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Skylights aren’t Just for Looks! Read on to Find Out More!



skylight installation in Sydney

Skylights, though an attractive addition to any home, are much more than just mere looks. They are an efficient add-on to the roof and boast of functionality along with aesthetic value. They can increase your home’s energy efficiency, and make it a better place to live in. They are a wonderfully intelligent way of bringing in more natural light into homes. They make your homes warm naturally, saving you money on energy bills.

So, now you know what a skylight basically does. But what is it actually? It’s basically a window that’s installed on the roof of a building. They bring in rays of sunshine (or, in other words, joy) into the spaces inside the home or office. But as beautiful and useful they are, if not properly installed, they can turn out to be quite the headache for the homeowners.

So make sure to get an efficient skylight installation in Sydney. Spoton Roofing is the roofing specialist that you can go to. They are fully trained and experienced in this field and will install your skylight according to the highest quality and safety standards.

Why should you get skylights installed?

bird's eye view of assorted-color roof tiles

To be honest, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider getting a skylight installed. Also, roof restoration in Sydney is done by efficient, professional companies and they will solve all your skylight installation problems too.

You just need to keep a check every now and then and ensure that your skylight isn’t leaking. Apart from that, it will provide you with multiple benefits such as:

  • Daylighting: One of the main reasons, skylights is becoming increasingly popular is because it reduces the need for artificial light. It brings in refreshing light from outside, balances the light inside, and reduces the glare from windows. It helps to bring in light into rooms that can’t fit in windows, such as attics and makes them look more spacious.
  • Energy-efficient: As obvious as it may seem, utilizing more and more of natural light would imply lesser amounts of artificial light being used. This helps one to conserve electricity, and ultimately, leads to slashed down energy bills. Also, the chimney or exhaust effect they have makes them take up the role of a passive air conditioner. Warm air is drawn upwards with the help of skylight, keeping the rooms cool So, it can effectively cut down your cooling costs, saving you a lot of money.
  • Mood-Lifting: This is a well-established fact. It’s medically considered that natural light can help in lifting one’s mood and spirits. For people who suffer from the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the cold winter days or the dreary rainy months, skylights are perfect for you. When natural light will enter your room, you will automatically feel much happier and livelier.
  • Solar Heating: You can even purchase skylights which come equipped with a high Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SAGC). These will help you to benefit from the solar heat that comes in through the skylight. It will then naturally keep your home warm. This will cut down on your heating bills during the colder months.
  • Relaxing: People who have skylights in their homes are reportedly more relaxed and at peace. They feel more relaxed, bathed in the natural light. Some have even reported that the sound of rain falling on skylights is quite peaceful and tranquil.

So, these were some of the key benefits that skylights will bring into your lives. You might need to maintain it once in a while; but trust us, the small amount of upkeep is worth the advantages you will be enjoying for years to come. So, get a skylight installed today, and give the roof of your house and your life a complete makeover.

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Choose Any of The Top Paint Colors for Your Kids Bedroom to Make Them Happy

Satendra Kashyap



Kids Bedroom

Kids’ rooms are always special. It is where they spend most of their childhood, playing make-believe games, doing homework, doing science projects, and more. So there is no harm in taking your time and deciding on the best décor for their rooms that actually help them in evolving their character.

Going too bold may not be a good idea, doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl. If you want to play around with colors, then you should better get advice from professional painting contractors like New Castle Painting BC.

This is because children’s mood depends on the environment in which they are. So emphasizing on the color scheme is not a bad thing actually.

Here are some colors we have shortlisted that are not only popular these days but kid-friendly as well.

#1 Grey

Top Paint Colors for Your Kids Bedroom

Grey is an accent color, and it is challenging to make it a dominant color. However, with the right knowledge and application, you can turn your kids’ room into a fortress for them. Grey is not the color that everybody chooses for kids’ rooms as it symbolizes loneliness. But with strategic color combinations, you can turn the space into a rich, playful room.

#2 Purple

Purple and its shades make perfect kids’ room, especially for girls. Purple invokes pensiveness, sanctity, and understanding – qualities that most of the girls can relate to. Adding a purple shade to your kids’ room will make them calm and composed while slowing down their hectic pace. The color purple is recommended by the experts for children who are extremely sensitive.     

#3 Blue

Blue is for boys, not particularly! Both boys and girls can have blue shades in their rooms, and it will look amazing. Blue, like purple, represents calmness. Blue improves productivity while reducing the blood pressure and heart rate and promoting slow and composed breathing. Children get excited easily, and they need an environment that can keep them content.

