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How To Pass The Salesforce Admin Certification?

Neetika Mahawar



Salesforce Admin Certification

For businesses, the important challenge they face is to increase sales and thereafter retaining them. The sales records can be manageable when the business is at its earlier stage. But when the business grows, they face numerous challenges such as varying preferences of customers, regional and cultural background, customer service, managing complaints, sales forecasts, etc. There, Customer Relationship Software such as Salesforce comes into play. Salesforce is cloud-based and provides customized solutions to business. It has proven to be effective in managing the massive data of sales, analyzing the important customers, and giving them preference. Salesforce is also helpful in analyzing the growth of the business.

So, when the business will invest in Salesforce, they can actually focus more on other services and operational activities.

Let us know more about Salesforce and why we should invest in Salesforce admin training.

What is Salesforce?

What is Salesforce

Salesforce is Customer relationship management (CRM) based software solutions that aim at delivering the best quality experience to the businesses. Whether your business is small, startup, or a company, salesforce provides solutions for all!  It is an American cloud-based software company that was founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez.

Salesforce helps in attracting more buyers with the help of personalized marketing. It understands the needs and concerns of the customers. Whenever the customers are stuck with some issues, it responds faster on any channel. Thereby, it meets the expectations of customers by delivering an amazing shopping experience. Also, it automates time-consuming tasks by building custom applications.

Salesforce was named #1 CRM provider by Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker by International Data Corporation(IDC) in 2017. An effective CRM can help to increase sales by up to 29%, productivity by 34%, and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

How to get started in Salesforce?

How to get started in Salesforce

Being the No 1 CRM based software, salesforce provides certifications to those individuals who prove their excellent abilities, skills, knowledge, and expertise in the various fields of cloud specialists. The certifications are provided for the roles of administrators, app builders, architects, consultants, developers, specialists. There are 25 certifications in total.

The certifications for the role of an administrator is the popular one. The certifications that salesforce provides in this field are:

1. Salesforce Certified Administrator

The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is intended for an individual who has salesforce experience of 6-12 months performing as a salesforce administrator. Some of the concepts that this certification includes are managing users, data, and security, Customizing and Maintaining sales cloud and service cloud apps and building reports, dashboards, and workflows.

2. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certification is designed for those who have advanced level experience as salesforce administrator. Some of the concepts that this certification requires you to know well are: leveraging the advanced administration capabilities in salesforce, optimizing and extending sales cloud and service cloud apps, designing advanced reports, dashboards, and business process automation.

When you can operate in salesforce effectively from 6-12 months, then go for salesforce administration certification. After gaining the administration certification, upgrade yourself to the Salesforce certified advanced administrator. Both of these certifications will act as proof for your expertise in the respective fields.

How to Pass the Salesforce Admin Exam?

a. Get to know the details of the exam

It is very important to go through all the details regarding the exam. The candidate should be aware of the topics to study, the criteria required for the exam, the number of questions, pattern, weightage of marks, resources to look for, etc. All this knowledge forms an initial step towards any exam preparation. Often people overlook these details and start studying the topics. The negative consequence may be that the candidate ends up studying those topics which are not included in the syllabus or might waste too much time on fewer weightage questions. In a nutshell, these details will help you prioritize your topics, make you progress while preparation.

Also, the Broad knowledge about customizing salesforce as per your company’s instance is required. Additionally, you need to have expertise in configuring the platform, managing users, and finding ways to completely use its features and capabilities.

b. Create a schedule

The next step is to create a schedule for your certification. Allocate all the concepts to different timeframes. In this way, you can keep a track of what all you have prepared and what is left to study. This will help you to be focused and motivated. Do not forget to take up some mock tests online, to enhance your preparation.

c. Connect with people

Find some people who are willing to give the certification exam with you. Connect with these people on a regular basis. A group that has the same objective to achieve in the future, strive to work together as a team, and motivate each other. It will help you address some of the important concepts and consider it. This way, you all will be actively participating in your work. The salesforce certification study group in the trailblazer community offers you to connect with peers who are studying for the exam.

d. Practice trails

The concepts which you have learned so far, are important to practice because it ensures that you remember it well in the long run. So, practice every day all the important topics. Practice will make you handle situations in challenging work environments. These scenarios sometimes require quick actions. And these quick actions are successful only when planned properly with expertise. So practice with “Admin Beginner” and “Admin Intermediate”, trails on the trailhead. Another way is to learn app making from scratch.

