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The Importance Of Family Love For Emotional Well-being

Satendra Kashyap



The Importance Of Family Love

Emotional well-being is known for the most significant and essential part of mental health. It is very important for people to feel good about themselves and have a happy relationship by staying connected with others. If you have positive mental health, you can face any challenge of your life and control emotions and thoughts by reducing stress level.

The early stages of childhood are the most important in building a foundation for emotional-wellbeing otherwise the consequences are faced later in your life.

The family is the one with whom you share all the moments of your life including your good days and bad days and you would do anything for them because you know that you cannot live without them. A Family plays a great role in the establishment of positive mental health and emotional well-being.

If you have a family who loves you unconditionally and would do anything to see you happy then it will give you all the strength required for your emotional well-being.

Family Love helps you in your mental growth and boost up your social connections throughout your life. If something bad happens in life such as if you are facing some loss or some sorrow occurs, sharing with your family brings you closer together and your relationships become stronger than ever.

In a society, a family is considered as the strongest division. All families are not perfect, such that some families have a positive impact on one’s life and some have a negative impact. A difference in these impacts leads to different outcomes in terms of emotions and behaviours throughout life from childhood to adulthood.

If you face domestic violence and abusive behaviour in the early stage of your life, you will adopt the same model later in your life and you won’t be able to have a happy relationship with anyone. It is very important to be loved by your family in childhood or otherwise, consequences are to be faced later on.

A nurturing and loving family helps you in confidence building and social connectedness. Parents who love their children spend time with them as much as they can and share their moments together.

Importance of Family Love:

Reduce Stress:

Family relationships with love and strong commitment help to lower stress and improve mental health by producing positive chemicals in the brain which are the most important components for emotional well-being leading to a happy life with satisfying relationships.

Increase in Life Span: 

Spending most of your time with your loved ones brings a positive impact on your emotional well-being, resulting in a longer life with the least risk of early death. Heart’s performance is improved and the risk of heart disease is lowered with the relationship of your loved ones.

No Depression: 

A strong committed relationship with your family lowers depression resulting in the fitness of mental and physical health and reducing loneliness. If your relationship with your family is not strong enough and you are facing difficulty in sharing the worst moments of your life or your feelings with your loved ones, this will result in major causes of depression years later in your life.

Intellectual and Spiritual Health:

Intellectual health is improved by spending time with your loving family which keeps you alert and keeps your brain active all the time. Spiritual health is improved as you get to know more about yourself by surrounding with your family.

You know what your importance is and what the meaning of your life is. These thoughts help you to move forward in your life and make you strong to face any challenge that comes in your way.

Role Models: 

Family act as role models and teachers for their loved ones and guide them for what is right and wrong. Parents support their children and encourage them to become the best role model for their future

At an early age, if children find their parents dealing with anger and abusive language, they will learn this behaviour as a symbol of lack of love from their parents. In later life, children will treat other people the same way their parents used to behave.

But if a child sees their parents talking with respect and love, they will apply this behaviour in the future and will result in their mental growth. As a parent in a family, it is your responsibility to provide your children with all the physical needs, protection and love which is important for emotional well-being.

How to improve Emotional well-being with family Love:

If you have a family who supported you and loved you in every possible way, then you have everything that you ever wanted. On the other hand, there are certain situations where family love is missing or some issues are faced within a family that lowers emotional well-being. Such situations can be improved by following some of the steps:


If people are born in a family where they are not treated in a good way and facing violence, then it is not possible to control such a situation. Family treating you in an abusive manner in your childhood could lead to depression, issue trusting people, stress in your later life.

The best way to handle such situations is through counselling in which family issues can be dealt with by helping you to heal through the problems. A meeting is held in which the family problems are discussed face to face with the counsellor, providing suitable needs.

Online counselling services are also provided for the families, where you don’t have to wait for an appointment. All the counsellor services are provided in a faster way with regular appointments, helping people in every possible way

Choosing close ones:

Due to a lack of love from your family, it is better to choose your own family and to share your emotions and feelings with the ones you are close. It helps to build your trust and you get all the support that you need from your chosen family.

The people could be your friends, employees or the person with whom you find your strong connection. Some of these friends could guide and support you the way parents usually do which in result make you feel loved and respected.


In hardest times when your family is not able to support you, the most important thing to keep in mind is to never give up. Self-worth is to be acknowledged when no respect is given by your family and to face hardships without thinking less about yourself.

Boundaries are set around the relationships causing a problem in your life. It is important to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


Family Love is the most important factor in the emotional well-being of a person. It is all about sharing your best and worst moments with your loved ones and to support them no matter what. Love provided by a family can improve the mental and physical health of a person and protection from any harm in the future.

