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Why Should One Watch Big Bash League?

Satendra Kashyap



BBL twenty-20 tournament

Big Bash League is an Australian twenty-20 cricket tournament. People love to watch incredible batting shorts, fast bowling, and power-play match series. BBL is one of the most-watched and engaging cricket tournaments where the stadium is filled with fans all the time. If you are a fan of the Australian cricket team and are looking for reasons to watch BBL 2019-2020, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should watch BBL. So, let’s get started.

Below we have mentioned the reasons to watch Big Bash League

1. Because it’s a twenty-20 tournament

via: Getty Images

The twenty-20 tournament is a mixture of entertainment and athleticism. It catches the attention of fans across the world. Fans come from different countries to watch BBL and enjoy the game. The breathtaking pace of the Big Bash League makes this tournament engaging. It is not at all easy for the fans to predict what will happen in the next over. BBL is completely a tournament of new twists and turns. Unlike the ODI, there is no dull period, and this thing makes this tournament pretty exciting.

2. Diversity of cricket personalities in a team

It is one of the most significant motivations to watch Big Bash League. In a particular team, you will find various top players with a different set of skills and talents. It is very interesting to see the team players’ coordination when they play in unity. Though the players are diverse, they create a strong team.

3. Cricket itself

This game is truly straightforward and exciting. It is very engrossing to watch a team that puts strategies to play against the opponent team and apply all the tactics to win. Fans also love to predict while watching the game. The last-minute twist like six on the last bowl or clean bold, make the match so engaging. Fans cheer for their teams and support them throughout the game. Along with this, players also get a chance to play fantasy cricket on platforms like Dream11. This serves as a motivating factor for people who cannot play or visit the stadium to watch their favourite team play.

4. Team BBL Jersey

Team BBL Jersey

via: Pinterest

Fans also love to perceive how various BBL teams keep up their jersey while keeping up crips, fresh and new look. Teams logos, shirt hues, brand names, seems fascinating. Fans always try to support their loved teams by wearing the team’s jersey as well.

Final Say

BBL is a unique blend of passion and entertainment. Songs are played when a batsman hits the ball out of the stadium, cheer girls motivate the players by cheering along with the fans, and keeping the audience engaged. We hope the reasons mentioned above are enough for you to watch the Big Bash League 2019-2020. So don’t wait for anything and go cheered for your favourite team and player today.

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What You Need To Know About Becoming A Pro Basketball Player

Satendra Kashyap



Becoming A Pro Basketball Player

When only 64 new players are drafted in the NBA every year, you need to work hard to make basketball your career. It’s certainly not easy, but you can make it more likely. It can be a challenge to make it to the big leagues, and there are always going to be more people that don’t quite make it than those that do. If you’d like to improve your chances of becoming a player in the NBA, then you’re going to need a plan. You need to know what to expect from your basketball career and take the right steps that bring you closer and closer to your ambitions.

Here’s what you need to know about how to improve your chances of stepping onto the courts at the biggest games in the world.

1. Start Young

Start Basketball career at Young age

The earlier that you decide to pursue a basketball career, the better. If you (or your children) are interested in basketball as a viable future career, then you should start by attending as many basketball camps as possible. The younger you start, the more practice you’ll get, and that’s going to be a major theme of your basketballing life. Look at options like the Five Star Basketball Camp for a taster of what your basketball career is going to entail

2. Know the Game

Know the basketball Game

The more that you know the game, the better you’ll play. Of course, physical fitness is vital, but coaches are also going to want to see that you have a strategic knowledge of the game as well. Just as you are going to have to continuously work on your playing skills and your fitness levels, never stop learning about how best to play the game.

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3. High School Games

High School basketball Games

It’s in high school that you need to shine. If you are on the basketball team, then you’ll stand a much better chance of taking it to the next level because that’s where the college scouts are going to be looking. You’re going to need to stand out at those matches too, but that means being a team player as much as it means being good at taking shots. Remember, coaches and scouts, want to know that you are teachable and aren’t going to be a disruption in the dressing room or on the court.

4. Get a Basketball Scholarship

Get a Basketball Scholarship

Ideally, you want to be spotted by a scout as you play, but that doesn’t always happen. If your games don’t attract scouts, then you need to get proactive. Talk to your coach about their thoughts on your skills, and start looking at scholarship options. The best thing about basketball scholarships is that they not only make it easier to afford college, but they also allow you to play at a higher level. That’s where the pros will always head, so make sure that college is something that you prioritize (that’s going to mean working on your grades).

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5. Get Fitter

Get Fitter basketball skills

You can never be too fit if you’re planning to be a professional athlete. Although less skilled players can outperform more talented team members just through stamina alone, it’s better to focus on building both skills and fitness levels. Vary your workouts so that you get a better all-round level of fitness, and remember to work on your jumps.