e. Access the admin certification trail

Salesforce trailhead has prepared trails for practice that are: “Admin Certification Prep Trial” and “Admin Certification Trail mix”. These trials will help you become an exam ready. These trails show the percentage of topics going to be covered. So the candidate should focus more on higher percentage areas and low on lower percentage areas.

f. Attend the free webinar

Salesforce provides an opportunity to attend the free webinar to its candidates, whereby they can get an expert opinion on the exam. Also, they can clear their doubts about it. So, it will be beneficial for the students by utilizing this opportunity.

g. Give the exam

Finally, take the exam for which you have prepared so far. Reading all the questions very carefully is an important initial step. Use your time wisely by not wasting too much time on questions that you do not know. Also, you can write some important points on the scratch paper provided in the exam.

Do not worry if you haven’t passed the exam in your first attempt. The important thing to know is that sometimes several attempts are required to clear your exam. Analyze your stronger and weaker areas from the exam report. Therefore, work on the weaker areas until you are confident enough in your concepts. Give your best whether you are preparing for the first time or for another attempt.


As you know, salesforce is important for businesses and why they should invest in it, so start preparing for it. Gain expertise in salesforce by enrolling in courses today. If you haven’t been using it, start and gain experience of 6-12 months. After that, you can go to “Salesforce Admin Certification”. After that, go for the advanced level. Gain expertise in salesforce that will boost income and will prove valuable for your business. Salesforce is important, especially for people working in the sales and marketing domain.



5 Tips You Need To Ensure Safety While Using Dark Web





5 Tips You Need To Ensure Safety While Using Dark Web

Anyone in the modern era who browses through the internet is well aware of the term Dark Web. Underneath the layer of all the white and shining lies a complex array of websites that contain all sorts of illegal and 3rd party information that shouldn’t be accessed by any secondary person. For many years people have debated over the use of the dark web. Despite many considering it thoroughly against the ethics, people cannot ignore all stuff brought to the table, from drugs to heavily secured credential information, and the dark web is home to a lot of illegal and unethical activities. suggests with this article can help you maintain a secure network or connection with people you care to connect with.

The dark web starts getting just like its name as you begin to surf beneath from mercenaries to unlawful trafficking; it’s all present there. Many people who are new to the dark web often fall prey to the predators who are sitting behind their screens, ready to get hold of any new data that could turn them a profit. For any new users, here are five tips that one should keep in mind before browsing the dark web.

#05 Make sure to remain anonymous at literally all costs

Make sure to remain anonymous at literally all costs

All sorts of venturing and surfing on the dark web are done under a veil of privacy that keeps all some kind of personal information of the surfer to himself, but that’s just the basic gist of it. It highly depends on the user to keep his personal information safe from any potential person who is sitting behind his screen, waiting for you to make the wrong move.

While using the dark web, make sure that you do not share any personal or financial information with the person one is interacting with, which could turn out to be very costly. The dark web is host to many people who would sell the information; they tricked out of you, and while you would be sleeping in your bed, unaware of anything that’s happening behind your back.

#04 Keep TOR updated at all times

Keep TOR updated at all times

TOR is a web browser that allows the user to access the dark web, it has a higher security system compared to browsers such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, but it is not invincible. TOR did face a trojan and a malware attack in the years 2013 and 2016, respectively, where a lot of users lost their financial as well as personal information. But the developers at TOR value their image as a secure platform as they are quick in rolling out frequent updates to keep the user information safe from any threat.

#03 Keep a backup of all your data in your system before accessing anything on the dark web

While it may sound like a piece of basic knowledge to most people, it’s something that most take for granted. You can lose all your data present in the system you are using while accessing the dark web if you encounter malware or a trojan as it can easily bypass your firewall before harming your order severely.

The dark web is a complicated layer of websites, and many people are looking to gain any new data or information that could earn them some money.

#02 If possible, use a VPN alongside TOR

If possible, use a VPN alongside TOR

As we earlier discussed, TOR is not a completely secure platform despite its higher and advanced security compared to the other web browsing platforms. You could reveal the identity information of your IP address if you undergo any downloading or uploading through a torrent client as it can easily bypass the user security present in TOR and blow away your anonymous Id in mere seconds.

Using a VPN will make sure that no can keep any logs of your data while making sure all your information is encrypted. A VPN will also act as a double proof armor in the case where a user tries to access a torrent client, but if one can avoid using a torrent client, then it will turn out for the best.

