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All You Need To Know About Shia Labeouf: Net Worth, Early Career And Achievement





11 June 1986


33 Years


Los Angeles, California, United States


Actor, Filmmaker, 
Performance Artist, Social Critic

Net Worth

US $25 Million (As of 2020)


Shayna Saide, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf


Mia Goth (2012–2018)

Shia Labeouf is a former American actor, stage performer, and very talented filmmaker. He came into limelight through his works that include Disney channel series, Even Stevens, a role that got him all the claps. It was due to this role he also got a young emerging artist award in 2011. He worked in many films and won the heart of the audience through his spectacular performance.

Early Life and Education

Shia Labeouf needs no introduction as people who are related to art and entertainment thoroughly must be knowing him well. After his path-breaking and critically acclaimed films like Transformers where he has played the protagonist of the series. After the phenomenal and commercially successful film transformers, he planned to make a sequel and did feature in the film “Transformers: Revenge of the fallen” in the year 2009. His other highest-grossing films are “Wall Street: money never sleeps” in 2010.

He is born and brought up in California, United States, and is the only child of his parents. At the early stage of life, Shia’s talent emerged and notice by his uncle, who encourages him to go for stage theatre. His influence and support have made him grow into an emerging hand of Shia informed decision making to do film making as a professional career.

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Personal Life and Achievements

As every commercial film has a mixture of something new to offer, Shia films and movie making also touch unpredictable as the audience hardly has a clue of all his commercially successful films. He has a knack of producing great storylines and intriguing performances of lead actors. He has won many awards and appreciation for his intriguing roles in the film’s character and diverse roles of the actors to bring in the best performance.

As every celebrity has a couple of unwanted controversies, Shia also dragged in too many film controversies like he did release the short film “Howard” and blame for actually copied the theme and, therefore, copyright act served to him. His relationship with A-listed actress and notable film celebrity was spotted and often create a filmy gossip to most tabloids.

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Shia Labeouf Net Worth

Shia Labeouf Net Worth

via: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As of 2020, Shia Labeouf’s net worth stands at $30 million. Labeouf’s net worth fortune has been gained through earning from films and TV Shows in addition to performing arts. Some of the films that have boosted his net worth vаluе аrе Тrаnѕfоrmеrѕ аnd іtѕ ѕеquеlѕ, Іndіаnа Јоnеѕ аnd thе Кіngdоm оf thе Сrуѕtаl Ѕkull, Wаll Ѕtrееt: Моnеу Nеvеr Ѕlеерѕ, Lаwlеѕѕ аmоng оthеrѕ.


Shia Labeouf is the most seasoned Hollywood actor who is popularly known for making movies that touch the heart of the audience. He brings the best talents and performance to garner appreciation from film critics and his biggest fans, followers. His hit film “Transformer” has enabled him to stand where he is today for which everyone appraises him.

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Emma Bloomberg Bio, Age, Personal life, Net Worth, and Facts




Emma Bloomberg Biography

Emma Bloomberg is a notable American businesswoman. She is the CEO and founder of the world-renowned company of Murmuration Company. Apart from that, the successful entrepreneur has also served as the senior planning officer and chief of the staff for the Robin Hood Organization.

Background Information

Emma Bloomberg belongs to a billionaire family. She was born on May 10, 1979, as Emma Beth Bloomberg. Her father, Michael Bloomberg, is a billionaire. He owns Bloomberg L. P. and known to be one of the richest persons in the world. As for her mother, her name is Susan Brown, who divorced Emma’s father when the later was only a teenager. Speaking of her siblings, Emma has a younger sister, who is also a businessperson.

Quick Summary
Full Name/Real Name: Emma Beth Bloomberg
Age: 42 years
Birth Date: May 10, 1979
Birth Place: New York, America
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Parents: Michael Bloomberg and Susan Brow
Spouse: Chris Frissora
Siblings: 1 Georigina Bloomberg
Children: 1
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 55kg
Profession: Businesswoman
Net Worth in 2019: $10 million


Emma Bloomberg completed her early education from a New York-based school. After completing high school, she joined Princeton University and completed her graduation with a bachelor’s degree in English. Then, she attended Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and gained an MPA degree. This was enough for her to get into the family business, so she enrolled at Harvard Business School and completed an MBA.

Personal life and Rrelationships

Being the daughter of a billionaire father, Emma always grabbed the attention of media for her personal life. However, the lady herself is a tight-lipped person when it comes to her love life. She has never ever spoken about it. As of now, she is happily married to her long-time beau Chris Frissora. The couple married in 2005 and today they are the proud parents of a baby girl whose name is Zelda Violet Friedberg. They welcomed their child in 2015.

Professional Life and Career

Emma’s father is a business tycoon. So, it was not difficult for her to choose her career. After completing her education, she stepped into her family business and took it to new heights. Even though she is the daughter of a billionaire father, she started working as an ordinary person. First, she worked as a senior planning officer at the Robin Hood Organization. After gaining exposure and work experience, she broadened her horizon and got involved with many non-profit organizations.

