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Seven Amazing Notes about Asian Games




Asian Games

In the brick-and-mortar world of games, the stories of the amazing 18th Asian Games in Jakarta are flowing better than other sporting actions. Not just in Asia, the whole world is capturing the news of Asiad Games. The cities like Jakarta and Palembang have now become the major parts of Asia. Indeed, it is the perfect time to talk about the seven amazing facts about the Asian Games.


1: Was known as Far Eastern Championship Games

Before the 1951 Asian Games, this competition was known as the Far Eastern Championship Games. During that era, the nations like the Empire of Japan, the Philippines and China used to play on this tour. The first time this game was held in the year 1913. Now the fans and pundits know this play by the name of Asiad Games also.

2: New Delhi – The first nation to host?

In the year of 1951, the games were played for the very first time in India, who got independent in 1948. New Delhi, the capital of India, hosted the tournament after, Guru Dutt Sondhi, the Indian International Olympic Committee representative, felt that the concept of Far Eastern Championship Games is not good for the holistic development of sports in Asia, which we can see at the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta. Asian Games Federation accepted the idea of Asiad Games and declared New Delhi as the first nation to entertain the experience.

3: Big problems in 1962

Just like the 2018 Asian Games, Indonesia hosted the fourth edition of the Asiad Games. This time Jakarta and Palembang are hosting the competition. However, in 1962, only Jakarta took the efficiency to host the big event. Because of several political arguments, Indonesia didn’t allow Israel and Taiwan to take the participation. The several reports say that many religious issues also became one of the primary reasons for not allowing Taiwan and Israel to involve. With the effect of that, IOC took the sponsorship and set an example by removing Indonesia from its members’ list.

4- South Korea failed to host

In the golden year of 1970, South Korea received the chance to host Asiad Games. However, because of some financial issues, South Korea neglected to hostThey called it the security reasons. But the multiple sources made it clear that it happened because of having the money crises. Just like Jakarta and Palembang, the cities that are hosting the 2018 Asian Games, Seoul also got the opportunity to host but instead of that, Bangkok captured the chance to become the master nation. Now South Korea can even treat the Olympics. They took a great decision by saying no to host the function at that time. Nations should never host these types of tours if they didn’t have money to burn.

5: Thailand- A responsible nation

Pakistan received the chances to host the 1978 Asiad Games. However, they failed to hit the ground running. The several financial and political issues became the major reasons for not hosting the competition. Thailand again took the responsibility to host. The contribution of Thailand will now look nickel-and-dime for some. However, taking big responsibility, again and again, is not easy. The 18th Asian Games in Jakarta would not be possible without the contribution of Thailand. Sometimes these small-small things help the body to remain stable. The cities of Jakarta and Palembang should respect and feel fortunate to serve.

6: The year 1994

The 1994 Asiad Games welcomed some of the new nations like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, as they were coming after ending their relationship with the Soviet Union. For the first time in history, the games had been played in the capital city. Because of the Persian Gulf War, Iraq was abounded to participate. On the other hand, North Korea said no due to some political unrest. From the perspective of fans, it’s good that the 2018 Asian Games doesn’t hold that many problems. Jakarta and Palembang now have the responsibility to show to the world that even two cities can make the event successful without having any stipulation.

7: 18th Asian Games in Jakarta – different

Never before in the history of 18th Asian Games in Jakarta had two cities got the chance to hold represent the nation. Jakarta and Palembang are the first to host it together. It is going to be challenging for the two chosen cities to make it so successful. Are you ready to feel the magic of this event? Have your say in the comment section below?

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Amazing Moments Shared Between Star Cricketers and Their Kids which is Too Cute to Handle During IPL 2019




Star Cricketers and Their Kids During IPL 2019

Almost every Indian family is mad about cricket. Be it a young individual or old age people everyone loves to watch cricket more than anything else. Names like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, and Bhajji are treated as the God of cricket in our Indian society. Not only we are interested in them but we are also very much interested in peeping our nose in their personal lives and My God forget not to mention about their star kids, they are super cute and adorable.

Even media houses can’t stop themselves to capture them whenever they get the golden opportunity to do that.  And this season of IPL 2019 has been a roller coaster ride for these cricketers who have celebrated their victory with their kids and shared the cure moments with them on social media.

We have listed some of the amazing moments between star cricketers and their kids during IPL 2019

1. Shikhar Dhawan and his boy Zoravar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan who has represented Delhi Capitals has credited his loving wife and kid Zoravar after winning the KKR V/S DC match. He praised his family after winning the match for giving such an outstanding performance.

2. MS Dhoni Taking sprint race with Shane Watson and Imran Tahir’s son

The video of MS Dhoni taking the sprint race with Shane Watson and Imran Tahir’s sons also went viral on across the Internet during the IPL Series 2019.

In the video, you will see that the little boys are racing with each other and Dhoni comes and picks up Tahir’s son to make him win the race. They both look completely cute and too adorable doing fun with each other.

3. David Warner and his daughter Ivy Mae

David Warner’s cutest daughter Ivy Mae

via: India Today

David Warner’s cutest daughter, Ivy Mae celebrated the victory of her dad’s winning after defeating Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2019. This cute moment between daddy and daughter has also gone viral over the Internet winning the heart of everyone.

Even she cheered up for her dad by placing a placard mentioning ‘Go Daddy’ in her little hands.