#01 Do not ever use the GOOGLE search engine

Do not ever use the GOOGLE search engine

While many old users of the dark web might be aware of the fact, it’s the newcomers who easily commit the fundamental mistake of searching their keywords through the google search engine. That’s one of the biggest mistakes a user can make while using the Dark Web.

Most internet users have undergone the issue where they have been dissatisfied with Google’s security policies, so using it as a search option is just a stupid mistake. Google will continuously try to track your IP address, and the failure will result in you receiving a barrage of CAPTCHA codes while searching for what you seek. It’s profoundly frustrating and tormenting for the user.

So, while the dark web is a big platform where all one can imagine is a finger click away, you are advised to stay safe while surfing the platform as it could lead to severe losses.

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How You Can Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

Satendra Kashyap



Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

You might probably have read various articles on selling on Amazon by now. This is a lucrative adventure that can move quickly from being a side hustle to your primary source of income if you do it right. Amazon offers various ways of selling products. These are:

  • Selling wholesale goods on Amazon: This entails getting goods from a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor and selling them on Amazon.
  • Retail Arbitrage: This involves buying from retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and many others and selling them on Amazon.
  • Online Arbitrage: This is where you buy goods from online sellers and sell them on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Selling books on Amazon: They can be new or used books that you can list in your Amazon seller account and gain an income by selling them.
  • Amazon Handmade: Here, craftsmen can sell products they have made on Amazon to earn income.

All these ventures are excellent sources of income. However, in this article, we are going to look at how to sell private labels products. Private label products are items that are manufactured by one company but are branded and sold by another company. Apart from physical products, services such as freelance work, web domain, as well as insurance products, can be private label services.

If you are planning to start selling on Amazon, you can invest in private label products and sell them through Amazon FBA service. There are various tools available in the market that can help you to succeed in this venture. We will now look at how you can get started with this type of business.

Look for product ideas

The good thing about ideas is they can come from anywhere whether you are in a store looking for something, or online looking products being offered. Social media can also be a great place to find ideas. Some amazon selling tools can also give you ideas on market trends that you can jump on early and earn good revenue.

The attributes of a product

When you are starting, it is recommended that you start with small products that are light in weight, ones that do not depend on seasons, products that are not regulated, as well as products that are not complicated. Small products help you to save on the shipping cost, and unregulated products do not require a lot of paperwork or certification. You can find electronics to be easy to sell; however, they may become a headache when providing customer service. It is good to choose an easy product when starting.

Market research

Like with any physical business, selling private label products requires a lot of market research. You can rely on tools such as Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and many others to research the products that you have identified. All you need to do is purchase the tool and add it as an extension to your chrome. You can then search the desired product on Amazon and launch the tool to get statistics about it.

Researching manufactures and suppliers

When you choose to sell private label products, you will be dealing with manufacturers and suppliers. You can use Alibaba, which is the world’s largest B2B online marketplace. Here, you can look at the suppliers and manufacturers of your chosen product. You can reach out to more than one supplier of the product. Some Amazon tools can also help you research your supplier and compare their services and effectiveness. You can then order a sample of the product from each supplier.

Work on your logo, packaging, and designing

Selling private label means that you will use your logo on the package as well as the product. You can employ a graphic designer to work on captivating logos. It is good to use a design that is different from any other in the market.

Deciding on how you will fulfill the order

The most recommended method is Fulfilled by Amazon, which is the most convenient form model of running a business. This model eliminates shipping and storage logistics. It also offers customer service and processes the order when a purchase is made. This frees up your time to focus on the core of running the business. With this model, the manufacturer ships the product directly to an Amazon fulfillment warehouse.

Picking the most suitable manufacturer

Now that you have the sample products that you had ordered from the suppliers, you can test them out and see the best one for you. You can use this information to choose a manufacturer.

Creating a listing on Amazon

Once your products are made by the manufacturer and shipped, you can create a listing on Amazon. Use great product pictures, descriptions, and keywords when creating the listing.

With these few steps, you can set up your private label on Amazon. You can optimize your listing by conducting advertising. Relying heavily on an Amazon selling tool is recommended as you will gain new insights and manage your inventory.