If you’ve decided that you want to become a pro basketball player, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. With high levels of competition and only a slim opportunity for success, you have to make the most of your ambitions. Follow the advice of pros, never stop learning, and you might be holding the Larry O’Brien trophy before you know it.

All images source: Pexels

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Your Guide On How To Follow The NFL




National Football League

The National Football League is one of the best-known football competitions in the US. Although you may want to follow the NFL to support your favorite teams and players, the NFL is also a weekly event that you can enjoy, no matter who you support. This is because the league offers some of the most impressive players and exciting events, such as the Super Bowl, that football fans could wish for. If you want to start following NFL events,

Here is a guide on the best ways to track match results from wherever you are.

1. Attend Matches

Attend Matches

via: Pexels

The most direct way to follow the NFL is to book tickets to a match, allowing you to see the defining goals and penalties of the season happen right in front of your eyes. Not only will you be able to find out match results as soon as they happen, but NFL games are an experience like no other, where you can join in with the game’s festivities and meet other American football fans.

What’s more, NFL games are played all over the US, meaning that you can easily attend a match near you. From the Miami Dolphins to the Seattle Seahawks, Ticket Sales offer a wide range of NFL league tickets that can allow you to experience the excitement of watching history being made. And going to a stadium to watch a live match gives you a buzz that really is like nothing else.

2. Download the Official App

If you do not have time to watch or attend games on a regular basis, then you should download the official NFL app. This app allows you to watch the latest regional games and highlights from any location that has access to Wi-Fi. Not only this, but the NFL app provides you with live results on match days, as well as breaking news about the league and the wider football world. You can also download the NFL Game Pass if you want access to all NFL matches lives, including the Super Bowl.

3. Stream Games

Watching NFL games on your TV can be a great way to enjoy a match and simultaneously bond with your family. Not only will you be able to watch every score as it happens and ensure that you always get the best view of the action, but watching the NFL can be a fun event on your social calendar.

However, if you are not able to watch the NFL on television or do not have a cable subscription, you can stream games live through a number of different streaming services, including Youtube Live, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

4. Visit Sports Websites

If you want to read a commentary or hear the latest opinions about NFL games, you should access high-quality sports websites that focus on NFL matches. Not only will sports websites ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest results and hear about the latest football news, but they also allow you to gain a deeper understanding of gameplay through the viewpoints of football experts.

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New Zealand vs. India 3rd T20I – India Beat New Zealand In Super Over




India Beats New Zealand In Super Over

India has won its first T20I series against New Zealand during the 3rd T20I held at Seddon Park. Both the teams had a tie; they both finished exactly 179 with Rohit Sharma who took 65 runs and Kane Williamson who took 95 runs. They both were the top scorers for respective teams. After Williamson’s knock out from the game, it kept the New Zealand team to be away from win just by two runs but Mohammed Shami conceded only one run in the last four deliveries to Tie the match.

Williamson helped Kiwis to accumulate 17 runs off Jasprit Bumrah’s over. Rohit Sharma took the responsibility for the Indian team, by hitting back to back sixes on the last 2 balls when India needed only 10 runs to win the match.

Some of the important highlights of the game

This was the first time India was involved in Super Over. In 2007 WT20, India was part of a tied T20I against Pakistan. No player from the Indian team playing XI was featured in the T20I tie before this match. On the other hand, New Zealand’s Tim Southee and Ross Taylor got featured in 6 tied matches and Martin Guptill in 5 tied T20Is matches. Hamish Bennet was the only player from the New Zealand XI to not appear in the Tied T20I match.

Well, that was an embarrassing feat for Southee

In the super over, Tim Southee has conceded 20 runs which were the second most than any other player in a T20I super over.

In 2008, Daniel Vettori conceded 25 runs against West Indies in 2008 which was the first Super Over in Men’s T20Is.

A record of 50 runs from Rohit Sharma

In this match, Rohit Sharma was the only one to score the highest runs. He surpassed Suresh Raina’s 61 runs in the 2009 Christchurch T20I.

During the match, Rohit reached his fifty in 23 balls. KL Rahul has scored a 23-ball fifty during the first T20I of this series in Auckland.

 Williamson’s 95 runs are the highest ever score in Men’s cricket

Williamson’s knock out from the game after making 95 runs is the highest ever T20I score by a New Zealand captain in Men’s cricket. Previously, the highest (74) was made by Brendon McCullum in the 2013 T20I against England in Hamilton.

Williamson’s (95) is now the 2nd highest score for New Zealand in a T20I game. Martin Guptill scored 101 against South Africa in the 2012 East London T20I where he completed a century on the last ball.

Kohli surpasses Dhoni

Virat Kohli‘s 1126 run as a captain in T20I has surpassed MS Dhoni’s 1112 runs. Kohli is the third-highest to score as captain in Men’s T20Is cricket.

Featured image source: Hindustan Times

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