4. Rohit Sharma with his wify Ritika and daughter Samaira


View this post on Instagram


At the end this is what matters the most ❤️ @ritssajdeh

A post shared by Rohit Sharma (@rohitsharma45) on

Star cricketer, Rohit Sharma has also shared a cute moment with his wife Ritika and his cutest little daughter Samaira after the matches got over. Rohit was having fun with his family as he was seen lying on the pitch like no one is watching them.

He also captioned their cute picture as, “At the end, this is what matters the most.” And we totally agree!

5. The Twitter video of CSK on the occasion of Easter

The Twitter video of Chennai Super Kings has also created a storm over the Internet where the kids of the cricketers were seen involved in an Easter egg treasure hunt to find the treats. Well. They all looked super cute while finding the treasures.

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Forget That Wink Girl, Deepika Ghosh is the New Sensational Crush of India Who is a Big Fan of RCB





RCB Girl Deepika Ghose

Who’s that girl? Have you met this girl ‘Deepika Ghosh’ who has now become the new sensational crush of India and who is stealing limelight ever since RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) played their royal cricket matches with SRH (SunRisers Hyderabad)? This girl has become so famous after that wink girl, Priya Warrier who became a hot topic for netizens for a few days.

No person talked about the winning of the match like they talked about this mystery girl Deepika who was surely the star of the match. Excited to know more about her?

Read on To Find More About Her in Detail

Well, this mystery girl is ‘Deepika Ghosh’ who has become a hot red national crush of India now. She is by this name only on her official Instagram handle. The mystery girl has become an overnight sensation by her gorgeous looks and heart winning smile.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by deepika (@_deeghose___) on

She wore a red outfit with an RCB badge studded on it to support her favourite team. Well, it seems like she is a big cricket lover, not only this she has good connections with Bollywood also.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by deepika (@_deeghose___) on

If you will see her Instagram handle, she has not just posted about cricket only but also her news feed is overloaded with pictures and videos with big stars of Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Tara Sutaria and many more.


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A post shared by deepika (@_deeghose___) on

The girl truly wins the heart of many while cheering up for RCB Boys in the stadium due to her charming looks and a pretty smile.

Due to the gaining popularity, many fake accounts have also been created in her name. Her account also has some pictures with some of the famous Bollywood actors and actresses with bio #RCBgirl. She has recently confirmed that it is her only official Instagram account.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by deepika (@_deeghose___) on

After this incident, this girl has got an insane following on her Instagram handle as she has crossed 150k Instagram followers overnight. Hard to believe right?


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A post shared by deepika (@_deeghose___) on

The netizens are going mad over her and could stop talking about her. Don’t be mistaken this girl is not an ordinary girl like us, she is more than what meets the eye, she is one of the most renowned and most potential and cool celebrity stylist as per the media sources.


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A post shared by deepika (@_deeghose___) on

#Look at some of her tweets for her favourite team RCB

Once an RCB Fan, Always an RCB Fan

Deepika with Shahrukh Khan

Post: #And the award goes to cameraman

And Man of the Match Award Goes To the Camera Man #RCBvSRH

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Pakistani Boom Boom Cricketer Shahid Afridi Discloses Many Secrets in His Autobiography ‘Game Changer’ Which is Going to be Released On April 30




Shahid Afridi's Autobiography ‘Game Changer’

One of the renowned and very talented Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is about to release his first-ever memoir about him, ‘Game Changer’ which actually changes the game. He discloses in his book about his long cricketing journey career and about his hit records. He also told that he had several names like Boom Boom, Lala or Afridi. The book will be opening on April 30 and is penned down by multimedia journalist Wajahat S. Khan.

In his book, he talked everything about him, his cricketing journey, the records made by him, scandals associated with him and about some controversies. He stated that he started his career at the age of 16 in the year 1996 when he was chosen over Mushtaq Ahmed to play due to his injuries.

Shahid Afridi who is an all-rounder has once made the highest record of wickets in T20 International Cricket (T20I) matches with 98 out of 99 to his name.

He is also well known for making most of the sixes in the history of ODI cricket and also for receiving the highest number of ‘Man of the Match’ awards in T20I.

His book which is a collection of his success and failure in the journey of cricket is for everyone whether someone enjoys cricket or not. The book is available on pre-orders at Liberty Books.

Discloses His Real Age

Discloses His Real Age

via: Twitter

Afridi has given details about his real age about which every fan was very curious to know. Afridi said, “I was just nineteen, and not sixteen as they claim. I was born in 1975. The higher authority has stated my age incorrectly.

Waqar Younis- Poor Leadership

Shahid Afridi also talked about the poor leadership skills of Waqar Younis who could not even manage the national team in the tournament. It is because he believed that he lacked unity and sense of good leadership and management skills which was necessary to manage the team.

Afridi also shed some light on the legendary cricketer Wasim Akram as well where he described that everyone in the team wanted him to head the team instead of Waqar Younis which could not happen somehow.

Javed Miandad – Small Man

He also talked about Javed Miandad and he revealed about is discriminatory behaviour towards him calling him a small man which he never liked. He said Miandad had never developed a strong opinion against him.

He explained that Miandad always forced him to give credit to him for all the good performances he had given on the field and in the presentation ceremonies.

Imran Khan – Superstar

In his book, he also talked about former captain turned Prime Minister, Imran Khan stating that he never interfered in the personal life of any player, like the way he is running his cabinet today.

The man of controversies, who is popularly known for hitting the ball out of the park leaves no stones unturned to write his autobiography ‘Game Changer’ which is giving a thriller to his fans.

People are posting funny tweets about his age. let’s check some tweets

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