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7 Traditional Sarees Of India That Are Must Stock For Your Wardrobe




7 Traditional Sarees of India

India is a country that is rich in culture and traditions. We have a plethora of options if we talk about Indian outfits. Isn’t it? Like Sarees, Lehenga, Patiala salwar suit, Ghagra choli and much more. But nothing could match the elegance of a saree and we all know that well. Saree is an epitome of grace and charm for Indian women and looks beautiful whether you wear it on any occasion.

Whether you like wearing a saree or not, but there are some of the top styles belonging to different regional states which you must have in your wardrobe. If you want to know about which sarees I am talking about

You can have a look at some of the top regional sarees of India which you should at least try once.

1. Banarasi Silk Saree from Uttar Pradesh

Banarasi Silk Saree

via: YouTube

When we talk about Banarasi Sarees, Bollywood’s Rekha instantly comes in front of our eyes. Not only they look beautiful and rich but they also make you also look beautiful. The most lovable things about these sarees are their texture, bright coloration, and beautiful designs.

2. Bandhani Saree from Gujarat

Do you know why do we call them bandhani sarees? It’s because these sarees are made up of a special technique where the saree is tied in knots known as Bandhan. Both Gujarat and Rajasthan are popularly known for these sarees. These sarees are lightweight and can be worn during the summer season.

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3. Kasavu Saree from Kerala

Kasavu Saree from Kerala

via: Instagram @saipallavi.senthamara

Kasavu sarees are also known as Settu saree, they are handwoven in Kerala, god’s own country. These sarees look very simple and elegant as they have a white surface with a golden border. These sarees are perfect for small family functions and day-to-day events.

4. Tant Saree from West Bengal

Tant Saree

These sarees are purely traditional sarees and are slightly rigid than other sarees. They are very lightweight and can be worn comfortably worn in during the summer season. You can rock this saree on occasions like Kali Puja, Durga Puja or Diwali, etc.

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5. Muga Silk Saree from Assam

Muga Silk Saree

The Muga silk sarees come from Assam. They are made by a special kind of silk by silkworms. The works on these sarees are very rich and elegant, that is the reason why they are so expensive.

6. Chikankari from Lucknow

Chikan Saree

via: Instagram @radhikamehra

If you are a Lucknowi nawab or you have ever been to Lucknow, then you must be familiar that Chikan work is very popular here. They look so simple, elegant, classy and chic. Try to get one if you visit Lucknow the next time.

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7. Jamdani Saree from Bengal

Jamdani Saree

via: Pinterest

These sarees are the pride of Bangladeshi women. They are worn by them during weddings mainly. The cotton fabric along with flower motifs is used to make this saree.

Don’t you want to try them all? You know what the list doesn’t end here. There are many more sarees which you would love to flaunt on your waist.

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These 6 Instagram Pages Have The Most Trending Jewellery Options Which You Need To Follow Right Away





6 Instagram Pages To Follow For The Most Trending Jewellery Options

Jewellery forms an important part of your wedding look, whether you want to wear or not, that depends on you. But if you keep the love for jewellery, then you must have thought about what type of jewellery you are going to wear on your wedding outfit, if you are getting married soon. And when it comes to Instagram, it is bae as it offers so many options and inspirations to get the hint at one place aren’t it? Yes, there are lots of bridal jewellery stores on Instagram that you can follow right away to check out some awesome jewellery for yourself with some amazing designs.

Check out these amazing bridal jewellery stores on Instagram with some amazing collection to get some inspiration for your wedding.

1. Kakun Silver Jewellery


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kakun silver jewellery (@kakunsilverjewellery) on

If you want trendy and modern jewellery, then this is the right place to get that. They have got the best-oxidized neckpieces and jewellery to best match with your wedding outfit. They are the master of the latest bridal jewellery collection and you should try them once if you are getting hitched soon.

2. Tribe by Amrapali


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tribe Amrapali (@tribebyamrapali) on

If you’ll have a look at their Instagram page, you will definitely fall in love with their unique jewellery design. Their name is worth mentioning when we talk about innovation in the jewellery industry. Have a look at their Instagram account which has so much of variety and amazing designs to make you go gaga over it.

3. Om Sons Bridal Store

This is another popular jewellery stores on Instagram which is famous for its traditional bridal jewellery designs. They have everything to offer to a bride. If you want customised jewellery, they have this option also.

4. Outhouse jewellery


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A post shared by OUTHOUSE (@outhousejewellery) on

One thing we love about them is the unique twist that they give to their jewellery designs. Not only brides, but even bridesmaid can also consider this store to purchase something vibrant and gorgeous for your wedding or your bestie’s wedding.

5. Firdaus by Akshita


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Firdaus By Akshita (@firdausjewels) on

This is one of the popular bridal jewellery stores available on Instagram when it comes to the bride; they have everything to offer from simple pieces to beautiful regal ones, they have everything lust-worthy. They specialise in gold-plated Kundan Passas and earring which are extremely amazing.

6. Minerali Store


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A post shared by @minerali_store on

This is just a perfect jewellery store for all those who love to walk with the trend. They have unique ring designs, earrings and especially Kaleeras. The designs are such which are pretty enough o capture any girl’s heart.

We think that we have eased up things a little bit for you. As we understand, we get no time to research enough and go each and every place to purchase your wedding-related stuff. Make sure you try to consider these popular Instagram jewellery stores to buy your wedding jewellery to make your wedding memory for a lifetime.