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The History and Evolution of Headphones

Satendra Kashyap



The History and Evolution of Headphones

Do you remember using those bulky headphones with tangly wires? In an age of wireless headphones, it’s hard to think of the old-age counterparts. We’re looking a timeline much before iTunes and iPods, and even before The Beatles. The answer to the question, “Who invented headphones?” will be a revelation to how wrapping your ears, away from the noise, has become an increasing necessity over time. Besides, you do enjoy being a good conversation starter, don’t you?

Who invented headphones? The Flashback

1. Circa late 1800s to early 1900s

Believe it or not, the first-ever headphones were not made for listening to music. Telephone operators in Britain around 1880 used them, where a single earpiece hung on their shoulders, much like boom boxes you know of. Then Ernest Jules Pierre Mercadier, a French electrical engineer patented the earbuds technology in 1891 to be used as telephone receivers.

Come 1910, it was Nathaniel Baldwin from the States who invented headphones at his home’s kitchen. Back then, private investors ignored the benefit. Thanks to the US Navy, which ordered around 100 pairs from him, headphones got popular.

Revolutionizing Baldwin’s concept was Beyerdynamic, a German audio equipment manufacturing company that developed dynamic headphones, none other than the historic, DT-48 model in 1937. There have been various upgrades done on this model until 2012.

During WWII, headphones were getting produced more for the public. Jumping on the bandwagon was Austrian audio manufacturing pioneer, AKG, who came up with the K-120 headphones that looked incredibly modish back in the day due to their sleek headband.

2. The Beatles and Flower Power

Headphones were still not able to dominate the market on both sides of the Pacific during WWII. It was around the late 1950s when avid Jazz artist from the US, John Koss, invented the Koss SP-3. These were the first stereo headphones, which he called ‘stereophones’. These were specifically marketed to audio engineers. So, when The Beatles were getting increasingly popular across the globe in the mid-60s, Koss produced the Beatlephones. These were sold out globally and yeah, celebrity endorsement at its best!

3. Enter the time that defined portability

Who can leave out Sony when talking about headphones! It was in 1979, when the iconic portable cassette stereo player, the Sony Walkman came to the fore. This player also included the cool MDR 3L2 headphones. The headband was so slim that renowned audio manufacturing brands, such as Philips and others started making the same. These headphones were simply stylish for another two decades. If you are going for the 1979 Sony Walkman for your retro vibe today, make sure both the pockets run deep.

4. What? Can’t hear anything even if someone is screaming his lungs out!

You guessed it perfectly. We are talking about noise cancelling technology – the unavoidable hype. But, did you know, this technology first featured in headphones back in the 1980s. Keeping aside the debates about whether Bose Corporation or Sennheiser incorporated it in headphones first, noise-cancelling headphones are now everyone’s go-to pair. One pair, which definitely made the mark in the noise-cancelling headphones market, is the Bose Quiet Comfort that came out in the year 2000.

5. Can’t become a DJ without that thump and swank!

It’s true. Every DJ gig is bass-heavy. Even while listening to your favourite DJ on playback must feel the same. This is what legendary DJ, producer and founder of V-MODA, Val Kalton also feel. Back in 2004, his brand specifically made headphones that had booming bass with high-quality materials. It was among the key players for the evolution of good deep bass in headphones. Also, the brand popularised stylish headphones, if you didn’t know. This was soon followed by many other brands, among which the more prominent names, you may know are the Beats headphones by Dr Dre and the head rattling headphones by Skullcandy.

6. Bolt from the Bluetooth

Bluetooth headphones have been a total game-changer in this decade. But they were introduced in 2004. Considering the needs of the modern-day individual, wireless headphones have made way into everybody’s life super-fast. There are about 5 versions of Bluetooth connectivity today and each update offers greater range and less consumption of energy.

More than ever, the competition among different brands offering superior Bluetooth headphones is on the rise. It is not just about wireless connectivity, you see.

You can check out a newcomer in the market, the high-tech wireless headphones, PLAYGO BH70. Now, this newbie has updated features that other brands don’t even have yet. They have an AI-algorithm that can give you a far superior listening experience by detecting the frequencies you can’t hear. So much so, these are Active Noise Cancelling headphones with four different in-built mics to fathom and block any kind of noise.

The use of earphones with Bluetooth connectivity has increased ever since Apple introduced its AirPods and ditched the sockets. But they are so expensive! World of PLAY’s budget-friendly Bluetooth v5.0 neckband in-ear headphones gives you great sound quality at a very affordable price. The brand is proud and sure about the quality of its wireless audio devices. It’s worth a try, you’ll be surprised by the audio experience.

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