If no love is given to a member of a family, it will result in a negative impact and will affect a person mentally. Family Love is of great importance as it reduces stress, depression and helps to improve intellectual and spiritual health.

If problems are faced due to an unhealthy relationship with the family, some measures could be followed to improve their emotional well-being. A meeting with a counsellor can help in facing problems with the family, choosing to make a family with whom a person is close and to stand up for yourself when your family is letting you down.

The family is considered as the main part of society and providing love to a person can strengthen their emotional well-being. Showing love to children can result in making a difference in their life as they get emotionally strong, resilient become a great role model in the society and also for the country as well, as a result contributing in making the whole world a better place to live.

Satendra Kashyap an Internet Marketing Coach and Search Engine Consultant for business owners. I have 9 yrs of Digital Marketing experience and can show you how to set up blogs, how to use social media for profit and any other external online marketing.

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Why Chemistry Pick Up Lines Has Been So Popular Till Now?




Why Chemistry Pick Up Lines Has Been So Popular Till Now?

Do you know that what is pick up lines why it is used for and how it is used in order to complete our purpose? Do you know you guys use to pick up lines in everyday life but actually you don’t know the exact meaning or concept of pick up lines? These are maybe the question arises in your mind before going in-depth of this topic, let me first clear your concept about pick up lines if you don’t know already.

What is pick up lines?

It’s the open-ended word from one side (single person) in order to get intension or attractions of an unfamiliar person. Intentions may be involved in engaging an unfamiliar person close to romance or dating.

In other words, you may say that pick up lines are romantic feelings for someone that he shows for another person for engaging that person in love or getting a date with that person.

Both men and woman’s used pick up lines in everyday life not only men or woman’s kids and youngster also use pick up lines and actually pick up lines are used in different situations according to mood behaviors. So what type of pickup lines do you want to use in a funny mood and what if you are in the sad mood?

Why do we use to pick up lines?

There might be a lot of reasons why people use the pickup lines but here it is some basic reasons that I will explain here. The situations I explain here will clear your concept.

Mostly consider that men’s used to pick up lines to get girls attraction but I will confirm that girls also used these lines to get boys attraction. Since it is the law of nature both male and female want attraction of each other and pick up lines will play the role of a medium.

If a boy wants to start a conversation with a girl so the point is how he starts, what will be the first line so in this situation pick up lines helpful to start a conversation and if a girl shows positive signs conversation goes on like a fire in the forest. Boys are always excited in this matter and this excitement touch to the sky if a girl shows the smile.

Girls are also excited but they want boys to start the conversations it’s in the nature of females. And starting conversation role-plays an important role in their relationship because with the time boy ranked up in girl’s heart and their words define his sense of humor like he is funny, moody type, entertaining etc.

Same things happen for boys when girls try to impress boys with pick up lines. So there is chemistry in between of two that starts slowly but ranked up continuously. So you may say that this type of lines belong to chemistry pick up lines.

One of the favorite lines of boys are chemistry pick up lines and they used to impress their beastie’s. Google has too many results against this query that’s why this category is famous all around the world. 

Categories of pickup lines:

There are no special criteria to categorize the pickup lines all this dependent on mood, situations, or behavior. If you are in a good mood you may use the good pick up lines or happy pickup lines.

And if you are in the romantic mood you may use romantic pick up lines or chemistry pick up a line. As we know that the 21st century is the mother innovations and discoveries and with continues development of the cinema industry the need for new pickup lines increase. We learn more dialogs and pickup lines from movies and stage play.

As we know that the Google search engine is the biggest platform for searching Materials only. It is also helpful for searching pickup lines and one of the best pick up lines are available at

Pick up lines are available in different categories and one of the best and evergreen categories is chemistry pick up lines.

Some real-life stories related to chemistry pick up lines:

Let me tell you my personal story I personally use the chemistry pick up lines when I was a high school student and I like my fellow. It’s the early days in high school so the first time to talk with someone you don’t always risky but I always think to talk with her but on which point I start the conversation I’m always confused.

One day I’m was in class and she comes to me and asking for test preparations I answer well with the pickup line “oh dear I actually forget the test when I see in you alcoholic eyes” surprisingly she smiles and says “be careful don’t fall in it” and I laugh. So how my first conversation starts with her.

I think I’m lucky in that case to get a positive response and also getting a date with her and we build a long relationship. But these things do not work in every case some time situation is embarrassed or harmful. One of my friends try to impress a girl but he fails. From that when we are together we always make fun on his defeat and enjoy a lot.

