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Why Should One Watch Big Bash League?

Satendra Kashyap



BBL twenty-20 tournament

Big Bash League is an Australian twenty-20 cricket tournament. People love to watch incredible batting shorts, fast bowling, and power-play match series. BBL is one of the most-watched and engaging cricket tournaments where the stadium is filled with fans all the time. If you are a fan of the Australian cricket team and are looking for reasons to watch BBL 2019-2020, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should watch BBL. So, let’s get started.

Below we have mentioned the reasons to watch Big Bash League

1. Because it’s a twenty-20 tournament

via: Getty Images

The twenty-20 tournament is a mixture of entertainment and athleticism. It catches the attention of fans across the world. Fans come from different countries to watch BBL and enjoy the game. The breathtaking pace of the Big Bash League makes this tournament engaging. It is not at all easy for the fans to predict what will happen in the next over. BBL is completely a tournament of new twists and turns. Unlike the ODI, there is no dull period, and this thing makes this tournament pretty exciting.

2. Diversity of cricket personalities in a team

It is one of the most significant motivations to watch Big Bash League. In a particular team, you will find various top players with a different set of skills and talents. It is very interesting to see the team players’ coordination when they play in unity. Though the players are diverse, they create a strong team.

3. Cricket itself

This game is truly straightforward and exciting. It is very engrossing to watch a team that puts strategies to play against the opponent team and apply all the tactics to win. Fans also love to predict while watching the game. The last-minute twist like six on the last bowl or clean bold, make the match so engaging. Fans cheer for their teams and support them throughout the game. Along with this, players also get a chance to play fantasy cricket on platforms like Dream11. This serves as a motivating factor for people who cannot play or visit the stadium to watch their favourite team play.

4. Team BBL Jersey

Team BBL Jersey

via: Pinterest

Fans also love to perceive how various BBL teams keep up their jersey while keeping up crips, fresh and new look. Teams logos, shirt hues, brand names, seems fascinating. Fans always try to support their loved teams by wearing the team’s jersey as well.

Final Say

BBL is a unique blend of passion and entertainment. Songs are played when a batsman hits the ball out of the stadium, cheer girls motivate the players by cheering along with the fans, and keeping the audience engaged. We hope the reasons mentioned above are enough for you to watch the Big Bash League 2019-2020. So don’t wait for anything and go cheered for your favourite team and player today.

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Phil Foden Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth and Facts





Phil Foden Biography

Philip Walter Foden is a popular football player. He is part of the sport as a midfielder and plays for the team Manchester City for the Premier League club. Phil first started his career in 2017 and in it, he received the award of FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball. He also got named as the young sports personality of the year in BBC. The young footballer has made lots of appearances in the club. He has received eight honours in the sports. He is just twenty years old and accomplished many feats in the sport. You can find all the information about him here.

Background information

Phil Foden age

His birth date is 28 May 2000 and his place of birth is Stockport, England. He took part in the Academy scholarship in the year July 2016. He went to the St Bede’s College and all his tuition fees got paid by Manchester City. In the year 2016 because of his good sports talents coach Pep Guardiola selected him for the Champions League. But he did not get the chance to play in the match as he was a substitute. But he got lucky in the coming matches.

Career and achievements

– Initial stages of career

In 2017 he again became part of the squad of Manchester City. His play in the match was excellent. His coach shared his feelings on his talents. He felt that after many years he was able to see someone play like this. At that time Foden was only seventeen. He took part in many games from 2016 to 18 seasons. His first game for Manchester City was in November 2017 against Feyenoord. Because of the game, he became the fourth-youngest English footballer to take part in the Champions League. He broke previous records of Josh McEachran.

He came as a substitute for Sergio Agüero for the EFL Cup Final. Then he broke the record of Kieran Richardson and became the youngest English footballer to get a Premier League medal. His achievements are also recorded in the Guinness World Records.

– International career

He now plays for the U21 team. He scored well in 2017 matches. Phil got a lot of attention worldwide because of his skills in the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup where his team played against Spain. He made is country England win because of his talents in the game. Phil Foden was the best player in that tournament. He always scored well in all the major tournaments and that is why he is a great player.

