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Seven Amazing Notes about Asian Games



In the brick-and-mortar world of games, the stories of the amazing 18th Asian Games in Jakarta are flowing better than other sporting actions. Not just in Asia, the whole world is capturing the news of Asiad Games. The cities like Jakarta and Palembang have now become the major parts of Asia.

Indeed, it is the perfect time to talk about the seven amazing facts about the Asian Games.

18th Asian Games in Jakarta

1: Was known as Far Eastern Championship Games

Before the 1951 Asian Games, this competition was known as the Far Eastern Championship Games. During that era, the nations like the Empire of Japan, the Philippines and China used to play on this tour.

The first time this game was held in the year 1913. Now the fans and pundits know this play by the name of Asiad Games also.

2: New Delhi – The first nation to host?

In the year of 1951, the games were played for the very first time in India, who got independent in 1948.

New Delhi, the capital of India, hosted the tournament after, Guru Dutt Sondhi, the Indian International Olympic Committee representative, felt that the concept of Far Eastern Championship Games is not good for the holistic development of sports in Asia, which we can see at the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta.

Asian Games Federation accepted the idea of Asiad Games and declared New Delhi as the first nation to entertain the experience.

3: Big problems in 1962

Just like the 2018 Asian Games, Indonesia hosted the fourth edition of the Asiad Games. This time Jakarta and Palembang are hosting the competition. However, in 1962, only Jakarta took the efficiency to host the big event.

Because of several political arguments, Indonesia didn’t allow Israel and Taiwan to take the participation. The several reports say that many religious issues also became one of the primary reasons for not allowing Taiwan and Israel to involve.

With the effect of that, IOC took the sponsorship and set an example by removing Indonesia from its members’ list.

4- South Korea failed to host

In the golden year of 1970, South Korea received the chance to host Asiad Games. However, because of some financial issues, South Korea neglected to hostThey called it the security reasons. But the multiple sources made it clear that it happened because of having the money crises. Just like Jakarta and Palembang, the cities that are hosting the 2018 Asian Games, Seoul also got the opportunity to host but instead of that, Bangkok captured the chance to become the master nation.

Now South Korea can even treat the Olympics. They took a great decision by saying no to host the function at that time. Nations should never host these types of tours if they didn’t have money to burn.

5: Thailand- A responsible nation

Pakistan received the chances to host the 1978 Asiad Games. However, they failed to hit the ground running. The several financial and political issues became the major reasons for not hosting the competition. Thailand again took the responsibility to host.

The contribution of Thailand will now look nickel-and-dime for some. However, taking big responsibility, again and again, is not easy.

The 18th Asian Games in Jakarta would not be possible without the contribution of Thailand. Sometimes these small-small things help the body to remain stable. The cities of Jakarta and Palembang should respect and feel fortunate to serve.

6: The year 1994

The 1994 Asiad Games welcomed some of the new nations like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, as they were coming after ending their relationship with the Soviet Union.

For the first time in history, the games had been played in the capital city. Because of the Persian Gulf War, Iraq was abounded to participate. On the other hand, North Korea said no due to some political unrest.

From the perspective of fans, it’s good that the 2018 Asian Games doesn’t hold that many problems. Jakarta and Palembang now have the responsibility to show to the world that even two cities can make the event successful without having any stipulation.

7: 18th Asian Games in Jakarta – different

Never before in the history of 18th Asian Games in Jakarta had two cities got the chance to hold represent the nation. Jakarta and Palembang are the first to host it together.

It is going to be challenging for the two chosen cities to make it so successful.

Are you ready to feel the magic of this event?

Have your say in the comment section below?

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Console With The Unique Flashy Skins

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Essentials for Golf Course Maintenance




Golf Course

Maintaining a golf course is no mean feat. Creating a course that is always in prime playing condition requires year-round maintenance, with a number of different areas that all need addressing. Read on to find out what the essentials are for golf course maintenance.

Grass Protection

Golf course turfs deal with a lot of traffic, and without proper maintenance and protection, the grass can easily turn into a soggy mess, leaving the course unplayable. To prevent this, grass protection mats are essential, especially in problem areas and where golf buggies are likely to be used.

Specialized Mowers

You don’t need to have ever even set foot on a golf course to know that it is made up almost entirely of grass turf. While this makes for a beautiful setting to play in, it also means that no golf course can operate without lawnmowers.

