannot break. You can break your ring if it is exposed to banging with a hard surface or too accelerated drop on the floor from a height.

This perfect mix of strength allows the rings to last long and be breakable when needed in case of emergencies.

Size isn’t adjustable:

If you happen to bring in the wrong size of the wedding ring, you might have to purchase another; given the fact that once constructed, the ring cannot be molded back like silver or gold to increase or decrease the size.

However, you also need to remember the fact that tungsten comes cheap. This means even if you have the wrong size with you, another one is always in your budget.

  • Scratch Resistance:

Tungsten tends to be scratch resistance given the fact that it is a highly durable material. It tends to acquire scratches only from some of the toughest material in the market which includes corundum or diamond. When wearing a tungsten-based wedding ring, you need not have to remove the ring now and then in order to get the job done without spoiling the ring.

Doing this often leads to theft or loss of the ring which can cause an emotional as well as financial trauma. Tungsten rings being scratch resistant, don’t need to be removed now and then keeping it safe when you wear it all the time.

Tungsten rings can also be paired with gold, silver, platinum, and similar materials to reflect a rather stylish look for your wedding ring. However, make sure you get the other materials polished now and then, as they will fade away with time when tungsten doesn’t give a kind of odd look. So make sure if you are opting for a mix of materials, get the others polished regularly.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Guide To Running Effective Discount Promos with Online Coupon Codes




Guide to Running Effective Discount Promos with Online Coupon Codes

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to utilize discount promotions and coupon codes to further your business online.

It’s not “one size fits all”, of course. Not every coupon works swimmingly, and nor should you offer a discount on each and every situation. In this article, we’ll talk about what types of coupons and promotions tend to work well, and how you should go about making the decision whether or not to utilize a discount promo.

Generally speaking, why should I use coupons for my products?

While not all coupons are created equal, retailers have begun to see coupons as a reliable way to drive sales and encourage shoppers to make a move.

Online sales will often succeed if you’re using modest discounts; after all, it isn’t the deepest discounts that help your bottom line most. The more you discount products, the slimmer your margins will be and the more difficult it might be to get your customer to come back and pay full price the next time.

That said, slight discounts and less lofty promotions with Coupon Code Day might be enough to do the trick. And that’s all you want, really: more people to visit your shop and convert. There’s no magic bullet.

Conversion rate

Speaking of conversion rate, once you get your new customers to your store, how do you ensure that they’re converting at a high enough rate to make the efforts worthwhile.

It’s difficult to convert new visitors. They might just be looking, after all, and you need to get them to make that commitment.

Perhaps the offer you need to consider is a “first order discount”, in which new visitors can take advantage of a one-time deal for being a new patron. The suggestion here would be to encourage your new fan to enter an email address so that you can message new offers out to them in the future in exchange for this one-time discount on the front end.

Now, they’ll not only be more likely to return because of the deal you gave them, but you’ll also be able to market future offers and products to the customer.

Other types of promotions and discounts

There are, of course, plenty of options when it comes to promotions and discounts.

We’ve already discussed the first-time shopper discount. Others include free shipping offers, which could vary in how attractive it is depending on what your product is and how much shipping typically costs. But it’s an attractive offer to new customers and could help make your store rise to the top of their favourite stops online as a tiebreaker that positively affects just how much they’re spending on the final buy-through screen.

You could also offer a free gift with a purchase of “x” amount of purchase, or perhaps based on thresholds.

Also, don’t overlook good old-fashioned flat-dollar discounts. It could either be based on thresholds or just a straight offer or possibly even based on a percentage of the subtotal.

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be too close-minded when it comes to possible discounts and promotions that you can offer.

The stigma surrounding deep discounts is largely fading, and as long as you’ve put legitimate thought into the options that you’re considering, you should be able to find a match for your store and ultimately increase your revenue.

Effective coupon codes and discounts are closer than you might think. It’s time to make a move.

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Finer Options For Choosing A Gold Rolex Can Be Helpful For You

Satendra Kashyap



Gold Rolex

Rolex is the most recognizable watch in the world. Rolex is generally regarded as the number 1 Swiss watch manufacturer. Rolex is usually chosen to show status and income. Everyone knows that. But what makes a Rolex watch so popular?

We selected 9 reasons.


Rolex buyers are usually divided into 2 groups – those who are well versed in watches and those who do not know anything about them. Fans buy this watch for very high quality and reliability – this is an excellent watch for everyday wear. Those who are not well versed in watches know one thing: Rolex is a cool clock.


This is the main support of gold Rolex – they have won the status of quality watches for decades and over the years the quality of watches and their reliability do not fall, despite the fact that there is millions of production. In many respects, therefore, Rolex does not seek to introduce complications, all kinds of tourbillons and repeaters there: quality is more important, it is the marketing power of the brand.