– Foden’s gaming style

Foden is a left-footed player. He plays as a wing-back and winger with his right. But he is mostly considered as a midfielder. Many people call him a special player on the team.

Personal life

Phil Foden girlfriend Rebecca Cooke

He has a girlfriend called Rebecca Cooke. They are dating from high school and they even have a child. He became a father when he was just eighteen. But he is living with his parents now as his father has asked him to become big and responsible. Then afterward he can set up a home with his girlfriend and child.

His parents are also lovely people. The names of his parents are Claire Foden and Phil Foden. They are a great support to him in his life and made everything possible. He is particularly close to his mother. They were with him when he signed a contract with a big team. He has a sister younger than him and they two share good relationships.

Phil Foden net worth

Phil Foden net worth

After signing a contract with Manchester City he received a good salary of 1.7 Million. His net worth comes to the amount of 14 Million Euros. His market value is rising day by day as many are ready to take him to play for their teams. He has bought a $2 million dollars home to his parents after his success in football.

Interesting facts about Phil Foden

  • Even though he does not have the height and weight expected in football his coach considers him the gem of the team.
  • Veteran player Brian Glanville called Foden a “gifted and precocious teenager”.
  • He has good control of his play and knows how to drift past his opponents.
  • Phil Foden owns a limousine.
  • He has a lot of trophies at his home which he got before turning twenty.
  • His nickname is the Pep’s lad.
  • He became a dad at eighteen.
  • His family was a middle-class family.
  • The passion to learn football came at a very young age to Phil Foden.
  • His parents gifted him a Full man city kit and he wore it for all the matches when he was young.
  • He likes to fish.
  • Phil visited his old school mates and teachers after the success of his career.
  • He has a tattoo that looks like his sponsor logo.


Phil Foden is a great player. He is a promising young talent and his team has lots of hope for him.

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7 Hottest Referees in The World You Did Not Know About




We may be aware of popular male referees but there are lots of popular woman referees in sports who look smart and beautiful. This field was once dominated by men however today many women are opting to become referees because of their sports expertise. They are so talented in sports and are aware of all the minute details. The female football referees need to control the players and they have to check if the players follow the laws of the game. It is one of the important occupations in sports. The female referees also attract the attention of the public with their good looks and an excellent physique.

Here is the list of 7 hot female referees in the world

1. Aurélie Sarà Bollier

Aurélie Sarà Bollier

Bollier is a full-time soccer referee. She is working at Switzerland Amateur League. With her gorgeous looks and sporty manners, she is a gem. She is also an animal lover which is one of her most impressive qualities. She has a sweet smile and looks simple. In her exercise outfits, she looks so fit and healthy. She knows all about sports and that is why she is working as a referee. She is an inspiration for many women who prefer to get a job in the sports field.

2. Denise Bueno

Denise Bueno

Denise Bueno is a referee who has many followers in her Instagram account. She worked as a referee in Desire and Spotting which happened in Sao Paulo. She also worked as a model and wore glamorous outfits.  At such a young age she has all the knowledge about the sport that makes her stand distinguished from others. Because of her good looks and great body she became an idol in the profession. Many fans are crazy about her and like to watch her work in the field.

3. Fernanda Colombo

Fernanda Colombo Biography

Fernanda Colombo is a twenty-eight-year-old assistant referee. She worked in Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. With her blonde hair and good looks she is a popular referee in sports. She has lots of knowledge about sports and is also a famous sports commentator. In her country Brazil, she is the most sought after the referee. At one time she received an indecent proposal from an unknown man but she ignored that and is still a successful woman referee. Her husband is also a sports commentator and referee.

4. Elena Tambini

Elena Tambini

She is a beautiful Italian woman. She started as a model but now she is also working as a referee. Elena is a sports journalist and host because of her great skills in sports. She is a level headed woman and is always ready to work. Her fashion sense is also great and never fails to attract attention. With her killing looks and great body she also gets a place in the list. There are also her modelling photos available on the internet that shows that she was also a success in the modelling field.

5. Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani started the career as a model. Because of that profession, she became popular. She also worked as a spokesperson for many channels and brands. Her hometown in Italy. But in the year 2014, she made a change in her career because she got selected as a referee for Series A and B matches. She also was a part of Secret Story 9 a French reality show. Her age is thirty eight however she is still continuing actively in her referee career. Because of her bubbly looks and beauty, she captured the hearts of many people.

6. Lucy Oliver

Lucy Oliver

She is a twenty-eight-year-old Referee who was a former college lecturer. Because of some online trolls and threats involving an incident she suffered very much. She also changed the settings of her social media to ignore the hate comments. She is a mature woman with great beauty. Her family is going to get a Wembley honour and she is waiting for it. She is a hard-working referee and always strives to be active in her career amidst problems.

7. Katie Patterson

Katie Patterson

She is a referee from Australia. In the year 2016, she became the first women referee to take part in the A-league team matches. The game was between Rockdale City Suns and Jubilee Oval. She is a twenty-four-year-old woman. Many people appreciated her performances in sports. She thinks that woman referees need to get all the support from the fans because it is hard for a woman to get a job in this occupation. At this young age, she is really matured and understands that she has a long way to go. She is an inspiration for many women today.


All the woman referees listed here are the hottest and talented personalities. They are each of them successful in their field. They are famous not only for their beauty but for their talents in sports as well.

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Michael Jordan Net Worth: Personal Life, Profession and All Details About Eminent Basketball Player

Lal Pratap



Michael Jordan Net Worth, Personal Life,

Michel Jordan is a well-known basketball player who is now the owner of Charlotte Hornets NBA team. The game basketball became very popular in the 90s because of Michael Jordan. The player was with 2 three-peats for the Bulls Minor League Baseball games. He was a part of Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards some of the famous teams in Basketball. Moreover, he received the name as the best defensive player in the game history. Then he exhibited his leaping techniques in the games and also did expert slam dunks.

When he was with the Chicago Bulls he won 72 season games conducted in 1995. To top it all, his name joined the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in the year 2009 because of his great contribution to the sports. Some of the nicknames he received are MJ, Air Jordan, and His Airness. To know more about one of the best basketball players in the world here is more information for you.

Background information

Michael Jordan Background information

via: NBC News

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. But his family shifted to Wilmington, North Carolina while he was still a toddler. Then in this place, he improved his skills in basketball at Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington. In the school during his senior year, he reached the status of McDonald’s All-American. He was also interested in baseball and football and played it occasionally. He has two elder sisters, an elder brother, and a younger sister.

He joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) where he completed his higher studies. He was a major in cultural geography. He has three to four years’ experience in basketball before taking part in the NBA. In the 1982 NCCA championship game, he helped his team to win by performing a winning shot but this is not the only winning shot in his life as there are many. The player received Naismith Award in 1984 because he was the best college player.

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Profession and achievements

NBA drafted Michael in 1984 and he became part of the team Chicago Bulls. He played well in his first game so recognized as the NBA’s Rookie of the Year. In the year 1991 Bulls got their first championship trophy. Jordan was the lead player of the team and because of his talents, it was able to get several wins over the years. He was always a part of the All-star team in the NBA. Lastly, Jordan retired from the games in 2003.

Now Michael Jordan is part owner of NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. He is also actively taking part in charity work and is endorsing many products.

Age and Personal life

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

via: Instagram/ torontobeautygroup

Michael is now fifty- seven years of age. His height is 1.98 m and weight is 90 kg. Michael married his first life partner Juanita Vanoy in 1989. They have three children but ended their marriage in 2002. In the year 2011, Michael got engaged to Yvette Prieto and wedded her in 2013. They have twin daughters. He is a family guy and loves to spend time with his kids.

The Net Worth of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan

The estimated net worth of Michael Jordan is $2 billion. The player has made most of his money through his basketball career. He is now also appearing in many advertisements as part of brand endorsements that is also adding to his net worth.


Michael Jordan acted as himself in a movie called Space Jam where the Loony Tunes characters take him to their world to learn basketball. It is a favourite movie of many kids. He is also popular for his Nike shoe called the Air Jordan.


Michael Jordan is a successful player because of is various wins in the games. He is one of the richest American sportsmen in the world.

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