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Live Animals Are Sold Inside Key Chains For As Little As $1.50 In China 

Priya Verma



Live Animals Inside Key Chains

China has been in the talk because of the widespread Corona Virus which has taken the lives of many people until now. Now, we will talk about some other strange trends that have been observed in China and that are keeping the live animals like fish, turtles and other amphibians in small oxygen bags in trinkets. They are sold for $1.50 in China. I mean how shameless this is. After hearing this news, Animal rights activists in China are upset by keeping these animals as keepsakes on their key chains.

These animals live inside a plastic bag which contains enough water and oxygen content

animals live inside a plastic bag

via: Imgur

Thank god to those little plastic bags with water and enough oxygen that is keeping these tiny animals alive. But at the same time, it also feels bad as these tiny creatures are trapped in a tiny prison for the amusement of its owner.

Animals are sold for as low as $1.50

Animals are sold for as low as $1.50

via: Shared

The animals survive only for a short amount of time in their tiny prison. If the owner wants their pet to survive more, they cut out the plastic. Unfortunately, not everyone does so to save them. Some people simply let them die and then throw them away. And you know how much do they cost? Only $1.50. These tiny trinkets are sold outside of train and subway stations.

Qin Xiaona, the director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association said that these key chains were still legal because only wild animals are protected in China and these animals do not fall in that category.

“China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law. If the animals are not wild animals they fall outside the law’s scope,” Qin said.

A petition has been signed by many supporters to save these tiny animals

Live Animals Are Sold Inside Key Chains

via: Imgur

Many people have also signed a petition to bring this cruelty to an end. The petition has reached over 1 million supporters.

According to some sources, such as PETA, insists that these products were seen in 2008 when the trinkets were sold to tourists who came to watch the Olympic Games.

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3 Aspects To Think About Before Adding A Pet To Your Family

Satendra Kashyap



Adding A Pet To Your Family

Having a new companion to shower with love and affection is great, but it comes at a cost. Not only do pets have an impact on your bank account, but they also require you to be responsible and deliver a high standard of care.

Think about what it takes to look after a pet and whether you can make that commitment.

1. Time


Some pets will take up more of your time than others. Dogs, for example, like to be shown attention and need to be taken out for walks at least once a day. If you are considering getting a puppy, then you must remember that you will need to train it. This can be a frustrating task as it requires you to be patient. If it is proving too difficult to train your dog on your own, you will need to think about getting the help of a professional dog trainer.

If you are considering a more extravagant pet, such as a horse, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to it. Grooming, cleaning out stables, and exercise are just a few of the time-consuming tasks such a large animal needs from its owner. If it isn’t time spent training or exercising your animal, there is time spent taking it to vet appointments for check-ups or when your pet is sick.

2. Cost

visits to the animal doctor

Speaking of vets, those visits to the animal doctor can end up costing you a lot of money. Medicinal or physical treatments for your pet do not come cheap; therefore, you need to think about your financial situation before you get one. Pet insurance can be helpful for these bills, so make sure that is in place if you do get one.

Although insurance is another expense to add to the list. It is also worth noting that some vets, like, offer other services as well.  These will still cost you but having all these things in one place might be easier. Feeding your pet is, which might require several feedings, is another expense.

Then there is also the need for a bed for your pet to sleep in or a tank for it to live in. Then there are extra items such as toys, leads, collars, and so forth. Of course, prices for these things will vary, some brands are much more affordable than others. Nonetheless, they are all additional expenses to you when you become a pet owner.

3. Space

larger animal such as a dog

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a larger animal such as a dog or a little goldfish. You will need enough room so that you and your pet can share the living space comfortably. Whether that means enough room for a dog or cat bed, or the space to set up a fish-tank. It’s not fair to expect a pet to live in a cramped, claustrophobic space – especially if they are animals who like to roam.

These are just three things to think about before getting a pet. Always do some research first before committing to such a big responsibility.

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8 Most Luxurious and Expensive Pet Hotels In The World

Neetika Mahawar



Pet Hotels in The World

Did you think only we humans need a break, to pamper ourselves in villas and hotels? If yes, then it’s time to change your thinking, friends. There are a number of luxurious hotels in the world that are meant for pets. If you are a pet lover and have pets then you should definitely know about these places. We have found out about 8 luxurious Pet hotels in the world, in which animals can have leisure and relaxing time. They have specialists to take care of them and treat them the best.

Check these hotels out:

1. The Vet Lounge, Australia

The Vet Lounge, Australia

via: TopVet

Cats are going to love this place. They have a fully stocked cat minibar that offers treats for the cats. Rooms are well themed where music is playing all the time.

2. Paradise Ranch Resort California, USA

Dogs and pups would enjoy this place like none other since there are a dog water park, spa massages, and amazing cozy beds. The best part is there is no cage around to scare your pet.

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3. The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, UK

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, UK

via: John Gladwin / Daily Mirror

Cats are treated very well there. They have activities for them like a climbing tree, thrones, and balconies. They also get a massage before going to bed and whatnot.

4. K-9 Resort Daycare & Luxury Hotel, New Jersey the USA

Your pet can have favorite dinner here, doggie ice cream, Gucci bedding and a lot more.

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5. The Barkley Pet Hotel California, USA

Both cats and dogs can enjoy a lot here. There is a tropical aquarium, garden, television, suits, and whatnot.

6. Pet’s Dream Park Hotel Taipei, Taiwan

Sports field, Swimming pools and all the luxuries that a pet would love are offered here.

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7. Actuel Dogs, Paris, France

This place not just offers leisure but healthy activities for your dog, also. They have exercising training programs that include hiking, biking and jogging too.

8. Urban Tails, Dubai, UAE

They offer private rooms, butlers, plasma TV, play area and a lot more. What else a pet needs in life?

Featured image source: Upscale Living Magazine

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Jharkhand Is Motivating Other States As It Stepped Down From Its Idea Of Building An Airport To Protect Elephant Corridor





jharkhand Elephant Corridor

No doubt, development of any kind is important for every state, but not more than preserving our natural wild-life. Well, Jharkhand is the best example and is gives lessons to other states. Jharkhand has stepped down its decision to not to build the Dhalbhumgarh airport to save forests and animals. What a great decision the state has made. Their decision was welcomed and applauded by everyone.

We all know that the elephant’s habit has been regularly threatened by developmental projects like this during the past.

To build this airport, it would need nearly 100 hectares of land from forests in Jharkhand that serve as a corridor for elephants migrating between Jharkhand and the neighboring state of West Bengal.

The proposal for building the airport has put on hold for now.

jharkhand Elephant Corridor

via: Reuters

An expert panel of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) said that if they go ahead, it could lead to an increase in the human-elephant conflict in the area. Furthermore, it has sought information for reconsidering the proposal.

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Jharkhand put on hold an Airport


According to the Huffington report, the total land need to construct airport was 97.166 hectares, out of which, 96.761 hectares is reserved forest land. There were 79,322 trees sought in the forest area and the estimated cost for the development of the airport was about Rs. 100 crores.

Well, this initiative taken by Jharkhand was applauded by the Twitteratis.

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Have a look at what they have to say about this.

I think this is the best decision ever taken by the ministry towards environmental resolution and we really hope it isn’t the last good decision concerning the environment and wildlife in India. Long way to go Jharkhand, I hope other states also follow such kind of things. What do you think?

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