The clock has everything you need

The main innovations of Rolex have introduced quite a long time ago (chronometer certification, water protection, automatic winding, etc.). And since then, all Rolex watches have all the main characteristics that the customer needs: reliability, water protection, accuracy, etc.

Design and recognition

The convenience of the watch is a design feature. Excellent readability, comfortable corpus and bracelet, even “cyclops” above the date window – all this is done for the convenience of the user of the watch. The legendary design is almost not subject to change, and all the improvements are pointed and accurate. Everyone from afar recognizes that you have Rolex on your hand.

Stable prices in the secondary market

Almost any watch after purchase in the store loses in price up to 50% of the cost – instantly. But not Gold Rolex. This brand is almost the only one that is an exception to the rule (also see our review on price and investment in Rolex). Yes, there are exceptions (some models like Cellini, gold Oyster, and a number of others), but in general, Rolex watches are a little cheaper after purchase.

Price at auction

High prices even for slightly used watches are largely shaped by the high prices of vintage Rolex models at watch auctions. Rolex is second on the list of hot auction “pies” after Patek Philippe, and this is typical of the last few decades.

The lack of some models

Demand grows strongly when something desired is not on the market. For many buyers, Daytona in the steel case is highly desirable, but it is very difficult to buy. Rolex probably delivers as many hours to the stores as he wants to sell. Hence the waiting lists. All of this has a positive effect on the Rolex watch myth.


Rolex is in no hurry to rush forward headlong. The brand is very conservative and thinks about the next steps very carefully. She did not rush into quartz in the 70s like many others (although there were attempts), she does not pursue complications, does not experiment with the design, introduces novelties and new materials leisurely.

We do not hear about Rolex smartwatches and the like. This is what most buyers like because they understand the brand. In addition, some slowness saves Rolex from serious mistakes. Rolex simply painstakingly finishes its products to perfection. Even the head of the company gives almost no interviews. When you first – it is important not to make a mistake.

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8 Different Kinds of Panties That Every Woman Should Own

Priya Verma



Remove term: Different Kinds of Panties Different Kinds of Panties

Panties are the backbone of every girl’s wardrobe along with the bras. We tend to be more careful while selecting the most comfortable bras for us but selecting bottom also requires equal consideration. But, we have got so many choices today, that we often become confused while making the best choice among them.

No girl can deny the importance of underwear as they provide shape and support to down parts as well as absorb moisture and keep us dry all the time. So, what do you look at when you purchase your panty; their style, comfortness, fit, fabric, or something else? Read our comprehensive guide on different types of panties that you need to upgrade.

Take a look and discover different types of panty styles to make your life easier and comfier.

1. Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

via: Croota

Boy shorts underwear looks great under skirts and short dresses. They can be easily worn under tightly fitted garments. They look similar to shorts providing you with full coverage with a low-rise under your dress. If you love having your butt and hips properly covered, get a couple of pairs of these gorgeous undergarments.

2. Cotton Briefs

Cotton briefs are also known as “granny panties”, they have a high waistband and provide full coverage to you. Most of the girls don’t find them that attractive but I swear they are pretty comfortable during those 5 days (I mean your periods). You can get them in a variety of range and colours. Make sure that don’t wear them under your low-waist bottoms as they’re easily visible.

3. Bikini Panties

Bikini Panties

via: PPZ

If you want to wear something very sexy, then these panties are for you. Although they provide less coverage, they cover your butt nicely. Basically, they are available in two designs, a normal bikini, and a string bikini. Like other panties, you can choose from a variety of colours, prints, and embellishments when you go shopping the next time.

4. Thongs and G-strings

Thongs and G-strings

via: Walmart

Every woman must own such kinds of panties. These are one of the sexiest kinds of panties available in the market. It’s not like that these can be worn only by the skinny models, you can wear them too if you feel comfortable and confident after wearing them.

5. Seamless Panties

Seamless Panties

via: Joom

Seamless panties are for those girls who don’t like showing their panty lines. They come in super-comfortable and stretchy fabrics. They provide you with full coverage and you can wear them with any style of bottoms and dresses, especially with form-fitting numbers.

6. Lace Panties

Lace Panties

via: Ilusion

Lace panties symbolise sophistication and extravagance. Pretty laces do not look beautiful in short skirts and dresses only but they also look fabulous in panties. They make you feel incredibly confident and super sexy. Make sure the next time when you are going for a panty shopping, make sure you pick a few lacy items too.

7. Comfortable Cotton Panty

These are mainly made of cotton; they are very soft and extremely comfortable to wear, especially during the summer season. This type of panty can be worn by every girl and woman irrespective of their age group. They are the most normal kinds.

8. Playful Printed Panty

Playful Printed Panty

via: Scandid

It is not like that you can’t wear those colourful and printed floral panties just because you are a grown-up ass now. Believe me, wearing them is fun. So, what are you thinking now, go and grab a pair of them right now.

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