Unlike the general public, golf courses must invest in specialized mowers to maintain their turf due to the size of the are and frequency at which the grass needs to be mowed. Although these specialized mowers don’t come cheap, they are well worth the investment as they are essential to keeping a golf course in playing condition.

Irrigation Maintenance

There is nothing worse than turf with an uneven colour or dry patches, which is why proper irrigation is essential for golf course maintenance. However, proper golf course irrigation isn’t as simple as installing an irrigation system and forgetting all about it.

To achieve the perfect turf, irrigation must be properly maintained in order to ensure that the grass is neither too dry nor too soggy.

Fertiliser & Plant Growth Regulators

Maintaining a golf course requires a delicate balance between keeping the grass vibrant while ensuring that the course doesn’t become overgrown with all sorts of flora and fauna. To do this, you need to make sure that you use both fertilizers and plant growth regulators to maintain your golf course.

When it comes to fertilizers, you can either use granular or liquid fertilizers, although it’s best to use both for optimal turf maintenance. Granular fertilizers release nutrients slowly over a period of weeks to even months, ensuring that your golf course turf always has the necessary nutrients required to remain lush and green. Meanwhile, liquid fertilizer can be used to revive small patches, thanks to their quick uptake.

While fertilizers are essential for grass growth, you’ll need plant growth regulators to keep everything else from becoming overgrown on the golf course.

Topdressing Machine

A topdressing machine is essential for golf course maintenance because it improves the speed and smoothness of putting greens, and helps to reduce compaction. Any golf course groundskeeper knows that creating a high-quality turf is about more than just ensuring that the grass is green.

Top dressing can help ensure that the course is playable for longer periods throughout the year while maintaining the speed and smoothness that players expect.

Because topdressing requires frequent application over a large surface area, no golf course should be without a topdressing machine as one course can usually go through roughly 50 tonnes of sand per year in topdressing alone.

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Sports Cards Memorabilia – Tips to Consider While Collecting Them




Remember the time when you are just a kid and collecting sports cards is just for fun? What if we tell you that collecting sports cards can be profitable in terms of money too? And yes, we are not joking, many people take this as a hobby and later earn money from these cards. Not believing us? You have to just Search in Google “sports cards collection hobby” and see it yourself.

Collecting sports cards can be both fun and a good investment. If you are considering diving into the hobby for the first time, here are a few key things to consider when collecting sports cards and memorabilia.

Sports Cards Memorabilia Collecting

Collect What You Like

The fun of collecting sports memorabilia cards is in the simplicity of collecting what you like. Some people collect cards of their favorite teams or players, while others like to focus on getting Rookie Cards or autographed cards.

Of course, what you like can change over time. You may begin collecting vintage cards, but then find it fun to collect modern cards of today’s stars. There are nearly endless options when it comes to collecting, so try different things if you are not sure what you like yet.

Set a Budget

Collecting sports cards memorabilia can get expensive, depending on what you collect. It always helps to set a budget so that you know exactly what you can spend. This way, you can prioritize the cards you want to add to your collection. Setting a budget can also help you determine if you need to sell or trade some cards you have in order to get some other cards you want.

Knowing exactly how much you can devote to your hobby can also help you decide what to buy, such as allocating money for packs and boxes, and other money for single cards.

Condition Matters

The overall condition a card is in matters a lot of some collectors, especially with Vintage cards. The major areas of condition to pay attention to our corners, edges, surface, and centering. Some collectors care more about certain areas than others.

For example, you might care less about how well a card is centered and much more how sharp the edges and corners are. Be sure to examine the cards carefully before buying. This is best done if you can inspect the cards in person as opposed to buying online.

Rookie Cards are Usually the Most Valuable

A Rookie Card is the first official mainstream card of a particular player. Because it appears so early in a player’s career, many collectors view it as more desirable. So, Rookie Cards tend to be more valuable than cards issued later in a player’s career.

You will typically see a Rookie Card designated as RC in price guides and sales listings. However, there are many sports cards memorabilia that are not Rookie Cards that still carry high market value.

Buy Individual Cards or Boxes

When buying sports cards, you basically have two options – buy individual cards, or buy packs and boxes. This depends on preference. Buying individual cards lets you pick exactly what you want, whereas buying packs or boxes can be fun because you don’t know what specific sports cards you will get.

This can be more of a gamble, but it also makes you more familiar with sports card sets and special cards, including inserts, autographs and memorabilia cards.

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