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10 Amazing Organic Skin/Hair-care Products That Will Make You Give Up On Your Favourite Brands

Neetika Mahawar



10 Amazing Organic Skin/Hair-care Products

In today’s time, we all are going gaga about big expensive skin and hair care products without giving a second thought to the ingredients of those products. And due to this ignorance, we end up applying loads of chemicals on our skin. Thankfully there is a brand that offers chemical-free natural products with pure unadulterated ingredients. In fact, they went the extra mile to offer such natural products at very affordable prices so that pricing doesn’t become a barrier to switch people towards natural and chemical-free products.

We are talking about The Natural Wash (TNW), the only brand so far that actually offers non-chemical, toxin-free, vegan, organic and Ayurvedic products, indeed. Most of their products are made out of common ingredients that hold nourishing qualities but we, as a consumer, were oblivious of their benefits.

So, let’s find out about 10 of their amazing products that will make you give up all your favourite brands due to their rich ingredients and chemical-free property:

1. TNW Oat Cleanse

TNW Oat Cleanse

It is a mild face and body scrub that gives your skin a natural exfoliating without causing any harm to the skin cells. It is a safe and gentle body polisher that is suitable to use on a daily basis.

2. TNW Multani Mitti Face Wash

Multani Mitti Face Wash

A blend of real Multani Mitti with other essential ingredients to make your skin oil-free and pimple resistant. It is a refreshing Sulphate free face wash.

3. Grealmo Face Wash

Grealmo Face Wash

The Ayurvedic brand also offers holistic benefits of almond and green tea in the form of Green Tea and almond oil Face Wash that reduces dullness and extra dryness from the face. It is ideal for people with dry skin.

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4. Avocado Body Lotion

Avocado Body Lotion

We all go gaga over the benefits of eating Avocado as a salad or spread, it turns out it is good for our skin, too. This is why TNW made a creamy body lotion out of it. Note: it’s a Paraben-free lotion.

5. TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water

Steam Distilled Rose Water

This is an all-rounder Rose Water from the house of The Natural Wash, as it works as a toner, facial mist, and makeup remover, too! Also, it is made with the ancient method of steam distillation. Voila!

6. Beetroot Lip Balm

Beetroot Lip Balm

This nourishing lip balm is made out of real kinds of butter, oils, and extract of Beetroot to give you soft and supple hydrated lips. It doesn’t give a tint but helps to keep the healthy natural pink tone of your lips.

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7. TNW Potato Rice Soap

Potato Rice Soap

We all love to gorge on ‘aloo-paranthas’ (stuffed potato Indian bread), but did we know Potato can also do wonders to our skin?-yes, it does, this is why TNW made a Handmade soap for tanning and pigmentation with extract of Potato and rice.

8. Oats & Honey Soap

Oats & Honey Soap

After the rare mix of Potato and Rice in soap, it is Oats and Honey, right out of your cereal bowl into your bathing kit. TNW Oats & Honey Soap is a nourishing soap that gives glowing moisturized skin.

9. Charcoal Soap

Charcoal Soap

To fight all the impurities, dirt, pimples and excess oil formation on your skin TNW offers their Charcoal Soap that is enriched with Neem, cinnamon and other essential oils, too. This soap is a boon for people with oily skin or acne-prone skin. Interestingly, all their soaps are suitable for face, too.

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10. Hair Protective Pack

Hair Protective Pack

TNW Hair Protective Pack is a herbal blend of various salubrious herbs that gives strength to the roots and makes hair healthier. It is an ultimate hair mask with almost every essential ingredient in it.

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7 Must-Have Stylish Winter Jackets For Women To Beat The Chill





Stylish Winter Jackets For Women

Do you know why most of the people love this winter season? This is because we get to wear so many trendy and stylish stuff during this weather which includes your cute and funny caps, leather jackets to save you up from chilly winds and many such more things. If we talk about jackets, there is a different type of variety which we can wear during this season and make our look grand and richer.

Have a look at some of the types of winter jackets that you can style on you doesn’t matter wherever you go whether office or in a party.

1. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are an all-time favourite when you want to keep your look stylish and edgy. Be it buttoned, zipped, open or a belted leather jacket, a leather jacket offers you an overall ravishing look. They come in different colours. But my favourite is Black *wink*.

2. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

via: Fasbest

The trend of denim jackets would never come to an end as most of the people like to wear them no matter where they are going whether office or any party. The main thing to note here is you should have enough sense regarding how to style up your denim to up glam your whole look. The denim jackets go well with almost everything, be it dresses, gowns, jeans or shirts.

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3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets look kinda tomboyish yet they are sexy. They give you an uber-chic look when paired with jeans, maxi skirts or shorts. You can also style up your bomber jacket over a cropped T-shirt to get a dapper look. They are easy to wear and lightweight and the best one to go with if you are heading out for a coffee with your bae or friends.

4. Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are pretty good as they are too warm. They come in different colours, styles and patterns. If you are going out for a night party, then pair up this jacket with a side slit leather skirt and high boots.

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5. Woollen Jacket

Woollen Jacket

Woollen jackets are best to go with when you want to make your look elegant and flaunt your lady-like features. They also give you warmth at the same time. You can pair up your woollen jacket over a dress or a pair of jeans with a top.

6. Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Jacket

Faux fur jackets set you apart from the crowd, they are elegant, stylish that adds an edge to your overall look. They are pretty comfortable and trendy to give you all the warmth you need to beat the chill during the winter season. You can style up this coat over a dress or a skirt and top for a New Year’s Eve Party.

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7. Hooded Winter Jacket

Hooded Winter Jacket

If you are a sports lover and love to play during the winter season too, then you can try wearing the hooded jackets that will protect you from the harsh cold winter winds. This jacket is comfortable and conserves body heat. Wear it over joggers and a T-shirt to get that raw sporty look.

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