In 2014, she gave her career a whole new turn when she took the position of CEO at Murmuration Company. Since then, she has been working for the same company and giving it new heights of success each day.

Awards & achievements

Apparently, there are only a few categories of awards granted in the business world. Given the fact, Emma couldn’t manage to bag any major award so far. Nevertheless, she is known for her charity and social works.

Emma Bloomberg Net Worth and earnings

Being a successful entrepreneur, EMMA BLOOMBERG has yielded really a good amount of money throughout her career. As of now, EMMA BLOOMBERG holds a huge net worth of $10 million. This is solely her own earnings. Her father has not given the shares to his daughters yet. Once it will be added, her net worth will definitely be skyrocketed.

Other than being the CEO of Murmuration Company, she is also involved in the business in many other ways So, this is her total net worth from all sources.  In the coming years, her net worth is expected to rise, as she is successful in her business and it is only growing with each passing day. Speaking of her personal asset, Emma owns a lavish mansion in New York City where she resides with her family.

Interesting facts about Emma Bloomberg

  • Emma is a shopaholic. Other than shopping, she loves traveling and reading books.
  • Her favourite destination is Mauritius.
  • Her food love goes around Italian dishes.
  • She is a fan of Will Smith and Scarlett Johansson. They are her favourite actor and actress respectively.
  • She has coordinated for a mayoral program in New York City.
  • She is not much active on social media like other celebrities.
  • Her brown hair and hazel eyes intensify her beauty a million times more.


Taking the legacy of your family is not an easy task. It takes a lot of efforts, dignity, and dedication. Emma Bloomberg has done it. She hasn’t only given the soaring heights to her father’s business but also built her own empire. She is a powerful lady, indeed.

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Jasmine Page Lawrence Bio, Age, Personal life, Net worth, and Facts




Jasmine Page Lawrence Biography

Jasmine Page Lawrence is a popular American socialite. Other than that, she is also involved in her father’s endeavors. Being a star kid, Jasmine always remained in headlines since her childhood. Just at the age of 24, Jasmine Page Lawrence has garnered huge popularity and it is her own. She definitely used the legacy of her father to pave her way to get into the showbiz world, but it is her hard work only that made her a star today.

Background Information

Jasmine Page Lawrence was born on 15 January 1996 In the US. She was born with a silver spoon. Her father, Martin Lawrence, is an actor, host, and comedian, while her mother, Patricia Southhall, is a spokesperson. She is the only daughter of Martin with Patricia. However, she has 6 half-siblings. When she was just 1 year old, her parents separated. Being the celebrity kid, she had a privileged childhood and she got everything that she needed.


Jasmine Page Lawrence age

via: Twitter

There is not much information about the early education of JASMINE. After completing her high school from some reputed school, she joined Duke University and completed her graduation in 2018.

Personal life and Relationships

Jasmine is just 24 years old girl who is focusing on her career. So, marriage is out of the question for her.  The gorgeous lady must have been into some relationships, but she has never accepted them publicly. In fact, she keeps her personal life under wraps.  According to some reports, she is dating handsome hunk Trey Smith, who is the son of Will Smith. However, neither of them has accepted their relationship publicly and calls each other just a friend. Well, whatever they are hiding from us, it would be interesting to see where their relationship leads to.

Professional Life and Career

Jasmine Page Lawrence with father Martin Lawrence

Jasmine Page Lawrence and father Martin Lawrence

Jasmine was born in a showbiz family, so she was expected to go in the film industry. As expected, the stunning lady has chosen her own path and become a socialite. She is often seen attending social events and grand parties. This was her interest in fashion and social gatherings that made her a professional socialite. Nevertheless, she doesn’t want to limit herself just to this profession. Lately, she has been involved in the business endeavors of her father. With the fact that she is trying her hands in the business world too, the coming years will be important for her career. Right now, she is at the age where people actually decide their career and this is what she is doing.

Awards & Achievement

At the age of 24, you can’t earn many awards no matter what field you work in and what age you had started working. So, how can Jasmine be an exception? So far, she has not won any awards. Nevertheless, she has garnered huge acclaim and popularity due to her work. Given her dedication and determination to the work, we can say that she will definitely win a bunch of awards in the future.

Jasmine Page Lawrence Net Worth

Jasmine Page Lawrence net worth


As we said above, Jasmine has just stepped into the professional world, she might not have the net worth as much as other celebrities. However, she is actively involved in 2 professions, so she must have yielded some money so far. Since the lady is a private person, she hasn’t made her earnings public. So, we don’t have any idea about her net worth. In the coming years, her net worth is expected to rise as she just got into the business world and she is doing well on that. Let’s see how far she goes by the next year.