#4 Green

Green always connects us with nature and its freshness. If you have a child who is creative and love chasing around the butterflies, go with green. When you explore classrooms and kindergartens, you will see most of the rooms are colored green. This is because green color improves comprehension and reading ability. If you want your child to be a scholar or good in academics, green’s the color to start with.

#5 Brown

Brown offers an earthy tone, but like grey, it is an accent color. So you have to really get your color schemes balanced to paint the room brown. Of course, a professional will be required here. Brown is a dark color, and it can darken the room. However, if used intelligently, it can brighten your child’s life in many ways. A brown wall looks great as the backdrop for brighter splashes of colors.

Final Words

Colors like orange, red, and pink are the most preferred color scheme for a kid’s room. But if you think out of the box, you can bring your child’s room to life with colors that are not regular when it comes to children.

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10 Ways To Make Your Small Space Look Much Bigger




Make Your Small Space Look Much Bigger

We understand that not everyone has a big house or apartment. And there is nothing wrong if you don’t have a big house, you can actually make your interior look much spacious. Check these 10 tips to make your house look more spacious.

1. Paint your walls with the light colour

The best hack to make your rooms look spacious is to paint the walls with light colours. White, off-white such paint, make space look bigger, while dark colours make the room look smaller.

2. Use tables and a desk with the cavity

it’s a good way to hide your stuff in the hidden storage cavities under the desk, or tables. So make sure you buy stuff like these, which have space to hide your stuff in it and make the room look less messy. Messy rooms look less suspicious.

3. Put wallpaper or paint the ceiling

If you paint the ceiling or put wallpaper on it, the room will look taller. Painted ceilings give an illusion of taller rooms, and makes the rooms look spacious.

4. Use bigger decorative items

If you decorate with smaller objects then space looks smaller. So use a fewer but bigger vase to decorate the rooms.

5. Don’t push the furniture to the wall

If you pull the furniture away from the walls it gives an illusion that the room is spacious. Even if you just pull them a few inches away from the wall it can make a bigger difference.

6. Uncover the windows

Make sure to uncover the windows. The light coming from the outside makes the room look spacious and less crowded.

7. Use Glass and mirrors

Use glass tables in the side and the center. Hang decorative mirrors on the walls. The mirror reflects the space and glass gives the look of emptiness.

8. Use smaller lamps

Instead of using top-down light, use a fewer small lamp to spread the light throughout the room.

9. Use rugs

It is also helpful if you use a number of small rugs to separate the space. This will give a bigger aura to the apartment.

10. Sofa with exposed legs

Use a sofa that shows off the legs, instead of those with the box or skirts. The more empty space eyes see the spacious rooms will look.

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How Visiting Furniture Palm Beach Showroom Can Make A Difference To Your Décor?



Customized Your Furniture Needs

Thinking to re-model your house? Looking for the latest styled furniture to add to your décor? Not sure of how much budget it would take? Well, it’s just not your dilemma but many house owners are confused when it comes to replacing or buying the new furniture. Online shopping is great; as it comes with a convenience but; it can be mismanaged your re-modelling project if you have no idea about the dimensions, colors and the right sizes to put. Visiting furniture Palm Beach like Maurice’s Furnishings can help you give creative ideas on how to décor your spaces.

From imported furniture to custom ones to cabinetry and antiques and architectural you get to see the wide range of option when you visit furniture Palm Beach showroom.

Furniture is A Vital Part of Your Investment

Furniture Palm Beach Showroom

Visiting a furniture showroom in Palm Beach like Maurice’s Furnishing for your remodelling project; you get to see the latest trends and designs in person. Think of the designs that you watched in a magazine or on television and you had craved to get it as soon as in your house.

Being able to put yourself among those furniture pieces in the actual environment you are interested in buying will help you make a more informed decision.

You Find New Inspiration

Sometimes you have an idea about the furniture you wish to keep or you have seen it somewhere which you liked a lot but you have no idea to push that creativity forward. It is when having visited furniture Palm Beach showroom can help to get your creativity take shape.

The team is professional, expert and knowledge with years of experience offering what is right what your space. You’ll have an expert designer to make your ideas come to your life. Hence; getting your inspiration to life seeking an expert help can be hugely beneficial.

Customized Your Furniture Needs

maurices furniture

Furniture Palm Beach showroom for designing creative designs which you can tailor fit as per your needs. Regardless of the furniture design, you have in mind, just talk to their expert designers who will see that you get the exact customized furniture transformed into reality.

Come and visit Furniture Palm Beach showroom. Whether its furniture information you want, or inspiration, or anything else that you’re searching for, the showroom invites you to discover the possibilities of remodelling your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bath with their pros are happy to help you along the way.

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