Another story of our Reader

According to him he is at the railway station and waits for a train but suddenly he saw a beautiful girl. He makes the wish to go on date with her actually making a date wish is a common habit of boys. So don’t mind my words. So he tries to start a conversation with her.

According to our reader, he has a good sense of humor and he is expert in thronging jokes. So with confidence, he goes too near to her and with a smile he says “are you waiting for me oh actually I am a driver of the train” with that word she smiles and asking are you crazy and he replies only for you. She again smiles and he said actually we are both waiting for the train and get bored that’s why I try to make a joke so I can see your smile.

Telling a story means is to guide you that things actually happen if we try especially try the best pick up lines.

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Study from Cigna on Loneliness Come Up with 5 Traits of The People Who Don’t Feel Lonely

Satendra Kashyap



Loneliness Come Up with 5 Traits of The People Who Don't Feel Lonely

Well, this is quite natural that you may have experienced extreme loneliness in your life at some point of time, the reason for your loneliness could be any such as your upfront behaviour, you like to engage into social media platforms more than talking to anyone face-to-face. According to the study from Cigna on loneliness, people, in general, are feeling lonelier than ever before. The average score was slightly different between the people who use social media and who don’t.

The study also revealed some of the physical traits of the people who never feel lonely which are described in detail below like engaging yourself in meaningful relationships, spending good time with your friends and family members, doing physical activity, sleeping enough and having a balanced work-life.

Let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Getting involved in relationships

According to the study, people who involve themselves in meaningful relationships have lower loneliness scores than the people who remain completely lonely and don’t like to interact with anyone.

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2. The desired amount of sleep

As per the finding, it has been revealed that those individuals who just sleep the desired or right amount feel less lonely as against those who sleep comparatively less. Taking sleep in the right amount is important as it makes people feel they have companionship and someone they can turn to.

3. Spending good time with your family

Spending quality time with your family plays a major role in your life if you feel lonely at some point in time in your life. Those people who enjoy with their family and friends are less likely to be alone than those who don’t.

You can also read: Boys Should Follow These 6 Tips To Be A Better Boyfriend

4. Engaging in physical activity

Those individuals who work out and exercise are less likely to be alone. On the other hand, those who don’t involve themselves in any physical activity feel alone. So, it is quite important to exercise in the right amount to feel less lonely.

5. Balanced work-life

If you are a working professional and you work in the right amount and have a meaningful and manageable work-life, then it is less likely for them to be alone than with the people who work less than desired.

You can also read: Try Out These 7 Things to Get Over a Breakup You Had With Someone You Loved The Most

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6 Special Things That Men are Willing To Do If They Love You More Than Anything




6 Special Things That Men are Willing To Do If They Love You More Than Anything

This is so true that men are carefree and how hard they are when it comes to expressing their real feelings to a girl. If he doesn’t say I Love You (Express Love) or things like that, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. Both the genders have different capability and vulnerability to understand and express them. But there are certain things between the true relationships that we could not deny. If you are with a guy who loves you unconditionally in every situation and supports you throughout your decisions,

Believe me, he is the one who never wants to lose you as you are his only gem in the entire world. He would be willing to make sacrifices for you, he would be doing little things just to see that cute smile on your face and lots more.

Here are certain things which men will do to you if he loves you like anything. See what these things are:

1. He will always show respect to you no matter what

He will always show respect to you no matter what

A man who is truly in love with you will always respect you and your decisions. No matter what, he will listen to you patiently. This is because he considers you as equal and you matters the most to him in the whole world.

2. He loves the way you are

He loves the way you are

Doesn’t matter how you look, whether your hairs are messy, you are with or without makeup. He will still love you unconditionally. He will accept the way you are and he will not change you because he loves you the way you are. He loves you and only you, it hardly matters how you look even on your worst days.

3. He will cook for you

If he loves you, he will leave no stones unturned to surprise you whenever he gets the opportunity to do that. He will cook up your favourite food whether he knows how to cook or not. Because he knows how much you love surprises. And this will surely bring a broad smile on your face when you see him cooking for you. Isn’t it?

4. He will go shopping with you

He will go shopping with you

For men, shopping is one of the most irritating things ever. But if he knows that you love shopping, he will definitely go with you and will carry all your shopping bags.

5. He will fight for you with the whole world

He will fight for you with the whole world

Indeed a man who is madly in love with you knows how important you are for him. So, he will also fight for you to keep you around, even when the whole world is against you. This shows how much he loves you and how desperately he wants you to be with him.

6. He is proud of your achievements and success

He is proud of your achievements and success

After your family, he is the only man who feels proud of your success and achievements that you get in your life. He can’t be jealous as he is the one who cares the most about you and wanted to see you rising and shining on the top of everything.

Images source: Pixabay

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