Interesting facts about Jasmine Page Lawrence

  • She is the daughter of the popular actor and comedian Martin Lawrence.
  • She is named after the Jasmine flower, which is particularly found in Persia.
  • Her middle name ‘Page’ has a meaning. It means assistant.
  • She is an Instagram star and has a huge fan following here.
  • She shares a special bond with her father. It was seen during the occasion of her 24th birthday when her father threw a special party and the birthday girl broke into tears with joy.
  • Her favourite actor is Chris Evan and the actress is Scarlett Johansson.
  • She loves continental dishes.
  • The gorgeous lady is known for her remarkable fashion sense.
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Renee Portnoy Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth and Facts




Renee Portnoy Biography

Renee Portnoy is an online personality and equestrian. She is well known as the ex-wife of David Portnoy. Renee assisted him to popularize his web business and fans call her ‘Lady of the Nation of Barstool.’ Her ex-husband is the founder of the famous Barstool Sports which is a massive online business that contains pop culture and satire blogs. She was a great supporter of his business. If you want to know more about her you can find all the information here.

Renee Portnoy background information

Renee Portnoy Family

Renee’s birth date is May 5, 1987, and her place of birth is Abington, Massachusetts. She is now thirty years old. She lives a low profile life so not much information is available about her family life. There are photos of her parents in her Instagram profile but no details are available about them also. However, she went to Boston University and is a B.Sc. in Business graduate. She is a talented woman with lots of business skills and that is why she was able to help her ex-spouse in his business. David did not develop in his business on his own as she is also the main reason why he flourished in his field.

She is a fantastic equestrian who started to ride horses from age eight. She worked as a buyer at Smart Pak and is now the director of merchandising. Her favourite is Kentucky Derby and she is a frequent guest to the high profile events.

About her husband David Portnoy

Renee Satterthwaite husband

Renee Satterthwaite with husband David Portnoy

There was no spotlight on her when she was in a relationship with David because she got popularity only after their marriage. But they were in a relationship for a long time before the beginning of the online business. They got married in 2009.  However, their marriage came to an end when she found out about David’s affair. He was cuddling with an unknown woman and after that Renee separated from her husband. In 2017 David announced his split with his wife and that shocked his fans. He also shared that they are separating on mutual grounds and there is no ill will between him and Renee.

Then David continued the relationship with the woman named Jordyn Hamilton. Many people accused her of splitting the couple but David silenced the rumours. But then she cheated him with SoulCycle instructor and he publicized it in the social media pages to humiliate them.

Her career

Renee Portnoy Age and Career

Her career is all the things she loves. Renee loves horses and shopping. She worked with SmartPak Equine in the position of assistant buyer. She stayed at that company for ten years and then got to the position of director of the merchandising department. Then she left SmartPak and now she owns two jumping horses. She is also volunteering in her free time. Renee is working with NiSHA a dog shelter and helping many dogs to get a forever home. She always encourages people to adopt dogs that need loving homes. The shelter finds and treats the dogs left all alone by the owners and finds good homes they deserve. She visited the shelter fifteen years ago and from then on is an active supporter of it.

Age and stature

Renee is thirty-one years old. Her weight is 64 kg and her height is 5 feet 7 inches. She is a beautiful woman with blue colour eyes. The colour of her hair is blonde.

The Net Worth of Renee Portnoy

Renee’s net worth estimate is $2 million and it comes as no surprise because she is an equestrian. At first, she also was a part of the internet business with her then-husband David and received lots of profit from it. His net worth is now $100 million. Their site contained a mix of sports coverage and also lots of beautiful women.  The Barstools brand is one of the popular brands in the world and the creators of this brand David and Renee became popular because of it.

Renee Portnoy/Renee Satterthwaite Biography/Wiki/About

Name Renee Satterthwaite
Nick Name Renee
Profession Internet Personality and Equestrian
Age (As of 2020) 32 years
Birth Date 5 May 1987
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Place Abington Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight 56 kg
Relationship Status Divorced
Boyfriend None
Husband David Scott Portnoy (M. 2009 Div. 2017)
Kids Son (s) None
Daughter (s) None
School High School
College (BSc in International Business and Relations) Boston University
Father NA
Mother NA
Siblings Brother (s) None
Sister (s) Lauren Satterthwaite
Salary (As of 2020) ——–
Net Worth (2020) $2 Million
Famous for/as David Scott Portnoy’s ex-wife


Interesting facts about Renee Portnoy

  • When Renee was small she got kicked by a horse and fell.
  • She has over 13 k followers on Instagram.
  • Renee is still using her ex-husband’s last name.
  • She is a popular equestrian. She is riding horses for a long time and now a senior equine buyer.
  • Renee is the one who introduced David to horse riding.
  • She loves dogs and is an advocate of dog adoption. Renee is a volunteer in Nantucket Island Safe Harbor which is an animal shelter that saves dogs.
  • Only one time she appeared on the media and that is for KFC Radio.
  • Her ex-husband called “El Presidente” and “El Pres”.
  • David took out by the authorities during the super bowl because he used fake credentials.
  • Renee Portnoy’s status is single.
  • Her favourite things to do are horse riding and travelling.
  • Renee’s favourite food is Chinese.
  • Her favourite actors are Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie.


Renee Portnoy is a successful woman. She is also loving towards animals and is actively participating in getting better homes for them.

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